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FLASHES Mindscapes and journeys from boyhood to manhood

“Flashes - mindscapes and journeys from boyhood to manhood� Direction and edition: Tom Serratti Artists/Colaborators: Marsh Cooper, Itti, Max Hovi, Kharrar M. Mikko Helme, Leila Alipour and Tom Serratti Organized by: Helsinki Poikien Talo, Loisto Settlement Venue: Caisa Galleria, Culture Centre Caisa, Helsinki First Edition: February 2020 All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be copied or reproduced in any form or by any means, electronical, mechanical, photocopying or otherwise, without written consent from the Author.

What are the roles we expect from boys and men in our society? Masculinity is often portrayed in simple terms, but experiences of masculinity are complex. In this exhibition, the viewer is challenged to think about masculinity from various perspectives. Through different workshops, youth, working in conjuction with Poikien Talo, give the viewer flashes into how they interact with masculinity. In the process, they expose vulnerabilities, humour, authenticity, loneliness and bravery, to offer a more holistic understanding of boyhood, manhood and the journey from one to the other.

MASCULINITY IN THE 2020s Work inspired by conversations with students of Metropolia Applied Sciences’ Work and Working Enviroments in Social Services class. Conversations were held as part of Poikien Talo’s Refefining Masculinity workshops.

Project and direction

Marsh Cooper

BE A MAN Shots from animated film produced by Iiti Yli-Harja and her recording team with inspiration and voice acting performed by three young men. The film is set to release this summer and will be submitted to film festivals throughout Finland. The premise of the story has been developed through the vision of Iiti and is based on conversations, workshops and walks in the forest hosted by Poikien Talo

Storyboard by

Iiti Yli-Harja

WANDERING AND WONDERING Snapshots from trips and outings hosted by Poikien Talo


Max Hovi

Life is a journey A journey full of ups and downs His face a symbol of this journey Each wrinkle an experience His eyes illustrate sad stories It’s just magic

Photography & poem

Leila Alipour

there was a boy a playful boy with a kind heart and soft hands but for his father, not manly enough the boy was giving fighting gloves to hands which didn’t want to hurt which would rather play the violin - in your dreams, boy! the boy became the man through grief and pain and against his will the man learned to fight the pain became his strenght now he knows what it takes to protect and keep warm the dreamer boy inside.

concept & storyboard

Karrar M.


Tom Serratti

SUPER-POWERS Highlights of a project with a gender sensitive approach develope in conjunction with Ressu Primary School for new immigrant children in the preparatory class. Project

Ressu koulun valmistava luokka

QUESTIONS OF HONOUR Am I strong enough? Am I masculine enough? Can I live up to the expectations? What if I fall? Fragments of photographic essays inspired by conversations on the topics of honour, shame, expectations and the side effects of a toxic image of masculinity Project

Sopu-Bahar art group Photography

Tom Serratti

Photographic zine of the artworks presented at the exhibition “Flashes�, which took place in January 2020 at Caisa Gallery, in Helsinki

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