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T.C Yeditepe Üniversitesi 26 Ağustos Yerleşimi Kayışdağı Cad. 34755 Kayışdağı - İstanbul

Contents: - Introduction word - Some things you need to know - Twins - Istanbul Program - Some Turkish words


Dear Participants, Since last December when I was elected to be a coordinator, all I had in mind was the Twinning project but everyone thought it was impossible because of the shortage of time, including me ! but we decided to give it a try .. then Boom, here we are, few days to finish it ! time passed so quickly. We had such a wonderful unforgettable week in Amsterdam and now it’s time to pay off ;) I would like to thank: Ece Gumuskesen - for helping me arrange the social program Mehmet Salih Ozturk - for helping us carrying the most important things of the project Tolga Akyol - for designing this booklet With peace & love, K h a lid M a s o u d Twinning project coordinator of EMSA-Yeditepe


Some Things You Need To Know Before You Come Tea (Çay) is a traditional drink here, so we drink it a lot, so if you’re in a Cafe treat the waiter nicely and you might get your Cay for free ! Istanbul lies between the Asian and European sides, but you only pay a passing fee when you pass the bridge into the European side. Yes, we love Europeans :) We are crazy about football, the three most famous teams are: Fenerbahce, Galatasaray and Besiktas. So, If you saw everyone screaming and shouting in the streets, don’t worry it’s just a football match :D If you sit in a Cafe and you see a big no smoking sign with a penalty but however, there was an empty Cola can on the table , then you are allowed to smoke ! Don’t ask me why I’m still trying to figure that out :)


Two words you should definitely remember because you’ll be using them a lot : “Erasmus” - it’s been the magic word I’ve been using for the past 2 years, basically it means exchange student , but it gives you the key to do whatever you want , and “Turkce bilmiyorum” - means I don’t know Turkish. Istanbul is a really big city with a population of around 14 million people, which you might find half of them in Taksim on Friday and Saturday nights, so keep an eye on your phones, bags and wallets when you walk there. Rakı is the traditional Turkish alcoholic drink, it tastes nice especially with fish. But watch out , it tricks you, you’ll get drunk without even feeling it Lastly , when you get on a bus, hold on well, you’ll get that later ! Hope that you’ll enjoy your time here in Istanbul :)



Caroline & Bahar +90 09141414

Yonah & Enver +90 09141414

Chloé & Uğur +90 09141414

Sylke & Emir +90 09141414

Sylvie & Meriç +90 09141414


Esther & İrem +90 09141414

Hana & Ozan +90 09141414

Daisy & Ece +90 09141414

Leilani & Ece Nur +90 09141414

Melissa & Khalid +90 09141414


İlkay & Aral +90 09141414

Kübra & Müge +90 09141414

Britt & Doğuş +90 09141414

Mahsa & Alper +90 09141414

Moya & Gizem +90 09141414


Emsa twinning booklet  

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