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PARTNERING FOR INNOVATION Future Logistics Conference 2019

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In August this year, I was proud to be part of Toll’s Future Logistics Conference 2019, held over two days in Melbourne. I was humbled to have over 150 of our customers together to lead discussions on the industry’s most pressing items, under the theme 'Partnering for Innovation'. The overwhelming success of the event confirmed what our customers wanted to hear about and what we’re doing across all parts of the community to lead our industry (see pages 8 to 11). Our investment in Australia continues to be strong as we also seek to expand in Asia. As a global player, Toll is well placed to continue our expansion into Asia. Our focus on partnerships and innovation with our customers is highlighted in our feature on page 12 where we look at key markets across this region and Toll’s growing footprint to service our customers. Also in this edition, we welcome our Chief Human Resources Officer, Vikram Cardozo, to TOLL Today for the first time. Vikram’s vast global experience brings Toll great expertise as we truly transform into a global business.

Growth ambitions as we partner for innovation


t’s hard to believe that it’s that time of year again as we gear up for what will be another fast-paced peak period across our network.

Our customers trust us to handle the millions of consignments across our network around the globe. This is what we do. With safety a priority at all times. We’ve made great progress on this front – we are embedding the right behaviours across our business to create a safety culture. Our people are driving this change and page 4-7 highlights this safety mindset and importantly, the wellbeing focus for our employees.

Finally, after three years as Managing Director of Toll, it is time for me to start a new chapter, having announced my resignation from Toll earlier this month. I am proud of the work we have achieved at Toll in restructuring our business to make it simpler and easier for our customers. As we continue to grow and partner with each other, thank you for your continued commitment to Toll and I wish everyone much health and happiness. Stay safe

Michael Michael Byrne Managing Director


Shauna Brennan Five minutes with Page 24

Vikram Cardozo

Meet our Chief Human Resources Officer Page 25

Victor Tan

Five minutes with Page 24


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Safety during the holiday season


afety is a focus at every time of year, especially so as we approach the holiday season, which is busy at both work and outside work, as we spend time with family and friends. Vice President – India Global Forwarding, Harpreet Singh, says while the holiday season is celebrated in many different ways across the diverse cultures, religions and ethnic groups at Toll, safety is a universal language. “As much as we all differ from one another, there is one feeling or belief which binds us all together, that is we all want our loved ones safe and we pray for their safety from injury, illness or fatal loss when they step out of home to go to work, market or school,” Harpreet says. “Safety is one such thread which binds us in a single culture, as safety itself is a collection of beliefs, values and behaviours that we all share and practice at our workplace and out in the community to ensure we avoid injury or any loss of life. It is a shared responsibility among all of us.” Executive Vice President – Asia Global Logistics, Victor Tan, says as well as being a central focus across cultures, it is also integrated as a focus from an individual perspective, up to the highest levels of management across the organisation. “Our people are the ones who differentiate us by providing immaculate service to our customers, while ensuring we remain safe operating under all conditions,” Victor says. While it starts with individuals, the Safety Obsessed culture is a mantra for business leaders. “My leadership team and I take serious ownership in building a safe environment for our people to come to work and return home safely every day,” Victor says.



DEC 19

Safety tip for the holiday season: MANAGING STRESS With the holiday season being busy at both work and at home, it’s common for people to feel extra pressure and stress at this time of year, says Vice President – India Global Forwarding, Harpreet Singh.

Initiatives include investing time to discuss safety topics at both management and operating levels, and coming up with creative and inclusive initiatives to drive the message across the regions and in multiple languages within the organisation. “Our passion as a team creates a strong foundation for us to build a Safety Obsessed culture, one that is led by committed and passionate local champions, across many cultures and many languages,” Victor says. The hard work invested in safety across the region is bringing results. “Our people are beginning to drive the safety message not just at work but back home to protect their family.” It’s a journey that involves a continuous strive for the highest levels of safety. “We aspire to be the employer of choice for being safe, supported by Toll and our employees’ families.”

“Stress associated with time pressure can build upon ourselves that makes us react to situations negatively,” Harpreet says. Often when we are stressed, we become overwhelmed more easily and feel we can’t change our situation, he adds. “One way to avoid the stress is to separate out what you can and cannot control,” Harpreet says. “Another way to avoid this stress is to link the learning with action. See if you can shift your mindset and see difficult circumstances as a learning opportunity rather than as a time to shut down. When we ask ourselves, ‘What can I learn from this?’ instead of, ‘Why me?’ we can shape the challenge to our advantage.” It can also be useful to prepare ourselves in advance for the busy holiday season, both physically and mentally, by looking after ourselves and making healthy choices in diet and lifestyle and getting enough sleep. Remember to look out for each other, stay alert and be prepared to speak up.


What are your reasons for staying safe over the busy holiday season? “The reason we should stay safe during the busy holiday season is that we want to enjoy happy time with our family and continue to work after getting home.” “My motivation to work safely is always thinking about my family. I want to make them happy and do not want to make my family sad or worried. I also want to take care of myself, especially in the peak season." - AJAT MUNAWAR Forklift Driver, Indonesia

-MAI THI TAM Picker, Vietnam

"There are two things that motivate me to work safely. My family, because my children are still young and I want to see them grow up, and because I care about it myself, because I want to be a good father and good employee.” - FREDDY PRASETYO Packer, Indonesia

“I have a family of a mother and sister, they are of utmost importance to me. I never thought of their situation, but after my incident they are the first persons which come to my mind to stay safe always.” - SRI RAAM Driver, Malaysia


“To ensure that everyone working in Toll trusts that they will return home to their family safely and happily, every day after work, as Toll is part of their family and we care.” - VICKNESWARAN PERUMAL Supervisor, Malaysia

“To stay safe is to save money for our family, otherwise we may spend a lot of money for recovery if we are not careful during the busy holiday season.” - NGUYEN VAN BÌNH Reach Truck Driver, Vietnam

“We should stay safe as the increase of vehicles and lots of food are sold during the busy holiday season, which may cause traffic accidents and a concern on food safety.” - NGUYEN LUAN Material Inspector, Vietnam

“We should stay safe during the busy holiday season to enjoy great moments and go back home to our beloved family.” - THÁI QUOC TUAN Shift Leader, Vietnam

“Because I know that everyone has a family who is waiting for us at home. And our family want us to stay with them for a long time, so I choose to drive safely and use the speed according to the law.” - SAMARN SRILALAI TYM Transport Driver, Thailand



DEC 195




WellteQ App

It all starts with employee wellbeing


n important part of cultivating Toll’s Safety Obsessed culture involves each of us bringing our best self to work by taking charge of our own health and wellbeing. With this in mind, the Toll Wellbeing team has introduced a new mobile phone app that’s like having a health and wellness coach in your pocket. The WellteQ app was rolled out under a trial at eight Toll sites in Australia from May this year and enjoyed its official launch in October. The app offers daily activities, tips and challenges designed to make users more motivated and energised; to help them manage stress and improve sleep, to reach health and fitness goals, and to connect with colleagues.

Analysing your body One component of the app offers the opportunity for users to take detailed body measurements: this can be tracked over time and participants can see their own progress. Users are also invited to participate in a confidential health risk assessment, which enables individuals to evaluate their own state of general physical condition and mental wellbeing. While the individual data and daily feedback given to participants is a vital aspect of the WellteQ program, a huge part of the technology’s success revolves around its focus on motivating people to reach health goals by joining teams with four work colleagues.



DEC 19

Challenging each other

Join WellteQ

Toll’s first WellteQ team challenge involved team members adding daily steps as they enjoyed a virtual walk through outback Australia, from Uluru up the Tanami Road desert track towards the sparkling waters of Broome in Australia’s north-west. The teams were sent videos of each spectacular location as they progressed through their new milestones, with all teams competing against other teams to reach Broome first. It was not only about being first or having the most steps - prizes were awarded for individuals and teams who showed most improvement as well.

The first Australia-wide challenge ran through October and November, with a focus on mental, as well as physical health. As the teams reached each goal, a new health video was revealed. In early 2020 a third challenge— New Year, New You— will be launched across Australia.

Community Health Data

For more information and details of how to join up, visit the WellteQ section of the Wellbeing pages on the intranet under the Working@Toll tab, or simply download the app and try it for yourself.

Toll Group Manager Wellbeing Ruth Oakden says the WellteQ app also provides deidentified information about the general physical and emotional health of our community. “This helps us know, as an organisation, what our key health concerns are, so we can fine tune our health and wellbeing programs,” Ruth says. “For example, if we were to discover that 50 per cent of our people are sleeping less than five hours a night, we could focus a wellbeing program on sleep. The personal health benefits experienced during the trial were outstanding, Ruth says, who was one of the first to enjoy the benefits of the WellteQ program. “In the first six months I lost 11 kilograms just by following the program. I’m absolutely confident to say that being part of the program and having the daily feedback and results has been like having a wellbeing coach in my pocket,” Ruth says.

For Toll employees in Australia*, all you need to get started is a mobile phone. Some participants might like to sync their wearables, but this isn’t necessary to take part.

*There are plans to extend WellteQ to Toll offices globally in the near future.


Compare your

overall welness

“THE WELLTEQ APP PROVIDES DEIDENTIFIED INFORMATION ABOUT THE GENERAL PHYSICAL AND EMOTIONAL HEALTH OF OUR COMMUNITY.” Outstanding Results Other users across Toll have been equally enthusiastic about the technology and the positive benefits the program is having on their health and wellbeing. One user said: “I hadn’t realised how little sleep I was getting until I began adding it into the 'Mind' activity. Now I am making sure I get to bed a bit earlier and stay off Facebook when I am in bed! And I get an extra 250 steps for adding in this information.”

Learn how to manage stress and energy levels in this four-week mental health step challenge. Work in teams of five, set a daily step goal and unlock all 12 video checkpoints through the WellteQ mobile app.

Join the Team Challenge: MIND-YOUR-STEP Starts: Tuesday, 1 October | Ends: Monday, 28 October


content and goals

Register and Log in Scan to Download the WellteQ app today

with company code:

5NQtkVHn Company code is case sensitive


Connect a device*

Start Syncing

Create or Join a team

What’s WellteQ? Toll is investing in a health and wellbeing program, supporting employees wherever they travel through the mobile app – WellteQ. Use the app to identify and achieve your wellbeing goals through nudges, content, and challenges. Learn more on the wellbeing page on the Toll Intranet. NOTE: You still need to connect your phone to Apple Health (iPhone users) or Google Fit (Android users) if you don't have a Garmin or Fitbit.


WellteQ 2019. All Rights Reserved

Compete in gamified programs

Get rewards as you

get healthier


The app is also working to build camaraderie around health. Another user said: “This WellteQ app is fantastic! I really feel great in myself and my work. This four-week challenge especially has motivated me and my team members and the competition has really pushed us in a positive way to get fit but have fun at the same time. It has created a really good vibe here at work.” The simple act of being made aware is proving effective for helping users make healthy choices, as this user explains: “I was never consciously looking at the food I eat, stress levels and sleep patterns and this is something I now do every day and work towards improving and am doing well at. The daily news feed has also been very informative, in particular the one about sleep. I have my own personal challenges daily which includes a 20-minute body workout and I even fought off a headache without medication.” While not all users have taken up the body measurement component of the app, it’s been a real motivator for some, as this Toll employee tells: “I’m enjoying the step challenge and looking forward to measuring my body again after the four weeks – I can feel a difference already.”


DEC 197


Damain Bishop, Chief Customer Officer, Toll Group



Toll’s Future Logistics Conference 2019, held in Melbourne on 21 and 22 August, led the way in exchanging important ideas and strengthening connections with partners across a range of industries.


ith the theme of “Partnering for Innovation” the two-day event brought together more than 150 business leaders – many from Australia’s most influential companies – as well as leaders from Toll, who all contributed to the conversation with industry and Toll experts about the way data, partnerships and innovation will drive positive disruptions and transformation into the future.

The right place at the right time Toll Board Member, Geoff Wilson, gave the opening address and set the scene for the collaborative conversations that followed. “The next couple of days together is about your thoughts, what’s important to you and your business, and what’s important to create



DEC 19

a great user experience for you.” He spoke of the backdrop of geopolitical unrest and disruption, and that despite the challenges in these uncertain times, there are great opportunities for international trade and exchange, especially in Southeast Asia. “We happen to be living in right place at the right time, where the action is, where the people are, and it’s all moving rapidly. There are 2.2 billion people coming into the middle class – that speaks to huge opportunity,” Geoff said. Toll Managing Director, Michael Byrne, then highlighted how Toll is responding to this disruption impacting logistics, business and society, through partnerships and innovation across our supply chain.


Toll’s Future Logistics Conference is a biennial event, with the next event scheduled to take place in 2021.

Dr Sarah Jones, General Manager, Road Transport, Safety and Compliance, Toll Group

It starts with safety Reflecting Toll’s Safety Obsessed culture, Toll’s Global Head of Health, Safety and Environment, Richard Turner, outlined the initiatives that Toll is implementing to prioritise safety across the organisation – including both global campaigns and training programs to embed a safety culture. Toll’s General Manager of Road Transport Safety and Compliance, Dr Sarah Jones, formed the second part of the safety agenda, speaking about the power of data to transform safety outcomes, and the importance of targeting attention on the areas of greatest risk. She outlined the Toll Fatalities Research Project, which involved scrutinising all on-road and driver fatalities over a 10-year period, with a focus on incidents related to driver fatigue. The research found a correlation between fatiguerelated accidents and fitness for duty standards. Sarah said that while rail, maritime and aviation industries have regulations for fitness for duty, there’s no equivalent in road transport. As an outcome of the research, Toll is working with medical consultants to develop its own standards in this field, which are contributing to a national road safety policy discussion.

The customer panel addressed ways to respond successfully to customer needs amid the changing political, environmental and business landscape globally. Facilitated by Toll’s Chief Customer Officer, Damain Bishop, the panel included Toll customers BHP’s Amy Rowlands Byng, Coles’ Jo Hammond and TTI Techtronic Industries’ Alan Mctaggert. The panellists – from a mix of logistics and health and safety roles – agreed that partnering

between customers and suppliers, and also suppliers joining forces with other suppliers, is a savvy and efficient way to respond to existing and future challenges. This type of customised approach, the panellists said, needs to be managed carefully to ensure it doesn’t introduce cost increases or inefficiencies.

Partnering is the way forward In the spirit of the conference theme, the event held panel discussions that brought together speakers from Toll, customers and industry experts.

Click here to see how Toll is 'Partnering for Innovation' TOLL TODAY

DEC 199


Diversity is the key to future talent The Building our Future Talent panel on day two of the conference was facilitated by Toll’s Chief Human Resources Officer, Vikram Cardozo, and included the Director for the Centre for Supply Chain and Logistics at Deakin University, Hermione Parsons, BHP’s Vice President of Supply Minerals Australia, Michael Bailey, and retired Air Vice Marshall Margaret Staib, who is the former CEO and Head of Joint Logistics Forces at CASA. With a focus on how to attract and retain the right talent for the future workforce, a strong theme emerged among the panellists that diversity of thought – bringing talent in from different industries and backgrounds – and diversity in all its representations, will be central not only to the upcoming generation of star talent, but also to the success and sustainability of organisations.


Matt Michaelwicz, CEO of Complexica.


Building our Future Panel discussion




DEC 19

uest speaker entrepreneur and CEO of Complexica, Matt Michaelwicz, was born and bred into the world of artificial intelligence and big data and inspired the audience with his insights into innovation and disruption. The only child of two PhD academics, he told the crowd that as a child the visitors to his home were professors and artificial intelligence (AI) scientists discussing neural networks and robotics and family holidays centred around conferences where his father was presenting – “long before AI and big data were buzzwords,” he says. Matt spoke at the Future Logistics Conference about the ways that innovation is often misunderstood in business. “Innovation is what we all do in every business, every day. It’s about incremental improvements, making things a bit safer, a bit faster, a bit more efficient, or raising the quality a bit more,” he says. Innovation is often thought to occur instantaneously but that is not the reality, Matt says. “Innovation is not an epiphany that happens spontaneously,” Matt says. “It happens through a series of conversations that could lead to a breakthrough.” Importantly, Matt says, it is not the technology that drives innovation, but the way the technology is applied in new ways. Innovation is about the intersection of ideas, whether that is across countries, cultures or industries, and he finished his presentation with advice for the audience. “Explore cross-pollination with partners in other industries, with disparate ideas coming together to create new ideas,” he says. “Don’t be insular. It happens by sharing observations, by gaining new insights, by borrowing something from here and applying it in another place. Begin the conversation.”




he Future of Transport discussion between Toll’s President, Group Operational Services, Peter Stokes, and Toll’s customer and supplier Mercedes-Benz Sales Director Daimler Truck and Bus, Richard Eyre, displayed partnership in action. Peter began by explaining Toll’s focus over recent years on reshaping the global fleet of trucks, investing $1.5 billion over six years on upgrades that are centred on safety and improving efficiency and asset utilisation to ultimately deliver these benefits to customers. The approach, Peter said, has involved partnering with suppliers, such as global tyremanufacturer Bridgestone, to improve tyre efficiency and reduce fuel consumption. Toll is exploring other exciting new technologies such as zero-emissions for greater supply-chain efficiency and low-carbon solutions, investigating ways to optimise aerodynamics and driver performance across the existing fleet using telematics and diverse fuel sources, and also working with Daimler to implement its new system for last-mile parcel and carton deliveries. Daimler’s Richard Eyre then presented on the group’s vision for the future, under the acronym CASE, with the focus being on connected, automated, shared and electric solutions. Richard explained that connected trucks will be the mobile data centre of logistics networks,

Peter Stokes, President Group Operational Services, Toll Group

that level 4 autonomous vehicles are being trialled that will free up drivers for up to 80 per cent of highway driving time, and that the next decade will see huge improvements in the viability of zero-emission electric vehicles, although diesel will be here to stay for the foreseeable future. He also said the power of partnership and shared services will be the key to future success in the logistics industry – sharing trucks and services and working together to accelerate the advances in technology breakthroughs.


DEC 1911


ASIA GROWTH FRONTIER Toll has its sights set on Asia, tapping into the huge growth potential of this important region.


etween 2000 and 2050, Asia’s population is projected to grow 44 per cent from 3.48 to 5 billion. There are six countries – India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia and the Philippines – that are expected to contribute to more than 80 per cent of this growth. India alone is expected to add 37 per cent to the region’s growth with forecasts saying it will surpass China in total population between 2035 and 2040. Toll’s Global Head of Sales Operations, Group Sales and Marketing, Jade Hooper, says while these figures are dramatic, Asia’s growth story is about much more than population. “All our indicators demonstrate that Asia not only presents the greatest opportunity from a population growth perspective, but also from increases in overall GDP of countries in Asia as well as the rise of individuals’ income and spending capabilities,” Jade says. “From a logistics point of view, there will be millions more people in Asia commanding more goods, so there will be a greater need to move those goods through, and to, Asia.”



DEC 19


Australian strength, Asian focus With Toll’s strong foundations in Australia, the global company’s strategic shift towards Asia will bring opportunities for Australian businesses, Jade says. “Toll was born in Australia and that will always be maintained and supported as a critical market for us, representing more than sixty per cent of Toll's revenue. We see huge opportunities to support Australian businesses grow in Asia, as well as creating a strong logistics solution to source from Asia into Australia. We see this as a win-win.” Jade says.

Leveraging growth across the region Executive Vice President – Asia, Global Logistics, Victor Tan, who oversees the 10 countries in Asia, says Toll views its presence in the region as a series of clusters. There’s Greater China – which covers China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, then there’s South-East Asia – incorporating Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia, then India on its own because of its size, as well as Korea on its own to acknowledge its cultural and language differences. “We have very experienced leadership with a country manager in every country and we come together regularly – mostly by video conferencing but sometimes in person – to talk about demand from our customers and their growth,” Victor says. “We discuss: How do we help each other grow? How do we leverage the existing business relationships across borders? At some meetings we invite a customer and with all nine country leaders in the meeting we’ll ask the customer to talk about the problems they are experiencing, and together we consider ways to solve these problems across our fields of operation in the region.” Each cluster also has its own business development manager, and they focus on the core verticals for growth of healthcare, retail, consumer beverage and automotive, Victor says. Toll continues to expand the number of employees in the region, forming teams of people who understand the geography, the community, the language and the cultural requirements to operate effectively in those markets. Toll and Japan Post are also supporting Japanese multinationals as they continue to expand their operations and markets throughout geographies across Asia.

Toll’s Japan Desk works closely with their counterparts in Japan Post’s Tokyo headquarters acting as a bridge in both businesses and building strong relationships with the head and regional offices of many Japanese companies. Japan Desk currently is represented in Singapore, Bangkok, Hong Kong and Shanghai, with plans to expand to other countries in Asia where Japanese multinational do business.

What sets Toll apart in Asia As Toll expands its footprint in Asia it is also focusing on what sets it apart from everyone else. “One of the key ways we differentiate ourselves from our competitors in Asia is that we are safety obsessed,” Victor says. “I verify this with new recruits who join the company – after a week we’ll have a chat and most of the time they’ll say, ‘Wow, you guys are really serious about safety’.” Victor recounts similar reactions from customers who have visited Toll’s facilities. “That endorses we are moving in the right direction.” Other differentiators include our reliability, flexibility to meet specific customer requirements, as well as security and compliance. “We recently had a customer in China who was concerned about protecting the copyright of their brand from copy cat ideas and they were happy to see we had compliance and group security sitting in our meeting to discuss measures we can implement in the business to protect their brand,” Victor says.


DEC 1913


ASIA HIGHLIGHTS CHINA Population: 1.4 billion GDP (USD Billion): 13608.15 GDP Annual Growth Rate: 6.20% Highest GDP industries: manufacturing

Toll Service offerings:

Tell me more:

• • • •

Best in class for warehousing, freight forwarding, transportation and VAS

Types of specialised commodities for freight by road (in addition to cargo) includes FMCG, household goods, perishable temperature-controlled goods, fragile and sensitive goods, foods, wine and beverage, hanging garments, steel and industrial products, vehicles and parts.

Value added services including copacking, kitting & labeling

• • •

• •


Warehousing Customs clearance Quarantine inspection Application of quotas for restricted goods Freight forwarding E-Commerce service Nationwide transportations including intermodal distribution, express delivery, point-to-point distributions. Customer brokerage & clearances Bonded storage

Toll Service offerings:

Population: 1.3 billion GDP (USD Billion): 2726

• • •

GDP Annual Growth Rate: 5% Highest GDP industries: manufacturing, agriculture and public administration

• • • • •

Warehousing Inventory management Value-added activities including assembly and co-packing, labelling and bundling Freight forwarding Nationwide distribution Domestics distribution Status reporting Consulting capabilities for warehouse network analysis / consolidation for inventory optimisation

Tell me more: •

SINGAPORE Population: 5 million GDP (USD Billion): 364 GDP Annual Growth Rate: 0.1% Highest GDP industries: manufacturing and services

Warehousing capability includes control tower where data analytics can transform supply chain into strategic business asset with total visibility Best in class warehousing, transportation, VAS, Control Tower and 4PL

Toll Service offerings:

Tell me more:

• •

Best in class capabilities in healthcare, retail and consumer, automotive and industrial, energy and marine, aviation, government and defence

Warehousing capabilities include control tower where data analytics can transform supply chain into a strategic business asset with total visibility

Value-added services handling including repacking, redressing, relabelling, bundling and kitting

Temperature controlled and cold chain storage.

• • • • • • • • • •

Contract logistics Warehousing and inventory management Value-added activites Product customisation Reverse logistics Auto-logistics Local transportation and distribution Regional exports management Customs clearance Containers haulage Project freight and logistics Feeder services (dedicated and specialised)

Note: This is only a snapshot of the key markets that Toll operates in.



DEC 19


JAPAN Population: 126 million GDP (USD Billion): 4970.92 GDP Annual Growth Rate: 1% Highest GDP industries: manufacturing construction and public administration

Toll Service offerings with Japan Post:

Tell me more:

• • • • • •

Japan Post has a total of 24,452 parcel distributors in the network (made up of 20,165 directly operated by post offices and 4,287 contracted post offices)

Universal service of postal, banking and insurance offered through post offices around Japan

Best in class for logistics, freight forwarding, transportation and consulting.

Ecommerce (B2C) logistics services Support systems for Ecommerce customers Value-added services Purpose-oriented delivery services Shipments to overseas Preferred services arrangement for pickup & receiving

Service offering together with Toll Express Japan:

• • • • • • •

FTL LTL Value-added services Freight forwarding air, ocean, customs clearance Supply chain strategy planning Logistics cost optimisation Inventory optimisation

Logistics information systems

THAILAND Population: 66 million GDP (USD Billion): 505 GDP Annual Growth Rate: 2.3% Highest GDP industries: manufacturing, transport and agriculture

Toll Service offerings:

Tell me more:

Transport a wide range of specialised freight by road including auto parts, finished vehicles, machinery and equipment, chemicals, gases and dangerous goods, steel and industrial products, food and beverage, FMCG and packaging

Best in class for automotive, chemical, FMCG and retail.

• • • • • • • • • •

VIETNAM Population: 97 million GDP (USD Billion): 244.95 GDP Annual Growth Rate: 6.71% Highest GDP industries: mining, construction and services

General and free-trade-zone warehousing Open yard storage Inventory and collateral management Value-added activities including assembly, co-packing, labelling, QC inspection CFS consolidation Freight forwarding – air and ocean freight Customs brokerage Nationwide transport – PUD and distribution Land cross border trucking Transport control room – GPS and telematics Transport solution design and engineering

Toll Service offerings:

Tell me more:

• •

Best in class capabilities in retail, consumer, high-tech, automotive, industrial and chemicals

Types of specialised commodities for freight by road (in addition to cargo) includes FMCG, household goods, perishable goods, fragile and sensitive goods, food and beverage, fashion retail, steel and industrial, dangerous goods.

• •

• • •

Customised storage solutions Warehousing and inventory management Returns management Value-added activities including assembling and co-packing, labelling and bundling Nationwide transportation Domestics distribution Collateral management services


DEC 1915




his year Toll Global Forwarding celebrates eight years of partnership with Danish footwear retailer ECCO in international air and ocean logistics services. This partnership has expanded over the year, beginning with Asia to USA and then extending to intraAsia, Middle East and South America because of the continuous improvement in Toll’s service delivery. The partnership has recently been further extended in Asia with Toll being awarded the raw material business for delivery to the ECCO factories in Surabaya (Indonesia), Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) and Xiamen (China). In Australia, Toll has recently been awarded a new three-year contract with ECCO, for its Australian operations based in Sydney. This new contract

builds on Toll’s existing Global Express local freight deliveries for ECCO, and involves warehousing at Toll’s state-of-the-art retail fulfilment centre, Prestons, as well as fulfilling online orders from customers, and replenishment orders for retail stores via Toll’s fullyautomated omni-channel system. ECCO is a well-established brand having been founded by Karl Toosbuy in 1963 in Denmark. It is known for its high-quality leather footwear, as well as accessories and small leather goods, and is sold into 99 countries globally. ECCO also owns tanneries in the Netherlands, Thailand, Indonesia and China, which are the leading manufacturers to the fashion, sports and car industries.

EXPANSION IN THAILAND In June, Toll celebrated the opening of a new and larger office for our Global Forwarding team in central Bangkok, Thailand, with a traditional Thai ceremony and banquet, attended by special guest Regional Managing Director ASEAN and ISC, Rajeev Sood. The rapid expansion and growth of Toll’s Global Forwarding arm in Thailand over the past two years has been driven by the increasing number of Japanese companies – particularly automotive and electronic consumer product manufacturers – teaming with Toll as their logistics partner across core service capabilities of airfreight, ocean freight and customs brokerage. The new office layout allows for further expansion of the team in Thailand, which today has more than 1000 people who operate from 14 different sites across the country.



DEC 19

TOLL TODAY STMH0082_TA_VALUE_TOLL_245x345mm_FA.indd 1

DEC 1917 20/11/19 12:01 pm


Tokyo at night

Powering the

2019 Australian Election Every three years all Australians head to the polling booths to cast their votes. For most, it is just any other day but for the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) this day has been months in the making.

In previous years, the AEC has worked with an array of logistics organisations in each state to assist in undertaking the mammoth task of delivering and collecting pencils and ballot papers to more than 8000 electoral polling booths around the country. For the May 2019 Australian Federal Election, the AEC chose for the first time to engage one national logistics partner to assist them in the lead up, on the day, and post-election, and Toll was selected from a competitive field to be this national partner. AEC’s Electoral Commissioner, Tom Rogers,



DEC 19

spoke about Toll’s pivotal role in the logistics behind polling day: “That level of support and agility really impressed me and is reflective of what we were seeking in our partnership with Toll. I realise the significant mass of the task at hand for a federal election and without Toll’s capacity and willingness to dig in and complete the tasks we would be in a much more difficult position.” Toll’s Executive General Manager, Alan Beacham, said that a dedicated Toll team were engaged to partner with state AEC personnel to

Toll and AEC staff working together, May 2019

ensure everything went to plan. “This has been months of planning and effort by Toll team to ensure that smooth and timely delivery of ballots to and from polling locations. Our network from trucks, vans and even chartered planes were in play to ensure that ballots were securely and quickly delivered back to central hubs for counting.” As part of Toll’s partnership with the AEC, we also donated stationery equipment to Indigenous health and community organisations and offered our logistics support free of charge.


It was a logistics challenge of a giant magnitude that Toll’s team of 44 focused on for 12 months, working closely with the AEC, and delivered seamlessly. It involved:

1.5 million

More than


kilograms of carboard being delivered and collected from 8,800 locations

hours of work from the pre- to post-election timeframe

52 million

860 Runs and

51 Charter Aircraft

ballot papers moved across Australia using a Dedicated Charter Network

taking place on election night

More than

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being dedicated to the project for two weeks.


DEC 1919


LA STYLE – The Port of Call

In a huge windfall for expansion in services across the US, Toll has been chosen by the Port of LA to take over the lease of the 85-acre site at Wilmington.


his 55,750 square metre (600,00 square foot) warehouse and freight yard, which covers trucking and transload operation for approximately 9.5 million containers, is strategically located in the largest port in the US and the eighteenth largest in the world. The lease comes as Toll steadily increases market share in the US with plans to further expand this arm of the business. Toll’s Head of US Global Logistics, Robert Charles, said Toll is committed to working with existing employees at the site to find ongoing employment opportunities for more than 300 workers. “We are proud that our commitment to fair employment conditions, as well as our strong operational capacity will support LA Port and all stakeholders in this next chapter of growth,” Robert said.

The move is also great news for Toll’s customers. “Toll Group has been managing warehousing and international freight forwarding work for a number of retail and consumer customers in the US. This new agreement is great news for our customers since we can now manage our

customers’ products within the port, all the way to the retail outlets, ensuring the service quality from end to end,” Robert said. Toll took over the site immediately after the October LA Port decision and announced its intention to invest US$1million in upgrading the facility.

Port of LA, Saint Pedro, Los Angeles, US



DEC 19


DEC 1921


Incoterms 2020 released to make global trade easier for everyone


In September, the renowned international trade terms for the delivery of goods, Incoterms, was updated by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC). Incoterms 2020 was designed to be more accessible and easier to use for worldwide trading partners, with enhanced graphics to illustrate responsibilities of importers and exporters, as well as more detailed easier-tofollow explanations for how to choose which of the wide-ranging Incoterms is most appropriate for a given transaction.

Along with the release of the new rules, there is also a firsttime release of a mobile application. This app contains the new rules, giving traders easy-access while on the move, and also offers features such as news updates, event information and training opportunities. There is also a new dedicated e-learning platform that allows trainees to update their skills through online courses that can be completed anywhere in the world.

The Secretary General of the ICC, John Denton, said the updated rules will make business run more smoothly for everyone. “Because they help importers and exporters around the world to understand their responsibilities and avoid costly misunderstandings, the rules form the language of international sales transactions, and help build confidence in our valuable global trading system,” John said.

TOLL DISCLOSURE HOTLINE Help keep Toll an honest, fair and safe place to work. Report improper conduct or Toll Group Code of Practice breaches (such as fraud, corruption, theft, violence, harassment, discrimination or other illegal or unethical conduct) via the Toll Disclosure Hotline 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

To make a report online or find the hotline number for your location, please visit www.tollgroup.ethicspoint.com *The Toll Disclosure Hotline is not for customer service enquiries or complaints. For customer enquiries please visit tollgroup.com/contact-us/feedback



DEC 19


Low sulphur fuels


he International Maritime Organization (IMO) has announced it will be implementing new sulphur limits from 1 January 2020, to control air pollution from marine ships and reduce health and environmental issues associated with sulphur. The soon-to-be enforced Global Sulphur Limit will reduce the allowable sulphur content in ships’ fuel oil down from 3.5 per cent to 0.5 per cent. This is made possible through ships installing emission abatement technology, known as scrubbers, and the usage of new low-sulphur fuels. “Shipping lines have been investing heavily to comply with the lower sulphur cap either by installing scrubbers or switching to costlier low-sulphur fuels. The lines are likely to pass this additional cost to serve to cargo owners, and it’s expected that surcharge levels will be announced as early as November” said Peter Simmonds, Senior Vice President, Ocean Freight, Global Forwarding.

In Australia, Toll introduced two new state-of-the-art vessels to cater for growth in Bass Strait trade. Tasmania Achiever II and Victorian Reliance II are built with sophisticated exhaust scrubbing systems which make them ready to meet with the IMO requirements as of 1 January 2020. They are also built ready to connect to shore power, which will be available when terminal upgrades at Burnie, Tasmania and Webb Dock in the Port of Melbourne are complete in the coming months. Shore power connection will allow the ships to connect to the local energy grid rather than relying on diesel generators while at port, potentially reducing carbon emissions by 18 tonnes per day.


DEC 1923


Minutes with...

Shauna Brennan Shauna Brennan, General Manager Beverages – Asahi/ Southern Region, within the Retail Consumer Health (RCH) Beverages team.

How long have you been working for Toll? I joined Toll in 2016 to look after the Coles Somerton Distribution Centre and have recently been appointed to the role of General Manager Beverages – Asahi/Southern Region, within the Retail Consumer Healthcare (RCH) Beverages team.

Minutes with...

Victor Tan

Executive Vice President Asia, Global Logistics Singapore

How long have you been working for Toll and where were you before Toll? In 1989 my brother and I launched a transportation company, Sembawang Kimtrans Limited, which we later expanded into warehousing, logistics, marine and shipping across Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Myanmar. Our business was acquired by a Singapore Government-linked company, which was then acquired by Toll in 2007. My first role at Toll after the acquisition was as Regional Director of Singapore and Malaysia, and later I was appointed Regional Director - North Asia. 24


DEC 19

Tell us about your role and what a typical day looks like?

What’s the most rewarding aspect of your role?

My role holds the responsibility for the storage and distribution of alcohol and soft drinks across the southern states and as the lead for Asahi across Australia.

Number one would be that I joined Toll within the Global Logistics team. This has afforded me the opportunity to work with and learn from some incredibly knowledgeable and supportive people, inside Toll and within our client organisations.

I typically plan a week or fortnight ahead with team and customer meetings, however I regularly reprioritise to ensure that we continue to provide the optimum supply chain efficiency for our customers.

I also really enjoy when my team’s ideas and concepts develop into a successful business solution improving our customers’ value proposition.

What initially drew you to this field of work?

What do you like to do in your time outside work?

I am motivated by challenging goals and complexity. An efficient supply chain is integral to the success of many organisations and logistics is all about removing complexity to increase efficiency and speed to market.

I have recently completed a course to become an assistance dog trainer. These dogs are specially taught to help people who are living with physical disabilities to complete everyday activities and tasks and be more independent.

What are some of the challenges you face in your role?

I am involved with a community organisation that has the aim of assisting people with moderate, severe or profound disabilities, the frail and aged as well as people living with HIV to remain healthy and live independently. I also enjoy spending time with family and friends.

I am extremely fortunate the RCH team philosophy is that there are no challenges, only opportunities for us to work together to find a solution. I believe that we should be innovators, collaboration and innovation allows us to evolve on our operational excellence journey.

Tell us about your role and what a typical day looks like? As Executive Vice President – Asia of Global Logistics, I lead a team of 2000 people across nine countries: Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea and India. A very busy day can see all nine countries reporting in to me requiring attention. Other usual days I’ll focus on about three countries on specific topics such as strategy, customers, people and business performance. I spend about 1.5 to 2 weeks a month travelling as I like to visit all regions once every two months to meet with business leaders and customers.

economies with diverse culture and language. These two are the most important at this time. People – to be successful we have to continue to develop and retain talent. We need people who are passionate about the logistics industry, and we need to provide them with a career, not just a job. We need to constantly create opportunities for our people to learn and develop themselves. This adds value by improving our talent pool. Speed of change – digitisation will continue to change the way we provide a service to our customers. It’s no longer just warehouses, trucks, ships and aeroplanes. Our offering must integrate with smart and innovative solutions and we must continue to disrupt and evolve.

What initially drew you to this field of work?

What’s the most rewarding aspect of your role?

My late father ran a stevedore and ship husbandry agent business in the 1970s and 1980s and during my school holidays I would often follow him to work. This gave me a glimpse of the industry from supervising the loading and unloading of ships to deployment of shore cranes and handling of cargo.

Positive feedback from customers makes my day. This recognition of good service for my team’s work gives my leadership team, people on the ground, and me the greatest motivation to do even better. While we own and lease warehouses and trucks, at our heart we are a people business. My aspiration is to build a passionate, collaborative and customer-focused team: this is what success looks like.

As the shipping industry grew and Singapore became a global container hub, my brother and I seized the opportunity and launched our business, following in our father’s footsteps.

What are some of the challenges you face in your role? There are certainly many challenges given that Asia’s operations are spread across developing

What do you like to do in your time outside work? I like cars and occasionally I do long leisure driving across the border into Malaysia. This grew from my childhood love for collection small diecast model cars. My other interests are jogging, food and wine.


Meet our... Chief Human Resources Officer Vikram Cardozo brings a truly global perspective to his role as Chief Human Resources Officer at Toll.


Vikram Cardozo Chief Human Resources Officer


ver the past three decades Vikram Cardozo has worked in India, Japan, Thailand, the US, Malaysia, China and Singapore. Including English, he speaks three languages, with Hindi and Nepali. Vikram is now happy to call Singapore home, where he has settled with his wife and their 12-year-old daughter for the long-term with his new role at Toll. “Singapore is an extremely multi-racial society,” Vikram says. “It’s a melting pot of cultures and abilities, which translates to great talent when you look at it professionally, and means fantastic foods and learning, personally. It has many different industries and professionals from all over the world – and is connected, like a mini New York, London or Shanghai.” The central Asian city also suits Vikram’s family with its main language being English, and it being only a short flight for his elderly parents and inlaws if they wish to visit from India. Now eight months into leading Toll’s human resources team, Vikram has enjoyed getting to know the organisation and its people by asking lots of questions and listening closely to everyone’s perspectives. “I’ve learned that people have a lot of pride in Toll and they want to see the company succeed,” Vikram says. “Also that the business case is really solid. We have a huge opportunity ahead of us, and the investment we’re making in software and technology is the right thing to do. The safety focus is critical because at the end of the day without people feeling safe, we wouldn’t be here.” “The camaraderie is good, we are competitive people and we want to win, and those are fantastic traits for an organisation to have.” However, he’s observed that this can come with its challenges. “I’d like to see us celebrate wins a little bit more. Celebrating wins helps you make progress towards the future and helps to

drive positive energy and cultural change.” Vikram is focused on supporting Toll’s employees and customers through best practice culture, governance, talent management and succession planning, and ensuring fair and equitable compensation practices. Driving positive cultural change is one of the core strategies being rolled out by the Communications and HR teams since Vikram’s appointment. After receiving feedback from over 5000 employees and customers globally, five values emerged as being important to individuals across Toll: being customer-centric, using teamwork and collaborative partnerships, being passionate about progress, accountability in what we deliver, and doing the right thing, the right way. The next step in the People Plan is to work with the leadership team and employees to embody these values as the culture of Toll. “Putting the values in place is the first step, then it’s about living the values. Below each of these values there are three to four behaviours that anchor them. Those are the behaviours we want to see people lead with, act with and partner with so that people outside Toll can say, ‘I see these behaviours, they must be from Toll’.” This culture will be woven into the life cycle of employment at Toll, right from recruitment phase and across every level through reward, recognition and development initiatives. One step involves taking ownership of the recruitment process by bringing it in-house rather than outsourcing, and making the most of the opportunity to reflect a strong employer brand and attract top talent to the logistics industry and to Toll. “Logistics is an exciting industry – we connect the businesses that connect the world and make a difference to people’s lives,” Vikram says. “Logistics is everywhere.” It’s about attracting people who want a career at Toll and investing in their growth and development, rather than just putting a person into a job. “We want to create career paths and opportunities for people to move within the organisation. We will start by showcasing broader career paths, moving people across functions and regions to expand their opportunities within, and leverage that on the outside to attract talent.” This will begin at graduate level. The global

graduate program will also be expanded to new regions to reflect the diversity aspects of the new People Plan. “The graduate program has, until now, been heavily skewed towards Australia with less than 15 per cent global. Going ahead, we’ll see this increase to 35 to 40 per cent, and we’ll keep growing this as the business grows globally, to give us both geographical and cultural diversity right from the early career level.” The diversity strategy will address every level of the business, and includes expanding the geographical spread of senior people. “We are an international business with a heavy Australian orientation at this point in time and we are in the process of evolving into being more global,” Vikram says. “In my mind, global really means we leverage the benefits of having resources, capability, customers and a footprint in all parts of the world. This will enable the best in how we operate and deliver for our customers and employees.” He says there is also an opportunity to expand the talent pool. “We’ll have a broader look at diversity, beyond gender, capability and ethnicity. Our footprint has to change globally to reflect the markets we want to play in.” Underlying the People Plan which will lead with a clear set of values and build a diverse talent pool, is a strong focus on training and development. While training opportunities will be diverse, there is one area that will be the lead focus across the business globally. “The most critical aspect of training in the next three years will be in setting the expectations of Toll’s frontline and people leaders in how they operate,” confirms Vikram. A more general focus will be on ensuring that individuals have the chance to flourish. “One of the key reasons people stay in an organisation is because they are learning continuously, both at a personal and professional level. When that stops, that's when they look elsewhere.” While development initiatives will support this, it’s also vital that individuals take responsibility for their own development and that leaders nurture opportunities for people in their teams to be the best they can be. “If you consider the world’s top athletes, they know they need to keep learning and growing to stay on top – they have coaches and continue to practice. This is what will differentiate us from our competitors,” It is a vital part of the culture, which brings Vikram to his key message. “Culture is the one thing that must always be worked on. Success will follow from there.”


DEC 1925


SNAPSHOTS FROM AROUND THE GLOBE New operational hub creates benchmark In September, Toll launched the much-anticipated $33-million logistics hub depot at Arundel, in the heart of Australia’s Gold Coast near the southern coastal border of Queensland. The custom-built facility is on 10,250 square metres of land, bringing together three existing sites in the region into one operational hub, making it Toll’s first purpose-built integrated facility. The new facility employs 135 people, and is capable of delivering up to 11,000 parcels a day, servicing two of Australia’s fastest-growing regions in both Southern Queensland and Northern NSW. This area is diverse, with customers ranging from agricultural to retail. Global Express President, Bruce Wilson, said the new facility combines freight services across different transport modes to become a strong link for customers both north and south of the border. “We're proud of what we have been able to achieve in bringing our people and services together to support this key market,” Bruce said. "This purpose-built facility integrates our existing services into a modern logistics hub and will become

Toll team working within the site of Berli Dynaplast Co., Ltd in Thailand.

the blueprint for how we run our operations across the network going forward.” Queensland has become an important area of focus for Toll, with this Gold Coast hub joining an $86 million facility in Karawatha, in the outer southern suburbs of Queensland’s capital city Brisbane, and a $19 million property in Gracemere, near Rockhampton on Queensland’s mid-north coast. There is also a new facility being built on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast – three hours north of the Gold Coast – due to begin operations next year.

MD and Chairman’s Awards Excellence at Toll has once again been recognised through this third year of the annual MD and Chairman’s Awards at Toll’s recent leadership conference. Competing with a global pool of Toll employees, the short list of employees were nominated by directors of Toll, with winners selected by Toll’s Managing Director Michael Byrne and by Toll’s Executive Chairman, John Mullen. The winner of the Toll Chairman’s Award for Leadership Excellence was Michael Rugendyke, General Manager – NSW/ACT Express Parcels. Michael was commended for driving operational excellence and sustainable growth with customers, while having a positive impact on his team and a strong commitment to their development Toll's Chairman, John Mullen commented, “Michael, your holistic approach to leadership exemplifies what it means to be a leader at Toll – always leading from the front and demonstrating strong accountability in all that you do.” “Your efforts have made an exceptional difference to

Chairman Award recipient, Michael Rugendyke and Toll Group Executive Chairman, John Mullen 26


DEC 19

those around you, and this award is a validation of the actions, attitude and approach you have taken to deliver to an exceptional standard,” John said. The Managing Director’s Award for an Emerging Leader, which is open to Toll employees with a tenure of 10 years or less, went to Kate Martin, Group General Manager Strategy and M&A. Kate was commended for being “an inspirational high achiever, rising thought leader and star of tomorrow”. Managing Director, Michael Byrne confirmed, “By displaying tenacity as well as a highly strategic and critical mindset, you continually challenge your colleagues and existing norms to ensure robust discussion and the right outcome for the business. “In addition to your individual performance to produce high-calibre work, you have also consistently demonstrated an ability to bring people together – never hesitating to collaborate with others, while considering the ‘broader Toll’ in all that you do,” Michael said.

Toll Group Managing Director, Michael Byrne, with MD Award recipient, Kate Martin and Toll Group Executive Chairman, John Mullen

Partnership with leading manufacturer in Thailand goes live September 9 was Go-Live for our team of 17 at the Berli Dynaplast (BDP) warehouse in Amata ChonBuri Estate in Thailand. Operating within the BDP plant, our Toll employees manage the output from the 24-hour manufacturing production ensuring optimum warehousing and support to the distribution process. Berli Dynaplast Co., Ltd. is one of the preferred plastic packaging companies In Thailand providing high quality products and services promptly for rigid plastic packaging.

Leading the way in innovation and technology Toll's gateaway to Asia, the seven-story facility known as Toll City, has won the award for Supply Chain Innovation of the Year (Infrastructure), awarded at the 2019 Supply Chain Asia Awards. The awards were part of the Supply Chain Asia Leadership Forum, held in Sentosa Island, Singapore, from 9-12 September. The Supply Chain Asia Leadership Forum brings together the best minds of supply chain and logistics in Asia – and from around the world – to explore major issues, opportunities and challenges impacting the industry. As part of a panel discussion Thomas Knudsen, President, Global Forwarding discussed Toll’s approach to the future through investment in innovation and technology and current improvements to operational processes. “Solutions should be driven by customer needs and readiness to adopt various levels of technology,” Thomas said.


Toll hosts Japanese students learning about workplace diversity and inclusion Toll recently hosted a group of Japanese students who came to Toll’s head office to learn more about Diversity and Inclusion in Australia. The students learned about gender equity, parental leave and the role that corporate Australia can take in driving better social outcomes. Toll Executive Director, Norio Wakasa welcomed the group to Toll with Japan Post secondees Kengo Iwasaka, Noriko Sueyoshi and Mikiyasu Yuasa introducing the Toll business to the students. Toll Social Responsibility Manager, Jacqui Bainbridge, then took the student’s through Toll’s approach to Diversity and Inclusion and shared key learnings, challenges and opportunities. The students also visited a number of organisations to understand what other organisations do to drive Diversity and Inclusion across their businesses.

Graduates taking on the world In July, Toll welcomed 45 graduates and six Japan Post trainees from across six countries – which includes placements in Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia added to the program this year. As part of their induction, the graduates met with senior leaders across our business and were taken on tours of many of our sites globally, including a tour of Toll City for the graduates in South-East Asia.

Graduate class of 2019! As Toll welcomed a new graduate cohort, we also congratulated our 2017 foundation year graduates on completing their two-year program with Toll. Nine of the foundation year graduates have now moved into permanent roles across the business in areas including supply chain solutions, commercial finance, change management and transformation.

And the Graduate of the Year Award goes to…

ACE Training centre awarded for innovation Toll Helicopters has been awarded the Innovation Award for Training at the aerospace industry event, Avalaon 2019, for the world-class facilities and training programs offered by the ACE Training Centre in Bankstown, NSW. Toll Helicopters received an engraved glass boomerang, symbolising the inventiveness of Australia’s first people and their unique contribution to aeronautical history. Avalon 2019 CEO Ian Honnery said these aerospace industry awards promote the development of Australia’s industry capacity in the fields of aerospace, defence, maritime and IT. Since opening its doors in October 2016 as a combined venture with Toll Helicopters and NSW Ambulance, the ACE Training Centre has trained more than 3000 Australian and international students in industries as diverse as aeromedical, offshore oil and gas, as well as search and rescue training. The unique features of the ACE Training Centre that were recognised by the award include its unique combination of full-flight simulator with wet and dry live winch simulation, a fully-equipped HUET simulator for helicopter underwater escape and rescue training, as well as complete air crew training.

Toll also presented the inaugural Graduate of the Year award to Ajay Gopal, who is now enjoying a two-year placement with Japan Post since finishing the graduate program. The award, which recognises the winner’s passion and commitment to the industry and to Toll, was presented by First Executive Officer, Japan Post, Mr Taneki Ono, and Managing Director of Toll, Michael Byrne. As part of his award, Ajay received a scholarship for further study (which he will begin once he returns from Japan), an iPad and two days shadowing Toll’s Managing Director Michael Byrne. Ajay writes about this experience below.

A day in the life of…Michael Byrne and Ajay Gopal! "I recently had the privilege of shadowing Michael for two-days. To no surprise, the agenda was filled with meetings back to back – all day. The meetings ranged in topics such as IT, transformation projects, group and divisional strategy, customer alignment and potential opportunity – a wide and diverse array of

Ajay Gopal accepting the Graduate of the Year award 2019

subjects that Michael needs to be across daily. I was surprised that despite having such a broad scope of responsibility, the details were not overlooked. One of the key takeaways was observing the ability to be keenly aware of all the detail, whilst not losing sight of the big picture – and to then make decisions with both in mind. With little to no time between meetings, I wondered where the time was to prepare for everything. Michael had in fact read all the material for the meetings and prepared notes the night before and (very) early that morning – and advised me to ‘never walk into a meeting unprepared’. Michael also emphasised the importance of staying current and reading everything, demonstrating this by using the little time available travelling between meetings to read up on current affairs. The two-year graduate program has been a wonderful learning opportunity for me. My favourite part would be working with a lot of fantastic leaders and peers. I think what I've learnt the most has been from them. Whether it be advice from leaders about capability or ways of working with people or ways of getting things done, that has been my favourite part. Plus, having the chance to form relationships that will last throughout my career and the rest of my life." In his role with Japan Post, Ajay is working in an Operations Support Manager role. He manages, guides and supports a team to ensure safety, service, continuous improvement and financial targets are consistently met.

Toll’s Global Graduate Program offers recent university graduates real work experience in the transport and logistics industry. Working across transport and warehousing environments, the graduates learn how Toll’s business operates from the ground up.


DEC 1927

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TOLL TODAY December 2019 Edition!  

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TOLL TODAY December 2019 Edition!  

In this edition we look at how Toll is supporting customers tap into new markets and new opportunities right across the Asia Pacific. We sho...

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