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My name is Ashley and who I am is to live to love and love to live. I have roots that are freely grown, and will always be so. I listen to folk music with my dog and sing as though the world could hear me. I take pride in what I do. I laugh, I smile and I appreciate all that has been given to me. I take the world as it is and have faith that the bad will get better and the good will remain so through time.


The name ‘To live. To love.’ was brought together in a small town called Needville. I grew up in there and would like to think that is where my inspiration comes from the most. I love to be outside in the open summer breeze, even in the Texas heat. My style of photography is much like how I grew up...

creative, unique, and unpolished.


“ The aim of every artist is to arrest motion, which is life, by artificial

means and hold it fixed so that a hundred years later, when a stranger looks at it, it moves again since it is life. ” ­—William Faulkner The style To Live. To Love. portrays is unrefined and unpolished. Like the moments we share with one another. These moments happen every second of our lives, they appear and dissapear. I want to capture these moments. I want to help people hold these moments long after they have passed.

Full session:


This includes a one – two hour session. You may choose up to two different locations up within a ten mile radius of eachother. Traveling is no problem to me seeing as how I enjoy it. (There may be a .55¢ charge per mile according to the IRS mileage rate.) You are guaranteed at least 60 edited images. You can also bring as many outfits as you like.

* To Live. To Love. does not release any unedited or RAW files.

A payment of $100 must be mailed with the signed contract with in ten days of receiving the contract. This $150 retainer will be used to reserve your session date. The remaining balance of $150 is due the day of session. Sessions start two and a half hours before sunset.

All packages and services include tax.

FAQ and ANSWERS Can I get the high-resolution digital files? Most defiantly!! I have some portrait packages that come with the CD. You can also purchase the CD separately. Images are selected and edited at your discretion. Every images will be edited, only a select few will be copied and highly edited.   Where will the session take place? Location is one of the most important aspects of the session. It sets the theme or feeling of the photos and provides props and variety for posing. I do have a few locations that I normally shoot at but I always like to shoot at new and different places that my clients choose:) Anything from the urban to the suburbs, nature can be your best friend with choosing locations. There has been many of*time where a random field is the best shot of the day! Services such as researching locations and requesting access permission are not something that I provide. It is up to the client to confirm that photography is allowed and no additional permission is needed. If your location requires a reservation or paid permit, it is the clients responsibility to arrange this ahead of time. You are welcome to tell me an idea or theme you are going for and ask for suggestions; however I cannot research specific locations other than those I have shot at before.   When should I book my session? I would try to book it at least a month or two before your set date. Depending on how booked I am, the CD can take from 1-3 weeks to finish. I don't usually book portrait session on Saturdays. Saturdays are usually opened up to weddings:)   Can I do my session indoors? I have designed my photography to be more natural light than studio. I do not shoot indoor portrait sessions. My work that you have seen is focused on natural lighting only. Although, if there is a large amount of window light we can try to get some creative shots.

With Newborns I will shoot indoor near an abundance of window light. These sessions usually take place in the comfort of your own home. I dont usually allow family portraits to be taken with newborn sessions because we spend most of our time with the baby:) Also my props are designed for newborns. What should I wear to my session? Anything colors, textures, and coordinating styles are great things to keep in mind when picking them out, but most importantly make sure you are comfortable and being yourself. I am up for discussing specific ideas or themes prior to your session so we can make sure it will all work well for the shoot. I love anything vintage, unpolished, and different. Try to avoid wearing white, black or greeen. Shops to shop at: Forever 21 • Anthropologie • Urban Outiftters • H&M • American Eagle • Southern Sisters   How long will our session take? sessions usually last 1-2 hours   How many images do you end up with? For sessions we average 60-80 edited photos. These will be able to be viewed for you to purchased prints of you can purchase the CD or if your package includes the disk.    How do I book my date for sessions? For sessions I require a $150 non-refundable retainer and signed contract to book the date. The balance must be paid at the time of the session by check or cash.   What if I need to cancel? If you need to cancel your session a $50 retainer will need to be paid. To live. To love has the right to cancel or reschedule any session.



$925 $1,225

Summer Haze 10 • Gift prints 1 • 11x14 wall print 1 • 16x20 Canvas Print 1 • The white Meadow Album Sweet Heat most popular

10 • Gift Prints 1 • 11x 14 wall print 1 • 16x20 canvas print 1 • Disk high resolution files * Personal stylist

$2,295 20 • 2• 1• 1• 1•


15 • 1• 1• 1• 1•

Winter Breeze Gift Prints 16x20 20x24 canvas wrap The White Meadow Album Disc of high-­resolution files White Rain gift prints 11x14 wall prints 16x20 Canvas print The Red Fox Album and twin mini book Disk High resolution files * personal stylist

Gift prints include: 1 • 8x10 1 • 5x7 8 • wallets

Photographic Prints: All prints are mattĂŠ and treated with a luster coating that protects against fingerprints and UV rays. Prints larger than 8x12 come bound to a mat board material in order to keep from wrinkling or falling down in a frame over time. This matting is included in the price of the print. This is not a mattĂŠ border, but rather a piece cut to the same size as the print and then mounted to the back for better reinforcement. All packages and services include * tax.

With Package:

With Out Package:

4x6...........$5 5x7...........$10 8x8...........$18 8x10.........$19 8x12.........$20 10x10.......$30 11x14.......$38 16x20.......$56 16x24.......$76 20x30.......$112 24x36.......$172

4x6...........$10 5x7...........$20 8x8...........$36 8x10.........$38 8x12.........$40 10x10.......$60 11x14.......$76 16x20.......$112 16x24.......$152 20x30.......$224 24x36.......$344

Disk with High Resolution files-$300 Extra copies can be purchased for $100

Shipping for orders containing only images 5x7 and smaller is 5$. Orders containing images larger than 5x7 are subject to shipping.

Canvas Gallary Wraps: 8x10.........$200 10x10.......$240 11x14.......$300 16x20.......$400 24x36.......$600

The Red Fox

10 spreads (20 pages)

Price: Must purchase full album to purchase:

The Red Fox Mini:

Additional spreads:


$700 $350 $40 You have to experience the quality and craftsmanship that goes into each of our books. The albums include the following features: lay-flat binding, fuji crystal archive paper, micro-fold page crease for a super fine creased leather album. The mini albums but be an exact miniature duplicate of the original album purchased. These are perfect for the students to have when off at college or as a gift to another family member..

All packages and services include tax.

The White Meadow

10 spreads (20 pages)

Price: Additional spreads:


$600 $40 This is a high end linen album. Fabric covered albums include lay-足flat binding, fuji crystal archive paper and a micro-足fold crease for a very tight crease.

All packages and services include tax.



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