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Diamonds can also be Turned into Cash Gold isn’t the only thing that’s sitting around in your jewelry box or safety deposit gathering dust that can be turned into cash. Buyers will often pay more for diamonds than they will for gold and they will loan money on it. Most buyers will purchase gemstones including diamonds. For example Gold Buyers will purchase: ●

Any sort of jewelry with diamonds mounted on it including rings, necklaces and tennis bracelets.

Loose diamonds and stones used in the jewelry trade

Necklaces and gemstones on a chain.

Broken or damaged jewelry that has diamonds and other gems on it.

Gems that have fallen off of jewelry

Other kinds of gemstones including emeralds, rubies and jade.

If you’re not sure if something is a diamond or not take to the buyer. The buyer can examine the item and determine if it is real or not then give you a price. If it’s not real the trip costs you nothing and you are under no obligation to sell if you don’t like the price he or she offers you. Best of all some buyers will even come to your home or safety deposit box to examine your items so you don’t have to take them out. They should not charge for this service but they will give you cash. To see if you can get this done simply contact a diamond buyer in Astoria.

It is also possible to get cash loans on diamonds most buyers will give you pawn loans on diamonds and other gems. In many cases they will loan more money on gemstones than they will on precious metals. You can get emergency funds by using old jewelry that you no longer wear and family heirlooms. Nor do you have to sell pieces that you want to keep when you need funds. There is no reason to go without the cash that you need while you own diamonds. Check around house and in your safety deposit boxes to see if you have any. There is no reason to spend money on safe deposit boxes when you’re short of cash. Instead you can sell the items in them and raise extra funds. It is even possible to send diamonds and other valuables to a buyer via FedEx or UPS that way you can them evaluated and get top dollar for them. Selling valuables is easier and more convenient than ever before.

Diamonds can also be Turned into Cash