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Preparing to Sell Your Distance

Gold Long

The best way for people who don’t live near a big city like New York where professionals pay good prices to sell gold in Merrick, NY is to use a ship in service. There are a number of services that will mail you a shipping pouch for gold. This is one of the best ways to get the most money for your gold and it is one of the safest. The buyer will pay for the shipping and insure the shipment. There are some precautions that you should take before sending in the gold. These include: ●

Do a lot of research online and find the company that pays the best price for gold. Look over several different companies and do it a number of times because prices change.

Catalog all of your items before you ship them. Take pictures of every item and keep them for insurance purposes.

Make sure that the items are picked up directly FedEx or UPS. The best way is to simply hand them to the delivery driver. Putting them in a pickup box is fairly safe. Do not leave items out in a pouch at a public place. Make sure you hand them directly to the driver or put them in a locked container only the driver can open. One good way to do this is to take the pouch to work and give it to the UPS or FedEx person when he or she makes his rounds there. Or ship it through the mailroom at work.

Contact the gold buyer directly and make sure they received your shipment. Wait a few days to do this and remember, overnight shipping can sometimes take up to a week because of holidays and other delays. If you don’t hear back in a week contact the buyer directly.

Make sure the pouch is secure before you send in your gold. Make sure it won’t open and don’t be afraid to secure it with an extra piece of tape.

Send different items separately. Since the gold buyer is paying for the shipping order several different pouches.

Send different grades of gold separately, the same for really valuable pieces such as rings with diamonds on them.

Don’t be afraid to send in items that you are unsure about. It won’t cost you anything and the buyer will send them back if they are not worth anything.

Have your payment sent to you via Paypal or a direct deposit to your bank account. That way the check won’t get lost in the mail.

Anybody anywhere in the United States can sell gold for a really good price. Anybody can get the maximum amount of cash for her or his gold.

Preparing to Sell Your Gold Long Distance