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Northridge cosmetic dentist: All you need to know about a smile makeover We are all aware that teeth infections and diseases can cause us to have a very painful experience at the clinic of a Northridge Dentist. However, these visits can also be painless, and with mind boggling results. A good example of this is an aesthetic smile makeover. This is primarily aimed to improve your appearance. However, this has numerous other health benefits as well. For instance, it allows you to speak clearly, bite and chew your food properly and perform proper brushing and flossing. How can you get a smile makeover? 

Your Northridge Cosmetic Dentist will examine you and then make suggestions based on your needs and requirements. While this is a vast and complicated field, here is a brief overview of some common procedures which your doctor can advice.

Teeth bleaching is perhaps the most common task that they perform. Discolored teeth look ugly and break down a person’s self-confidence. Therefore, it is important to get your teeth cleaned by an expert. This can be done using chemicals or lasers, or a variety of other methods.

Use of veneers and bondings is often done to alter the shape and size of teeth. These also help to hide the yellowness and discoloration. Furthermore, it is used to repair chips and breaks which can create major problems in the future, so this is very important.

Tooth reshaping requires removal of tooth enamel. It helps in improving the shape and size of teeth, and something also assists in proper alignment of the same.

Crowns and bridges are use to cover gaps left by missing teeth. These gaps not only mar your appearance, but also, food can get stuck here and invite cavity causing bacterial invasion. The exposed gum is also sensitive to damage.

Dentures and implants are also used to replace missing teeth. They improve the appearance, no doubt. At the same time, they also restore the functionality which was lost as a result of the broken or extracted tooth. This is also a common procedure.

Northridge Dentist specializes in various techniques, which often overlap with other areas of expertise. This in itself is symbolic of the fact that smile remodeling is about more than just improving your appearance. These procedures have considerable health benefits. In fact, many times your doctor may advise you to undergo this treatment for a purpose entirely different from aesthetics.

Northridge cosmetic dentist: All you need to know about a smile makeover