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THOMAS ADDUCI architectural portfolio

UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS selected projects

arch 572 fall 2012

arch 574 spring 2012

arch 571 fall 2011

arch 475

t r a v e l l e r ‘s i n n ASAC critical mass award graduate studio award nominee

chicago 2025 ryerson travelling design award 1st place graduate studio award winner chicago award honorable mention

BTI burma building trust international top project graduate studio award nominee

uiuc capstone

fall 2010

edward c. earl design award nominee

arch 373


fall 2009

edward c. earl design award 1st place student choice design award

a r c h 476


spring 2011

pavilion for austin TX

arch 576 seminars


selections First and Windsor Light House re[forest]_FLINT pix-el[ement] quad pavillion



interiors / industrial design

on the boards

clarendon crossing

spring 2013

T R A V E L L E R‘ S I N N ecology . views . flow

Hotel Complex Design . Perdu, Spain

In recent years, UNESCO has identified a number of vernacular environments and cultural landscapes as World Heritage sites. While this designation was intended to protect global patrimony, the effect has been to attract international visitors to these sites. How architects and developers acknowledge, respect, and sensitively relate to such treasures is a charge to the design profession. This studio will focus upon a semester long investigation of a special building type, a 24 unit lodge for the off-the-beaten-track traveler.

Each individual student will select a location at which such an inn might provide access to a cultural, natural or historic point of interest (e.g. the Amana colonies in Iowa; the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador; the Berber ksars in Tunisia; the rain forests on Vancouver Island). Design at all scales from furniture to room to building to neighborhood to site will be explored. Emphasis will be placed upon professionally developed verbal, graphic and model presentations. Design studies will require freehand sketching as well as computer drawings and study models.

obtainable views


solar orientation

terrain characteristics

site master plan


floor plates

shear walls



floor plans

s ee ct taiiol ns epc et ir os p d n epc et ri vs p e edcat m i v /ee c o n o m y r o o m s

neighborhood plan

floor slabs and roof

m ao ldl ui lnatre g w u rnai t i fol no o r p l a n

finish materials

500 sf unit


N 750 sf unit

1/16� u n i t sst eucdtyi om n o1000 d e l sf unit

north elevation

south elevation


sustainability. modularity. adaptability Futuristic Master Planning Group Project Chicago, IL

21st Century using Smart Growth and Transit-Oriented planning strategies to develop sustainable mixed-use epicenters for business, retail, culture, healthcare, education, recreation, living, and other activities. These new developments are catalysts that are transforming post-industrial sites into vibrant communities that attract Creative Capital of people, goods, services, new technologies, and innovation. Transportation and sustainability play key roles in developing communities that promote density, livability, commerce, and ease of movement within pedestrianfriendly neighborhoods. Program. Chicago 2025 calls for the reinvention of its postindustrial heritage, 50 years after the Great Fire. It addresses redevelopment over the air rights of the McCormick Place truck marshaling yards located south of McCormick Place Convention Center along Lake Michigan. This area is prime real estate in the City of Chicago, but has been underutilized. Redevelopment of the site will be based on the City of Chicago Department of Planning and Development RFP published by Chicago Limitless Partners, LLC. It calls for a mixeduse “Urban Village” comprised of condominiums, apartments, office/technology incubators, hotels, parking, and retail of 11.3 million SF divided into four development hases. Masterplans will be developed around four “themes” for economic and sustainable development such as live/work lofts; business and technology incubators; health, leisure & ecology; and transit node/epicenter.

master plan








section perspective transit terminal


cores and slabs



building cores

structural steel

floor slabs

section perspective pedestrian spine

box truss

retail loop perspective

sustainability diagram

1:25 s t r u c t u r a l m o d e l o f p l i n t h

1:50 m a s s i n g m o d e l o f c o n n e c t e d t o w e r s

1:200 m a s s i n g s i t e m o d e l

BURMESE SCHOOL FOR REFUGEES deploy . educate . sustain Architectonics and Detail Group Project Mae Sot Province, Thailand

master plan of units

The site at Kwe Ka Bung has been selected near Mae Sot in Thailand and close to the border of Burma. There are many schools in the area catering to the needs of over 13000 children of migrant families that have sought protection by crossing the border into Thailand. This figure is growing as unrest both within Burma and the refugee camps continues to rise.

Due to the fact that the teachers and students are migrants they can not legally buy the land on which to build but must lease instead. This means that the Thai landlords can ask them to leave at anytime. In the past this has led to landlords taking and occupying any buildings that have been built for the purposes of the school. The aim of this competition is to design a modular free standing school.

deployment diagram

deployable furniture

passive irrigation for nearby crops

unit installation

passive water filtration

enclosure deployment

full scale construct assembly detail

reference of detail to unit


prefabrication . installation . integration Integrated Building Design Individual Project Champaign, IL

Too often in the suburban context, individuals find themselves separated from one another as a result of physical distances, cultural boundaries, and an inability to express themselves. In this UIUC Capstone project, a concept for a community center is proposed that aims to solve those problems and in doing so, create social ties between members of the Champaign community and their children to generate a cultural fabric that can better the lives of a greater population. The programatic inclusion of spaces such as gyms, art galleries, classrooms, computer labs, creates a place for children and adults of all ages to come together.

second floor plan

ground floor plan and surroundings

3d w a l l s e c t i o n


light . sound . experience Interactive Auto Spa . Champaign, IL

The suburban landscape on the fringes of urban sprawl hot spots is often littered with strip malls, defunct plazas, and super stores. One thing common to all suburban areas is the necessity of the car. Aut+oasis is a study in the relationship between people and their cars in the urban landscape.

It is an experience of sound light and water generated by the movement of a car underneath the structure. Aut+oasis allows pedestrians the opportunity to pause in the course of their daily routine and experience the joys of a nature that is perpetually being paved over to make room for more sprawl. The end result of a progression through this architecture is a duality of a clear mind and a clean automobile.


ecology . sound . detail Ecological Pavilion . Austin , TX


modularity . sustainability . adaptability Residential Housing Development . Savoy , IL

first floor plan

second floor plan

The world of housing developments is constantly producing fields of track homes, a blight to creativity and architecture all in the name of cost. This design for a housing development at First Street and Windsor Avenue proposes a solution to the track home aesthetic through a combination of prefabrication, modularity, and sustainable technologies.

Dimensions and connections are based off of the standards for prefabricatio technology, as well as logistical limits. From a project management standpoint, this approach could vastly improve quality of construction, build time, and could include significant cost benefits.

foundation poured

service pod installed

living modules added

finishes installed

green roof filtration

basic component explosion diagram

wall section

[ L I G H T ] house regroup . rebuild . reuse Disaster Area Prototype


Regroup with family Seek medical attention Call [LIGHT]House disaster hotline




1d Receive [LIGHT]House Unpack materials Assemble Shelter



Inhabit [LIGHT]House



[Re] build

Folding out of one of the 4x8 panels is a surface that can be used to separate the unit into two sleeping areas, as a makeshift table or as a simple bench. Envisioned to be lined up 10 units in a row, the illuminated units create an ambient elevation generating an accelerated urban space and support group. Envisioned to be used briefly, upon restoration of nomality, the materials can be recycled into the new homes of the survivors.

Seeing disasters on television creates the urge for architecture to exist. This project explores and provides opportunity to build a prefabricated emergency shelter. Using only 4x8 sheets of plywood and hardware, this emergency shelter is inexpensive to fabricate, easy to ship, and quick to build. A latent architecture exists through no overt design, rather than the assembly of the unit in an Ikea flat pack prototype. A







re[forest]_FLINT retain . infill . grow Urban Decay Solution . Flint , MI

10800 MINUTES $2340.00

360 MINUTES $78.00

30 MINUTES $6.50

[pix + el(ement)]

interact . configure . reuse Flint Michigan Festival Pavilion

QUAD PAVILION nature . materiality . views Sculptural Pavilion Design . Champaign, IL

The Main Quad at the University of illinois is a space generated by fields of living columns in the form of large deciduous trees. The experience of emerging from clusters of buildings into such a large open space is one that is unparalled anywhere else at the university. This design for a pavilion is based on the essence of the tree.

Situated along a major walkway through the quad, the interior of the pavilion embraces the nature of the path, enabling passers by to experience a progressive movement of vertical curves. Additionally, the outer perimeter of the pavilion creates sheltered places for students to sit, study, or just get out of the sun and wind prone to the Champaign area.

RECEPTION DESK hyde park bank building Architectural Inteirors Consulting

W I N E T+( r a c k ) sliding wine track

Mockett Design Competition Entry


Mid Rise Mixed Use Development - Arlington, VA

Tom Adduci - Architectural Portfolio  

Selected Projects from the Architecture Graduate School at the University of Illinois Champaign Urbana

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