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One Tough Day By Thomas Vaughan

I ran out to meet enemy fire. I thought quickly and dove for cover. I shot at the enemy. I was sweating in broad daylight. My men were seriously injured, so I was pretty much on my own. But I had my two best friends James and Sam.

We walked and we saw it. We were surrounded. Paintballs went flying everywhere. Both my friends were on the ground. I saw someone move. I shot at him and hit him. He fell down in pain. Had I lead my team to victory? NOT! I hear my three other team mates scream. I rush over to see six people attacking them. I shot three and Alan shot the others. We had finally won.

“Put your hands up,” Stu had betrayed us. Two others came running up. We surrendered. Allen was shot first. Then it was my turn. As they shot Sam came running up and took the paintballs. He fell onto the ground. Then I said “long live the republic”.

I fell, in pain. We had failed and lost the winners’ cup. I was so happy that we had come second. Suddenly it started to rain. I put on my raincoat and headed out into the rain.

Tom's Paint Ball  

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