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Top watch brands in the world – List of watches for men and women Watches will function as statement pieces, show of pedometer, wealth or simple timepiece. Best watch brands are famous with men everywhere, helping them keep-time and appear as stylish also has become vital accessory nowadays. It becomes fashion in the current world so you must wear best brand that suits you. Though, many brands of watches are there but only few may stand as top watch brands in the market and some of them are

List of top watch brands Rolex It is one among the top luxury watch brand in the world and it is famous for reliability and performance. This is largest manufacturer of top watches across the globe; the brand was worn and boasted via top business man and celebrities. It was registered on 1915, the organization delivers watches that are manufactured by hand with cutting edge abilities, high quality material and it is ideal watch that you expect to have it. They sell products from low price to high with feature of diamond and gold models that will be cost even in lakhs. Reason behind this brand is, it reaches the popularity across the world as luxury watch compare to other brands in the market. Swatch This is known to be another popular brand in watches which is marked via new styling, elegant design and high quality and marketing launched on 1983 via Nicolas Hayek. It saw success ASAP it comes to the market and the famous and rage still not yet fallen even a bit. The watches are famous due to advanced technology, attractive quality and different styles that can be suitable for every occasion and the main benefit is, it can be affordable by anyone in the world. It can be obtained by anyone and mainly for top business people. Omega It was founded by 23 yr old Louis Brandt now owned via Swatch group that is popular for high-quality watches and famous for sponsoring sports like tennis and gold and it has been official timekeeper for Olympics. This is known to be bets brand of watches in the world. It was the first choice for NASA and it got famous for being first watch to land in Moon. People who are looking for top watch brands can opt for this brand.

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