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Making Use Of Beverage Sleeves As Effective Promotional Items

The Impressive Versatility Of Beverage Sleeves


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All of us experience a bit of discomfort holding ice cold canned or bottled drinks. Created specifically to address this discomfort are koozies, which are slip-on covers made from cloth, neoprene, or foam. These products also prevent the heat coming from your hands from being transferred onto the cold drink. These beverage sleeves have impressive versatility. They can be printed with text as well as graphics. In that regard, aside from their traditional use as beverage insulators, they can be used as giveaways during parties. To make wedding koozies for instance, the name of the newlyweds, and other details of the ceremony like date and venue can be printed on sleeve itself. If the wedding koozies are printed with the name of the guest, they can make it easy for the guest to identify which drink is his. Personalized koozies can also be used as marketing tools. These products are well-liked by business owners because they are not expensive to produce. Typically, bespoke beverage sleeves are priced anywhere from forty cents to a dollar per unit. Personalized koozies can help improve public recognition of your brand in several ways. For instance, they can draw in crowds during your trade exhibits. They can also be used to introduce a new product or as a creative alternative to your usual business card. They can also be given as corporate gifts to partner companies, or as rewards to customers for continued patronage or for referrals made. They can also be handed out at checkout as free items. The Koozies

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great thing about using these personalized beverage sleeves is that you will be placing the advertising copy right into the hands of the consumers. Because of that, the consumer is reintroduced to your company or your products each time he or she uses the beverage sleeve. In addition, they are more effective than other printed adverts such as brochures because people are more likely to accept and save them for later use. If you want to use personalized beverage sleeves, you need to get in touch with a marketing merchandise consultant. They have koozies in various colors and designs so finding one that matches your brand is not a difficult task. These shops also have a wide range of artwork and photographs you can choose from to go onto your personalized slip-on beverage covers. You can also request their resident artists to create one for you, or you can just submit a design you created. To home in on the best offers, evaluate 3-5 promotional merchandise distributors and make sure to check out their previous commissioned projects. Remember that price is only one consideration in choosing a supplier. You have to make sure that they can deliver results as advertised. Handing out advertising materials that were made haphazardly will just give your consumers the impression that you are also careless in other aspects of your business.


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Koozies - What They Are And Their Many Uses