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How to Pick Shopping Cart Software ——before setting up your online store By Angela Zhang Email: Homepage:

5 Things You Should Look For in a shopping cart 1. Functionality Comprehensive Functionality available to assist shop owners to do online business: site management, catalog management, product management, customer management, order management, marketing tools.

2. Performance Three words - quick, easy and reliable - can simply describe what performance. Basically speaking, a lot of shopping cart softwares require a period of learning time before one can fully control over it. However, performance determines how long it takes.

3. Capacity How many products can your shopping cart handle? It should be determined by the scale of your online shop. Of course, the shopping cart with unlimited products is the best.

4. Payment Gateway Compatibility Some popular payment gateways should be included in the shopping cart. By the way, the security of the payment gateway should be attached the most importance to.

5. Support Check out the forums for general ambience and response times.

16 Must-Have Features of Shopping Cart


1. Search-engine Friendliness Title tags, meta descriptions and keywords.

2. PCI Compliant Hosting & Security Find a provider who can host your website in a PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant environment.

3. Solid Analytics & Reporting Integrates with Google Analytics to demonstrate real-time site and search ranking data and that offers a variety of other product performance reporting capabilities.

4. Integrated payment gateway 5. Product Review Feature In fact, research shows that even bad reviews help to sell more product than not showing reviews for a product at all. You can always review the posts before you choose to display them or choose to display reviews automatically on the website.

6. Flexible Pricing Management Promotional pricing for any product, customer, order, or time frame, wholesale or retail pricing, affiliate pricing, accepts coupon codes, allows for quantity-based pricing and has tax-exempt.


7. Robust Catalog Management A bulk import/export of your catalog, product cloning to simplify catalog additions, automatic resizing of your product images, and some strong inventory management capabilities such as letting you set minimum quantities and identify backordered items.

8. Product Feed Support Easily create a feed of your products that you can then upload to shopping comparison sites and that will allow you to create multiple product feeds for each comparison engine.

9. Copy of transaction


Allow customers to check it our

10. Auto responder and newsletter functions

11. Integrated Shipping Integrate with the major shipping providers such as USPS, UPS and FedEx and you’ll want the ability to markup shipping rate-quotes by a percentage or by a flat amount so that you have the option to charge transparent handling fees.

12. Up-selling & Cross-selling Features Common marketing tools

13. Zoom image Allows visitors to zoom and look at different angles of the product

14. Gift Certificate/Wishlist Features


64 percent of those surveyed said gift certificates equaled 25 percent of their online purchases and half of those surveyed said they shopped using someone else's wishlist.

15. RSS feeds capable Allows customers to keep track of the latest news of the online shop

16. Affiliate modules Earn extra money for your online shops

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How to Pick Shopping Cart Software  

5 Tips and 16 Must-Have Features to Evaluate Shopping Cart Software