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Annual Achievement Report 2012/2013

Year in review The Academic Year 2012/2013 has seen Bright

Committee 2012/2013

Futures York consolidate their position as the university’s premier society for developing the

President: Stuart Duncan (3rd year Economics)

employability and career prospects of York students.

Treasurer: Anisha Dhillon (2nd Maths)

This year York has gone bigger and better than ever before. A year of firsts for the society saw

Secretary: Nik Mandalia (3rd year Economics)

us hold our first ever off-campus event (in Leeds), our first cross-society event, the first

Corporate Liaison: Edgars Ĺ matovs (3rd year

event in collaboration with the Careers Service,

Management) and Anton Gospodinov (2rd year

the first double-event in the same day and our


first ever social event. In order to implement this variety of events successfully, every member of the committee deserves a special mention. It was only by working as a team that we achieved everything we did. Hopefully this report conveys some of that camaraderie, the challenges we faced and how the society has kept improving year on year. -



Events Officers: Patsy Lee (2nd year Sociology) and Lilita Viksne (3rd year Management) IT Officer: Liam Tollinton (2nd year Economics)

Staying connected Building on one of the society’s strengths, 2012

The committee took advantage of the strong

saw the arrival of a new website for Bright

BFYork Facebook and Twitter presence to

Futures York. A new, clean design brought

promote events as well as providing other

together information about the society, a blog

relevant information to our members.

and direct links integrating the important sections of the Groupspaces site such as photos, sign up and the calendar.

Finally we continued to produce a weekly bite sized email which was invaluable for collating information about careers events on campus run

Instigated by IT Officer Liam, the blog included

by us, the careers service, other societies or

a brand new feature called YorkAlumni5 where

individual employers. We added a new feature

we asked an Alumnus 5 questions to find out a bit

which had alerts about upcoming internship and

more about their career and what advice they

grad recruitment deadlines for the biggest

have for University of York Students. This was


achieved by using the University’s alumni LinkedIn group.



Events Freshers Fair 13/10/12 The academic year for Bright

ended the day with 251

Futures York began with the

enthusiastic new members – a

YUSU Fresher’s Fair. We were

fantastic achievement given

there with our bright blue ‘Get

we had a far from perfect area

Hired’ shirts promoting Bright

for our stall.

Futures which undoubtedly

We made small colour

attracted people to the stall to

promotional cards outlining

sign up. As the day progressed

the details of our first event as

we got higher and higher levels

well as information about our

of interest in our stall correlating

social media channels and

to more and more sign ups. We

how to contact us.


How to Get the Best Graduate Job - Jackie Jobes 16/10/12 Attendance: 27 Our first event of a brand new term had the headline title of ‘How to get the Best Graduate Job’ - a presentation given by the Bright Futures National Manager Jackie Jobes. It was extremely insightful and a fantastic introduction to the long and often complex process of completing applications. In fact many people in the room were about to start applying for graduate jobs or internships so this was invaluable.

Finally the event gave a few people the chance to express

After the presentation biscuits

their interest in joining the

and fruit juice were enjoyed by

committee for this year.

all. There was also the chance to

Following this we were

chat to Jackie to pick up vital tips

delighted to welcome four new

on applications and also network

members to the 2012/2013

with other career-focussed




“We are both so grateful that we could visit the University of York and have the opportunity to speak to students at a Bright Futures event.

How to Do Business

their company. This was

We would like to thank the

insightful and informative;

committee for their hard

making for good discussion

work and help with

Internship 13/11/12

during the networking

arranging the event. We are

Attendance: 38

session after the

glad that it was so


successful for both Bright

in China - Absolute

Our second event of the academic year was run with Absolute Internship; a company who facilitate work experience in Asia across a variety of sectors. The event had a strong turnout and

Futures York and Absolute This was the first time that


Bright Futures York has ever worked with Absolute

Fredrik van Huynh, Absolute

Internship and after this


success we very much look forward to collaborating again in the future.

attracted students from a range of different degree courses which was fantastic to see. Fredrik and Aurélie, the cofounders of Absolute Internship, shared their experiences of working in China and the challenges they faced in establishing


questions regarding prospective applications for Teach First, and also talking to members of the Bright Futures Committee, wishing to know more about future events and

Leadership with

also wanting to get involved which to work in.

with helping run the society.

From there the groups

This was an excellent

engaged in a number of short

workshop, remaining quite

exercises which ranged from

informal but being

finding three words which

fantastically informative. We

Our third event of the

best described strong

very much look forward to any

academic year was a workshop

leadership and giving the

future events with Teach First.

on leadership, run by Teach

characteristics for good

First. Teach First are one of the

management, to matching up

biggest and voted one of the

quotations with famous

best graduate employers


Teach First 4/12/12 Attendance: 26

placing graduates in teaching positions at schools where the

Lastly Shelly progressed to

pupils come from some of the

explaining how to signal

poorest families in the UK. The

leadership skills or

event itself brought in a large

leadership potential to

and diverse body of students.

employers, when applying for graduate jobs or internships.


The workshop was run by

The workshop was then

Shelly Masters of Teach First,

concluded, but with

who started off by introducing

refreshments laid out many

herself and then arranging

students decided to stay

everyone into small groups in

engaging with Shelly with

PwC Insight Day/

Careers Christmas

Leeds Christmas

Market Fair

Market 21/11/12


tombola and a “guess the sweets in the jar” game. It would be fair to say the stall was not the most lucrative but

This was York’s first ever off-

In order to promote the

campus, cross-society, social

society, foster greater team

event in a bid to diversify the

spirit amongst the committee

service offered to our

and also to satisfy our

members. It also provided an

entrepreneurial aspirations

opportunity for committee

for the society the committee

members from both York and

decided to run a stall at the

Leeds to meet in an informal

Careers Christmas market.

acted as a great teambonding exercise where committee members could gain exposure to project management. We took it in turns operating the stall and also used the occasion to network with partner societies.

setting and discuss the ideas they had for the future and to

We sold origami Christmas

learn from each other’s

trees as well as operating a

experiences. The event was very successful and provided a nice break from routine.


Collaboration Careers Service

Other Societies (EconSoc, IFS,

This year the committee worked tremendously

Enactus, Entrepreneurs)

hard to foster a new level of collaboration with the University of York Careers Service. This involved

There are a number of student societies at York

but was not limited to the cross promotion of

which host employer events on campus.

events through weekly emails as well regular

Therefore, collaboration is highly beneficial as it

meetings designed to foster variety in careers

allow a more significant exposure for Bright

provision at the university and avoid overlap.

Futures across multiple memberships.

One example of a jointly promoted event was the Assessment Centre Workshop on 16th January. Through collaboration at the idea stage Bright Futures were able to secure the presence of

double-event consisted of an introduction to management consultancy first followed later in the day by a highly useful mock case study exercise.

Corporate Investors PwC and IBM. The afternoon

Another example was the Film Night with IFS

started with a panel Q&A before breaking out into

where a screening of the film ‘Limitless’ was

smaller group sessions on case studies, group

played. This was Bright Futures first ever purely

exercises, networking and psychometric testing.

social event.

The event was an enormous success with an attendance of over 70 students and will undoubtedly be repeated next year.


One of these events was with Accenture. This


Looking to the future

A successful handover is now the most important job for the York committee. Having experienced the ramifications of poorly managed elections last year we know how crucial a smooth transition is to future BF success at York. Extensive efforts continue be made to ensure these are the best attended elections so far. Thanks to presenting before other society events, networking and extensive social media and email advertising we already have a number of applications for positions on the 2013/14 committee. With the appropriate support and guidance from the previous committee and the national team, I am confident that the Bright Futures society at York will go from strength to strength and look forward finding out the new and exciting things that the committee will implement next year. Elections are organised for the w/c 29th of April.

Annual Achievement Report 2012-2013  

A summary of our successes this academic year