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Celebrating over 22 years of publishing in Western Canada

December 2009

Israel – an enriching experience Part One: A personal account by CLN correspondent on a recent visit to Israel.

A view of the modern city of Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives with the Dome of the Rock predominately at left with the Western Wall (or Wailing Wall) along the bottom. — photo by Ian Wilkinson

Amid tragedy, Fort Hood community turns to God

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fallen and let the healing process begin. “As we reclaim safety and security of this community and for those who are religious, as we reach out to Almighty God and find strength in our time of need,” Chaplain Douglas Carver said. Army wife Teresa Haskins said, “It’s just so sad, so sad, he was a soldier.” But Ft. Hood’s strong commitment to taking care of each other in times like these was in full force. Military wives delivered food to the victims’ families and the base’s more than 30 chaplains were busy visiting the wounded. “Here’s a guy who received two gunshot wounds during this horrendous, traumatic situation and his first concern was for others,” Chaplain Michael T. Lembke said of one of the wounded. Lembke said the best thing he can do as a chaplain is listen and pray. Army veteran Mark Rodgers stood for eight hours outside his pick-up truck to let the soldiers know somebody was praying. “We love them and care for them because they’re amazing,” he said. “There’s nobody like the American soldier.”

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FT. HOOD, Texas -- While Congress and the U.S. Army are investigating Army psychiatrist Nidal Malik Hasan for clues as to what sparked the military massacre, the Ft. Hood community is looking to God for strength and solace. The first Sunday after the worst mass shooting ever on a U.S. military base, Ft. Hood families gathered for worship at Memorial Chapel where they heard a difficult message of grace and forgiveness. “Lord, You teach us to love and pray for those who rise up against us and pray for those who do us harm,” Chaplain Frank Jackson prayed. “We pray for Major Hassan, asking You to do what only You can do in his life.” The overwhelming theme at Ft. Hood was not so much anger over the senseless and brutal murders – but a commitment to overcome evil with good. “I think the most amazing thing I saw when I got on the scene was that although the soldiers there knew that there was an alleged shooter, and he had possibly shot numerous soldiers that were on the scene, they worked diligently to save his life,” said Ft. Hood MP Angela Williams. “I thought, that spoke to who we are as soldiers,” she said. Hundreds gathered at a prayer vigil to remember the

by Ian Wilkinson The Mount of Olives is a very significant place. It was here that Jesus prayed before His betrayal and it is here that Jesus ascended into Heaven. After His resurrection, for 40 days Jesus met with his apostles giving them instructions from the Holy Spirit and proving to them that He was alive. On these occasions He spoke to them about the Kingdom of God. It was here at the Mount of Olives that Jesus told His disciples to spread the message of His Kingdom to people everywhere. It was here that two angels told the men of Galilee that Jesus would one day return. Where else can you go and experience sites of such meaningful significance? It’s fantastic. The Mount of Olives looks toward the old city and one can see the eastern gate known as the Golden Gate. The Muslims sealed the gate to prevent the Messiah from entering the city. Too late! Centuries too late. One can also see the golden dome of the Dome of the Rock, a Muslim mosque built on the site of Herod’s Temple that was destroyed in 70 AD by the Romans. Jesus predicted the Temple would be thrown down and you can see a bit of the remains. Most of the rock was reused over the centuries to build chapels and mosques. In Jerusalem, archeology is almost a curse. In the Old City while fixing a toilet an ancient temple was discovered beneath the house. Good for history, not so good for the home improvement costs. New sites are routinely discovered on a daily basis in Israel. In order to complete a high speed train from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem the underground portion within the city has to be about 19 floors beneath the city to avoid the centuries of archeology. Israel is well worth the visit. Many tours start in Tel Aviv on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. You can swim or lie on the beach if your tour gives you the time. Up the coast from Tel Aviv are the ancient ruins of Caesarea, a Roman port city. Here you can explore an archeological site that is under the warm waters of the Med Sea if you like scuba diving. With temperatures in the 30s Celsius an escape underwater would be pleasant. East of Caesarea on the way to Nazareth is the ancient ruin of Megiddo. You probably are more familiar with the name of the valley Megiddo overlooks – the Valley of Armageddon. The Mount of Transfiguration is visible from Megiddo. In the Region of Galilee many tours stay in the modern city of Tiberias on the shore of the Sea of Galilee. This See “ISRAEL” Page 15

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Christmas arrangements for children from divorce by Alma Fourie A separation and divorce is a shocking experience for children, for their very existence depends on their parents. They endure tremendous losses and experience great pain before, during and after divorce. Often they do not know what is happening and the guessing and uncertainty create traumas that may surface and demand attention much later in life. Many children never get to voice their pain, anger and frustration in the way their parents do. As a result they tend to feel helpless, isolated, guilty and confused. Some children of divorce lose contact with one of their parents and numbers of children are tormented as parents

continue to do battle long after divorce is final. Frequently children become the focal point for the arguments and bitterness. Children that are continually exposed to intense pain and loss tend to experience negative feelings about themselves, about others and about life in general. It is possible for them to become reluctant to risk loving other people for fear of being hurt again. Divorcing parents must make wise decisions at a time when it is extremely difficult for them to even communicate or cooperate. Children need parental cooperation and all the love they can get from both of their parents and from their grandparents, stepparents, relatives and friends. Nine things parents can do to help their children through this difficult time are: • To develop a closer relationship with your child. • To relate more positively to the other parent. • To share parenting after the divorce. • To stop blaming the other parent or yourself for what happened in the past. • To realize that your child needs two parents, and to be willing to share your child with the other parent. • To stick to issues pertaining to your child when you have discussion with the other parent. • To stay focused on your child’s needs. • To work together with the other parent to provide your child with a safe and a conflict-free environment. • To make every effort to be civil to your former spouse

and defuse tension and animosity so that your child can have a peaceful and satisfying life. The holiday season can be an especially challenging time for divorced parents. When there are hassles over schedules no one enjoys the holidays. With some planning, parents can create enjoyable holiday arrangements. Christmas can often be a sensitive holiday. Here are five ways parents can work out the Christmas holiday: • Children could spend the entire Christmas holiday with one parent one year and with the other parent the following year. • Children could spend Christmas morning with one parent and Christmas afternoon with the other parent and reverse this the following year. • Children could spend Christmas Eve with one parent and Christmas Day with the other every year, if parents prefer this because of family traditions. • Children could spend Christmas Eve through Christmas morning with one parent, Christmas Day through December 26 with the other, then reverse this order the following year. • Parents could spend the holidays together with the children, if both feel comfortable doing so. Alma Fourie is the owner of Alma Fourie, Ph.D, Counselling Services and has 16 years of work experience working with children and their families. She has counseled many children from divorce throughout her career. Alma has her Ph.D in Play Therapy. Play Therapy is a therapeutic approach based on developmental principles. If parents would like to have more information, they can contact Alma at 403-452-8515 or visit her website

Calgary rightly honors one of their own by Don McAreavy University of Chicago professor Alan Bloom upset many of his contem-


poraries when he argued in his controversial book The Closing of the American Mind, that modern students have abandoned rational inquiry for relativism, replacing reason with emotion. Today’s students, Bloom asserts, are more interested in pursuing the good life than what is right or wrong and in making right decisions. Self-centeredness pervades, he contends, resulting in today’s youth being ‘nice’ but not particularly moral or noble. Bloom laments that students are robbed of their spiritual values and are left with an overload of information that cannot change their lives. The end result is a generation that is not committed to noble ideas and therefore incapable of developing noble goals. (Noble), as defined in Webster’s Dictionary, requires being distinguished by deeds, character, rank or birth. The word noble; coincidently, precedes (nobody); which is defined as a person of no importance. Sapper (Private) Steven Henry Marshall died at the age of 24 serving his country. In the words of his family “he truly believed in his mission and loved his work.” Though killed only one week into his duty he was a young man that made a

difference. His unit has had a tough couple of years in Afghanistan but the soldiers remain focused. One has to ask — what causes a young man to leave his family, his love, and his friends to head thousands of miles to a foreign country to benefit complete strangers? What possesses a man to subject himself to discipline, rules, rigor and training while class mates advance their careers? Why would one trade the Calgary Flames, pizza, clean sheets and air conditioning to settle for a cot and a tent in a barren wasteland? Words like service, focus, mission and duty come to mind. These noble words were the recurring theme spoke in eulogy over slain soldier Sapper Steven Marshall. After being led to the front of the church in full military honor guard

the auditorium’s reverent silence was punctuated by the single cry of a baby; reminding Christians that in death there is life. Steven Henry Marshall, a member of the 1 Combat Engineer Regiment serving as a member of the Task Force 309 Battle Group in Afghanistan, was laid to rest on the eve of Remembrance Day after succumbing to a road side bomb October 30th. One’s heart swelled with pride at the dignity and respect shown by the RCMP, City Police, Sheriff ’s Department and every other level of law enforcement who came to honor this young man. The mayor was there, dignitaries were there, and aldermen were there but they said nothing – this day was reserved for Steven Henry Marshall, a noble Calgarian and a noble son of Canada.

RCMP pay respect to fallen soldier, Sapper Steven Marshall. — photo by Don McAreavy

News Briefs Lethbridge pastor remembered Lethbridge, AB (CLN Newsbrief) – Over 1,000 people crammed into a church in north Lethbridge, AB on Saturday, November 14 to remember Bill Roycroft, the 60-year-old pastor of Lethbridge Christian Tabernacle, who’d passed away six days earlier. Roycroft had been the church’s senior pastor since 1981, following the death of his father, Tom. His wife Barb, along with several ministers, friends and family members paid tribute to Roycroft at the memorial service. Rosie Sylla, a family member, summed up Roycroft’s life in one sentence: “He’s the one you called at two in the morning, whether your truck was breaking down or your heart was.”

A Christmas in Wales Rosebud, AB – Rosebud’s production of Christmas in Wales is the perfect family entertainment to get in the Christmas spirit and be reacquainted with family and tradition. From singing classic Christmas carols, to sipping hot chocolate by a crackling fire, to listening to eccentric relatives and dozing uncles, to throwing snowballs, Christmas in Wales captures the simpler times when families gathered and entertained themselves with food, drink, laughter, stories and music. Christmas in Wales runs until December 23 at the Rosebud Opera House. To reserve tickets, call 1-800-267-7553 or for more information please visit the Rosebud Theatre website at

dians can give the gift of good health by funding deep-drilled wells, the training of an ophthalmologist, cataract surgery tool kits or a 4 x 4 patient vehicle to bring patients to cbm clinics. Canadians have an opportunity to give a JOYful gift by visiting or calling cbm Canada at 1-800-567-2264.

Toilets save eyesight Calgary, AB – Nov 19 is world toilet day – and what the world needs now is more of them. Why in the world is an organization dedicated to the treatment and prevention of blindness spending money on toilets? “Because believe it or not, toilets and blindness are directly connected,” said Pat Ferguson, President & CEO of Operation Eyesight. “Proper sanitation and clean water are in short supply in the developing world and that contributes to a high rate of unnecessary blindness and other serious health problems.” In parts of Zambia and Kenya where Operation Eyesight supports development projects designed to eliminate trachoma, up to 30 per cent of children age one to nine years are infected. Operation Eyesight’s trachoma projects are designed to both

Crown stays CORRECTION In last month’s Ministries Directory, we inadvertantly printed the charges against wrong phone number and email for NeighbourLink Calgary. We Calgary Pro-Life apologize for any inconvenience. Their correct information is: NeighbourLink Calgary Ultra-marathoner students 3751 - 21 Street NE Calgary, AB – The trespassCalgary, AB T2E 6T5 ing charges laid against six to climb Phone: 403-538-7389 members of Campus Pro-Life Email: at the University of Calgary 7 mountains Web: have been stayed by the Crown effectively meaning on 7 continents Prosecutor, that the charges have ended. Want to know more about Jesus? treat and permanently eliminate trachoma. For more information about Operation Eyesight’s trachoma projects, visit www.

Vancouver, BC – After completing seven races on seven continents in seven months and breaking the Guinness World Record, Norma Bastidas announced plans for her next huge challenge – climbing seven mountains on seven continents. This will take her on her most enduring challenge yet. She wants to do this to make a difference in Canada and the world. Any support she raises goes towards helping Operation Eyesight and they can be reached at: Toll-free: 1-800-585-8265 or visit www.

The group’s display, held on the University of Calgary campus every semester since 2006, termed the Genocide Awareness Project, precipitated the charges. Club president Leah Hallman stated, “We are relieved by this decision on the part of the Crown Prosecutor; Campus Pro-Life has consistently maintained that all of our actions were in full compliance under the law.” The staying of the charges takes place nearly one year after the Nov. 2008 display on campus that was the catalyst for the charges being laid.

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cbm’s Christmas gifts transform lives with JOY! Stouffville, ON – How can the gift of a goat this Christmas season transform the life of a child in Africa? “Through cbm Canada’s ‘Give Joy’ catalogue, Canadians can choose gifts that can heal, empower and mobilize families who are trapped in poverty by disabilities,” said Ed Epp, Executive Director of cbm Canada. In the true spirit of giving joy, cbm offers innovative ways this Christmas season for Canadians to help families break the cycle of poverty and disability. Gifts such as goats, pigs and chickens, can provide a good source of nutrition for children and provide income for parents in the poorest communities of the world. Stocking stuffers, for under $10, include gifts of baby chicks, a school tool kit, sight saving Vitamin A capsules for children, or mosquito nets for protection for families against malaria. Cana-


Through A Glass, Darkly

That reminds me of a story... by Peter McManus My hair is grey, but not with years... My limbs are bow’d, though not with toil... I suffer’d chains and courted death... — Lord Byron’s The Prisoner of Chillon Okay, maybe this isn’t the kind of confession that one should be quoting. Yes, my hair is grey. And sometimes, after a long, arduous workout of playing floor hockey, my limbs feel like they’re ready to ask for a leave of absence. I’ve never suffered chains, but I must say, just as the poet Byron makes mention of, I feel like I’ve dated death a few times in my life. I can remember preaching once on the very subject of death. Not something that easily inspires people to say amen to anytime soon. It certainly doesn’t rank up there with any touchy-feely type of sermon either. Yet, death is all around us. Just recently, I attended a funeral of a husband who had just lost his wife to cancer three months prior. Both had been long-term missionaries and the tributes to this couple came pouring in from around the world. In my own life, I’ve had numerous people die that I was very close to. Seemingly untimely deaths. But there’s the rub. I think that in the grand scheme of God’s bigger picture, we don’t see what He sees. Of course, I would think that nobody reading this gets a particular thrill of someone dying. I can remember, as a boy of 12, walking along the street with my brother when we spotted a bird just sitting on the ground just inches away from us. Now, you have to remember that the hard-wiring in a 12 year old is somewhat different than say, a grown-up. Picking up a small boulder, I dropped it on what turned out to be a Robin, instantly killing it. Immediately, remorse set in and I felt as bad as one could, but it didn’t change the outcome. The image of that dead bird has stayed with me all these years and it’s just something that time doesn’t take away. Back to God’s picture of how He views death. First of all, He states that it’s a precious thing. He goes on to say that if you die in Him, you’re called a saint. (Ps. 115:16) Secondly, I have a sneaking hunch that God isn’t all that bent-out-of-shape when someone dies. Scripture tells of the kids who died as a result of the birth of Moses, the birth of Jesus, or even the release of Peter from jail where the guards were executed. God must have known about that. But He goes on to say that we have this treasure in earthen vessels, so that the surpassing greatness of the power will be of God and not from ourselves.

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by Tim Callaway “Unless and until Islamic organizations, imams of Mosques and their allies who have penetrated every institution that matters in our public life, say explicitly that there is no room for jihad at any time in the modern nation state, and that the doctrine of holy war is defunct, outdated and needs to be shelved, the rest of North America will not take us Muslims seriously.” — Tarek Fatah, Founder of the Muslim Canadian Congress The tragic shootings at Fort Hood, Texas, on November 5 certainly served to spotlight the elephant in the room. Last month in this space I referred to Bruce Bawer’s cogently-argued volume, Surrender : Appeasing Islam; Sacrificing Freedom, (Doubleday, 2009). Bawer’s offer convincingly contends that in the name of multiculturalism, politically-correct forces within Western society have so molly-coddled radical Islamists that incidents like Fort Hood are not only unsurprising and inevitable, but also likely to increase. The horror at Fort Hood will doubtless spawn a flurry of emails into inboxes across the continent like that gem praising the Michigan State prof who published something telling Muslims to either get with the American program or get out of the country. (Thanks to those of you who forwarded it believing I’m a tad too “soft” on some of the nefarious forces afoot that harbor ill will toward Canadian values, whatever those are.) It’s not so much that I’m “soft” on matters that call for a line in the sand, so to speak, as it is that I frequently find myself desperately seeking perspectives that are distinctly Christian in an era where many Albertans assume that right-wing political ideology and a truly Christian perspective are synonymous. They’re not. I adhere to this outdated notion that Christ-followers are supposed to think, act and speak like, well, Christfollowers. That means we give primary allegiance to the

perspectives of a guy named Jesus rather than to the perspectives of dudes with names like (insert the name of your favorite right-wing Alberta-based journalist here) for whom ratings, not godliness, are often of primary concern. I have minimal tolerance for the views of self-professed Christ-followers whose pronouncements on immigrants and multicultural matters are entirely vacant of anything reminiscent of “love your neighbor as yourself ” which, last time I checked, Jesus claimed is a paramount duty of those purporting to follow Him. I rue hearing Christians spout opinions that have far more in common with the in-house editorial sentiments of local newspapers than they do with the opinions found on the pages of the New Testament gospels. And, yes, I am quickly wearied by encountering views in church circles regarding Canada’s cultural challenges that demonstrate more familiarity with the consensus of Main Street than with an ounce of theological perspicuity. I’m inclined to think that one of the benefits of the increasing acrimony being unleashed in Western society by the rhetoric and actions of radical Islamists is that there’s never been a better time for Christ-followers to come to terms with what a uniquely Christian response to such might look like. Or is that “blessed are the peacemakers” and “turn the other cheek” stuff best interpreted as mere philanthropic sentiment entirely removed from the volatility of twenty-first century inter-cultural realities? Unless I’m mistaken, the Baby of Bethlehem came to live and die in the course of articulating and embodying a way of life that posed an impressive contrast to the often hostile realities of His era. That’s why it makes sense for those of us audacious enough to call ourselves after His name to periodically give serious thought to whose drumbeat we really are marching to today? Tim values your feedback at

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Letter to the editor: Re: Through a Glass, Darkly, Nov 2009. Tim Callaway implies Calgary doesn’t need another conservative daily, (like, as if it has one) claims to “consistently read” the works of a practicing homosexual and “demer(s) from applauding” a general denunciation of Islam. To see through a glass darkly is the best any of us can hope for in this life, but it seems a particularly apt heading for this column. Jeff Willerton Box 20008, RPO Airdrie, AB T4A 0C2 403-875-1619 Dear Editor: I read the article Defining the Emergent Church Movement with anticipated disappointment and frustration. This article was not well-written, and was also pejorative in nature. To speak against brothers/sisters in Christ is not attractive or helpful in any way. And it should be clarified that this isn’t a movement or denomination but rather defines a spirit of searching and grappling with issues that Jesus talked a lot about but we (as evangelicals) have forgotten. Individuals around the world have become disillusioned with “business as usual” in the Christian community. And so they are asking questions, searching, trying to figure out what Jesus might have us do in this 21st century, where things are significantly different in almost every way.

In my travels and conversations (Western Canada and Europe) I sense a weariness and numbness in the evangelical community. People who love Jesus deeply are alone, disillusioned, frustrated. They are not allowed to ask searching, disturbing questions, or at least, no one wants them to do this. They want to engage their culture, to learn ways of being “in the world” that are powerful and attractive, yet cannot find support or encouragement for this or for any new paradigm shift. I am disturbed by Eric Barger’s slanted view of McLaren. And by the way, how is he an expert on these things? Just because he was a drug addict, rock n’ roll musician and involved in New Age stuff does not make him an authority. He can have an opinion but he is not the spokesperson for evangelicals. Hubris is never a good thing, no matter what we are promoting or demoting. (Please forgive me if this sounds pejorative—it is not meant to be. It is stated with frustration, not maliciousness). He says if these (emergent) guys are evangelicals, he isn’t. I would say that, if evangelicals are represented by narrow-minded adherence to a system that seems to work (i.e. makes most Christians feel comfortable), that raises doctrine and orthodoxy above orthopraxy and the words and emphases of Jesus, then I’m not an evangelical either. Can’t we see that “right” teaching, and strict adherence to our ways of “doing Christianity” have often not resulted in better lives? Evangelicals are not free from sexual abuse, cheating, divorce, pornography, self-righteous judging, hating homosexuals, hoarding money and possessions — they participate in all of these things but often cover it with religious words and works. Is this the See “LETTERS” Page 5

Guest Columns CLN is committed to running a monthly “guest column” open to anyone who wants to articulate their views on a religious, political or other relevant issue. Articles may be written in the first person and are published at the discretion of the editor. Writing should reflect standard journalistic style and is subject to editing. Statements, beliefs and opinions expressed are not necessarily those of CLN or its advertisers.

Joy of dependency by David Harrison It is a joy and relief to know you are in the will of God. I can say that we have an insurance policy that the world does not have, but would do good to get. Being in the will of God means we can live from a place where strivings cease. God has a destiny for all of His children. When we trust that God is taking us the whole way, there should be no worries. Trust builds in the maturity of our walk. As we are led by the Lord in our lives we are able to look back and see how He has kindly led us into places we could not have got on our own. Believers who feel they are not sure if they are in the right place need to simply ask the Lord to align them in His will, it’s just that simple. The part that is challenging is the breaking that the Lord has to do in our lives in order for us to think differently. When we think we have the best way, the Lord will often put us through a time of un-comfort so we will lean on Him to give understanding of the un-comfort we are experiencing, and redirect our thoughts and steps. This breaking is so trivial to the renewing of our minds in Christ. Know that the brokenness God allows us to die to ourselves so that Christ may live through us in a greater measure. It is a joy to depend on God. When we are anxious about every little thing in our lives we look much like the world. The world needs to see a people who are smiling in the midst of economic troubles, because we believe that God works together good things for those who love Him. It is good to look forward to heaven but I say the kingdom of God is here! Let’s get a hold of the destiny God has for us by aligning ourselves in His will, allowing Him to change us. If you have not been sure where you stand with God, He hears your every prayer. You need to ask Jesus to be your heavenly Father and come under the provision and LIFE that He so badly wants you to have. David is a leader in the Mosaic Church Network in Lethbridge, AB.

If I did by Jeff Pessina “I believe; help thou mine unbelief.” (Mark 9:24) A man was being led by the prison guards to the chamber where he would suffer his punishment: execution. As they walked slowly through the corridors, a priest was walking alongside reading scripture passages. At one point the condemned man stopped, turned to the Priest and said, “Do you really believe that stuff ?” “Well, yes sir, I do,” replied the priest, “Don’t you?”

“No, I don’t. But if I did, I would consider it worthwhile to crawl across England, on my hands and knees, across broken glass if need be, to save but one soul from such a damnation as that.” This story illustrates what is to me a widespread anomaly; Christians who believe, but who are careful not to take their beliefs too seriously. When I consider Jesus on the cross, I see a man who not only took it serious; He was dead serious. In 1980, at age 20, I gave my heart to God and experienced a transformed life. In the next couple of days my heart began to ache for the multitudes of people across our planet that did not yet know God. And I felt an overwhelming desire – a responsibility even – to do something about it. As I read through the Scriptures my logical mind concluded, if this all be true, then there is nothing more important to humanity than the Gospel of Christ. Within one week I sold everything I owned, resigned my job, and left my home town of Aurora, Illinois to work with some “Jesus People” on the streets of St. Louis. Two weeks later I met a visiting missionary who invited me to come with him to a foreign mission field. Five weeks after my conversion to Christ I arrived in the Philippines, where I have served as a missionary for 29 years. Many people find this fast track to mission involvement unusual, and extremely radical. But my perspective is different. Since I believed the Gospel, I have never been able to escape the overwhelming conclusion that the Gospel is the most important project on planet Earth. My mind cannot resolve the issue to another conclusion. Call me narrow minded or fanatic, but I simply don’t “get” less urgent views. When I met Christ, read and understood the Scriptures, my immediate conclusion was, “this changes everything.” So to me what is really radical, absurd even, is that anyone could actually believe the Gospel and not at the same time feel the urgent call to action. In this respect, the need of crystal clear “call” as it pertains to commitment and involvement in what is called the “great commission” is intriguing to me. In reality, it’s the “only commission” the Church has. Remember? “Go ye therefore, and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them…” (Mat 28:19-20). Throughout the years of my travels and ministry I have come across many believers who explain how they are “waiting on God” for a clear call to be involved in ministry. I often reply, “That’s great. How about coming out and waiting in the Philippines? And while you wait you can help us serve the lost, the needy, and the hurting.” As a genuine Christ follower, you’ve subscribed to some very radical stuff. I am convinced that it deserves our most serious and thoughtful attention. And how serious we take it may well determine how God can use us in a world of needy and hurting people. Jeff Pessina is the Director of Philippine Frontline Ministries, Inc.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR continued from Page 4 life that Jesus calls us to? I quote from McLaren’s book A New Kind of Christian: “What if God is actually behind these disillusionments and disembeddings? What if God is trying to move us out of Egypt, so to speak, and into the wilderness, because it’s time for moving to the next chapter in our adventure? What if it’s time for a new phase in the unfolding mission God intends for the people. . .who seek to know, love and serve God? What if our personal experiences of frustration are surface manifestations of a deeper movement of God’s Spirit?” Let’s be careful. Many years ago the Pharisee Gamaliel said this to the religious rulers of his day (concerning the disciples of Jesus): “Take what you are planning to do to these men. . .If it is from God, you will not be able to overthrow them. You may even find

yourselves fighting against God.” Seriously, is it so hard to believe that our creative and unfettered God, creator and sustainer of all, who appeared to us in the person of Jesus Christ, would stir things up, wake us up, shift our paradigms, so that His kingdom would come and His will would be done on earth? Let’s extend more love, grace and freedom to our colleagues in Christ. Let’s learn from one another and give room for searching and wrestling with life and truth, at all levels. After all, it is through love and unity that a watching world will be convinced that there is a real God who really does love the world and wants all people in his home.

Remember and celebrate by Brian Rushfeldt, Executive Director Canada Family Action Coalition What has God done for you in 2009? December is a good time to reflect on what Jesus did for us, for the nation, even for the world in the past 365 days. Why is it good to reflect and remember? Write the vision and engrave it plainly so that everyone can see and remember (Hab2:2). The past is a great teacher if we remember. Life’s pressures make it easy to live from one day to the next forgetting what yesterday taught us. We so easily get caught in the whirlwind and blown along, sometimes against our will and even against God’s will. So stop: reflect and remember. Ask God which events and experiences, and which of God’s loving acts we should take special note of. Life takes a lot from us but Jesus gives a lot to us. The psalmist exhorts us “do not forget ALL His benefits.” If you are a media watcher, you will have seen thousands of news reports of floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, war, death, human abuse, fires, droughts, murders, pandemics, and financial calamity. You may have even been a victim of some of these things. But dwelling on these will lead to depression, anger, even hatred. Things are being shaken like never before. If we put our trust in man’s financial systems, politicians, vaccines, or human wisdom – we will be shaken and will not withstand the storms of life. Instead, look back over this past year and focus on the good things you heard, saw and experienced. What has God done for you? If you are reading this column you are alive, you have sight, you have time, and you have a mind to comprehend. But beyond those things for which we should be thankful as we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, we must remember other blessings. Just as Joshua commanded the children of Israel to take stones from the Jordan as memorials to future generations of what God did for them (Josh. 4:5-7), so also should we continually remind ourselves of things God has done. As I review this past year for Canada Family Action, I am so thankful for the faithful supporters, who encouraged us to carry on, who wrote checks to financially bless us, and who prayed for us. I was able to hire an assistant. God gave favor with key influential Canadian leaders. The production and cross-Canada TV airing of a public service announcement was donated to us. And our prayer network grew immensely. The vision for a child safe nation is expanding and gaining momentum. The government passed several key laws that provide better safety for all of us, and the federal Justice Minister promised to defend laws preventing polygamous marriage. We note an increase in the number of young people expressing the desire for a strong (man-woman) marriage. More people are talking to their MP asking that righteousness and justice be restored to the nation. Increasingly there is a call to abolish the human rights code section that prevents freedom of speech and religion. Police have increased their ability to arrest child sex criminals. Our troops are assisting people in Afghanistan toward a hope-filled life. We have recovered some of our credibility and influence on the world stage. In some areas crime rates are down. Oh yes—and we had no federal election! In a world which seems to, so easily, focus on negative – let us, this season, focus upon hope and love, joy, grace, peace and justice. Merry Christmas – focus on Jesus and may God’s peace overtake you.

Regards, Elvin Thiessen Three Hills, Alberta


Laughing Matters

The caregiver’s guide to Christmas by Phil Callaway

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Recent studies conclude that almost 6 in 3 Canadians are relieved when the relatives leave after Christmas. I know the feeling. The last few years we’ve spent the holidays caring for aging parents. But if you’re thinking that there’s no place like Rome for the holidays, the following advice should help you stay home and stay sane while caring for those you love. 1. Laugh a little each day. In 1973 my parents planned the ideal Christmas, complete with an imported Grandfather from Ontario, and a tree trimmed to seamless perfection.

The only trouble was, Grandpa liked to examine the needles at close range and make minor adjustments. Three times he brought the tree down, shattering ornaments and driving them into the carpet. The dog discovered a box of chocolates beneath the tree, and developed a bad case of the dog flu. But more surprising than any of this was my mother’s response. She plugged her nose with one hand, scrubbed with the other, and laughed like a little kid. Mom knew what train passengers know: never jump off the train in the middle of the tunnel. Hang in there and laugh. Sometimes the most effective weapon God gives us is laughter. And it sure beats counseling. 2. Exercise three times a week. Of course, exercise didn’t help my mother. She started walking a mile a day when she was sixty. She’s eighty-five now and we don’t know where she is! 3. Find a confidante. You’re not alone in this. Unless you choose to be. Miles Franklin said, “Someone to tell it to is one of the fundamental needs of human beings.” You don’t need to give everyone you meet an organ recital, but who can put a price tag on the value of sharing our story, thoughts, and sometimes tears with a trusted other? Some communities have caregiver support groups. If you can’t find one, start one. I started a group called Christmas Recovery Under Duress, or CRUD. If you can’t start one, get a pet. Sometimes my dog is my support group. She’s the only one who will listen without interrupting. 4. Enjoy the right food and take longer to eat it. Once upon a time, my philosophy on Christmas eating was very simple: Never eat more than you can lift. But pants that fit a few Christmases ago are malfunctioning. So I need to acquaint myself with salmon, tomatoes, broc-

coli, nuts, and blueberries. Moderation is good, but never pass up an opportunity to savor dessert. A recent study conducted by the dark chocolate industry indicates that dark chocolate is good for you and may constitute a food group. 5. Boycott hurry. Is there a more stress-filled season than Christmas? How ironic that the busiest season of the year is our celebration of a Savior who came to bring us peace. Advertisers are spending billions creating necessities for us, convincing us that we are miserable. “You do not have an indoor doggy restroom, you poor thing.” Let’s join together and ignore them. We don’t need their stuff. We don’t have to have it all or do it all. No one will die if we don’t send that card or buy that gift. Forget keeping up with the Joneses. I’ve met them. They’re not all that happy. Stillness is rejuvenating. Sometimes the most pressing thing you can possibly do is sit down and relax. 6. Worry less. Worry steals everything worthwhile from today and adds nothing worthwhile to tomorrow. I love the song, “God rest ye merry gentleman, let nothing you dismay.” Let’s sing it; better yet, let’s live it. And finally, if you’re caring for others this Christmas: 7. Remember you’re more amazing than you think. In a selfish age, those who care for others make God smile. So never underestimate the power of a kind word, a touch, a smile, a tear, or a compliment. You are the answer to someone’s prayer. Be assured that there will be resistance, but the rewards are out of this world. Phil Callaway is the bestselling author of two dozen books and a popular speaker. For Christmas gifts, you can visit him online at

The nicest Christmas gift a person can have is their health


Regaining one’s health top priority - Part II Last month we reported on Victor Wiens, who developed Epstein Barr virus mononuceosis in 1981. Over the next 25 years he experienced flulike symptoms, dizziness, nausea, extreme fatigue and tinnitus. Today, as people are fighting the H1N1 flu epidemic, we need to really build our immune systems. With crumbling health causing disintegrating finances, Victor needed more than ever to find out what was wrong with him. Here is the continuation of his story. Personal research led Victor to conclude that there was a link between all of his health issues and digestion. He tried digestive enzymes and probiotics and had some positive health changes. Feeling better, he took on the job of External Relations Representative with Ambrose University College. His health deteriorated yet again, and by Christmas 2008 he was on short term disability. Victor continued to see specialists and to do his own research, and had some improvements. He was unable to work for very long because the symptoms would all come flooding back. The family was forced to sell their home and downsize their lifestyle. By 2009 the Wiens came to the conclusion Victor needed a health breakthrough so, together with his wife Karen, they decided to live on Karen’s income, while spending any income Victor earned on research and treatment into his health problems. Victor looked into alternative medicine clinics that could possibly help him throughout North 6 — CITY LIGHT NEWS, DECEMBER 2009

America, but realized that he needed to be close to home. An upper gastroscopy with anaesthetic made his health worsen. Now he could barely keep the diarrhoea under control with medication. He had major cramping, bloating, headaches, nausea, loud ringing in his ears, and fatigue. A parent at Karen’s school recommended Robert J. Kish, so after some research, an appointment was scheduled. Kish, a Naturopath/Phytotherapist does a lot of research about the client’s history before their first meeting. Kish sees his work as a ministry and looks to God for help with a client. When the client arrives at this first appointment, A much happier Victor Wiens. Kish spends many hours with him determining health issues. In Victor’s case it was discovered that his problems were related to the control systems: pituitary, pineal gland, hypothalamus, testes and lymphatic system. Kish prescribed nutritional supplements and the blood type diet. This plan makes dietary recommendations based upon your blood type and urges followers to eat only foods that are harmonious with their specific blood type. Within days the Irritable Bowel Syndrome disappeared! The other problems have taken longer to address but there are gradual improvements. Victor can work longer and his eyes do not get so tired. His body is getting its needed nutrients.

Victor is very grateful to Robert Kish and his wife Margo for helping him get his health on track again. The Wiens have not regretted these life changes which have made Victor’s health a priority. “Our motivation is to discover God’s glory in the human body every day,” said Kish’s wife, Margo. “The body is full of on and off switches. They’ve been put there by the master electrician, the Creator Himself. The human body is the finest computer in the universe because it’s made in God’s image.” “The Lord has given us everything we need for the healing and healthier of man, with herbs and plant extracts,” Kish observed. “Every day I pray that the Lord will come to work with me,” Robert added, “I ask Him for guidance in leading me in what I do for people. I couldn’t live without that. I give Him the glory for everything He does; for everything that happens with the people we work with. This is His business...I just work here.”

Robert J. Kish, Phy.D., N.D. (Phy.)

Call 403-938-6062 to make an appointment in their DeWinton offices.

Coffee Shop Talk The gift that keeps on giving by Diane Exner “The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree: the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other.” — Burton Hillis Reminiscing and dreaming about Christmases past, my insides become warm with memories that last. The thoughts of big, family gatherings on Christmas Eve and Day, helping mom make Christmas goodies while listening to Christmas tunes, and roaming the countryside with family and friends on ski-doos. Food, family, friends and fun…that about sums it up! Oh yeah and gifts too! I remember getting my first record player when I was about seven, and with it, was Elvis’ Christmas Album. Sigh…the memories. Am I dating myself ? What are records? They are about 5 times the size of a CDs, and are black, not silver…oh, just Google it! It’s funny what we associate with when thinking about Christmas. After about an hour of reliving past Christmas memories in my mind, I went downstairs to talk to my teenage son and his girlfriend, and asked them their thoughts on Christmas. What makes Christmas special to you? Their answers were much the same; it’s all about gathering with family and friends, and giving to others. How can that be? They are of a different generation than me. Many people say Christmas is too materialistic and has become too commercialized. For some, that may be

true, but most of us eventually find out what the Grinch became aware of too. “And the Grinch, with his Grinch-feet ice cold in the snow, stood puzzling and puzzling, how could it be so? It came without ribbons. It came without tags. It came without packages, boxes or bags. And he puzzled and puzzled …’till his puzzler was sore. Then the Grinch thought of something he hadn’t before. What if Christmas, he thought, doesn’t come from a store? What if Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more?” (Dr. Seuss) You can’t stop Christmas from coming. Whether you believe in Jesus Christ, or St. Nicholas (a.k.a. Santa Claus) the Spirit of Christmas is what keeps on giving through the years. Birthed out of love from one’s heart is the true spirit we all have and ache to share. The love we give, whether through gifts, food, song, time or relationships, is the true reason for the season. We all know the history of Jesus’ first day. He showed love to mankind, He showed us the way. We’ve heard the story of Jolly St. Nick, who gave to the needy, the poor and the sick. They loved the wee children; their actions were true; Role models for us, for me and for you. Carry on this tradition from each our own home; pass on this great light wherever we roam.

When you see twinkling in stores or homes; when you see the trees, acorns and cones, When you dream of Christmases past; what’s at the centre, the vivid memories that last? Share the love in your heart and always be true, to the loving spirit, within me and you. I can’t speak for everyone; only for me; the gift that keeps on giving — a loving memory. Diane Exner loves to encourage others in every area of life. She loves challenging and teaching others to stress less and live each day to the fullest. Coffee Shop Talk columns are now on FaceBook. Come join the group and share your thoughts.


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“It is good to be children sometimes, and never better than at Christmas, when its mighty Founder was a child Himself.” — Charles Dickens




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Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. – Hebrews 13:8

Works of God’s power as recorded in the Bible are taking place today through Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee.

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3803 - 69th Street NW Calgary (Foothills United Church) Call: Caleb or Hope at 246-9226 or 815-1885 MANMIN TV Email: Prayer Line: 877-962-6646 or 877-9Manmin Website: 8 — CITY LIGHT NEWS, DECEMBER 2009


Facility Available for Rent on Sundays Other days also available for churches, groups, classes, workshops, business functions, family celebrations. Lovely park setting by canal. Hardwood floor, fireplace, vaulted ceiling. Includes small kitchen, separate room for children and limited storage cabinets. Cozy atmosphere. • • 403-235-2922


The Spirit of Christmas by Lynette Harris Denton Christmas is a collage of feelings wrapped up in shiny tinsel, green mistletoe and twinkling lights, complete with fresh-baked cookies, cakes, and homemade candy. Just as the wise men gave their precious gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh to the baby Christ, we are reminded of the significance of the season some 2,000 years later when our friends and family exchange gifts in honor of this event. Although we can’t often give gold and costly ointments as the wise men did, we can give gifts of love that are treasured by those who receive them. Whether large or small, gifts that are given with a spirit of joy and love create a feeling of warmth when shared during this season. It is not the cost of the gift that is important, but the token of love or friendship that conveys a feeling of delight at sharing this special moment in time between the giver and the receiver. With a little time and attention, a gift can become special when it fits the needs of the recipient with an intense thoughtfulness for what that person most treasures or needs. When our deepest needs are met, we feel a gratitude for the thoughtfulness and selflessness that is extended. That is the focus of the gift that our heavenly Father gave when He sent His son Jesus for our very special “Christmas present.” Small and humble, wrapped in simple peasant clothing of swaddling cloth, and laid in a cattle-feeder with straw lining it, the tiny bundle of a baby lay. As Mary


looked down at her newborn baby, a multitude of feelings wrapped up in one tiny bundle God had created as the ultimate gift for mankind must have overwhelmed her. God focused upon man’s greatest needs and filled them with His gift of a newborn son, Jesus, to alleviate and eliminate man’s greatest hurts and satisfy his greatest needs. Fallen man was redeemed, all through the birth of a baby – baby Jesus. Exhausting and exhilarating experience that it was, some of God’s most intense and heartfelt passions were born that day with hopes that mankind could be redeemed through the passage of this event into our lives. Man’s greatest needs were met. God gave the greatest gift possible. Where man’s needs are greatest, God’s provision is even greater. Providing heavenly “manna” for a starving civilization, God gave the bread of life through His son Jesus so that we might all have the promise of eternal life with Him. As God looked throughout the vast expanse of space onto this tiny planet earth, He brought the gift to us “special delivery” and “postage paid,” wrapped in His precious package of love and tied with ribbons of peace marked for each of us. The priceless gift is yours – take it, receive it, embrace it. The gift that truly “keeps on giving” is free to all who believe. God gives. Let us receive this very special Christmas gift from God this season. With the spirit of love and joy, take Christ into your heart and share this priceless gift with others in anticipation of a hope of heaven for those who love Him.

Bible spread to all by Allan Hibbard The Calgary Gideons held their annual Celebration Banquet on November 13 at First Alliance Church. The banquet was well attended and a delicious meal, prepared by the “Harvest Ministries Team” of First Alliance Church, was enjoyed by all. Highlights of the evening included special music by Elnora and Pierre Pittman, an inspiring Gideon story by Sherry Boot of Fort Macleod, AB, and a challenging keynote address by Brad Kennedy, new Canadian Gideon National president. Brad, a grandson of the late Orvis Kennedy, shared his vision of the future ministry for the Gideons in Canada. He outlined how the Bible has progressed from the first days of the printing press to today. Presently, there are many different versions of the Bible available and many can be downloaded freely from the internet. The Gideon ministry was first organized in Canada in 1911 in the era before TV and radio. When people checked into a hotel room in 1911, often the first book they looked for was a Bible. Today, when they check into a hotel room, they look for the TV controller. People also use computers, iPods, MP3 players and BlackBerries. This presents some new opportunities and interesting challenges for the Gideons. The Gideons International is an association of Christian business and professional men and their wives, banded together in 190 countries around the world for fellowship and the promotion of the Gospel. Their goal is that all might come to know Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. Gideons distribute and place Scriptures in 93 different languages in the public arenas of life – hotels and motels, prisons, hospitals, extended care facilities, seniors’ homes, assisted living facilities, medical waiting rooms, clinics and other similar institutions. Present worldwide distribution rate is over one million copies of God’s Word every six days. By the year 2020, they hope to be distributing 100 million Scriptures annually around the world.

Christmas a time to make a real difference by Jutta Wittmeier, CPCC Christmas Eve, waiting for the whole family to arrive and have some time together, I had everything ready when I received a call from our crisis line volunteer. This was a call I wanted to ignore. One of my clients was “desperate” to get hold of me. Entering into a crisis tonight was not part of my plan. Sobbing, “Gerry” (not her real name) told me that she had ingested an entire bottle of Tylenol. She agreed I could call 911 and meet her at the hospital. I knew I was in for a long evening. Christmas Eve in a hospital emergency room is an eye opening experience. Illness and despair do not take vacations; in fact, the busyness of the waiting room was probably evidence that crisis times increase during special occasions. Looking around, I noted that there were many there who had concerned family and friends caring for them. Others

were obviously alone. “Gerry” had me. While I was glad that I could be there for her I couldn’t imagine my daughter being pregnant and alone, in despair and not having her mother, family or a friend to go to. Christmas was not a time of celebration for this young woman. It was, instead a time that emphasized that she was alone in the world and this time it had been too much to bear. Holidays, with their emphasis on family celebrations, gifts and parties, remind the lost, the lonely and the grieving of what they are missing. They often feel everyone else has a happy family and that they alone are bereft. Most of us know that holiday times are not the perfect family events of the TV Christmas specials, but how many of us in all the fuss and busyness stop to think of those in our city who are truly alone?

Some of our clients at the Pregnancy Care Centre are struggling with mental health issues and have been socially excluded because of the symptoms of their illness. Others have separated themselves because of the toxic nature of addictions and abuse in their families. Some, like “Gerry,” feel unacceptable because they have been told that their lifestyle has brought shame to the family. Loss is magnified when you are depressed and grieving. If we look around, under the surface, under the “I’m fine,” there are opportunities to bring meaning to Christmas. I tell my clients that Christmas is “just another day” and help them make plans to “survive it.” My challenge this year, is to help someone to do more than survive, to be the community that I, as a Christian, talk about being.



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December 4 Full Gospel Business Mens’ Fellowship, Family Christmas Banquet, Friday 6:30 pm at Best Western Village Park Inn, 1804 Crowchild Trail NW, (Across from McMahon Stadium). Men, women and families are welcome. Call Wilfred 403-280-8412, Eugene 403-272-6204, or Dave 403-288-9449, to reserve by November 27. 6 Turkey Supper, 5:00pm, Emmanuel Community Church, 3003 - 28 Street SE, Calgary. Call 403-272-1551 for tickets. 12 Aglow of Calgary presents Reaching Out to Women at 9:30am, Prince of Peace Campus Community Centre, 16th Avenue & 100 Street (Garden Road). Come and enjoy Worship in Music and Song, Testimonies, Prayer, Refreshments and making new friends. For info contact Donna 403-259-2045 or Phyllis 403-201-9501. Ongoing Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship Calgary’s Chapter, monthly breakfasts, inspiring speakers. To find out more, call Wilfred 403-280-8412, Eugene 403-272-6204, or Dave 403-288-9449. Ongoing The Calgary Leadership Prayer Breakfast every Thursday at the Calgary Chamber of Commerce, 2nd floor, 100 - 6 Avenue SW. Impark parking lot on the corner of Centre St and 4 Ave SE, free for guests of the Chamber until 9:30am. Hot buffet breakfast, $15. For more info call Melody at 403-651-4845, or email Ongoing Weekly Saturday Breakfast, Calgary Chinook Riders/Christian Motorcyclists Association, 10am at Charlie’s Café, 4204 12 Street NE, Calgary, AB, ride may follow if weather permits, call Frank Amantea at 403-640-2038 or email


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December 16 9th annual Music for a Winter Evening concert! A concert to benefit The Mustard Seed housing project. The Corpus Christi Male Chorale with guest artists the Cantaré Children’s Choir and the Foothills Brass Quintet. Wednesday, December 16 at 7:30pm at the Jack Singer Concert Hall. Tickets - $25 for adults and $10 for students. Hosted by Darrel Janz. Purchase tickets online at or by calling the Corpus Christi Male Chorale at 403-770-6878.


January 9 Adoption Course: In Edmonton January 9, Calgary January 30, Edmonton March 6. Call 403-256-3224 or 1-877-256-3224 (toll-free), Building a Family Through International Adoption, Christian Adoption Services, #204, 11625 Elbow Drive SW, Calgary AB, email or visit their website at: February 16-20 Understanding Spirituality in Mental Health Care: theory, research and practice with Dr. John Swinton. An overview of spirituality in the mental health care field. A modular 3 credit course, Tuesday through Saturday 8:30-4:30 at Ambrose Seminary, 150 Ambrose Circle SW, Calgary. Call 403-410-2900 to register or visit 16-20 Third Millenium Trends and Issues in Mission: Diaspora Missiology in Canadian Context “Investigating the Kingdom Impact of People on the Move” with Dr. Sadiri Joy Tira. A modular 3 credit course, Tuesday through Saturday 8:30-4:30 at Ambrose Seminary, 150 Ambrose Circle SW, Calgary. Call 403-410-2900 to register or visit 16-20 The Eschatology of Isaiah with Dr. Gus Konkel. A modular three credit course, Tuesday through Saturday 8:30-4:30 at Ambrose Seminary, 150 Ambrose Circle SW, Calgary. Call 403-410-2900 to register or visit 16-20 Exploring the “Dream Experience” in Christian Spirituality with Dr. Charles Nienkirchen. The course will survey the significance and understanding of the dream experience in both eastern and western Christian traditions. A modular three credit course, Tuesday through Saturday 8:30-4:30 at Ambrose Seminary, 150 Ambrose Circle SW,

Calgary. Call 403-410-2900 to register or visit Ongoing Cooperative ESL Ministries offers free Intercultural Workshops to interested churches in the Calgary area. These workshops are designed to help Canadians feel comfortable in welcoming people from other countries and cultures. Participants will learn about intercultural barriers and develop some effective strategies to improve intercultural communication. If you are interested in having a FREE workshop at your church, please contact Bev by phone at 403-208-7531, or email


December 2 2000 Candles, a musical theatre celebration of over 2000 Christmases at 7:00pm, Emmanuel Christian Reformed Church, 3020 - 51 Street SW Calgary. Order your tickets at or 1-877-700-3130 all proceeds go towards Christian Reformed World Relief Committees EmbraceAids Campaign. 4 “O Magnum Mysterium” Ambrose Christmas Concert at 7:30pm. A variety program featuring the mystery and wonder of Christmas along with familiar expressions of the season. Participants include our three choirs, chamber orchestra, guitar ensemble and jazz ensemble. $10, $5 for children. Ambrose University College, 150 Ambrose Circle SW, Calgary. Call 403-410-2000 for tickets or visit 6 Turkey Supper, 5:00pm, Emmanuel Community Church, 3003 - 28 Street SE Calgary. Call 403-272-1551 for tickets. 16 9th annual Music for a Winter Evening concert! A concert to benefit The Mustard Seed housing project. The Corpus Christi Male Chorale with guest artists the Cantaré Children’s Choir and the Foothills Brass Quintet. Wednesday, December 16 at 7:30pm at the Jack Singer Concert Hall. Tickets - $25 for adults and $10 for students. Hosted by Darrel Janz. Purchase tickets online at or by calling the Corpus Christi Male Chorale at 403-770-6878.


December 1-23 Rosebud Theatre presents Christmas in Wales, by Sarah Rodgers & Denis Rodgers. From the Dylan Thomas story. An adult’s warm remembrance of an old fashioned holiday: the time of presents, good things to eat and newly fallen snow. Spend a glorious Christmas day with Dylan and his family in their tiny seaside town. It’s a wonderland of Welsh carols, splendid words and snowball mischief. Schedule: Matinees: Wed, Thurs, Fri & Sat; Meal times begin at 11:00am; Show begins at 1:30pm. Evenings: Thurs, Fri & Sat; Meal times begin at 6:00pm; Show begins at 8:30pm. Matinee & Evening: Dec 22 & 23. Reservations are Toll free: 1-800-267-7553. Local: 1-403-677-2001. Visit


Ongoing Your Care Group can provide full support for a missionary in India! Ask me how. Kevin, Gospel for Asia.


Ongoing Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship Calgary’s Chapter, monthly breakfasts, inspiring speakers, to find out more call: Wilfred: 403-280-8412, Eugene: 403-272-6204 or Douglas: 403-254-2616. Ongoing Men’s Prayer at Lighthouse Church, Friday mornings at 8-9am at 9827E Horton Rd. SW, Calgary AB. For more info call Frank at 403-640-2099 or visit www. Ongoing In Lethbridge - Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International Lethbridge Chapter, monthly breakfasts, great speakers, for more information call Al Myshrall at 403-327-8796 or Sheldon Watson at 403-381-7919.


Ongoing The Calgary Leadership Prayer Breakfast every Thursday at the Calgary Chamber of Commerce, 2nd floor, 100 - 6 Avenue SW. Impark parking lot on the corner of Centre St and 4 Ave SE, free for guests of the Chamber until 9:30am. Hot buffet breakfast, $15. For more info call Melody at 403-651-4845, or email Ongoing Monthly OMF International Prayer Meeting, last Sunday of each month,

CAREERS TEACHERS NEEDED A Christian Education Foundation that started 75 years ago is seeking to employ Christians as teachers in schools in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Qingdao and Yantai, China. Depending on the city, the freedom to share the Gospel is almost unlimited. Due to the fact that 300,000,000 Chinese are studying English, to minister to the locals you don’t need to speak Chinese, but you will have lots of opportunity to learn the language if you want to. It is the perfect opportunity for those who are interested in China missions, but would like to work on the tent making model, supporting themselves by teaching. The wage is very attractive and there are many benefits such as housing, (food in some schools), medical coverage, return airfare, gratuity and more. There are two types of positions: • One for certified teachers with B.Ed., which would open opportunities for teaching in international schools, which enrol children of expats working in China. • Second is for university grads (B.A., B.Sc. etc.) of almost any major who would like to teach their major in an English as a Second Language environment or teach ESL in schools with about half local and half international students. Interviews to be held in Calgary. If you are interested, send your resumé to: or call 403 975-0653 and we will respond as soon as possible.


Every Career Ad placed here receives a FREE Online listing in CLN’s Classified Help Wanted section.

Call 403-640-2011 to place your Career Ad Email: Business Process/Internal Control Specialist Position

Sunesis Consulting Inc. is a Calgary-based, leading business Consulting firm specializing in business process, enterprise Risk-management and corporate governance support services. The Internal Control Specialist is responsible for documenting internal controls over financial reporting, completing walkthroughs, assessing control design and executing tests of control to gauge control effectiveness. Must have Chartered Accountant designation with 1-2 yrs post designation experience. Must have audit experience with oil and gas companies or publicly accountable enterprises. Practical experience in areas such as Financial Reporting, Treasury, Joint Venture accounting or Production Accounting an asset. Bill 198 and SOX experience at a Big Four CA firm as asset. Our competitive compensation package is in the range of $85,000 to $105,000 per year, based on experience.

Interested applicants are asked to apply by sending a cover letter and resume to: Sunesis Consulting Inc. Attn: Human Resources 1401 2nd Street SW, Calgary, AB T2R 0W7 Email:

DON’T TRADE! Donate your good used vehicle to Worth Unlimited. Helping the disadvantaged and troubled youth of Calgary since 1977. Donations Receipted. Call 403-333-3055. Worth Unlimited is a Ministry of Youth For Christ / Calgary • January to May; 3:30pm - 5pm, interdenominational meeting, all are welcome, call Kathleen 403-286-2868. Ongoing Quarterly City Wide Prayer Rally, held at different churches throughout Calgary, co-sponsored by Calgary Concerts of Prayer, Calgary Evangelical Ministerial Association and other Inter-Denominational and Inter-Generational and Inter-National Churches, for more information on dates, times and locations email or visit Ongoing City-Wide Prayer Weekly Meeting, Wednesdays 1-2 pm, Salvation Army Glenmore Temple, 921 - 68 Ave. SW, East door entrance, interdenominational meeting, all are welcome, call John 403-282-8208.


December 3 Healing Oils of the Bible Workshop – Essential Oils are mentioned more than 100 times in the Bible. Did God mean for us to continue using them? Is there a connection between the oils used in Biblical times and the oils we should use on a daily basis for our well-being? Come to this hands-on workshop and discover the power of the Biblical oils. Come and be anointed! 7pm at Macleod Place Plaza, 5920 Macleod Trail SW - Conference Room in Macleod Place 2. There is treasure to be desired and Oil in the dwelling of the wise...Proverbs 21:20. Register free online at com or contact Sheila Sherman, 403-931-2044 or January 5-8 New Year, New Life Prayer Retreat guided by Dr. Rob Low. (Retreat begins at 10:00am on January 5, and will finish around 11:00 on January 8). Cost: $280 (meals are included and each retreatant will have their own room). Entheos Retreat Centre. Note: there is limited space in this retreat, we can register only 15 people, and please register through Fay Wuthrich at and not through the Entheos office. February 18-Apr 1 Lenton Journey – Every Thursday evening during Lent: February 18, 25, March 4, 11, 18, 25, April 1; 6:30-8:30. Cost: $10 per evening session. The evening sessions will focus upon themes relating to the Lenten season, encouraging each person to reflect upon their own spiritual journey. To register for the above mentioned sessions, please register through Fay Wuthrich. Her email address is fay.wuthrich@ May 27 Scripture Prayed – A Morning with Dr. Eugene Peterson (translator of The Message) for Pastors and Leaders. 9:00-11:30am at Rocky Mountain College, 4039 Brentwood Avenue NW, Calgary. $30.00/person. Sponsored by the Centre for Christian Spirituality. This morning retreat with Dr. Peterson is open only to those who serve as pastors and pastoral staff, and for any who are involved in Christian ministry. Dr. Peterson’s address will be targeted toward frontline ministry personnel. To purchase tickets, please call Rocky Mountain College at 403-284-5100. 27 Scripture Lived – An Evening with Dr. Eugene Peterson (translator of The Message) – open to the public. 7:00-8:30pm, Foothills Alliance Church, 333 Edgepark Blvd. NW, Calgary.$30.00/person. Sponsored by the Centre for Christian Spirituality. The evening session is open to everyone, and the address by Dr. Peterson will focus upon the role of the Word of God in our spiritual formation and transformation. To purchase tickets, please call Rocky Mountain College at 403-284-5100.


Ongoing Open Door Seniors. Mondays 1-3 pm - Matinee Movies, (Reflexology once a month on Mondays). Tuesdays 10-12 pm - Watercolors Classes, and 12-3 pm - Bridge. Wednesdays 1-3 pm - Cribbage. Thursdays 10-12 pm - Music Appreciation, (First Thursday of the Month at 12 noon - Luncheon and Entertainment), and Fridays 10:30-11am - Exercise, and 12-3 pm - Bridge. For more info write 1307 - 4 Street SW, Calgary, AB T2R 0X9, or phone: 403-269-7900.


Adult Singles Ministry. For “singles” and “single again” adults. Contact Glenn Larsen 403862-8424. Cost for one year membership $20.00. Adult Singles Ministries, a ministry of the United Church of Canada, presents the following: December 11 The Adult Singles Ministry people will have a potluck supper and fellowship at Renfrew United Church, 956 Radnor Ave NE, Calgary. Time: 6:30-10pm. Cost: $3.00 non member/ $1 member. 13 Carol Singing at Mountain View Nursing Home, 722 - 16 Ave. NE, 4pm. January 10 3rd Epiphany Service at Knox United Church, 506 - 4 St. SW, 4pm, supper following at a nearby restaurant. Ongoing Ministry Of Singles Alive In Christ & Community (MOSAIC), for single adults 40+. Held at Centre Street Church every Thursday at 7:15pm. Refreshments, worship in song & music, message, small groups and social events. Call the MOSAIC info line at 403-520-2690.


Ongoing Calgary Pregnancy Care Centre, helping women in crisis, pregnancy tests, options counseling, post-abortion support groups, birth mom’s groups, parenting and pre-natal classes, #205, 925 - 7 Ave SW, Calgary, call 24-hour hotline 403-269-3110 or visit Ongoing Sonshine Community Counseling Services: Christian counseling for individuals and couples on a wide range of issues including marital and premarital counseling, depression, anxiety, grief, low self-esteem, relationship conflict, and family violence. Call 403-705-3474 or visit Ongoing DivorceCare is a weekly video lesson and support group for those who are separated or divorced. It’s where people understand what you’re going through. Wednesdays, starting Sept. 16, 2009, 7-9 pm at First Alliance Church, 12345-40 St. SE. Call Bonnie or Rick at 403-256-5030 or Ongoing CrossCurrent – A Christ-centered introductory discipleship program helping men and women grapple with the truth of their sexuality and relationships and begin a journey of healing. Programs run for 8 weeks and meets once a week on Mondays from 7 to 9pm, St. James Anglican Church, 6351 Ranchview Drive NW, Calgary, AB. Cost: $120 (including booklet). For more information or to register, please contact: Living Waters Canada, Prairie Region, 780-487-2266. or Ongoing GriefShare recovery seminar and support group: Meets at South Calgary Community Church, 2900 Cedarbrae Drive SW, beginning Monday at 7pm. For more info contact Wendy at 403-697-9948 or SCCC at 403-281-6755. Ongoing Life’s Healing Choices, an 8-week DVD series – Freedom from our “Hurts, Hang-ups and Habits.” Starting in January in the NW. For location details and further info contact - Tom Crites 403-241-2428 or email Ongoing Saddleback’s: Celebrate Recovery. Beginning in March - Look for more info in February issue of City Light News. You can call Tom Crites 403-241-2428 or email for more info.


Ongoing The Mothers of Preschoolers Group at First Alliance Church are pleased to present the entertaining and informative video series Making Your Children Mind Without Losing Yours by Dr. Kevin Leman. Children are welcome. For more info contact Carole at 403-256-6912 or Ongoing Organize your home, receive daily devotional reminders, get fit, and “stay on-track,” with tips and help from the “Annie Groups.” These are internet support groups for Christian homemakers. For further info visit: Ongoing Volunteer Opportunity: Servants Anonymous, founded on Christian principles, is dedicated to meeting the needs of young women (16-29) who are victims of prostitution or who are at risk of entering prostitution. If you require further information you may contact me at 403-205-5530 or e-mail me Ongoing TOPS Non-profit WEIGHTLOSS support group. Harvest Hills Alliance Church, Meets every Tuesday at 10:45am. Please call Pat at 403-226-0181 for information on this group or any of our 44 Chapters in Calgary.


$1350.00 per month includes utilities. Call 403-400-7777 or 403-457-0224

Okotoks – Furnished room for rent available immediately in Okotoks - No deposit required - Call Mark or Tracy 403-9386745 or 403-630-6745. (*)


ZERO DOWN PAYMENT Buy a Home with Zero Down. Free Special Report NW Mt. Pleasant – Bright, open, spacious, very clean 1 bedroom ½ duplex separate basement suite in Mt. Pleasant. Separate entrance, washer/dryer and carport. Half block to bus stop, close to D.T., SAIT, and U of C. Looking for a quiet, mature tenant. $900/month including utilities. Ph. 403-284-4376. (Dec/09) NE Coventry Hills – Furnished clean two bedroom main floor of house. Balcony, fireplace, private entrance. Close to public transit and amenities. Six appliances. No smoking, no pets.

NE Huntington Hills – Room for rent WEEKLY OR MONTHLY for clean, quiet Christian man who does not use drugs, alcohol or tobacco. Totally furnished, private phone line and Cable TV in BR. Includes utilities, kitchen privileges, washer/dryer. Great bus service to: Downtown, U of C and NE commercial/industrial areas (close to routes #3, 4, 5, 20, 32 and Express). Near shopping, library, fitness centre and pool. Monthly rates: $550+ /mo depending on size and location of room, plus SD equal to one month’s rent. Weekly rate of $200 plus $200 SD. Call 403295-0304 (voice mail) * SE Chaparral – Christian male looking for male roommates to share large executive class home, computer and cable

Classifieds ARTICLES FOR SALE Kincaid Console Piano for sale. Infrequently practiced upon. Approx. 25 years old, but in very nice condition. Asking $1,000 obo Ph. Royce Haugen at 403-226-0763. (Dec/09) Special Needs: Columbia Bath Chair reclining contour model 8600 is 32 x 17 inches and accommodates children 40 to 55 inches tall up to 130 pounds. PVC chair with blue mesh seat and two positioning belts adjusts to three positions of tilt. Offers support when bathing or just lounging around in the outdoors or indoors. To see what this looks like, visit: http://www.columbiamedical. com/files/Contour%20Deluxe %20Supreme%20PVC%20B ath%20Chair%20Instructions. pdf. Purchased at $399, asking $100. Please call Leslie at 403258-0817. (*) 2 Aquariums, 10 and 33 gallons, with fluorescent canopies and undergravel filters. Powerhead and stand for 33 gallon tank, plus assorted accessories and decorations for both. Very clean and no leaks. $200 takes all, OBO. Call 403-252-4900, leave message. (*) Huge collection of seashells and corals, about 3000 specimens, sorted, 8 plus “stor-all” boxes full, great specimens, just a few beach worn “relics”. Abalones, conchs, cowries, helmets, starfish, sanddollars, urchins, and much more for the serious collector. Includes a small collection of fossilized shells and reference books. $500 Firm. Must take all. Call 403-252-4900, lve message. (*) Large solid oak buffet and

hutch with mirrored back, scrolled iron details, slides for hanging stem glasses. Excellent condition. Purchased 14 years ago from Ambers Oak. Sacrifice $1000 Firm. Call 403-252-4900, leave message. (*) Collection of crystals, polished stones, and rocks, in large white vintage jeweler box. Comes with a Moh’s Scale Of Hardness Set and mineral encyclopedia. $200 OBO. Call 403-252-4900 (*)

BIBLE STUDY/ PRAYER Need Prayer?... we will pray for you. Visit us online at: (*)

BOOKS FOR SALE An Amazing Family History Book, “From Copenhagen to Calgary from the Cross to the Crown” - how the life and death of one family member changed the course of 5 generations and he was only 5 years old! Now available for only $6.95 (postage & GST included). send cheque or money order to Irwin Hertzsprung, 117 Scimitar Heath NW, Calgary, AB T3L 2E1. (May/10)

HELP WANTED Prairie Bible Institute requires Maintenance Technicians. Full time with Benefits. For details, see: (Dec/09) School Bus Drivers Wanted. Will train. Show your true color. Commitment comes in the color yellow. It’s the color that helps kids get to and from school safely. It’s the color that makes a difference in our city. We’re

Accommodation Ads run for $30 for paper and web or $25/issue and must be prepaid. 50 word limit. Place by email or mail and paid by cash, cheque, Visa or MasterCard. 459 Astoria Cres SE, Calgary, AB T2J 0Y6. Deadline: 15th of each month.

Email: • Web: • Ph. 403-640-2011

outlets in each room, large yard, access to Lake Chaparral (within two blocks) included, bus stops in front of house direct to LRT station, no smoking, drinking or pets in house, references required, if you’re looking for affordable housing in a Godly atmosphere this is your place, $400/month unfurnished, $700 furnished, security deposit equal to one month’s rent, plus shared utilities. Call Ian at 403-2471187 (Home) or 403-863-7974 (Cell). (Dec/09) SE Cranston – Room for Rent. Wanted: Responsible, quiet, Christian female (age 21-35) to share new home with 3 bedrooms and 2½ bathrooms. 1 minute from Deerfoot Trail, 5 minutes to Superstore, Safeway and shopping. 2 blocks to bus stop. Available Nov. 1. Rent $500 including utilities and W/D. Damage deposit required. Please call Jenn at 403-8271494. (Nov/09) SE Erinwoods – Male applicants only. Bright, large bed-

room available. Bus almost at door. No D.D. required. $500 per month. Everything included: cable, TV, long distance. Steve 403-695-6263. (Dec/09)

ROOMMATE WANTED NW Panorama Hills – 1 Bedroom in a basement for rent for clean, quiet M/F Christian single who does not smoke. Totally furnished, includes utilities, shared kitchen, washer/dryer, wireless internet, cable and dishwasher. 5 min. walk to shops, grocery stores, Cardel Place Rec., Studio 16 Cinema, regular buses to NE, Downtown. $500/mo + $450 D.D. Please call Linda at 403-452-2518. (Dec/09) NW Ranchlands – ROOMMATE WANTED FOR DECEMBER 1st. Looking for non-smoking, non-drinking, quite, working, Christian single female (late 20’s to mid 30’s) to join two others in a duplex in Ranchlands (NW Calgary) starting December

1st. Available one unfurnished room with shared bathroom for $400/mth plus phone, internet & utilities ($200 damage deposit). Furnished with Fridge, Stove, Microwave, Freezer, Dishwasher, Washing Machine & Dryer. Storage available in basement or garage. No pets allowed. Two minutes from Transit and 10 min walk to Crowfoot Shopping Center and 20 min walk (or 5 min. bus ride) to Crowfoot C-Train Station. Parking spaces available in front/back of house plus a single car garage. Please contact Julie or Christy at 403208-5952. (Dec/09) NE Sunridge/Rundle – Christian Male Roommate Wanted. Extremely Convenient 3 bdrm Condo across the street from all amenities, Sunridge Mall, and train/bus station. In-suite Laundry. Shared washroom. Rent $475. Includes cable/water. Split gas/elect. (around $50). Call Shay at 403-891-9902 or email (Dec/09)

SE Dover – Mature Christian female wants same to share 3 bedroom furnished main floor of house. Home in quiet neighborhood close to main transportation roadways and public transport. Shared kitchen, many appliances, off-street parking. No pets, drugs or smoking. $425/mon. & D.D. & share utilities. Call 403-248-9744. Furnished/unfurnished. References required. (Dec/09)

VACATION PROPERTY VA N C O U V E R I S L A N D Holiday House BB Motel — Reservations: 1-888-3102299, or 250-245-2231 • Web: www.ladysmithoceanview. com. SPRING SPECIALS Weekly and Monthly rentals for Vacation - Suites - Rooms (*)

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All Classifieds must be prepaid. The cost is .85 cents per word for both paper & web or .65 cents per word for either plus 5% GST. A minimum cost of $10 plus GST applies. Ads can be emailed, mailed or phoned in to City Light News, 459 Astoria Cres. SE, Calgary, AB T2J 0Y6. Email: • Web: • Ph. 403-640-2011

asking for your help. Join us. Southland Transportation. Call 403-253-9322. (*)


Commercial business opportunities. Established business for sale. Call D’Arcy Browning at 403-730-8755 or visit www., Re/Max Real Estate Central. (*)

JAM SPACE AVAILABLE Need a place for your band to practice? Price includes a Demo CD recording of your session. Drums, keyboard, mics, etc. provided. Saturdays only. $25/ hr or $100 for 6-hour session. Phone J.P. at 403-258-0817 for info. and location.

Save $$$ Thousands in Real Estate Fees! MLS Listing Fee is only $995 + GST when you Sell & Buy through me! Details at Koshy Thomas 403-975-SALE (7253). (*)


Inspirational Multi-Media Presentations – Home Business Opportunities. Quality Online Shopping. Outdoor Adventure Tours. Counseling. Flowers. Personalized Custom Building Services. Visit

Drummer Realty & Property Mgmt. – Have assisted Tenants since 1982 to find their Perfect Home! Call 403-258-2424 or visit our website to view our current rental availabilities at www. (*) FREE Quick OVER-THE-NET Home Evaluation Free report and list, with pictures


Peaks Plumbing – 20 Years Experience. Calgary - Cochrane - Canmore. A BBB Accredited Company. www.peaksplumbing. com. Call 403-678-7570. (*) Residential cleaning from Glenmore South, reasonable rates, work guaranteed, some

daytime slots open, references available, call Dust Hunnies at 403-601-3510 or email (*) South Valley Maintenance — specializing in fall clean-up, vacancy cleaning, and bulk garbage removal. FREE ESTIMATES. Please call Cory at 403-918-CARE (2273). (*) Avoid Costly Homeseller Mistakes 27 Valuable Tips Get Your Home SOLD Fast and for TOP DOLLAR

VEHICLES 2001 E350 Cube Van 15 Ft 7.3 Turbo Diesel. 104,000km. Ready for work. New Tires. $14,000.00. Phone 403-2508339. 1996 F350 7.3 Turbo Diesel new tires 12Ft. Dump box. 126,000km. $10,000.00 – 403690-7090.

VEHICLES Needed – Volunteer with City Light News. Drivers are needed to deliver CLN papers to churches in various parts of Calgary and Central and Southern Alberta communities. Routes can usually be completed within 2-3 hours. If you would like to be involved in working with Christian media, please call us at 403640-2011 or email us at info@ (*) Volunteer for Intercare! We are still in need of volunteers to lead Worship Services and we have opportunities for volunteering in daytime recreation programs. Call Cammy Brown at 403-2521194 ext 12. (*)

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Car Cover for Z4 BMW. Like new, paid $400. Will sell for $200. 403-248-8564.


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Frank Amantea Char Belsher Andre & Carol Brouwer Al Coats Bart Dailley Bill Demaer Jean Denton Peter & Doris Fleck

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To volunteer and to get your name on next month’s list, please call us at 403-640-2011 or Toll Free at 1-866-640-2011. CITY LIGHT NEWS, DECEMBER 2009 — 13

Book Review An Amish Christmas Written by Beth Wiseman, Kathleen Fuller & Barbara Cameron 444 pages, $18.99 Thomas Nelson Publishers An Amish Christmas is a set of three stories that take place in the present day Amish community of Paradise, Pennsylvania. The first novel, A Miracle For Miriam, introduces us to Miriam Heisenberg, a quiet, reserved, unmarried, 19 year old woman, who enjoys quilting. As a school-age girl, she had a secret crush on Seth Fisher, but he hurt her badly when he found out about the crush and called her a “four-eyed bean pole.” Since that time, Seth had

left the Amish community to “experience” the world, and suffered severe injuries from a car accident. He has now returned home as a much humbler Seth. Much to Miriam’s dismay, Seth begins to reappear in her life and is attracted to her. She is forced to face the challenge of dealing with her feelings of hurt and rejection that she has kept hidden in her heart for all these years. The second novel, A Choice To Forgive, follows the more mature relationship of Lydia and Daniel Smucker. Engaged to be married to Lydia at the age of 19 years, Daniel mysteriously disappears on Christmas Eve with no more than a note saying he has left. Heartbroken and confused, Lydia is comforted by Elam, Daniel’s brother, and they eventually marry and have a family. Now, 17

Reviewed by Sandra Penn years later, Daniel reappears on her doorstep one cold December evening. Lydia, who has been widowe d f o r two years, finds her heart wrestling with feelings of anger and memories of love. Daniel requests Lydia’s forgiveness and asks to begin a renewed friendship with her, but Lydia soon realizes that his desire for her goes

much deeper than that. The final novel, One Child, explores the healing that can come after the experience of losing a child. A young couple, Sarah and David Fisher, h a ve h a d a m i s c a rriag e last Christmas season. Now approaching the one year anniversary of that event, they find them-

selves struggling with their loss. In the midst of this process, a young English couple (Jason and Kate), become stranded in their home during a snow storm, and Kate is expecting their first child in two weeks. Both couples grow and learn from each other’s very different ways of life, as they hold out together during this snowy ordeal. As with any romantic tale, the relationship is the plot, and so it is with these three novels. W i t h ch a r a c t e r i s t i c Amish simplicity, these stories tell of the pains and pleasures involved in

DVD Review DARWIN: The Voyage That Shook The World 54 minutes, $25.99 Producer: Creation Ministries International This documentary provides a thorough examination of Charles Darwin’s life. Beginning with his childhood in England, we see Charles at an early age having a very inquisitive nature concerning the world around him. As he reaches young adulthood, he considers training to become a clergyman until he receives an amazing opportunity. He is invited to join the HMS Beagle, as an observer, as it travels around the world. This five-year venture would give Darwin the opportunity to observe

nature and collect thousands of plant, animal and geology specimens to bring home to England. It also gave him time to think and theorize about many questions he had, such as the age of the ear th and the possibility of new species arising from the old. A f ter he returns home from his trip, he eventually marries and starts a family. Being independently wealthy, the Darwin family move to the English countryside and Charles begins to put his ideas onto paper, producing such famous works as The Origin of the Species. He did not originate all of his ideas, but was remarkably talented in communicating

the forming and growing of a marriage. The Amish lifestyle is examined and cherished for its plain and uncomplicated traditions. Each novel is written by a different author, but there is a great sense of uniformity in their styles. Being centered around the Christmas season adds feelings of nostalgia and warmth to the setting. There are a few interesting twists and turns along the way, but generally there is not much action outside of the basic story line. This trilogy is a feel-good read for all those who enjoy the thrill of seeing relationships grow.

Reviewed by Sandra Penn them. But this film does much more than just tell the story of Darwin’s life. First, it combs through the years, in order to find the many inf luences that brought him to his conclusions. F a m ily, church b a c k ground, the writings of other professionals, and the death of three of his children, all contributed towards his thoughts on the evolution concept. Secondly, through the interviews of scientists from around the world, Darwin’s theories are re-examined and discussed in light of present-day science. Knowledge has grown exponentially since the mid-1800s, and many sub-

jects that Darwin was only able to theorize about in his day, are now shown to be flawed. Consequently, the viewers are exposed to some very revealing findings throughout the film. All the above elements combined lead to a very informative documentary. This DVD gives you a clear and concise foundation on the teachings of Charles Darwin. There are many scenes shot on location around the world which provide much visual interest. And most importantly, you are left with a better understanding of how evolution thinking was formed and can be challenged in our society today. I recommend this film for anyone wanting to deepen their understanding of this relevant issue. Crown Entertainment (Edmonton, AB) is the distributor of this DVD. Available at your local Christian bookstore.

Ed Dyck Counselling Services ™ ™ ™ ™ ™

Pre-marriage and Marriage Communication and Conflict Resolution Career and Employment Pornography & Internet Sexual Addiction Adult Children of Divorce For an appointment please call:

(403) 244-3115 Email • Web:


Israel a safe place to visit

A Canaanite idol standing up against the rock wall.

...cont’d from Page 1 large lake is the source of Israel’s drinking water. The levels are going down and they definitely need rain. So when you are praying for the peace of Jerusalem pray for rain in Galilee. A relatively recent find is the small town of Bethsaida, the home of the Apostle Peter, located just above the Sea of Galilee. The lake was bigger in the time of Peter and Bethsaida would have been on the shores of the lake. Close by is the location where Jesus gave the sermon on the mount. The River Jordan that forms part of the border between Israel and Jordan flows south from the Sea of Galilee to the Dead Sea. Near the Dead Sea you can visit the site of an ancient Essenes community called Qumran. It was here they recovered the Dead Sea scrolls. One can also get interesting insights into water baptism at Qumran. Further south is the old fortress of Masada. Herod built it when he ruled the area. His income per year was in the millions. He was a nasty man as were most of his family but he sure knew how to live in luxury. At the very southern tip of Israel is the port of Eilat. It is a scuba diver’s paradise. You can dive the Red Sea or just enjoy the rays on the beach. Sorry but if you go diving you won’t see any chariots. They are too

— photo by Ian Wilkinson

deep for recreational diving. Most tours end in Jerusalem were you can walk the same steps that Jesus walked. The streets are safe. You can see small children walking to school without parents. Everyone is worried about how unsafe Israel is. There is no unrest there presently. It is safe in many ways. First of all Israel is in that part of the world where you expect third world conditions: bad water, beggars swarming you, etc. Not so in Israel. It is a clean first world nation and very modern. No bad water. No beggars swarming you. Many Palestinians work in the tourist industry so it is not targeted by them. When you are on tour you have the added safety of being accompanied by a guide, of being in a group and traveling in a coach. You can walk the streets of Jerusalem at night. It seems safer than some cities. The Ministry of Tourism assures that of the three million visitors to Israel last year all returned home safely. Visiting Israel is an enriching experience – one that many Christians have done and one that many others think of doing. It’s safe. It’s historically enlightening and spiritually significant. Many pastors take members from their congregations on tours there. You can find more information at the Israeli Ministry of Tourism website. Shalom.

Now beyond speculation, these steps are known to be the very steps Jesus walked on. — photo by Ian Wilkinson

Companionship Care For Seniors We are Available, Compassionate and Accountable

All About Seniors helps families provide thoughtful, companion care for seniors either at home or in a community living setting. Together we can help you decide how you want to divide your valuable time between the essential routines of basic living and the fun stuff that keeps seniors engaged and active. We have more than 30 staff members to help you every way we can. Our staff is carefully selected, trained, and bonded to ensure our clients receive the best care possible.

Call us today! 403-730-4070 •



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