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line-up Changes for 2012.

All new decal design This year every bike has a new finish. We inspected every frame to see how we could showcase our Titanium products in the best possible manner. The results of this project? All new, never seen before, contemporary decal designs. We are thrilled to finally reveal them to you.

New models The Van Nicholas collection has grown for 2012 with three new models intended for dedicated applications: for the road we introduce the Aquilo, and we present you with two new mountain bikes, the Redwood and the full-suspension Valkyr. Furthermore, we are offering SRAM components in addition to Shimano and Campagnolo.

Media At Van Nicholas, your opinion is of great importance to us. We would like to know what you like and dislike and we consider social media the best way to get into contact with our fans. Online we are active on Facebook ( and twitter ( – please join us there and share your VN stories and pictures. Last but not least, an important announcement. This season, we decided not to have a new product brochure: they‘re conventional, boring even, and that’s not an image that sits well with Van Nicholas. So we developed something new, more now. This year we give you our first Van Nicholas magazine. We dived into the world of Van Nicholas and its fans with background stories, articles, and several revealing insights into the titanium bike company.





all new decal designs The story behind the designs.

From the beginning of the redesign of our new decals we wanted to achieve certain objectives: 1. The designs had to be fresh, contemporary and never seen before, 2. We wanted to maximise the aesthetic properties of our Titanium bicycle frames, 3. Present a strong Van Nicholas identity and clear distinction between bike segments, its models and sub-models.

design philosophy - big impression Every design has an idea or motivation which stems from a problem or challenge. It is just like building frames: a frame has to be very light for faster climbing, or very stiff to cope with the high stress necessary for a winning sprint. For the decals we wanted to stand out: you should notice our frames from miles away. From a side view the design clearly spells Van Nicholas without compromising the aesthetics of Titanium. We have removed the old fashioned letter outline which gives the decals a much sharper, cleaner look. If you walk around one of our models you’ll start to notice more details: a strong model name on the top tube complemented with a decal warp corresponding with the model’s design philosophy . To top it off, a new seat tube decal with a corresponding colour accent is visible.

design details - every angle a new discovery After a while, once you have taken in the primary design features, there remains much more to discover. You will start to appreciate the smaller details, which at first-hand seem to be hiding in plain sight. By using a Titanium-like colour, several smaller texts, like ‘nothing looks, rides and lasts like titanium’, or ‘original | dutch | masterpiece’. And make sure you check them all: on every model there a variations. design details - new production and application process When your eyes glide along the new frames you will notice that the decals almost seem like they are painted on. Where the decals on the old frames have a large transparent outline around the lettering, the new decals have none. This is possible through a new production and application process. A normal decal has a top layer for protection during transport, a carrier layer with the paint which forms the decal and a bottom layer to prevent it from sticking to other things before it is applied to the frame. When this decal is applied the carrier layer and paint become one and thus results in a decal with a larger outline. With the new decals the carrier layer is also removed, resulting in a cleaner and sharper look, and also saving those important few additional grams with every decal. So, as you can see, at Van Nicholas we consider every detail, no matter how small, in our desire for even better performance. 5


7,5 mm

7,5 mm

50 mm

27,5 mm

22,2 mm

22,2 mm


2,5 mm

320 mm


320 mm

27,5 mm





road The road calls.

General. For the larger frame sizes the seat tube angle is a little smaller and the chainstays are 3 mm longer to allow for better clearance while switching or releasing the rear wheel.

astraeus Ride the best.

A fully integrated headset has the same advantages as a press-fit bottom bracket: By eliminating components (i.e. the cups) the overall weight of the assembly is reduced and stiffness and reliability is increased. Last but not least, the 2012 Astraeus is even lighter than last year: we saved those few extra grams by milling the logo in the H-bridge and seat stay bridge in stead of lasering it. The first mentioned H-bridge is completely revised to deliver more stiffness in the frame.


Mile-munching comfort. By reducing the centre-to-top distance by 10 mm for every frame size the seat post is allowed to flex a little bit more, which significantly increases the ride comfort.


Small price, huge heart. The 2012 Mistral will feature a new livery with the SRAM Apex groupset. 10


High Voltage Speed Machine. The Aquilo is a new model in our 2012 range. It is built for stiffness and performance and compatible with electronic shifting systems. The Aquilo will be available with the 2012 Shimano Ultegra Di2. It features both a fully integrated headset and a press-fit bottom bracket. Both systems feature fewer parts which ensure a lighter assembly than when using conventional cups. The larger diameter bottom bracket reduces wear (the turning speed of the bearings is lower) and increases the stiffness significantly. 11


tour Adventures beckons.

belt drive models Amazon and Pioneer.

The new models can now offer 55 x 22T belt support. Also for 2012 we offer the new Gates Carbon Belt Drive Center Track system. This innovative design allows for a higher tensile strength, incorporates a slimmer profile and has improved dirt- and debris-shedding abilities.


The mountain challenges.


What mountains? Hard tails, soft tails, big and small wheels. We have it all. We now complement it with the ultimate smooth off-road ride: the full-suspension Valkyr. The prototype of the Valkyr was feature at Eurobike 2010, but this year we introduce the production model.Between this and last year’s show we completely redesigned the Valkyr to create even better rear end stiffness and traction. We started from the bracket - which is made from one piece and also accommodates the pivot point of the 120 mm travel assembly - and worked our way up to the top. The design features a new seatstay and chainstay bridge for better stiffness, which are drilled open to maintain a low overall weight. To allow for a smooth as possible swinging motion of the rear arms we do not use conventional rolling bearings but plain bearings. Don’t be fooled by its simple appearance, because these parts are the best in the market: they need no lubrication, are water-resistant and easy to replace when worn out. 12



tuareg Trail tormentor.

Performance. The best word to describe the new design of the Tuareg. The frame features a larger diameter hydroformed top tube that creates better front-end stiffness, a disc brake post-mount for better brake performance and lower overall weight of the assembly by reducing the amount of welds and different parts. Also a higher contact point of the seatstay yoke and lower contact point of the top tube reduces flex when pedalling hard. Last, we have mirrored the seat post distress cut to allow for more riding and less cleaning.


twentyniner Keep rolling.

The twentyniner also had a thorough redesign: a new optional stiff carbon front fork, tapered headset system, over-sized tubing, and an oval-shaped top tube near the head tube to increase front end lateral stiffness. Built to cope with serious punishment.


Adapt, evolve and progress The workhorse of the collection had an upgrade to over-sized tubing for optimal performance and features an integral headset (ø 44 mm) compatible with the best brands in the market like Chris King, FSA and Hope.



Step out of the ordinary.

redwood Forest Firestarter.

Our last addition to our extensive range of products is the Redwood: a multi-purpose, low-entry, no-nonsense mountain bike which can be run in multiple configurations without much hassle. It will be available as we speak in twentyniner and single speed configuration.

Special new products We couldn’t stop at frames. We had to design some new must-haves which make use of the magical properties of Titanium. We present to you a Titanium hip flask, Titanium cutlery and Van Nicholas Titanium rear derailleur pulleys. All available now.








Catalogo Van Nicholas 2012  

Van Nicholas Valkyr

Catalogo Van Nicholas 2012  

Van Nicholas Valkyr