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NaDia Zuani Diamond Coating

main advantages better finishing

more production

less maintenance

increases production

NaDia The NaDia coating system has been developed by our new department, with the aim of improving the performance of our tooling. The coating increases the life of the knives by lowering friction. It assures a perfect, uniform and durable finish. It cuts down on maintenance time. The process has been developed in order to satisfy the request of our most demanding customer. We can now improve the quality of your tooling, because we can coat the knives with a substance called Liquid-Diamond by means of a process which lay on the knives a very hard coating. In this way we obtain coated knives with a working life and finish clearly superior than the norm and at the same time at a reasonable cost, compared to Polycrystalline knives.



The DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) is applied at a low temperature through the PE-CVD (Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition), assuring good adhesion. The high hardness is due to the simultaneous presence of sp2 Graphitized Carbon (Graphite) and sp3 (Diamond).

Our cooperation with the Physics Department of the University of Trento and The FBK Bruno Kessler Foundation allowed us to increase the know-how of our Company in the Nano Structured Coating. With the implementation of a new department, we have started with the industrial production of DLC process.


NaDia anti friction coating

The coating is very strong, with a thickness of only 1 micron. It is applied to profiled knives without form limit. Its low thickness maked it suitable for coating all types of standard knives. With these characteristics we can apply the coating to all the types of insert tools. PRINCIPLE CHARACTERISTICS: Extreme hardness, Frictional resistance, Resistance to wear, Low frictional coefficient.


All the tests carried out, not only by Zuani S.r.l. but also by some of the most Prestigious International woodworking Companies, have assessed the high performace of the tools. These results show that the working life of coated knives can increase up to 300%, in addition a better finishing has also been noticed, both on Panels Products and Solid Wood.

NaDia Zuani Diamond Coating

NaDia DLC coating  

A revolutionary coating for woodworking tools

NaDia DLC coating  

A revolutionary coating for woodworking tools