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Introduction Furniture template is not only fit for furniture (bed, dining table, dressing table, sofa, wardrobe, bookshelf), but also for household items (lamp, painting, slipper and pajama, towel, cutlery), books, CDs (especially light music), and clothes.

Furniture template applies a clean and neat design in a two-column frame and warm colors (various kinds of yellow) with a theme of harmony and warmness at home. Inspired by the wooden furniture, the texture of the template feels like the wood and the whole template seems to permeate a fragrance of nature. The furniture template is featured by the unique module location and product presentation.

Feature Overview: • • • •

With a concern on usability, Shopping Cart, My Wishlist, Login, Currencies, Languages, and Site Search all locate at the top of the homepage, which easily come into view. The mouse hover of the navigation bar is in agreement with the overall tone, that is, yellow to brown. The frames of each template below the slide image stand in parallel and level, which are neat and comfortable but with a subtle change in the color of the frame In accordance with short and sweet design, the product presentation of New Product is a little different. The product image, product name, price as well as short description of the product lay vertical center, which is a prefect delight to the eye

Game Template • Take an immediate look • Download

Introduction The Game theme is devised for computer games and accessories sales. Besides, it also fits for computers, cell phones, electronic gadgets, music & DVDs, apparels, and even magazines and books stores. The Game design mainly applies the theme of antiquity and mystery. It features the strong comparison between the rough old wall in the background and the smooth modern feeling in the tool strips. In spite of the traditional two columns layout, the elements within make this design a little different. The blue string with the logo, the slide image and blocks below of the same tone looks like a flag, separating from the right column naturally. The right column is designed for products show. In addition to the color, the paper with broken edges and curling angle add interest and appeal to the design.

Feature Overview: • • • •

It is likely to bring on more extra orders due to the tight and thrilling design style. The logo section, getting rid of ideologism, laid below the navigation bar, is more eye-catching. Commonly used buttons below the navigation bar assists customers easily logging in and checking the wishlist. Several promotional elements are included, such as new products and feature products, review within the left column and the picture of payment methods at the foot of the homepage.

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TomatoCart Template Show  
TomatoCart Template Show  

It is the TomatoCart template show. The templates is free to download at TomatoCart.