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Tolga Kurtoglu – Scientist

Mechanical Design Engineer, Systems Lead Engineer, Research Scientist, Area Manager

Tolga Kurtoglu – American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Tolga Kurtoglu is a member of several different organizations and associations for science and engineering. After successfully graduating from the prestigious Carnegie Mellon University and getting his PhD from the University of Texas at Austin, Tolga Kurtoglu started joining different associations. During his graduate studies, Tolga Kurtoglu became a member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and still continues to contribute to this organization, which is a leading body for research and networking in his field.

Tolga Kurtoglu: NASA Ames Research Center Award

Tolga Kurtoglu is a proud recipient of the NASA Ames Research Center Award. After receiving a doctoral degree from the University of Texas at Austin, Tolga Kurtoglu started working as a Research Scientist at the NASA Ames Research Center. Tolga Kurtoglu was awarded the NASA Ames Research Center Award in 2009 in recognition of his work on computational tools for designing, analyzing, and operating complex human-machine systems and minimizing fault events throughout the lifecycle of these systems.

Tolga Kurtoglu: Healthy Lifestyles Tolga Kurtoglu is someone who has always maintained a healthy lifestyle. Tolga Kurtoglu believes that maintaining a healthy lifestyle through diet and exercise is very important in life. There are several different ways in which Tolga Kurtoglu keeps up with a healthy lifestyle. For instance, Tolga Kurtoglu plays soccer and basketball on a regular basis with other members of his community. Tolga Kurtoglu is also an excellent swimmer and trains for scuba diving trips by swimming regularly.

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Tolga kurtoglu  
Tolga kurtoglu  

Tolga Kurtoglu loves working with new and advanced technologies because he finds it very intriguing and exciting. Tolga Kurtoglu believes th...