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Resume Personal details Phone number: +972504050581 Address: Ha-Ugav 9, Rishon Le-Zion, Israel. E-mail: Date of birth: 22.02.1989 Marital status: single.

Objective I believe that resume reflects nothing but first platonic impression. Don’t get me wrong, it is important to know who are you exactly dealing with, but I always felt that real interaction between each other is much better. I feel like I can flourish and succeed when taking this role. And mainly leverage it. •

I might not a have an academic degree but I am definitely well qualified for you – I spoke to Aylana Meisel who works in the program, and she said that the under the specific circumstances it is OK, even though it unexpected.

Military service 2007 – 2011 Paratroopers, IDF -

About my duty: I was a warrant officer. I commanded on a whole platoon, and was also a commander in a commanders course. My service provided me wonderful management and authority skills. My Interaction and access with people was well polished in the army and I would be glad to use it in life. During the time in commanders course, I had to consider the fact that the soldiers are my age, consider their personal problems, and at the same time train them well. During My service I gave Zionist education, leadership, moral, and many more important classes. I walked across Israel for 3 years during my service, and got to know every inch of it. In addition, I took part in the operation in Gaza during 2008, as a battalion commander communicator.

Education and courses: 2001 – 2007 full matriculation, Mekif-Tet high-school. -

Majored Bio-Technology and Bio-Medicine, grade average high.


5 units English | 4 units Math.


Investment and initiative course in Tmora college, Tel-Aviv.

Work experience: 2007 – 2008 switchboard operator at Wall-Street English school.

Resume -

Part of my job was to persuade people to apply the school.


Took part as an English teacher in some classes.

2007 – 2009 A DJ in 99fm (Radio station in Israel) during weekends. -

My-self with a group of people were responsible for broadcasting the weekends programs, hosting people in the station, and speaking to people on the phone.


I was the stations representative at different affairs.

2008 – 2011 Chateau Dax architects company. -

Interior design and Architects Company. I was part of the creative and marketing team.


Translated terms, documents and etc. from English to Hebrew.

2010 – 2011 Ben Gurion International Airport, Tel – Aviv. -

I worked in Ben Gurions Airport security department, interrogators section, with cooperation with the GSS (General Security Service). After a while I had a conversion in order to be a technical inspector (physical checks, bag search for explosives, etc.)

2011 – today; part of a start-up company. -

A partner in a communication stat-up company. Mostly marketing and leveraging.

Computers, software and applications Knowledge: -



Basic knowledge (Microsoft office, internet, etc.)

Languages: -

Hebrew, mother language.


English, mother language.

Additional information: -

Volunteering in "Latet", an organization that collects food, money and cloths for poor families.


An excellence award given to me when I graduated commander's course in the IDF.



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