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Jessie, Alex, & Addie

I am Samantha BYAlex Jessie Addie

A Few Weeks Later

Early in the Morning the Day of Leaving

Addie • My research told about how these people were treated wrong and killed for what they believed I realized that if we weren’t free then we would be put in jail that people with religions would be down in a level that most people wouldn’t be at but the people that showed that they believe in what they believe. People still are treated differently if they have a religion that others don’t agree in. For instance Muslims if we see them people look at them like they don’t belong like they aren’t one of us. But they are they should be treated with respect and just like everyone else.

Alex • I really did not research about the social justice part but I do know that it was so bad that it chased the Pilgrims out of there home land. but I did read over my teams research and found that they were not liked at all i feel bad for them. And i think what happened to them was bad.


Social Justice Graphic Novel