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Intenza 550 Te Treadmill.

Intenza 550 Te— an intelligent machine: signal automatically relayed when service is required via On-line Service. Three steps to workout. View and listen to playlists during workouts on quality 15" screen. TM


Intenza 550 Te Specifications— Treadmill Features. Treadmill Features

Meets European Directive 2013 EuP standards Smart machine automatically detects when service needed and sends service diagnostic via Wi-Fi. Delivers On-line™ service and automatic software upgrade. For customised workout, workout results, personal settings, multimedia and manual software upgrade. Industrial grade 15'' TFT touch screen display for longer life time. NTSC, PAL and SECAM Access and play personal music and video from touch screen. 3.5mm Stereo Upload messages or commercial advertisements to be displayed during stand-by. English, Chinese, Korean, German, Japanese, Spanish Polar coded wireless telemetry technology— heart rate receiver built in (heart rate transmitter strap required).

Power Saving System On-line Service™ Wi-Fi Capability USB Connectivity Display Type Built-in TV System iPhone + iPod Connectivity Headphone Jack Screen Saver Language Heart Rate Monitoring

Digital contact heart rate technology ensures precision and reliability. (1) display unit: KM or Mile (2) buzzer sound: on or off. If USB is detected, users may customise—

Custom Settings

(1) name (2) display unit (3) age (4) weight (5) buzzer sound. Smart machine will automatically prioritise personalised settings and workout routine when USB is detected. HR, Incline, Pace, Time, METS, Calories, Distance, Speed, Workout Summary, Workout Profile.

Display Readouts

Intenza 550 Te Specifications— Performance. Workout Options. Performance Features

4 HP industrial grade AC motor AC inverter

Motor Controller

0.8-25 Km/H




56* 155cm (22* 61") 2.5mm pre-waxed belt Double side pre-waxed reversible deck Elastomer shock absorber 181kg / 400lbs

Running Surface Belt Deck Cushioning Max User Weight

Workout Options Race program offers a fun challenge by racing against existing champion for 3K, 5K, or 10K races. Fitness test determines individual's fitness level based on VO2 max standards. 4 heart rate control programs— Constant HRC, Interval HRC, Hill HRC, Cardio HRC. 7 custom user programs can easily be saved to USB for future use.

Race Fitness Test HR Control Custom Program

25 Preset programs: 4 main workout types are— Walking Hill, Speed Interval, High Intensity, 10 Weeks Running.

Preset Program

3 Target programs: Time (10-99 mins), Distance (1-99 km), Calories (10-2500 cals).

Target Program

Quick Start in manual workout. Workout profile and results can be saved to USB.

Quick Start

Intenza 550 Te Specifications— Comfort Fit.™ Dimensions. Comfort Fit™ Features

Spaciously designed for comfort and convenience. Manual stick shift for speed adjustment conveniently located for easy access during workout. Streamlined motor cover design offers unobstructed space for running in comfort.

Cockpit Ergo Bar Control Centre Motor Cover

Product Dimensions L* W 2145* 960mm L* W* H 2145* 960* 1535mm L* W* H 2200* 1050* 700mm (Est.)

Footprint Product Dimensions Shipping Dimensions

220 kgs (Est.)

Shipping Gross Weight

200 kgs (Est.)

Product Net Weight

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