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Layout: the layout of this magazine contents page for ‘Vibe’ is very simple as there is a main image, and the features involved in the magazine are placed to one side. The main image takes up the majority of the screen and therefore becomes the focal point in the framing. Fonts: there are four fonts used for the contents page. This makes it look more sophisticated and doesn’t make one thing stand out more than another. They would do this because their target audience is a bit older. The sections of the contents pages are separated by using a different font that is also bold and of a bigger size. This makes it easier for the reader to understand the contents page. All the writing on the contents page is very vague so it doesn’t give too much of the feature away. This makes the reader want to look at the article and find the bit they want. Colours: the whole of the contents page is in the colours of black and different shades of grey, apart from one section which is a bright red. This makes it stand out against the neutrally coloured background. You can also see the red shape is a heart. All the writing is in a black font which then also stands out against the grey background of the image. Image: the image itself shows kanye west with a body gesture that connotes power. The relaxed shoulders and the hands in the pockets suggest he is powerful. Other: like with the front covers of magazines, the contents page has been limited to 3 or 4 fonts and 3 or 4 colours. This makes it look less busy. The layout of the contents page with the subtle ‘V’ in the background is conventional within the ‘Vibe’ brand. It is used in all their magazines. The layout of the word ‘Contents’ is always used as well. This makes it a house style for the magazine.

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