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Nov. 24, 2013

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Death in Dallas

Local community leaders remember the Nov. 22, 1963, assassination of JFK. page 3


Off to D.C.

Col. Steven Nordhaus leaving 180th Fighter Wing to be Joint Chiefs of Staff assistant. page 8



Toledo architect Scot Rossi designs ways to repurpose Downtown buildings. page 12

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Bank of Maumee has new ownership. page 16



Cake Boss

Buddy Valastro gives Toledo fans a sugar high. page 18


Debbie and JOHN Stottele fight Toledo proposal to ban their business as critics accuse them of stocking dogs from ‘puppy mills.’ By Sarah Ottney, page 4


Toledo Free Press

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November 24, 2013

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November 24, 2013


A Toledo tradition since 2005



Rep. Bob Latta

I was in second grade in 1963 at Kenwood Elementary in Bowling Green. They sent us home from school after word came that the president had been assassinated. I still remember seeing several teachers out by the buses, crying. I distinctly remember where I was on LATTA the sidewalk when I heard what had happened. Dad was in Congress at the time, so we drove to Washington, with my dad, mom, sister and I. I still remember standing on the bridge that connects Washington with Arlington National Cemetery when they drove past with Kennedy’s body. Again, it’s one of those things that really shook the nation, to have a president assassinated, and unfortunately we’ve had four. It’s one of those things, whether you’re a Republican or a Democrat, it was a very sorrowful thing. O

Sen. Sherrod Brown

Like so many of my generation, I remember where I was when I first learned that President Kennedy had been shot in Dallas. I was in sixth grade at Brinkerhoff School in Mansfield when Principal Sheets came over the PA system to let us know that the BROWN president had been shot. One hour later, he informed us — the older students — in person that President Kennedy was dead. I remember the confusion and sadness that so many of us felt. But it reaffirmed that the chance to serve can be fleeting, and that we all can and should work toward social and economic justice each and every day. O

Toledo Mayor-elect D. Michael Collins

The events of Nov. 22, 1963, are indelible in my memory. I was at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina and we were in a field exercise using .50-caliber machine guns in a mock combat engagement. Early into the afternoon, while training, a convoy of troop haulers came upon our training site with several members of the command staff. They met briefly with our training staff and platoon leaders and then we were ordered to secure our weapons and imCOLLINS mediately board the transport trucks as our training day had been suspended. We returned to our barracks and were told that we were not to communicate with anyone other than Marine personnel and that earlier that day, President John F. Kennedy had been killed by an assassin. My first thought was “how could this have possibly happened and who could have been responsible?” As I recall back on that date, the Cold War was an ever-threatening reality and the relationship with Cuba, as a result of the missile crisis, created a similar set of risks. My entire platoon, as well as all of the members of our company, were hit with a feeling of insecurity yet felt an overwhelming sense of duty to our country. The major concern at that time, because of where we were located, was that we would be moved to Little Creek, Va., and from there, to engage in an amphibious landing in Havana. While those plans were made known, they were never executed. Days later, while watching television, I became an eyewitness, as a result of the electronic media, to a homicide. Lee Harvey Oswald, who was in custody for the assassination of Kennedy

was killed before the eyes of the nation by Jack Ruby. To this day I can close my eyes and revisit those circumstances, which reverberated throughout the world. May this great American rest in peace. O

Toledo City Councilman George Sarantou I was a sixth-grade student at McKinley Elementary School when the principal announced that President Kennedy had been shot and killed in Dallas. Shortly after that, we were dismissed from school. I came home and my mom also told me about SARANTOU the assassination and everyone was simply in shock. During the next four days, I witnessed how sad my parents and other family members were and how outraged they were that this happened. I will never forget seeing my father cry for the first time as a child, and I knew that this was absolutely devastating to my parents. I also detected a huge amount of skepticism as to why this happened and as a result of this tragedy I will never forget Nov. 22, 1963, which certainly changed my life and the life of our nation. Kennedy’s inspiration was part of the reason I sought public office later in life because I felt that one person can make a difference. O

Toledo City Councilman Rob Ludeman I was in my fifth-grade classroom at Heatherdowns Elementary School in South Toledo that fateful afternoon. Our teacher, Miss Hirsch, was called out of the classroom by our principal, Miss Beach. That was highly unusual and it appeared that all the teachers were called, too.  When Miss Hirsch Thomas F. Pounds, President/Publisher

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toledo free press illustration by don lee

Death in Dallas: Remembering the assassination of JFK

came back in to the classroom a short time later she was crying. She closed the door and said, “President Kennedy has been shot in Dallas and has died.”  For 10-year-olds there was an over whelming sense of unbelief.  Who would LUDEMAN want to hurt our President?  Some cried, all sat not knowing what to say other than, “Who did it” and “How

did it happen?” There were no real answers just a great sadness that filled the room that day. I remember watching Lyndon Johnson being sworn in as the new president.  In the following days all families were glued to their televisions trying to find answers and eventually watching the president’s funeral procession. It was one of the saddest times in most of our lives.  I often wonder what might have been accomplished by Kennedy had this event not occurred. The years following were tumultuous both in the U.S. and Southeast Asia, but our country was strong and survived. O

Michael S. Miller, Editor in Chief

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A Toledo tradition since 2005

November 24, 2013


By Sarah Ottney


“Puppy mills” are at the center of a debate over legislation Toledo City Council is weighing that would strictly regulate the sale of dogs and cats in Toledo. The controversial ordinance, cosponsored by Council president Paula Hicks-Hudson and Councilman Rob Ludeman, would prohibit the sale of puppies and kittens in pet shops, retail businesses and commercial establishments unless the animals are obtained from a legitimate animal shelter, animal control agency, humane society or nonprofit rescue organization and the animals are spayed or neutered. The intent is to prevent the sale of animals from substandard breeding facilities commonly referred to as “puppy mills” or “kitten factories.” But opponents of the legislation argue the proposed law unfairly targets business — and one business in particular. John and Debbie Stottele, owners of The Family Puppy, a pet shop that opened at Westfield Franklin Park on Oct. 18, said they would close the store if Council passes the ordinance. The Toledo shop employs seven people, including two full-time employees. The Michigan-based business also has five locations in southeast Michigan. It buys puppies from about 20 Amish breeders in northern Indiana. Puppies are typically sold at between 8-12 weeks of age. John said he stands with Council members and activists who want to eradicate puppy mills, although he prefers the term “substandard breeders.” “We need to clamp down on bad breeders — and we’re in that fight,” John told Council members on Nov. 19 during a committee meeting at which the group listened for nearly two hours to supporters and skeptics of the proposed legislations. “The state wants to stop bad breeders, the federal government wants to stop bad breeders, we want to stop bad breeders. But what you’re proposing will not do that.” “We do not feel that our puppies are the problem,” Debbie added. John said only about 4 percent of dogs in the U.S. are purchased through pet stores. The rest come from private sales, Internet sales and shelters, all of which are largely unregulated. “If pet stores only sell 4 percent, where do the other 96 percent come from and is the pet store really the

toledo free press photo AND cover photo by kim sanchez

Legislation would restrict dog, cat sales in Toledo


Owners John and Debbie Stottele said they would close their Toledo pet store if proposed restrictive legislation is passed in toledo.

problem?” John asked. “We all want to get rid of bad breeders, but this is going about it wrong. What we need to do is what the state is trying to do — regulate large-scale breeders and give them restrictions and guidelines. Ohio is writing that as we speak. The federal government has had it since 1966. Look at what you’re doing. Don’t trade a highly regulated industry for a nonregulated industry.”

Animal activists

Discourse was passionate but civil at the Nov. 19 meeting. About 25 supporters of the legislation attended, wearing stickers that read “Boycott The Family Puppy.” Susan Robinson of Woodville, who has participated in regular protests held outside the mall, said she owns two dogs rescued from Amish puppy mills. “The places they came from are horrific and they will have lifelong consequences because of that,” Robinson said. “I know that some puppy mills are better than others, but that is like saying some forms of cancer are better than others. We would like them all to go away.” Mary Stulpin of Curtice said she has

five dogs rescued from puppy mills. “They’re the lucky ones,” Stulpin said. “Many of these animals never get this opportunity. I ask you to think about the horrible conditions of the dogs who are left behind.” Jaleen Tocco of the Ohio Coalition for Dogs said puppy mills exist because they are lucrative. “The only way to stop puppy mills is to cut off the demand in the market,” Tocco said. Pam Sordyl of Puppy Mill Awareness of Southeast Michigan and Jean Keating of the Ohio Coalition of Dog Advocates, who are spearheading the protest, said The Family Puppy’s three largest suppliers are puppy mills. “[Through USDA records], we basically proved that yes, he does buy from those breeders and yes those breeders are all USDA inspected and yes those breeders all have violations almost every single year,” Keating said. The Stotteles insist they carefully screen their breeders and break ties with those found to be in serious violation. “We have developed a great partnership with our breeders and know them personally,” John wrote in a letter to City Council. “We have been

in their kennels and homes and continue to strive to provide our client families the very best puppy: happy, healthy, well-socialized, choice. We are continually improving our breeders, including the physical and social wellbeing of the parent dogs.” The USDA inspects breeding facilities using regulations set forth by the Animal Welfare Act of 1966. New federal legislation that took effect Nov. 18 adds regulation to breeders who sell sight-unseen over the Internet. Ohio is currently working on its own highvolume breeder legislation. The USDA inspects licensed breeder facilities once a year. Direct violations involve the health and well-being of an animal, while indirect violations are often maintenance issues, John said. Pet shops are not required to buy from USDA and American Kennel Club licensed breeders; however, the Stotteles said they choose to. They also said their breeder requirements voluntarily exceed USDA’s requirements. “Some pet stores do buy from unlicensed breeders and they are OK with that. I am not,” John said. John said of the 22 primary breeders he’s used in the past three

years, three have been cited for direct violations. He said he no longer buys from a breeder who was cited for sick and overheated puppies, but decided to continue buying from the other two after talking with them and determining their issues to be resolved. One was cited for tartar buildup on animals’ teeth and the other was cited for allowing an unlicensed veterinarian to perform “cherry eye” surgery on a dog, which John said was unharmed. The Stotteles’ breeders were also cited for 32 indirect violations — 14 of them for no one being at home when an inspector came by unannounced, John said. “I have no breeders right now that have had a direct violation in the past year. That’s the one I’m most concerned with,” John said. “Am I concerned with indirect violations? Yes I am. If a guy had repeat indirect violations over and over, I’d cut him off, but if he has direct violations I’m going to take a serious look because that breeder is not taking care of his dog.” John said he can offer families 35 years of expertise in choosing a dog. n FAMILY PUPPY CONTINUES ON 6





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November 24, 2013


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6. Community John said he can offer families 35 years of expertise in choosing a dog. He started cleaning kennels for a pet store in college and later became the chain’s district manager for Michigan. In 1998, the company’s owner was diagnosed with cancer and decided to close his shops. The Stotteles renegotiated leases for three of them. “I don’t know how many dogs families buy in their lifetime. Three, four, five? I’ve bought thousands of them, so I know how to pick a breeder,” John said. “If you’re not experienced in it, you can get snowed in a heartbeat.” But Robinson and others are not convinced. “The people of Northwest Ohio do not need to be duped into thinking they are buying quality puppies that have been carefully bred just because someone says they are,” she said.

Council reaction

Ludeman said he is sponsoring the ordinance because of Toledo’s “huge pet overpopulation problem.” “The sale of dogs and cats (companion animals) contributes to the proliferation of homeless or unwanted animals that are often poorly treated and/or end up in the public animal shelters and humane societies and animal welfare rescue organizations,” the legislation reads. “Prohibiting the unregulated sale of companion animals in pet shops, retail businesses, or other commercial establishments may lower the sale of dogs and cats from inhumane ‘puppy mills’ and ‘kitten factories,’ and may lower the shelter animal euthanasia rate, and lead to a greater adoption rate of shelter animals,” it continues. Ludeman — who is a Toledo Animal Shelter board member and former member of the Lucas County Dog Warden Advisory Committee — said he feels strongly the legislation is needed. “I just have a big philosophical issue with retail puppy stores like that. It’s just something I can’t agree with,”

Ludeman said. “You’ve just got to picture an operation of 50 to 100 dogs. I don’t know how you can call it anything other than a puppy mill.” City Council will likely address the ordinance at its next meeting Nov. 26. Ludeman said he expects several members to propose amendments. Mayor-elect D. Michael Collins said he is concerned about unintended consequences. “I haven’t made my mind up as to where I am on the legislation,” Collins said. “But I would hope the author of the legislation would take the testimony that was given last night (Nov. 19), in particular the concerns, and modify the language to the extent that it isn’t overly aggressive against an industry, where good actors are treated the same as bad actors.” Councilman Mike Craig said he thinks the legislation is “a terrible idea.” “If we want to ban sales then let’s just say we’re banning retail sales,” Craig said during the meeting. “Don’t couch this as we’re trying to police something because we’re not. We’re trying to ban retail sales of pets in Toledo.” “If you make people operate in a way that there is no possible way they can make money, that is a ban,” Craig later added. “If you want to say that to sell cigarettes in the city of Toledo, it’s 150 bucks a pack, I don’t care what you say, that’s a ban on sales. Just call it what it is. “When other people are talking or I’m talking, I like to look at the faces of the people listening and see what their reactions are. When I said it was a ban, I looked at the proponents and six or seven of them were shaking their heads yes, so they know perfectly well what they are doing.” Craig said he’d like to see Council adopt legislation that regulates but doesn’t ban. “They are losing an opportunity to encourage business but hold them to a higher standard,” Craig said. Councilman Tom Waniewski also

November 24, 2013

Photo by Pam SordyL


A Toledo tradition since 2005


Protesters outside Westfield franklin park say the family puppy stocks animals raised in ‘puppy mills.’

seemed skeptical. “I’ve heard a lot of attacks on puppy mills when the legislation is an attack on The Family Puppy,” Waniewski said. “That’s what we have to weigh here: Are they getting them from a good puppy mill or a bad puppy mill? That’s what I’m trying to distinguish here. I think there’s still some more to be done with this ordinance.”

Business concerns

Ron Johns, a University of Toledo student who unsuccessfully ran for City Council, said antibusiness legislation hinders Toledo’s economy. “It’s really ironic that you guys are saying you want new business to come to Toledo. However, you’re

passing legislation like this,” Johns said. “When you wonder why Toledo’s economy is lacking, I can tell you; it’s because of politicians passing legislation like this.” Businessman Bill Delaney, another unsuccessful City Council candidate, said people deserve a right to choose. “We have a tendency sometimes to throw people out of this town, by whatever means,” Delaney said. “This man has a right to be here. He has paid his fees, got his permit, done everything he’s supposed to do to set up his business. He has a right to be here and people have a right to choose what they want to do.” Ludeman said he disagrees that the legislation is anti-business.

“This a whole different type of animal — excuse the pun — than other types of businesses in Toledo that want to come and start up,” Ludeman said. Gail Dick of the Ohio Association of Animal Owners told Council her group feels the legislation is “unfair and unnecessary.” “The ordinance as we understand it was written specifically to drive this particular business establishment out of town,” Dick said. “It is unfair to assume and classify commercial breeders as unreputable because they sell animals to a retail establishment. It is also very disrespectful to portray all commercial breeders as neglectful [and] uncompassionate.” n FAMILY PUPPY CONTINUES ON 7

November 24, 2013

n FAMILY PUPPY CONTINUED FROM 6 John said he appreciated how civil the discourse was, but was surprised the animal activists didn’t bring up any specific accusations against his business, despite providing Council members with a handout detailing past USDA breeder violations. “There was institutional accusations about puppy mills, but Jean


A Toledo tradition since 2005

didn’t really talk [about my business],” John said. “Why wouldn’t she talk about those three [breeders with violations] she sent to City Council? That really put a question in my mind of what’s up. Why wouldn’t she want that on the record? I was prepared to answer those questions. She’s investigated me enough and doesn’t really have any dirt on me except the three

direct violations, because we do what we do and we’re very serious about it.”

Shelter perspective

Steve Serchuk, former board member with the Toledo Area Humane Society, Lucas County Dog Warden Citizens Advisory Council and Humane Ohio, said his biggest concern was that The Family Puppy

Start here!

doesn’t spay or neuter its puppies. “Those animals are going to have more offspring and ultimately those offspring are going to fall to the nonprofits or the tax-sponsored dog warden,” Serchuk said. John Dinan, former director of the Toledo Area Humane Society, also spoke in support of the legislation. “Reputable breeders do not sell dogs through the pet shops,” Dinan said. “That’s just the way it is.” The bill’s current language would make the retail sale of a companion animal a first-class misdemeanor. There was some talk of that being too steep, but Dinan said he disagreed. “Since this is regulating a revenuegenerating business, if the penalties are not stiff enough then it just becomes a cost of doing business,” Dinan said.

Family friendly

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about,” he said. The Stotteles said paperwork is available for every puppy, including a pedigree, interstate vet certificate, vaccination records, breeder inspection reports and more. “Any dog that’s out there in the kennel, this is available to you to come in and look at,” John said. “I’m not hiding anything. We’re trying to be as transparent as we possibly can.” However, during her remarks to Council on Nov. 19, Robinson said she requested records on a puppy during a recent visit to the Toledo shop and was told they could not be found.

Adoption program

The Family Puppy also offers an adoption program. Since 1998, staff have spayed, neutered and placed more than 11,000 puppies and kittens, mainly kittens, the Stotteles said. “We want shelter animals to get adopted,” Debbie said, noting that each store features a banner that reads “Have you visited your shelter first?” “It’s just that it’s not for everyone.” John said he wouldn’t be able to run a business selling animals from shelters, as the city proposes. “There have been stores that have done that and they can’t pay the bills,” he said. “The reality is, as Americans, as Toledo citizens, we have the right to decide if we want to buy a purebred dog, a purpose-bred dog. We have the right to do that in America. For them to say that a pet store can only sell from shelters really limits what we can do. “Some of the things in the proposal says breeders that sell to pet stores might not have exercise, might not have vet oversight, it might help us to adopt more dogs out of shelters and it might help shut down bad breeders,” John said. “It won’t. It’s not going to do what they want it to do. All its going to do is put me out of business.” O

toledo free press photo by kim sanchez

The Stotteles only sell breeds that have track records of being good family pets and said they strive to help customers succeed. With each sale, they include My Pet Trainer, a 15-month e-course training program, as well as a one-year subscription to on-call behaviorists at the Good Dog Hotline, a 60-day health care plan and a microchip to reunite lost or stolen dogs with their owners. John said he feels the criticism that pet shops encourage “impulse buys” is unfounded. “Most people we see have been thinking about getting a dog for a long time. They’ve been looking in the paper, they’ve been talking; they’ve thought about it for days, sometimes months, sometimes years,” said John, who added that the average cost of a puppy is $850. “When you get a dog from a neighbor or family member, that’s more of an impulse buy. But when you have to plop down $1,000, that’s something you have to think


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THE Family Puppy owners say their dogs meet all USDA care standards.




Commander of 180th leaves for Joint Chiefs of Staff job By Danielle Stanton

Toledo Free Press Staff Writer

Col. Steven Nordhaus is leaving his post as commander of the Ohio Air National Guard’s 180th Fighter Wing at Toledo Express Airport to take a position with a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. Maj. Gary Bentley with the 180th Fighter Wing confirmed the decision Nov. 18 and said he didn’t know yet who will be Nordhaus’ replacement. “We expect an announcement as to who the next commander is shortly but we don’t know now,” Bentley said. “It could be as soon as a couple of days from now.” Nordhaus was selected to become executive assistant to four-star Gen. Frank Grass, a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff who is in charge of the country’s National Guard Bureau. Bentley called the move “unique” because normally such a high-level post would go to active duty personnel and Nordhaus is a reservist. “It’s because we’ve worked very hard to have what we call ‘jointness,’” Bentley said. “The National Guard and

November 24, 2013

A Toledo tradition since 2005

active duty [personnel] work together seamlessly. When we go overseas to Iraq or Afghanistan, we go together.” Nordhaus has been commander at the 180th Fighter Wing since January 2011. Before that, he served as vice commander starting in August 2009. Nordhaus graduated from the U.S. Air Force Academy in 1989 and continued training as a pilot in Texas, New Mexico and Florida. In August 1991, he became an F-16 pilot out of Homestead Air Reserve Base in Florida. From there, he instructed at various places including South Carolina, Idaho and Korea. He landed in Toledo in 1998 as an instructor and moved on to squadron commander and other posts. The 180th Fighter Wing will honor Nordhaus at a celebration Nov. 25 at the base, where Nordhaus will perform his “fini flight” or last flight in honor of his departure as commander. Nordhaus will take off about 2 p.m. and land about 3:30 p.m., Bentley said. A cake and reception will follow. “He’s been a great leader,” Bentley said. “I can’t say enough positive things about him. He took a great wing and made it better and he will be missed.”



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36th Annual Christmas Dinner & Dance NORDHAUS Bentley is also leaving the wing. He decided in January that he would retire after serving 37 years. “My story is, [Nordhaus] didn’t want to stay here without me,” Bentley said. “It’s kind of a joke here.” Nordhaus was unavailable for comment. O

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November 24, 2013

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Michael S. Miller

(Josh Whitney/ 25. If You Believe 4:16 d by permission) // The Eight Fifteens: Use 3:00 (P.I.Tchaikovsky, 26. Sugar Plum Mighty ms: t by Matt Feher: Used Ada ” men Dog nge d Arra “Ma e Traditional. 1. Seasons 4:11 (Mik ky Santa Robot 3:40 The In Fun e 27. // Her n) 2. // issio n) perm by w Ball Use d by per mis sio d by permission) // 28. Sno permission) // Use : by d free Win Use vid ley: (Da Dai t permission) // by d Use North 3:52 (Pa as off: istm enh Chr Riep Look A Lot Like Fight 3:16 (Chuck Brenning: 3. It’s Beginning To Corp) // t You Blues 2:49 (John (Billy 29. Christmas Withou Hal Leonard Publishing Blue Christmas 3:14 mas: 3:08 (Meredith Wilson: 30. // Tho n) (TJ issio 3:06 n perm by etow Used ng Group) // My Hom 4. Christmas Time In as 3:35 n: Universal Music Publishi istm nso Chr Joh of W. s Jay d by ition es, Use Hay Trad 5. ute 1:10 (Ken Nesbitt: Used by permission) // Fresh Aire 31. December Substit nheim Steamroller A istmas 4:03 (Robin Lee Chr For You nk (Chip Davis: From Man rican Gramaphone LLC, C 1988 Tha 32. t Be Tonight permission) // Ame n) // 33. Christmas Mus Christmas, provided by Arrangement by Evans: Used by permissio ner/Chappell Music, Inc., EMI Music Night 4:20 (Traditional. War tley and on: Gar Dots & Lines // 6. Silent erts Dan Rob an, bbie alm Springer, (Ro Gra k 4:59 man, Mar Baby 2:42 (J. Javits, P. Matt Hammitt, Chris Roh ic/Stonebrook Publishing) // 34. Santa ic) // 35. Have A Mighty Fine Music/River Oaks Mus Mus ir // Tam r: ng) Peter Prevost, Birdwing n) // T. Springe n Capitol CMG Publishi son: Used by permissio Music. Used by permissio (Felix Bernard and Richard Christmas 3:29 (Tom Claw tlemen 2:25 (Traditional. 2:46 t Ye Merry Gen Res r God 7. Winter Wonderland d You 36. t Use h: Jus 8. aug ppel Music) // athan Rodenb B. Smith, Warner/Cha Arrangement by Jon n) // 3:20 Thank God For Kids tters: Used by permissio 37. Shu // ris n) (Ch issio 2:55 e perm ) by Lov ng/ V Music Publishing LLC rissie Hynde: EMI Publishi (Eddy Raven: Sony/AT 9. 2000 Miles 3:09 (Ch nal. Arrangement Maoz Tzur 2:53 (Traditio Medley 2:44 (Traditional. mis sion ) // Joy 38. // // Clive Banks Songs) // 10. n) issio Use d by per ers: Used by perm by Col leen Gne ppe r: Arrangement Matt Say ng Bach, hell: Joni Mitchell Publishi ’s Desiring 3:22 (J.S. l 39. Jesu, Joy Of Man 11. River 4:33 (Joni Mitc You is as istm Chr For t by Denise and Michae Want I men All nge 12. // Arra I) nal. (BM p. ditio rs’ Cor Tra Santa Claus ter Afanasieff: Arrange Used by permission) // 40. n: erbo e pp-V 3:25 (Mariah Carey, Wal ger: Gru Hom e // 13. Please Com Arrangement by Ray Heit Publishing Company e Redd: Blues 2:52 (Traditional. Jing-A-Ling 2:47 (Charles Brown, Gen n ission) // 41. Jing-A-Ling, lishing Corp.) // Bor For Christmas 3:23 perm Is by ld d Chi Use A 14. // Pub Corp) nard ng Leo lishi Hal Pub th: // ) nard Smi Inc. Leo J. l ic Hal (Don Raye, Pau Frost. Public Alec Wilder: Ludlow Mus permission) ular Letter 2:59 (Robert 4:34 (Thad Jones and by (Mann 42. A Christmas Circ 1:49 (Alan Harris: Used r as Auld Lang Syne 3:08 What Mille istm n kso Chr 15. A Christmas Light A Jac 43. (Jill // 3:55 ain) Dom ng) // 44. ce On Earth ht 4:15 ip: Alfred Music Publishi Nig // 16. Let There Be Pea y Phil Hol cis O Fran 17. Hal // r: tis; ) sse Cur Co. lishing r’s Eve? 4:58 (Frank Loe and Sy Miller: Hope Pub permission) Are You Doing New Yea 45. A Christmas Carol 11:10 t by Chris Brown: Used by ick Clark: // p.) Cor (Traditional. Arrangemen ng Patr lishi rry Leonard Pub l S. Miller. as Gift 4:04 (Ke itional. Script by Michae // 18. The Finest Christm 19. Listening To Christmas (Charles Dickens, Trad // y Old Used by permission) 31, Joll 30, 20. // 29, n) 28, issio 27, 23, perm by 16, 17, t by 1:29 (Alan Harris: Used Tracks 3, 4, 7, 11, 14, d, mixed and (Traditional. Arrangemen 40, 41, 42, 44: Recorde 39, 38, son 34, Saint Nicholas 2:35 32, Sea re Sax ission) // 21. r P. Stoll at Audiofla Jerry Knorr, used by perm Used by permission) // mastered by Christophe www.audioflare. 3:12 (Shawn Highsmith: ording Studio Toledo OH, d and Mixed d by Rec Use t: war Ste f (Jef orde Rec 33: 18, ks 22. Sleepyhead 4:49 Trac 6 // 4:0 com ember Star rk // Tracks 13, permission) // 23. Dec Luke D. Rosen: by Kerry Patrick Cla tt (James A. Molnar and ed and mixed by Bre ord e Rec Hom 36: Be I’ll 24. // dio s, Used by permission) , niso n of Fire fly Stu non Den Gan (Kim 3:52 as For Christm : Alfred Toledo OH. Walter Kent, Buck Ram Music Publishing) //

Publishing Credits

Pat Dailey, Mannheim Steamroller, Sanctus Real, Ramona Collins, Kerry Patrick Clark, Nine Lives and dozens of more local artists

Available at Levis Commons:

Blue Pacific Grill, Build It, C Sterling Jewelers, Flying Joe, Lily’s, Poco Piatti, Salvatore Capelli Hair Spa, Second Sole, Vivian Kate, Yankee Candle and The Management Office will have CDs available for purchase.

A greAt stocKing stuffer or corporAte gift! 100% of the proceeds

will be contributed to the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana, Northwest Ohio Region for every CD sold through January 2014 up to a maximum of $20,000.

10 Community

A Toledo tradition since 2005

November 24, 2013


By David Yonke


On Nov. 24, Emmanuel Baptist Church will dedicate a new $1.6 million children’s wing that adds more space, more color and more security to the church’s ministry for children, from infants to elementary school kids. Decorated with vibrant wallpaper featuring cartoon-like backgrounds from the Bible era, the new wing adds about 20,000 square feet of space to the existing 8,000-squarefoot children’s area, which was built in the 1960s. “The old children’s area was really outdated and overcrowded,” said the Rev. Duke Crawford, senior pastor since 2009. Traffic in the new wing’s hallways should flow much more smoothly — unless people stop and stare at the artwork. The wide hallways spring to life with the heavy-duty murals by Wacky World Studios, a company whose founder, Bruce Barry, honed his craft working for Universal Studios and designing Rainforest Cafes. The Rev. Dave Rodgers, pastor of soul care and family ministries, pointed out that the children can write on the walls in the new rooms — “but only in specified spots,” he quickly added. The leadership of Emmanuel Baptist, a church founded in 1898 and affiliated with the General Association of Regular Baptist Churches, had been discussing adding a new children’s wing for about 10 years, Crawford said. As of spring 2012, they had saved up $500,000 toward a $2.5 million blueprint for the new addition. Everything needed to get the project going came together unexpectedly when the building fund was boosted by the bequests of two estates — those of Beulah Lewis, who owned the Scripture Supply Store in Sylvania, and Roger and Florence Dunbar, who in 2000 had also helped fund the building of Emmanuel Baptist Elementary School, now Emmanuel Christian School. The church suddenly had $1.5 million in the bank, Crawford said, and the leadership decided to scale down its plans so the children’s wing could be built with the money in hand. “It’s a wonderful thing how God worked on this,” said Crawford. The church hired Thomas DuBose

& Associates for the architectural work and The Dotson Company as general contractor. Ground was broken in October 2012 and the project took a little more than a year to complete. Crawford said Emmanuel Baptist has invited all the construction workers and others involved in the project to attend the dedication service because the 700-member church would like to honor them for their efforts. Standing in one of the wide, brightly lit hallways shortly before the building was completed, Crawford said security has been a priority from the start. Parents and guardians will have to sign their children in, and no adults will be allowed into the children’s areas unless they are working. “Safety is a big thing throughout the whole check-in and check-out process,” he said. Rodgers, who joined Emmanuel Baptist in 2008, said the floors are divided into “splash” areas with tile, for kitchen and crafts, and carpeted areas for playtime, Bible stories and other activities. Each room in the new wing has its own bathroom, he added. Coinciding with the dedication of the new addition will be the release of a new children’s book titled “Breeze & Slate,” written by Crawford and illustrated by church member Sandy Chipka. “It’s a story of two horses. The one with the best master is the one with the best life. Jesus is the best master to serve,” Crawford said. Crawford said the focus of Emmanuel Baptist’s children’s ministry is to give the future generation a Biblebased foundation. “We want a children’s ministry founded on God’s word. The most significant thing to us is that the children learn about Jesus,” he said. For the dedication on Nov. 24, Emmanuel Baptist Church will host an open house from 9-10:45 a.m.; a worship service from 10:30-11:45 a.m., and a book sale from 11:45 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. The church is at 4207 Laskey Road, Toledo. For more information, call (419) 473-3280 or visit the website www. O David Yonke is the editor and community manager of Toledo Faith & Values (, a website that provides in-depth, nonsectarian news coverage of religion, faith and spirituality in the Toledo area.

photo by david yonke

Emmanuel Baptist Church to add children’s wing


Community Rev. Duke Crawford, left, and the Rev. Dave Rodgers, pastor for soul care and family ministries.

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To register for an informational event, call 888-533-6360 or visit

Enrollment is limited, so learn more today.

November 24, 2013

Community 11

A Toledo tradition since 2005

LGBT community

By Sarah Ottney


Toledo’s Holiday with Heart Charity Gayla isn’t just a fancy night out that longtime attendees look forward to each year. It’s also the longest running annual fundraiser benefiting local lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) causes in the state. Taglined “the premier social event for LGBT community and friends,” the 36th annual event will take place 4-11 p.m. Dec. 8 at The Toledo Club, 235 14th St. Tickets are $75; a group reserving a table of 10 will receive two complimentary bottles of wine. Attendees can expect an elegant evening with a served dinner, cash bar, DJ and dancing, live entertainment, 50-50 raffle and plenty of networking and socializing opportunities, said Rick Cornett, a member of the group’s board of directors. “The Toledo Club is a historic and beautiful place for our event and all the Christmas trees and decorations are breathtaking,” Cornett said. “It is a great way to kick off the holiday season for a good cause that benefits the local LGBT community.” Jazz vocalist Kelly Broadway will perform during the cocktail hour. Grand Lubell Photography will offer Photo Booth Live. New this year is a special guest performance by the Toledo Opera and a Latin Dance Expo by Michelle Brewer. A DJ will take requests for dancing all night. Drag entertainers MaKayla Sinclair Styles and Rya Chiffon along with male models from Cityboyz Fashion Menswear will sell 50-50 raffle tickets. Reserving tickets early is suggested as the 300-seat Gayla has sold out for the past several years, Cornett said. Reservation deadline is Dec. 2. “Since we have outgrown the main dining room upstairs, the dining portion of the evening will take place downstairs on the entire first floor,” Cornett said. “This gives us an additional 50 seats. We did this last year for the first time and it worked out really well.” All are welcome, said Cornett, who has attended the event since 1991. “Although this charity benefits LGBT causes, we want everyone to know that our straight allies are welcome to join us,” he said. “The evening is a fun mix of younger and older people who enjoy the diversity the

LGBT community is known for. This isn’t an invite-only event.” Among this year’s beneficiaries will be Rainbow Area Youth (RAY), a local nonprofit peer group for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning teens age 13-19. “We are excited to be benefiting Rainbow Area Youth this year for the first time,” Cornett said. “That organization is a great asset to the needs of LGBT youth. Coming out can be a hard and scary time for someone young who is trying to find acceptance from family, friends, classmates and co-workers. I wish a group like RAY had been around in the 1980s when I was coming out and trying to find my way.” Last year’s Gayla raised $13,000 for beneficiaries including The Toledo Pride Foundation, the Toledo office of AIDS Resource Center Ohio, The Gay and Lesbian Student Endowment Fund at the University of Toledo and The Holiday with Heart Fund. All funds raised stay local. “Each year we raise more money than the year before,” Cornett said. The Holiday with Heart Fund is administered through the Toledo Community Foundation. The fund was established in 2011 in memory of Gayla co-founder Dick Flock. Once an initial $25,000 is raised, the fund will be used to support local LGBT causes year round. So far, almost $19,000 has been raised. “Once this goal is met we will be able to disperse funds to various local LGBT causes throughout the year,” Cornett said. “This year we dipped into our general fund and assisted Pride Center 419 with a donation of $650 to help them with daily operations. We are committed to keeping all funds raised here in Northwest Ohio.” The Gayla has become much more than just a fun social evening, said Ed Hoffman, Flock’s partner, fellow event co-founder and committee member. “More and more it’s taking on the role of a major fundraiser so we have something for the future,” Hoffman said. “There are so many needs out there and many of the needs of the straight community and the gay community coincide. The fact of the matter is, it’s important to all.” Other committee members are Andrew Larsen, Wayne North, Kennyetta White, Steve Maenle and David Bingham. Full time volunteers include Billy Mann and Rickie Waugh. Toledo Free Press is a media sponsor of the Gayla. For more information, visit O

photo courtesy holiday with heart

36th annual Holiday with Heart fundraiser set for Dec. 8



Is Here. And Here. And Here!

The 36th annual Holiday with Heart Charity Gayla is set for Dec. 8 at the Toledo Club. Pictured, from left, are committee members wayne north, rick cornett, andrew larsen and david bingham.


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One Otterbein, Three Convenient Locations!

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LORI STITELY (419) 833-8917

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12 Community

A Toledo tradition since 2005

November 24, 2013


By Brandi Barhite

Toledo Free Press Community Ombudsman

Scot Rossi sees potential and usability where most see vacancy and blight. The Toledo architect began his craft designing factories and hospitals, but could easily spend the rest of his career on what he calls “adaptive reuse.” There is certainly enough to do. “I found out that there is almost 2 million square feet of unoccupied buildings Downtown. That is a big niche,” said the partner at Rossi & Associates. “I don’t call myself a historic preservationist. Ninety percent of my clients are private businesspeople. They don’t want to mess with federal grants and tax credits. We are into adaptive reuse and doing smart things to old buildings.” Rossi was the mastermind behind the Bartley Lofts, which involved converting a concrete warehouse into 50 condos ranging from 1,200 square feet to more than 2,500 square feet with two levels of indoor parking and a rooftop pool.  When he was designing Pizza Papalis, which had been home to Brenda’s Body Shop, some preservationists complained. One of them even said, “Do we really want a pizza place in Downtown?” Rossi fired back. “How about I put the stripper pole back in? How would you like that?”  The usually personable Rossi became irritated because they were fighting development. If every building in Downtown had to be historically accurate, hardly anything would get saved, he said. “There were a lot of people who tried to get in the way and block it.” But Rossi said the sometimes contentious business of finding new uses for old buildings is worth it. He would rather find a way to reuse a building than knock it down. He can’t talk much about his current project without his client’s permission; however, it involves finding a new use for a Downtown mail center. “I see a lot of potential in Downtown,” Rossi said. “One of the first buildings I did in Downtown was the Durty Bird. There was a young kid who had a love for that building and he had an inside scoop where the ballpark was going to be. Everyone told him to knock it down and make a parking lot.” The building should have been condemned, Rossi said. It had sat empty for years and had excessive water damage.  n ROSSI CONTINUES ON 14

toledo free press photo by joseph herr

Architect designs ways to reuse Downtown buildings


Scot Rossi said he sees a lot of potential for building and development in downtown toledo.

November 24, 2013

Community 13.

A Toledo tradition since 2005

Support Your LocaL reStaurantS

“We are your neighbors, friends and family. Our kids play together.We listen when you are sad, mad and happy — and when you are hungry, we feed you and your family the food that we made with our own two hands.When you are thirsty, we are the first to sit and share a pint and laugh along with you or just offer company. And at the end of the day, we watch the same sunset from the same view.We are local.” – Tony Bilancini, Owner of Swig Restaurant

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Loma Linda Celebrating 58 years.

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Monroe Street ~ Spring Meadows ~ 6945 Central Ave ~ MANHATTAN’S

14 Community n ROSSI CONTINUED FROM 12 A couple of million dollars later, Durty Bird opened. It also opened Rossi’s eyes to what could become of other empty buildings in Downtown. “That was the worst-conditioned building I have ever seen and if I can bring that back to life, I see no problem with any building.”

Laying a foundation

From the start, Rossi could differentiate between what his dad did as a structural engineer and what the architects did. “The architects made the building function and aesthetic, and he made them stand up. He designed the beams and columns; we designed the floor plans,” Rossi said. But he doesn’t consider himself an artist. “It has never been what I think should be there. It is what the client wants, what plan commission allows, what the building permit allows,” he said. “Every architect should know what the laws and codes are, especially with ADA. You don’t just get to work with a blank sheet of paper.” Rossi graduated from UT in 1981 with an associate degree in architectural technology and went on to earn a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from The Ohio State University in 1984. “My father gave every family member the same opportunity: Go to college, become an architect or engineer and then you can share in the ownership and partnership in the firm. My brother Brad and I accomplished that.” One former professor, Daryl Blanchard, remembers Rossi well.

toledo free press photo by joseph herr

Rossi’s dad, Robert, started the company under the name R. A. Rossi, Consulting Engineers in 1960. The first location was at Dorr Street and Byrne Road. By the early ’70s, the elder Rossi had moved the firm to its current location at 970 S. Byrne Road, in a building he bought and later added onto. “I knew I wanted to be an architect when I was 8, 9 years old,” Rossi said. “The only time I saw my father was when he dragged me in here. He worked seven days a week. I used to hang around here and he would put me on a drafting board and I would just sit and draw. “One of his architects, I walked by his office and saw a beautiful rendering, and thought, ‘Boy, that is what I want to do.’”

A Toledo tradition since 2005


Scot Rossi graduated from UT in 1981.

“He was always a cheerful and happy person. He always seemed to be interested in buildings because his father is a structural engineer. He had grown up around building structures. He was always interested in how buildings were put together.” Rossi said Rossi & Associates is an unusual partnership because most architects don’t work directly with engineers. They are typically at odds, he said; they think differently. n ROSSI CONTINUES ON 15


November 24, 2013

Rossi & Associates projects n Bartley Lofts n Durty Bird n Genesis Village n Hickory Farms n Mayores Senior Center n PizzaPapalis Taverna n Toledo Country Club n Toledo Express Airport n Sujkowski Funeral Home

n Swan Creek Candle Company n Westgate Village Shopping Centre Among many others … Visit

“Money for Nothing”

presented by Treece Investment Advisory Corp.

Tuesday, December 3 6:30 p.m. Maumee Indoor Theater Tickets free of charge

Reserved seating required. Limited Seating. Reservations can be made by emailing: Name, Telephone number and Number of tickets to

n ROSSI CONTINUED FROM 14 While Brad said he always wanted to stay in Toledo. Rossi wanted to get out of Toledo. He dreamed of Boston, New York City or Los Angeles. He told architect Bob Martin, founder of the Collaborative, “I don’t want to work for the family.” “He was the one who talked me into staying in town, because you can become a big fish in a little pond here. It was easier to do what I wanted to do than if I ended up in New York or Boston like a lot of my friends,” Rossi said.

A Toledo tradition since 2005

Community 15

toledo free press photo by joseph herr

November 24, 2013

Rough draft

After college, Rossi worked on Whirlpool factories and hospitals, among other local and out-of-state projects. At that time, he did drawings by hand. “We have done Dana, Ford and Chrysler. We started out as an industrial firm, but they just don’t build factories here anymore,” he said. The firm employed 38 people at one time, compared to eight today. Computers changed the business drastically. “One day our office manager set this monster of a computer on my desk and said, “There you go.” Older architects often don’t work on computers or know computer-aided design, he said, but nearly everyone who works at Rossi & Associates is an expert in it. “It was something kind of forced on us. You spend all that time learning something in school and then it is like, ‘Do it this way.’” The company struggled at first. “That is one reason the firm dwindled. We had people who couldn’t acclimate. Old-school guys said, ‘I am going to retire, these darn computers.’” Even today, Rossi does 75 percent of his drawings himself, but he doesn’t sketch something on a piece of paper and hand it to someone. “I still like to draw by hand and conceptualize by hand. I still like to make models.” Rossi got into churches as his career progressed, as did his brother who designed St. Joan of Arc and St. Andrew United Methodist. One of Rossi’s favorite jobs was St. James Church “The Armory,” which seats 2,800 people. “The space is acoustically perfect. They built it for a shell space and it sat for years and years and years,” Rossi said. “Then they interviewed every architect in town. When they got to me I realized they were going through the phone book. I walked in and every architect had their renderings on the wall.” The bishop had a huge request: Everyone had to see its stained glass window.  Rossi’s favorite part of working with churches is the committees of people who all have ideas about how it should be designed.  “It is like doing a house for 500 people,” Rossi said. “If you just appease everyone, you are doing the client a disservice. You have to mix it up and not everyone is going to get their way.” Pastor William James said of The Armory his late father got the project started with Rossi, while he saw it to fruition. “The goal was to make it more contemporary. Scot saw the vision that we wanted and helped us build a state-of-the-art facility. He knew where we were trying to go and he took that concept and built on it.”


A DOwnTown toledo loft designed by architect scot rossi.

Blurred lines

Rossi gets his vision from the client. It is about what they want to do. It is about their problems with the building and how he can solve them. Whenever possible, he likes to keep the bones of a Downtown building: the overhead door, the brick wall, the exposed structure and the overall industrial look of it. But again it comes down to what the clients want. Many building owners want energy-efficient windows, while a historic preservationist would recommend taking them out, restoring them and putting them back in. “Replacing the old windows is a no-brainer to me,” Rossi said. Often, the building has to be gutted. “You are getting rid of the mechanical systems that are antiquated — steam boilers in basements and taking care of the areas riddled with asbestos.” One of the problems he often sees is horse hair in the plaster, which can cause anthrax. That is why Rossi always advises his Downtown clients to hire his “tester guy.” “If I work in a vacuum and work all by myself, I am not going to be successful. I represent the owner. I hire mechanical and electrical engineers. I help them find the right contractors and subcontractors.” When he designed Ann Albright’s condo, she opted to keep some of the features of the former mill location. When the grain was rolling over the wooden wheels, it created a beaded effect on the wood. Albright accented her condo with this wood. “As much as possible, we try to keep something in the building and do something fun with it,” Albright said. Rossi is great to work with because he understands what private developers are up against, she said. He also did her Swan Creek

Candle Company location, which won a preservation award. “If you are financing the project yourself, you have to make it work. He understands that the best,” she said. “You can go get money, but then you have to do it their way. Ultimately, I did the numbers on it and you don’t save any money by going after grants. You are better off finding an architect like Scot and making it work.” Albright said she also likes keeping the bones of the building, leaving the beams and exposing the brick. “We leave as much as possible of the history of the building within the constraints of present-day codes,” she said. Some of Rossi’s clients struggle with understanding why they need handicap bathrooms for their restaurants, especially if it is for the third floor. What people don’t realize is that handicap isn’t just a person who needs a wheelchair, he said. Handicapped could mean blind or hearing impaired. Rossi is direct with his clients. “This is what the government says you have to. We can fight it. Here is how much money it will cost. We won’t win.”

Rewriting history

Diane Keil-Hipp, president of the Warehouse District Association, said finding new uses for old buildings is encouraging but needs oversight. Starting in January, members of the association’s architectural review committee will review proposals for Downtown buildings. Their suggestions will factor into whether developers can get a permit from the City of Toledo. “We try to be flexible and broad and protect the integrity of the neighborhood. It is a fine line and something you do on a case-by-case basis,” Keil-Hipp said. “We  have some good people on our committee who are broad thinkers and they have invested in

the neighborhood themselves and understand, ‘Hey, I am the one forking over the bucks.’” Ohio Historic Society spokesman Tom Wolf said developers are encouraged to preserve the significant historic aspects of a building, but if developers aren’t using tax credits or grants, they aren’t under any obligation. He said saving a building can come in many forms and it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. “In general, we like to see older buildings reused whenever possible,” he said.    That’s something that works for Rossi — and his clients. He gets some of his best ideas for adaptive reuse when he is at home on his four acres.  Even though he comes into the office every day, it isn’t until he gets home and eats dinner that he can relax and work from his office.  Although building from the ground up is a rare — and coveted — project, he chose not to build his South Toledo house. “I would go insane. I would get information overload. But when you give me an old house with good bones, well, I know what I can and can’t do. I am in the process of renovating my house for the past 15 years,” he said, laughing. Rossi has never been married, but has been with the same woman, Karen Dunne, for 27 years. She more than anyone sees his commitment to adaptive reuse. She loves to watch over his shoulder as he works.  Dunne is a manager at Stella’s in Perrysburg, which Rossi also designed. It’s hard to go anywhere without seeing his touch on something, she said. She especially loved seeing his satisfaction when the Bartley Lofts were finished.  “I am fascinated to see something he has on paper and then six months to a year later it is standing,” she said. “The thing about Scot is he doesn’t like what he does, he loves what he does.” That love could save Downtown. O

16 Business Link

A Toledo tradition since 2005

November 24, 2013


Bank of Maumee purchased by Princeton Capital By Jay Hathaway


A Maumee bank has landed a new backer, freeing it from the confines of a previously dismal situation, its president says. The Bank of Maumee, 3425 Briarfield Blvd., has turned its majority ownership over to Princeton Capital, a holding company based in Princeton, N.J. The majority share was previously held by the now bankrupt Capitol Bancorp of Lansing, Mich. The shift officially took place Nov. 18. The Bank of Maumee’s president, Kevin Rahe, said the change was welcome. “As Capitol Bancorp’s financial condition continued to deteriorate, we started looking to exit. We had tried twice previously, and then last year, they actually declared bankruptcy,” Rahe said. Capitol fell on hard times during the housing market crash, but still managed to continue operating some of its banks over the past three years. Inversely, the Bank of Maumee, founded in 2006, had enjoyed a fair amount of growth throughout the years. Despite that growth, Rahe said the association with Capitol had become restrictive. “Capitol always stated that they would be able to provide additional capital, as needed. If we continued to grow, we expected them to provide additional capital. Well, we grew, and that was the same time they started to have their difficulties, and they were not able to provide the capital necessary to meet our growth.” While Capitol Bancorp struggled to keep its problematic bank holdings afloat, the Bank of Maumee continued to be hamstrung by the diminished support. “Those [other banks] became a real source of difficulty for our balance sheet,” Rahe said.



Incidentally, it was Capitol’s relationship with the Bank of Maumee that brought Princeton into the mix, though indirectly. Gary Hoyer, CEO and managing member of Princeton, said that his group was initially looking for investment opportunities through Capitol. When the investors declined, Princeton looked at Capitol’s federal bank holdings and took an interest in the Bank of Maumee. “We had been looking for a federal savings bank for a period of time,” Hoyer said. “A bank is not something you can just go into a store and pick off the shelf. You’ve got to look around for one that may meet some of your criteria, and one that you may be able to negotiate for acquisition.” “While we knew generally where the bank was, we had never visited [the area], and actually had no idea where Maumee was,” he added. At first, Capitol did not want to sell the Bank of Maumee. However, after considering their need for cash they eventually reconsidered. Hoyer said he was initially skeptical about acquiring a bank in Northwest Ohio, due to the recent economic struggles of Detroit and the Rust Belt. However, after visiting the area, he realized that Maumee has much to offer. “We were very pleasantly surprised,” Hoyer said. “It is a fantastic community that obviously really supports community banks, which was really important to us. There is a tremendous amount of small-business activity and a diversified economy. We kind of did a ‘180’ in our thought process.” One of the first things that Hoyer and his colleagues from Princeton did before purchasing the Bank of Maumee was review the bank’s loan portfolio. They then went out to meet some of the bank’s customers. “We think there’s a lot of value in smaller institutions, and we very much like the idea of a community bank supporting vibrant

communities like Maumee,” Hoyer said. “I tip my hat to everybody there in the area. They’ve done a great job struggling through what was a tough economy.” Both Hoyer and Rahe agreed the new relationship between Princeton and the Bank of Maumee will provide great benefits for both entities, as well as the community. “The people that have been here, the customers we have here, everyone we have dealt with for the last seven years remains the same,” Rahe said. “What Princeton brings to the table is a business model for residential mortgages and commercial lending that fits perfectly into our thrift charter. We have that source of revenue to grow, based on their business model, yet maintaining the community banking flavor that we’ve had for the last seven years.” “We bring some additional capital, and the bank needs [that] for purposes of strength and opportunity growth, [and] we bring some new products and services to the bank,” Hoyer added. With Princeton’s backing, the Bank of Maumee will now be free to take advantage of its federal lender status, and seeks to increase its local presence in mortgage loans. “A federal thrift is typically focused on providing a lot of consumer and residential mortgage loans, but [under Capitol Bancorp] Bank of Maumee never did any of that,” Hoyer said. “That will change.” The bank of Maumee will continue to provide small business loans in the area and throughout the Great Lakes region as well. Though Princeton now owns a 51 percent majority share of the Bank of Maumee, Rahe emphasized that there are still a significant number of local investors, and additional investment prospects. “Because of the opportunity we have available, there still is an opportunity for qualified — and I emphasize ‘qualified’ — investors to invest in the holding company, Princeton Capital.” O

Another look at the Federal Reserve System

Note: Part 2 in a series. hen the United States was still on the gold standard, depositors could literally take their greenback notes to a bank and exchange them for gold or silver. Great Britain used to be on the gold standard as well, until 1914 and the start of World War I, when their need for cash to finance the war surpassed the need to trade currency for metal. Following World War I, the U.S. became the world financial leader as it was not bogged down by debt and excessive spending from the war, and had roughly as much gold as all of Europe combined. Following the war and the start of the ’20s, the U.S. had a brief bout of unemployment and inflation, but the fiscal policies of Presidents Harding

and Coolidge helped introduce an eco- doors for good. Of course, this was nomic boom. During this decade, the before the days of FDIC. Fastforward to 1944 Federal Reserve took on a and the Bretton Woods policy of expanding credit Conference. Out of this by setting interest rates gathering the Intervery low and minimizing national Money Fund reserve requirements for (IMF) and Internamember banks. This retional Bank of Reconsulted in drastic growth struction and Develof money supply and conopment (IBRD) were sumers overleveraging formed, but there was a themselves, a perfect setmuch larger and more up for a depression. Ben TREECE important result of this Just before the crash of 1929, the Fed did attempt to combat gathering. It was mandated that the crisis by raising rates and slowing all of the participating nations at down the economy, but it was too late. Bretton Woods must tie their curRising rates resulted in bank runs rency through an exchange rate to and lending institutions simply had the U.S. dollar (USD). Therefore, no money to give; many closed their while the USD was tied to gold, all

other currencies were tied to the USD, essentially making the Fed the “World’s Bank.” By 1965, spending and inflation were out of hand with Lyndon B. Johnson’s “Great Society.” The Fed knew at that point that the only way to combat the out-of-control inflation rate was to raise interest rates, but LBJ would not allow it, as he felt that rising rates would hinder the progress his administration had made. In 1971, Richard Nixon took the U.S. off the gold standard, and for the first time in U.S. history our currency was only worth the full faith and credit of the United States government. For those interested in learning more beyond this series, Treece Investment Advisory Corp. will host a

film screening of the Federal Reserve documentary “Money for Nothing: Inside the Federal Reserve” at 6:30p.m. Dec. 3 at the Maumee Indoor Theatre. There is no cost to attend, but we do require reservations, as seating is limited. Anyone who would like to attend may call our office at (419) 8437744 or email your name, telephone number and the number of seats you would like to reserve to tickets@ O Ben Treece is a 2009 graduate from the University of Miami (FL), BBA International Finance and Marketing. He is a partner with Treece Investment Advisory Corp ( and licensed with FINRA through Treece Financial Services Corp.

Knowing Tomorrow's Endeavors TODAY. Tune in with your MEGA Host Lord Jeffrey Potter Saturdays 8 - 10 AM

November 24, 2013

A Toledo tradition since 2005

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Buy, hold or sell stocks now? T his year we have seen major gains in the stock market indices. This follows gains made in the past four years. This now puts many of the major stock market indices at all-time record highs. Some investors are now starting to feel comfortable with getting back into the stock market, while other investors are starting to wonder if it is time to sell. So what should you do? The answer depends onwhether buying or selling would increase the probability of an investor reaching their financial goals. Just because the stock markets are at an all-time high doesn’t mean it’s time to sell. It also doesn’t mean that all stocks in the index are overpriced and aren’t attractive to buy. Mark Let’s remember that in the short term the performance of the stock market is Nolan beyond your control so we recommend considering the following three guidelines:

Guideline No. 1: Reasons to buy stocks

The six month period from November to April has gained 473 percent for the SP 500 since 1990. That is nine times greater than the 52.6 percent return achieved during the May through October time frame, according to BTN Research. Although the S&P 500 Index is an unmanaged index that you cannot invest directly into, it shows that, if history repeats, there could be more market gains to come. The younger an investor is, the more time he or she has on their side to successfully invest. In most cases any younger worker should start to save a portion of their income in a retirement savings account, such as a 401(k) or an IRA. Ask any retiree and you will learn the value and importance of saving early. Stocks can also be a great option for part of a retiree’s savings. Many times the goal of stock investing for younger investors is growth. Although growth is still important for a retiree, income can be a more important goal during retirement. Certain dividend-paying stocks still offer great income options for retirees that are not available in most traditional fixed accounts.

Guideline No. 2: Reasons to stay in stocks

Keeping part of the portfolio in stocks can make sense for most investors at any age. Yet, while stocks indices are close to or at an all time high, it is important to review the downside risk management strategy. In our office, we call it having “circuit breakers” in place on stock accounts. Instead of trying to time the stock market, the primary objective of adding this to a portfolio is to protect against significant

losses. With the technology available today, protecting gains can also be accomplished as well. Long-term investors with little to no current need of their investments who avoid allowing their emotions to get involved in making investment decisions may also be better able to ride the ups and downs of the stock market. Looking back at previous years, we learn that over the long term, owning stocks can be a great investment.

Guideline No. 3: Reasons to sell stocks Consider paying off your debt. For a retiree having debt can be a major drawCLAIR back to a relaxing retirement as it often takes a large part of the monthly spendBAKER able income to cover debt payments. I have told many investors I have met with that it’s O.K. to use the profits, just try not to touch the principal. Investors on track and ahead of their goals should review paying off any outstanding debts. Investors who are more conservative could sell some stocks to protect gains. Don’t forget about what happened in 2008. Stocks have grown significantly and an investor’s portfolio may have gotten out of balance. Bonds have gotten a lot of negative media attention lately, but not all bonds are bad investments. They can still be used to help diversify a portfolio. Principally protected investments are also safe places to move gains into. Protect income. Add up the income sources - work, Social Security, pension and investment income. We believe it is important to have a plan B in place with income needs. This can be accomplished by keeping three to five years’ worth of money in safe investments. In the event of a major stock market downturn, an investor could change his or her investment income strategy and draw current income needs from the safe money and not be forced to sell stocks in the down market. O For more information about The Retirement Guys, tune in every Saturday at 1 p.m. on 1370 WSPD or visit www. Securities and Investment Advisory Services are offered through NEXT Financial Group Inc., Member FINRA / SIPC. NEXT Financial Group, Inc. does not provide tax or legal advice. The Retirement Guys are not an affiliate of NEXT Financial Group. The office is at 1700 Woodlands Drive, Suite 100, Maumee, OH 43537. (419) 842-0550. Diversification is a strategy that is designed to reduce risk, it does not guarantee against loss.

HeRe CoMeS THe Fun

Two BIG Shopping Days Our Winter Spectatcular! A showplace of fine handmade juried crafts, gifts and holiday decorations that will make your season bright. Free Admission & Parking Collecting donations for Toys for Tots. • (419) 842-1925

E y E on y ou r W E E k E n d

with Toledo Free Press Pop Culture Roundtable: James A. Molnar | Jeff McGinnis | Jim Beard | Michael S. Miller | Fridays at 6 p.m.

EyE on your WEEkEnd

18 Star

A Toledo tradition since 2005

November 24, 2013


By Amy Campbell

Toledo Free PreS s Staff Writer

It’s safe to say that most people enjoy cake, but can they be entertained by cake? Answers in the “yes” column may have been boosted over the past several years by the increasing number of cake competition shows on TV, but a live cake decorating show? Really? Yes, really. The crowd at the Stranahan Theater on Nov. 16 left no doubt that cake is cool, especially if it’s being iced, piped and made fondant-fantastic by the Cake Boss, Bartolo “Buddy” Valastro. The star of TLC’s “Cake Boss,” “Cake Boss: Next Great Baker” and, most recently, “Bakery Boss,” was greeted like a rock star as he made his entrance down the left aisle of the theater, giving high fives to screaming fans. Even after he’d ascended to the stage and the packed house settled down, occasional shouts of “I love you Buddy!” punctuated the relative quiet, and were usually answered with, “I love you, too.” Buddy is the boss, and now the TV-star front-man, for Carlo’s Bakery in Hoboken, N.J., established in 1910 and owned by the Valastro family since 1964. An institution in Hoboken for decades, Carlo’s became nationally known when “Cake Boss” premiered in 2009. The reality show follows Buddy and his crew, made up largely of family members, as they create elaborate cakes for a range of occasions and clients, pull pranks on each other and navigate the occasional infighting. Buddy is the youngest of five children and the only boy, so one could understand if he’d wanted to pursue other aspirations and leave the family bakery to his sisters. The thought never crossed his mind, he said. “I started at the bakery at a very young age and grew up learning everything there was to know about the business,” Buddy said. “This is what I’ve always wanted to do.” Buddy told the audience his goal was to help them become the cake boss in their own kitchens. With the help of a cameraman and a big screen above the worktable, Buddy demon-

strated first on cupcakes, always telling the audience what tip he had on his piping bag in case they wanted to try it at home. After piping a “puff flower” with thick icing petals that made the audience “ooo” and “ahh,” he said, “Now moms, next time you’re making something for a bake sale, that’s what I want to see.” He created three different flowers, ending with the 3-D rose. Using a tool called a “rose nail” as his platform, he deftly squeezed and maneuvered the piping bag to the delight of the audience. Then, it was time for a little showmanship. “Now I’m going to do one for you blindfolded,” he said. The crowd cheered, then hushed as he began. The finished rose, as perfect as the first, prompted another cheer, and some earnest speculation from a little girl in row M. “I think he practices that,” she said. All the treats created on-stage were given away to audience members, with winners decided by lighthearted competitions including a hula hoop contest. While the holistic marketing effort beind the production could not be denied — a grocery chain that carries Cake Boss frozen cakes sponsored the show, Cake Boss baking supplies featured prominently and plugs for the new TV show abounded — Buddy seemed exceedingly genuine and was honest about what you need to decorate cakes, and what you don’t. Demonstrating the proper application of fondant to a cake, he pulled out a fondant smoother and told the crowd it was a necessary tool for the job. “Now, I see I have an air bubble in my fondant,” he continued. “So I’m going to use this poker,” he said, producing a thin wire with a handle. “This is an unnecessary tool. You can use a toothpick.” Buddy’s Toledo appearance was one of 16 he’s making in November alone, most on consecutive nights. He does it, he said, because it’s important to him to meet as many of his fans as possible, but there’s another reason, too. “My father always wanted Carlo’s Bakery to become a household name,” Buddy said. “The best part of all of this is that I’m making my dad’s dream come true.” O

photo courtesy TLC

Cake Boss Buddy Valastro gives Toledo fans a sugar high


Bartolo ‘Buddy’ Valastro is The star of TLC’s ‘Cake Boss: Next Great Baker.’

Premier Downtown event anD recePtion center

N o w B o o ki n g H oliday Parties!

601 Monroe St. Right Across from Fifth Third Field

Contact Jennifer Elliot: 419-481-5206

Wednesday, Nov. 27th

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Dave Carpenter

November 24, 2013

Star 19

A Toledo tradition since 2005


By Matt Liasse Toledo Free Press Staff Writer

When newlyweds Ben and Cassy Vollmar first met in 2010, they talked about coffee. Ben, dreaming of one day own his owning coffee shop, and Cassy, wanting to open a cart selling flowers and coffee, realized they had similar dreams right away. “That was fun; right off the bat we started talking about coffee,” Cassy said. Today, the two are making their dreams reality. The couple plans to open Flatlands Coffee this spring at 138 N. Main St. in Bowling Green, next to Ink Mafia Body Art Studio. A Kickstarter campaign for their collaborative effort went live on Nov. 2. They hope to raise $60,000 by Dec. 2. Together, the two want to make what they called “an authentic coffee experience.” “[Our vision is] just to create a welcoming, creative-inducing atmosphere where customers can really enjoy the uppermost quality

in terms of service and product,” Ben said. “Our mission is to bring the best in the country to Bowling Green, Ohio.” The two have done research by touring the country and visiting toprated coffee shops in an attempt to learn as much as they can. Ben became most passionate after visiting Intelligentsia Coffee & Tea in Chicago. “You can taste the difference, smell the difference and see the difference in the whole atmosphere,” he said. “Every little detail spoke quality and you could easily experience that for yourself and make the same judgment. It was really obvious.” With Flatlands, Ben will assume responsibility for the coffee and Cassy, the atmosphere. “We’ve been able to see what others are doing, which can spark further ideas,” Ben said. The coffee shop will offer many different brewing methods, including: a siphon pot (Ben’s favorite), pour-overs and an espresso machine. Flatlands will serve roasts by Zingerman’s Coffee Company, Actual Coffee, Counter Culture Coffee,

Intelligentsia Coffee & Tea, La Colombe Coffee and Populace Coffee. “We’re always trying to perfect, tweak and make the coffee taste to its best capability,” Ben said. “That’s where service really comes in and is really important. We don’t want to be overwhelming but we want to be, at the same time, empowering customers to make knowledgeable, educated decisions as a consumer.” Ben decided he wanted to open a coffee shop six years ago. It began as a project for one of his college courses where he was to write a business plan. “The school project really got the ball rolling,” he said. Ben’s first idea was to open a venue that would be half coffee shop, half laundromat. With research, Ben quickly realized it wouldn’t work. His business plan for Flatlands Coffee has been tweaked many times since. Working at The Flying Joe in Perrysburg ignited his passion even more. Ben, born and raised in Bowling Green, always wanted to open his shop in his hometown. n COFFEE CONTINUES ON 20

photo courtesy ben vollmar

Campaign raising funds for ‘authentic coffee experience’ in BG


Ben and Cassy Vollmar hope to open a coffee house in Bowling Green.

20 Star

By Jeff McGinnnis

November 24, 2013

A Toledo tradition since 2005

Toledoan cooks up ‘Chicken Soup’

Toledo Free Press Pop Culture Editor

For years, Jill Kemerer has written stories, hoping to bring a little more light into the world. In addition to being a full-time mom, the Toledo resident has worked as a self-described “inspirational romance novelist.” “I write Christian romance novels. I’m not published yet,” Kemerer said in an interview with Toledo Free Press. “I’ve been writing full-time for about six years now. I KEMERER just really enjoy it, and am hoping to break in.” Now, after years of work honing her skills, Kemerer’s writing will soon be in front of more readers than ever before — her story “Operation Christmas Puppy” appears in the new “Chicken Soup for the Soul” collection, titled “It’s Christmas!” “I actually had a critique partner who actually had published through ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul,’ and she was really pleased with how the process went. And I thought, ‘Well, I might as well try it, too,’” Kemerer said. The process of submitting a story for inclusion in the series is surprisingly simple, Kemerer noted. The official website for the long-running series — — has directions for prospective contributors, notes on upcoming books in the franchise, deadlines and more. “And you actually just submit it through an online form — so it’s just very painless,” she said. Kemerer realized she had a subject that fit perfectly into the new holidaythemed collection. A story that took place four years ago, while the family n COFFEE CONTINUED FROM 19 “It’s got a great community but it’s limited in creative spaces,” he said. “All of the [Starbucks] locations here are so small and a lot of times you go in there and you won’t find seating … In addition to that, we have community spaces, but it’s for alcohol. We have a lot of bars. It’d be nice to add variety to that.” The two are putting a lot of planning into the store-front as well. Ben said it will look “radically different” from other stores Downtown. “We’re completely redoing the whole thing,” he said. “We’re bringing in some new ideas that we’ve only seen in Chicago and Seattle that Bowling

lived in Monroe, telling how Kemerer and her husband surprised their two children with the gift of a new puppy on Christmas Eve. “We had told our friends and family about it, obviously, when we got the dog — how we did it. But this was the first time I really put it into writing,” she said. “It’s really a fun little story. My husband and I wanted to get our kids a dog, and he had a friend who happens to breed little miniature dachshunds. And they were going to be ready right before Christmas. “So we ended up giving it to them for Christmas, and making it a surprise for them.” Given the trials involved in making the actual Operation Christmas Puppy a success — as detailed in her writing — Kemerer said that putting the story down on paper was the easy part. “It was actually really fun. I did it more as a diversion. I’ve always liked the books, and I thought, ‘Well, maybe I’ll try this.’ It was actually a really easy process for me. I mean, I feel really blessed, it didn’t take long to write,” she said. “I have a blog, and I tend to write very personal things on there, too. So the story itself felt like an extension of that, I guess.” Kemerer said she’s happy her tale will be part of a franchise as good-hearted as “Chicken Soup.” “I think they’re really warm, nice publications. You can read them and always have a smile on your face when you’re done, you know? If you’re looking for just a quick, happy moment in your day, they’re the perfect book to pick up.” Kemerer also takes joy in being part of a project that celebrates a time of year that’s dear to her heart, and to the hearts of many — though even during the holidays some hearts need a bit of healing. “Christmas is a really special time for a lot of people, and I think it can be a really painful time for a lot of people, too — because it does bring up memo-

Green has not experienced yet.” They plan to market their shop to students at Bowling Green State University. “We have the advantage that we’ve been students,” Ben said. Anyone can make a pledge at www. flatlands-coffee-an-authentic-coffeeexperience. The money would go toward the space, supplies, inventory, marketing, training and more. Pledgers of different magnitudes will receive incentives, ranging from a handwritten thank you note, T-shirts, bags of coffee, hand-crafted ceramic mugs, a table named after them when the shop opens and more. O

ries that maybe weren’t really so pleasent. So, when you can read about a situation where some kids really did get a dream come true, it kind of maybe, in some way, makes you feel better,” she said. “Christmas is that magical time where something really special

can happen.” And as an epilogue to her “Chicken Soup” tale, Sophie — the mini-dachshund at the center of “Operation Christmas Puppy” — may no longer be a puppy, but she is still a part of Kemerer’s family.

“Sophie is curled up right next to me, under a blanket, because that’s her favorite spot,” Kemerer said. “And the kids are still — they’re just getting older, and still love her. She’s just been a really fun addition to our family. She’s a good dog.” O


2012 Annual Report to the Community


On behalf of the Toledo Area Regional Transit Authority’s employees and Board of Trustees, I am pleased to present this Annual Report. The TARTA Board of Trustees and I recognize that without the support of our employees, passengers and constituents, the Authority would not continue to succeed.











TARTA’s main goal is to deliver superior service to our riders, as evidenced by 2012’s key activities: • Continued to develop TARTA Tracker, a web- and phone-based system that provides real-time bus route information available to everyone at • Grew ridership to nearly 3.5 million trips in 2012. Adult ridership grew by 8% and TARPS also posted increased ridership for the 16th consecutive year with an impressive 11.4% increase.













16% 100%

• Opened a new TARPS facility that boasts many “green” features.

TARTA Board of Trustees

• Expanded free ridership to allow those who qualify for TARPS to use TARTA’s fixed routes, Call-A-Ride and Muddy™ and Walleye shuttles for free.


Thanks to the support of passengers and constituents, TARTA continues to improve its services and offer high-quality public transit to the Toledo area.

Bonita Johnson Francis Frey

Steven Pecsenye Tom Ramsdell

(Vice President)

Barbara Sperr

Deb Angel

Troy Stevenson

Brian Fitch

Anthony Szilagye

Ted Kaczorowski

Dee Talmage

Jack Murphy

William Thomas

Shelly Papenfuse

Clifford Wright

Thank You,

James K. Gee TARTA General Manager

1127 W. Central Ave., Toledo, OH 43610 | 419-243-RIDE (7433)

TART323_5.9375x8.625_0124.indd 1

11/20/13 4:54 PM

November 24, 2013

Star 21

A Toledo tradition since 2005


Dombrowski goes big, not dumb


et it never be said that Dave Dombrowski is timid. Almost two years ago, he made headlines for the Detroit Ti-

gers by cracking open the pocketbook and signing Prince Fielder. Nine years, $214 million for the big man, the most expensive contract

in Tigers history. This week, he sent that money packing to the Lone Star State, trading Fielder to the Texas Rangers for Ian Kinsler.

With Walt Churchill’s Markets, get ready for

The Big Game


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The logic was perfectly sound though he still drove in 106 runs. when they signed Fielder back in More importantly, once the Detroit January of 2012. You already have Tigers entered the postseason, Fielder disappeared. Only a phenomenal power five hits in the ALDS, hitter in Miguel Caand four in the ALCS, brera, get another without a single RBI guy who can hit the in either game. I menlongball and avoid all tioned it before in this that messy intentional column: sometimes, walking. And boy, the power goes out. what a year 2012 was. While Fielder was Not only did Fielder flailing, another Tiger hit .313, with 30 home was dealing. Starting runs and 108 RBIs, but his presence allowed Matt CULBREATH pitcher Max Scherzer had an absolutely Cabrera to actually take ABs instead of walks, leading lights-out 2013 with a 21-3 record, a 2.90 ERA, and the Baseball Writers to his Triple Crown season. In 2013, however, Fielder dropped Association of America recognized off, batting .279 with 25 home runs, that season with the AL Cy Young. But with Scherzer coming up on the last year of his contract, Dombrowski had a situation on his hands - with so much money tied up in the bats and Justin Verlander, there’s no way they could pay Scherzer the money he’d command in free agency. They’d Don’t miss the fun have to trade him to get some value and education at before he walked. Woodcraft of Toledo! Unless Dave could make some of that salary go away, that is. Now I’m only assuming that’s the plan for Dombrowski. It could be that he leverages Scherzer for anDec. 7 • 1-2pm other player with a fat contract. Or Demo: maybe he’s simply bringing down Kreg Pocket Hole Jig the payroll so new manager Brad Dec. 14 • 1-2pm Ausmus has a fewer superstars to Demo: handle in his first year: the 2014 “win Honing Techniques now” roster with a rookie manager is now a thing of the past. Dec. 24 • 3pm But give Dombrowski credit, Closing Early he goes big without going dumb. Signing Fielder was bigger than just Dec. 25 • All Day Closed signing another big bat, namely because of his father’s service to the Tigers organization. But with Fielder’s struggles and more important issues Dec. 28 • 1-2pm to attend to with the roster, he didn’t Demo: surrender to the narrative of trading Pyrography away the hottest pitcher on the club. (Woodburning) Instead, he found a way to solve two problems at once (and got a pretty Dec. 31 • 3pm decent on-base guy, to boot). Closing Early Too often, we see the front offices of sports programs do too little, conJan. 1 • All Day Closed tent to play the waiting game a little too long. Or we see GMs who throw ridiculous money at aging talent, hoping that at the very least it’ll move tickets. Some are too bullheaded to admit that a change is needed, or to admit mistakes. 5311 Airport Hwy. Tigers fans may be bummed to Toledo, OH 43615 lose Fielder, but they know that their general manager will bring the right people to Comerica Park. O





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November 24, 2013

A Toledo tradition since 2005

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Third Rock



By Elizabeth Hazel

Your Tarotgram and Horoscope

Nov. 24 – 30, 2013

Events: 3rd to 4th quarter Moon Aries (March 21-April 19)

Libra (September 23-October 22)

Uncomfortable truths require processing time. Consider best responses on Tuesday. After Wednesday, your attention is absorbed by social and family holiday activities. Groups may be larger than usual. The weekend offers inspiration and mind-expanding experiences.

You may decide to set limits this week, possibly to steer clear of the typical holiday extravaganza (and its costs). Do less and do it beautifully! Style counts more than quantity. A new friendship gains momentum as the weekend arrives. Be open to new experiences.

Taurus (April 20-May 20)

Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

Persuading people to accept your viewpoint or plans will take patience. Gentle persistence leads to success. The holiday is fun-filled and gratifying; avoid over-indulgence. Dominant personalities compete for attention. Seek unusual weekend entertainment.

Others waffle and hedge on things that seem like good deals to you. Wait for them to come around to your viewpoint. Focus on love and generosity after Wednesday; you will be surrounded by lots of people. Someone tries to impress you, but may go too far.

Gemini (May 21-June 21)

Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)

Fuzzy thinking slows progress as the week begins. Clarify intentions on Tuesday. Being well-organized and sticking to a plan will give you more time to enjoy holiday socializing. People share exciting news about upgrades. Be ready for thrilling adventures on Saturday.

Keep your clear vision even when surrounded by fog. Staunch certainty reassures others. Big plans may have to be kept under wraps for now. Dive into the social joys of the holiday. Engage in sports, traveling, or tours; discover a new network and a new friend.

Cancer (June 22-July 22)

Capricorn (December 22-January 19)

Obstacles that seem insurmountable to you may be a breeze for others. Look at the big picture and re-evaluate midweek. The holiday will bring joyful encounters and news about marriages or births. As the weekend arrives, you’ll be ready for fresh landscapes and travel.

Wrap up old business early in the week. Focus on big gains rather than small disappointments. Events after Wednesday are especially joyful, and draw you toward plenty of fun and holiday treats with a variety of people. Children deliver special rewards.

Leo (July 23-August 22)

Aquarius (January 20-February 18)

Excessive piles of details “make work out of work” as the week begins. You overcome the pile by Tuesday. Upbeat messages from family and friends start arriving on Wednesday. Holiday gatherings may include unusual or foreign guests. Lucky timing yields benefits on Saturday.

Your sleeping schedule may be disrupted as the week begins. Get back on track on with a relaxing activity on Tuesday evening. The holiday is special because of new arrivals, traveling, or travelers. An unusual hope or wish may be fulfilled after Friday.

Virgo (August 23-September 22)

Pisces (February 19-March 20)

Your personal connections with long-distance and seldomseen people are revived and renewed this week. Uncertain situations are clarified on Tuesday. Cooperative scheduling facilitates everyone’s visiting priorities during the holiday. Good ideas pop up on Saturday.

The week may begin with anxieties. A bad situation can be fixed; solutions are presented on Tuesday. A fabulous holiday kicks off early on Wednesday with friends. Family members share many positive updates. After Friday, a fresh set of priorities roars into motion.

Elizabeth Hazel is a professional tarotist-astrologer and author. She gives readings every Wednesday at Attic on Adams above Manos Greek Restaurant. She may be contacted at (c) 2013

TFP Crossword

“TV’s Top Animals” ACROSS

1. Put forth some effort 4. Shaggy’s canine pal 11. Ages and ages and... 12. Yours and mine 13. Hawaiian dish 14. Hint of color 15. Baker from Toledo 16. He’s greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeatt! 21. “Play It Again, ----” 24. Voom preceder (twice) 26. “Mamma ----” 28. Eat in style 30. Walter Lantz’s pesky avian 34. ---- vera 35. Night before 36. Old squeeze 37. Impress, and then some 40. Pooch pair that has outrageous adventures 43. Drive-In on Secor and on Navarre 46. City Council candidate Nowak 49. August baby, probably 50. ---- Dhabi

by Dave DeChristopher 1





















































51. Plastic finish? 52. Noble canine who started on the big screen 53. Carell of “The Office” DOWN 1. 23 & 75 are part of it 2. “Middlemarch” author

9. On a date, maybe 10. Type of exam 17.Part of USN 18. Author Bagnold 19. Christensen of “Parenthood” 20. Prior to this moment 22. MSN rival 23. Bullwinkle J. ---25. Impress, and then some 26. Banged Stooge 27. Make like 28. Where 4-Down meets 29. Hot off the presses 31. Yvonne ---- Carlo 32. “Metamorphosis” poet 33. Mega-quiz 38. Martial art featuring slow movements 39. Flower part 41. Certain Ivy Leaguer 42. Obsolete autocrat 44. (----)-Wan Kenobi 45. Religious woman 46. McCartney hit 47. Singer DiFranco 48. Lisa, to Bart

3. He recently learned to walk 4. Where Sherrod Brown works 5. Small bit of machinery 6. Individual 7. Portuguese is its official language 8. “---- Hear a Waltz?” n CROSSWORD ANSWERS FOUND ON 26

November 24, 2013


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Loma Linda

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10400 Airport Hwy. (1.2 miles east of Toledo Express Airport)


HOURS: M Mo Monday-Thursday onday nd day ay-T -Th Thu hurs hurs rsd day 11 da 11 aa.m. .m. .m m. – 11 11 p p.m. .m m. d 11 a.m. – Midnight Mid i h | Sunday S d Closed C Cl Friday-Saturday



7742 W. Bancroft (1 Mi. West of McCord) 419-841-7523 Open Monday to Saturday 11 a.m. Closed Sundays & Holidays

10” x 10.25” ad

November 24, 2013

Classified 25

A Toledo tradition since 2005

community legal notices

FORFEITED LAND SALE ­— THIS NOTICE IS REQUIRED BY OHIO REVISED CODE SECTION 5723 Thursday, December 5, 2013 at 10:00 a.m. at the Lucas County Courthouse. The lands, lots, and parts of lots, in the County of Lucas, forfeited to the state for the nonpayment of taxes, together with the taxes, assessments, charges, penalties, interest, and costs charged thereon, agreeably to law, and the dates which said lands, lots, and parts of lots will be offered for sale, are contained and described in the following lists. Notice is hereby given to all concerned, that if the taxes, assessments, charges, penalties, interest, and costs charged on said list are not paid into the county treasury, and the county treasurer’s receipt produced for the payment, before the respective dates mentioned in this notice for the sale, each tract, lot, and part of lot, so forfeited, on which taxes, assessments, charges, penalties, interest, and costs remain unpaid, will be offered for sale on the respective dates mentioned in this notice for said sale, at One Government Center in the county, in order to satisfy such taxes, assessments, penalties, interest, and costs, and that the sale will be adjourned from day to day until each tract, lot and part of lot specified in said list has been disposed of, or offered for sale. If the tract, lot, or part of lot so forfeited, is sold for an amount that is less than the amount of the delinquent taxes, assessments, charges, penalties, and interest against it, the court, in a separate order, may enter a deficiency judgment against the last owner of record of the tract, lot, or part of lot before its forfeiture to the state, for the amount of the difference, if that owner of record is a corporation, the court may enter the deficiency judgment against the stockholder holding a majority of the corporation’s stock. Notice is hereby given to all concerned, that the forfeited tracts, lots, and parts of lots that are offered for sale pursuant to this notice may be subject to a federal tax lien that may not be extinguished by the sale or are subject to the right of the United States to redeem any tract, lot, or part of a lot that is subject to a federal lien and purchasers of the forfeited tracts, lots, or parts of lots are urged to search the federal tax lien index that is kept by the county recorder to determine if notice of a federal tax lien has been filed with respect to any of the forfeited tracts, lots, or parts of lots. Further notice is hereby given that procedural defects informer judicial proceedings may prevent any purchaser herein from acquiring good title to such lands, lots, parts of lots and that a title company may not guarantee title in the purchaser. Therefore, it is suggested that the purchaser consult an attorney and/or title company in advance of the sale to determine whether the purchaser will acquire good title. The County Auditor does not guarantee title nor deliver any warranty to the purchaser. This sale will commence at the Lucas County Courthouse, and will be immediately adjourned to the County Commissioners Hearing Room located in One Government Center. Due to limited seating capacity, only the first 160 will be admitted on a first come, first serve basis for both the morning and the afternoon sessions. The parcels of real estate being sold are tax delinquent, and have been twice offered for sale by the County Sheriff. These parcels are sold on behalf of the State of Ohio and must, by law, be offered at public auction annually. The county auditor’s office provides no guarantees regarding title, possession, or any other matter. You may obtain a complete list of properties, rules and procedures by going to the Auditor’s website at or by visiting the Auditor’s office at One Government Center, Suite 770. parcels 01-00057 through 8368091 on the attached list will be auctioned Thursday, December 5, 2013. Registration begins at 9:00 a.m. and the sale starts at 10:00 a.m. (in rem & regular)

Rules of Sale

Lucas County Auditor Forfeited Land sale Please note changes in the Rules Revised October 2, 2013 1. All sales are final. All payments on day of sale are non-refundable deposits. 2. Individuals who are attending the Auditor’s Sale for the first time with the intent to purchase a property are advised to proceed with extreme caution. The law in Ohio relative to Real Estate is “Caveat Emptor”, which means “Buyer Beware”. If the purchaser obtains a property that is different than the one he or she intended to purchase, the purchaser is still obligated to purchase the property or forfeit a substantial amount of money. Notice: Many of the properties offered for sale have undesirable characteristics, which have prevented sale in the past. If you have not carefully researched the property and physically viewed it, you may wish to reconsider bidding on the property. It is expected that all purchasers have contacted a Real Estate Attorney and Title Company prior to bidding. 3. Minimum bid is $60.00. Bids of $300.00 or less must be paid in full the day of sale. Bids over $300.00 require a deposit of half (50%) of the bid price. All deposits, fees and paid in full parcels will be required to be paid immediately at the close of sale for each parcel. Additional charges for deed preparation, transfer fees, recording fees, and current postage which total $73.99 are in addition to the bid price, Ohio Revised code 5723.12(A). You must have your money with you at the time you are bidding. No one will be allowed to leave and return at a later time to pay their deposits. Remember– if you do not have your money with you, don’t bid. Each parcel must be paid for immediately at the close of sale for each parcel. No checks, credit or debit cards will be accepted. Deposits will be accepted in CASH ONLY. The deadline for final payment is ten (10) business days from date of sale. Final Payments may be made by cash, or money order in the County Auditor’s Office, 7th floor, in the Forfeited Land Department. No extension of time will be permitted. If payment is not made in full on the 10th day, the purchaser will forfeit any monies paid in, and the parcel will be offered to the back-up bidder for the same price. The back-up bidder will have ten (10) business days to pay in full or the property will be offered at our next scheduled sale. 4 The Auditor’s Office will only prepare a deed in the name of the successful bidder, unless a Bid Release Form is filed. The bid release form allows a citizen to bid for another taxpayer who is unable to attend the sale. If you plan on putting property in a company name, you must have a copy of the Articles of Incorporation on file in the Auditor’s Office, prior to the sale. If your name is not included on the Articles of Incorporation, you must have a written letter of authorization submitted prior to each Forfeited Land Sale. The purchaser does not become the owner until the deed is delivered to the County Recorder. This will be about two (2) weeks after the sale. You cannot enter the property, alter it, or

remove anything from the property until you are the owner, which is after the deed is recorded. Notice: entering the property without the permission of the owner(s) or occupant(s) is a violation of the Ohio Revised Code section 2911.21 punishable by up to 30 days in jail and/or a fine of $250.00. further, physically removing the property of the occupants without a court order, even after receiving the deed, may result in civil or criminal liability. 5. The Auditor reserves the right to require payment in full on day of sale for select parcels marked by asterisk (*). On such select parcels the full bid price must be paid by cash or certified funds within 30 minutes of time of sale. 6. Forfeited lands shall not be transferred to any person that is delinquent on real property taxes in this state. Consequently, all purchasers will be required to sign an affidavit of prior non-ownership and present valid identification. Any sale that is refused for this reason will result in a forfeit of all deposits and may be prosecuted. 7. The County Auditor cannot give any warranty of title. All sales are subject to Federal Tax Liens, if any. Parcels designated as In-Rem are sold subject to all prior liens. The County Auditor does not give any representation regarding possession, eviction, prior inspection, scheduled demolition, health code violation, or any other matter. Buyers are encouraged to investigate these matters prior to the sale. 8. Attendance will be limited by seating capacity on a first-come, first-serve basis. You must register and have a bid card to participate in the bidding (there is no fee to register). Registration will begin at 9:00 a.m. Sales will commence at 10:00 a.m. 9. The auctioneer may increase the minimum bid increments at his discretion in order to keep the bid process moving quickly. Do not delay in making your bid. Sale is final at the strike of the gavel. All decisions of the auctioneer are final. Acceptance of your bid creates a contract between you and the County Auditor. The Lucas County Prosecutor may file a lawsuit for breach of contract if you fail to pay the full price. You may be prohibited from participating in future sales. Bidding on property with the intent to delay the sale or with the intention of not paying the bid price constitutes the crime of obstructing official business under O.R.C. 2921.31. Persons violating this section may be prosecuted. 10. Sales are conducted based solely upon the permanent parcel number of the property. The county does not use addresses for any purpose. The county is not responsible for inaccurate addresses provided in the county records. The county does not warrant or guarantee any information provided in the county records. 11. Unsold parcels will be re-offered for sale a second time immediately following the last sale item for that day. G:\USERS\PCLAIR\FLS\2004_RUL. 01-00057 710 palmwood ave acklins add lot 17. 01-00061 714 palmwood ave acklins add lot 18. 01-00064 716 palmwood ave acklins add lot 19 & e 5 ft lot 20. 01-05637 810 francis ave arlington pl blk 4 lot 27. 01-08824 3540 bluff st auburndale ext lot 223 1/2. 01-09114 1660 ottawa dr auburndale ext lot 267. 01-09327 1731 ottawa dr auburndale ext lot 325. 01-09394 1644 cone st auburndale ext lot 342. 01-09827 1543 milburn ave auburndale ext lot 454. 01-10364 1616 freeman st auburndale ext lot 591. 01-10387 1540 freeman st auburndale ext lot 598. 01-10411 1520 freeman st auburndale ext lot 605. 02-00087 1205 n detroit ave b and r replat lot 23 n 8 ft & s 19 ft lot 24. 02-00114 1526 lagrange st backus add lots 1 & 2...gunnells sub 2. 02-02487 934 moore st bakers add lot 220 nw 18 ft & 221...sw 39 ft. 02-03194 2301 elm st (rear) baker & rowseys plat lot 3 & pt 4 assessors plt sub 6 & pt nw 1/4 sec 25. 02-05154 911 utica st bancroft pl lot 11. 02-06241 701 bartley pl bartleys brdway add lot 5. 02-06334 853 bartley pl (rear) bartleys brdway add lot 32 & 70...e 6 ft w 38.5 ft s 26.5 ft n 56.5 ft inrem. 02-15381 2100 minerva st birchard add plat 1 lot e. 02-15384 2015 minerva st birchard add plat 1 lot f. 02-15444 2001 minerva st birchard add plat 1 lot g. 02-17027 2429 valentine st birmingham lot 273. 02-17821 2423 woodford st birmingham lot 489 inrem. 02-19271 840 cady rd birmingham hgts lot 39. 02-19274 844 cady rd birmingham hgts lot 40. 02-19291 843 cady rd birmingham hgts lot 45. 02-19294 839 cady rd birmingham hgts lot 46. 0219297 835 cady rd birmingham hgts lot 47. 02-19301 833 cady rd birmingham hgts lot 48. 02-19304 829 cady rd birmingham hgts lot 49. 02-19307 825 cady rd birmingham hgts lot 50. 02-19311 821 cady rd birmingham hgts lot 51. 02-20484 621 e central ave bittners central add lot 3 & 1h alley adj vac. 02-21151 2722 lawrence ave blakes law ave add lot 4 w 105 ft. 02-22684 718 johnson st brandenburg add lot 16. 02-22721 732 n hawley st brandenburg add lot 27. 02-22944 118 islington st brandon hgts replat lot 53 & ne 16 ft lot 54 replat exc st. 02-30414 1672 nebraska ave t p browns add lot 816 e 13.33 ft & w 13.33 ft lot 817. 02-31617 901 colburn st bucklands add lot 57. 03-00127 745 palmwood ave calkins add lot 44 & w 5 ft 45. 03-00214 830 palmwood ave calkins add lot 75. 03-00297 805 fernwood ave calkins add lots 98 & 99. 03-00524 636 woodland ave campbells add lot 14 w 15 ft & lot 16. 03-00657 1462 campbell st campbells second add lot 20. 03-03464 2620 consaul st cases add blk 2 lot 11. 03-08934 835 western ave chapin & fearings add lot 4 n 47.23 ft. 03-09997 2322 walnut st extn cherry grove add lot 142. 03-11201 762 yondota st chesbroughs add lot 88 exc alley. 03-11204 760 yondota st chesbroughs add lot 89 exc alley. 03-12694 657 woodland ave city park ave add lot 5 & w 1/2 lot 4. 03-12717 703 woodland ave city park ave add lot 12. 03-13121 1153 pinewood ave john c clarkes lot 98. 03-13181 1116 indiana ave john c clarkes lot 116. 03-13321 1122 avondale ave john c clarkes lot 156. 03-14544 2549 gasser st clifton pl lot 19. 03-18324 2235 putnam st columbia hgts lot 7. 03-19497 1337 girard st co operative add lot 56 exc e 70 ft. 03-20037 1025 ironwood ave co operative add lot 208. 03-22144 4354 beverly dr copland woods lot 184 ne 1.33 ft sw 18 ft inrem. 03-23507 3137 scottwood ave corydon hgts lot 156 n 1 ft & lot 157. 03-25347 301 amber ct cottage park lot 73 e 1/3 n 115 ft 03-25351 313 amber ct cottage park lot 73 mid 1/3 n 115 ft 03-28234 2474 n detroit ave cushings laurel pl lot 18 w 43.75 ft & n 38.62 ft lot 1 0328697 2417 hollywood ave cushings mistletoe ad lot 28 03-28834 3221 n detroit ave cushing pl lot 24 & n 10 ft lot 25 & exc st 03-28841 3215 n detroit ave cushing pl lot 26 s 10 ft & lot 27 & exc st 03-28937 3274 glenwood ave cushing pl lot 55 n 15 ft & lot 56 03-29071 3207 glenwood ave cushing pl lot 91 03-30001 2921 lawrence ave cushings

utopian add lot 22 04-01394 426 walbridge ave daniels add lot 135 w 1/2 exc w 2 ft n 25 ft 04-04897 964 w delaware ave delaware ave add lot 12 04-11137 1306 palmwood ave dorr st park add lot 63 04-11147 1270 palmwood ave dorr st park add lot 66 0450094 243 canal ave replat of lots 21 to 23 & 33 to 45 earls ad lot 1 04-55757 1129 peck st elm st add lot 115 04-55831 2211 chestnut st extn of elm st ad lot 137 0459687 1819 ray st englewood lot 375 04-60021 1847 n detroit ave englewood ext lot 470 04-60247 1350 foster ave englewood ext lot 535 04-61077 2140 alvin st evansdale lot 49 e 2 ft s 40 ft inrem 04-63081 947 pinewood ave ewing pl lot 6 w 25 ft 04-63207 606 lucas st ewing plat nw 1/4 sec 2 t 3 block e lot 3 sub 1 lot 2 exc n 73 ft 04-63291 611 lucas st ewing plat nw 1/4 sec 2 t 3 block e lot 3 sub 1 lot 19 & w 05-01597 1855 palmwood ave fair ground add lot 41 05-01751 1861 fernwood ave fair ground add lot 87 05-01934 1841 norwood ave fair ground add lot 139. 05-02221 1685 oakwood ave fair ground add lot 187 sub 1. 05-02227 1681 oakwood ave fair ground add lot 187 sub 2. 05-02234 1677 oakwood ave fair ground add lot 187 sub 4. 05-02237 1675 oakwood ave fair ground add lot 187 sub 5. 05-02241 1671 oakwood ave fair ground add lot 187 sub 6. 05-02244 1669 oakwood ave fair ground add lot 187 sub 7. 05-02247 1667 oakwood ave fair ground add lot 187 sub 8. 05-02664 1674 palmwood ave fair ground add lot 260. 05-02667 1672 palmwood ave fair ground add lot 261. 05-03144 1603 oakwood ave fair ground add lot 388. 05-03154 1613 oakwood ave fair ground add lot 391. 05-03171 1625 oakwood ave fair ground add lot 396. 05-03237 1503 oakwood ave fair ground add extn lot 407. 05-03801 1440 palmwood ave fair ground add extn lot 573 & e 15 ft lot 574. 05-03814 1506 palmwood ave fair ground add extn lot 578 w 15 ft & lot 579. 05-03971 1526 oakwood ave fair ground add extn lot 624. 05-04014 1476 oakwood ave fair ground add extn lot 636. 05-04037 1448 oakwood ave fair ground add extn lot 643. 05-04314 1334 lincoln ave fair ground add extn lot 723. 05-15297 239 hanover st fearing hgts lot 41 n 7.5 ft & lot 42. 05-18604 617 earl st forsters add lot 11. 05-18777 303 richford st forsters second add lot 43 & 1/2 alley adj vac inrem. 06-02244 807 avondale ave extn of germania add lot 113 w 5 ft & e 30 ft lot 114. 06-02447 904 avondale ave extn of germania add lot 145 e 35 ft. 06-11497 1846 n ontario st greers sub stickneys lot 21. 07-01451 316 blucher st ext halls swan crk ad lot 83. 07-05411 33 city park ave hartford add lot 3. 07-05421 41 city park ave hartford add lot 6. 07-05427 63 city park ave hartford add lot 8. 07-05641 13 center st hartford add lot 70 exc alley. 07-05647 5 center st hartford add lot 71 exc alley. 07-05721 624 curtis st hartford add lot 92. 07-05724 628 curtis st hartford add lot 93. 07-05727 630 curtis st hartford add lot 94 ne 15 ft. 07-09364 3210 lagrange st heston add lot 56. 07-09371 213 e streicher st heston add lots 58 & 59. 07-12141 1610 denver ave hicks farm add block 19 lot 3 e 4 ft inrem. 0718754 1641 belmont ave hietts forrer st sub lot 5. 07-19501 1600 fairsmith dr hietts oregon hts lot 110 exc n 25 ft & lot 111 pt nw of st inrem. 07-21624 344 hiett ave hiett & skidmores add lot 38 s 14 ft & n 18 ft 39. 07-22121 1432 walbridge ave hiett & skidmores add lots 182 183 & 184 stegers sub 2 & 4. 07-24081 230 floyd st hills add lot 89 & s 1/2 vac grape alley adj. 07-41777 1241 blum st huberichs add lot 58. 07-41897 1269 vance st huberichs add lot 91. 07-41901 1273 vance st huberichs add lot 92. 07-41967 716 junction ave huberichs add lot 106 to 108 & w 20 ft lot 109 & 172 w 20 ft & lot. 07-42037 1244 vance st huberichs add lot 127 07-61932 3019 maeterlinck ave heather downs w 10 ft lot 592 & lot 593 07-61933 3005 maeterlinck ave heather downs lot 591 & 592 exc w 10 ft 08-01177 708 indiana ave indiana ave add lot 34 08-51844 3160 maplewood ave jewell pl lots 90 91 08-53974 1543 hamilton st junction ave add lot 260 09-00994 1810 milburn ave kelleys add to auburndale lot 134 & e 1/2 lot 135 09-01277 1819 ottawa dr kelleys add to auburndale lot 219 09-01291 1809 ottawa dr kelleys add to auburndale lots 222 & 223 09-06564 402 islington st kensington lot 76 09-06807 432 melrose ave kensington lot 114 w 38.50 ft 09-13914 347 langdon st knowers add lot 52 s 30 ft 09-14367 537 walbridge ave knowers add lot 174 09-14451 402 knower st knowers add lot 195 09-14471 422 knower st knowers add lot 199 w 10 ft & e 25 ft lot 200 09-14687 527 knower st knowers add lot 254 09-14841 546 south ave knowers add lot 293 w 14 ft & e 21 ft lot 294 09-51741 174 everett st lagrange st add lot 40 0955354 845 woodland ave lawton pl lot 10. 9-57681 730 tecumseh st lenks add lot 135 1/2 09-58291 950 vance st lenks add lot 301 09-58334 929 vance st lenks add lot 308 n 1/2 09-58454 833 vance st lenks add lot 326 09-58727 809 blum st lenks add lot 391 09-58731 813 blum st lenks add lot 392 09-58921 840 nebraska ave lenks add lot 443 09-59164 827 tecumseh st lenks add lot 523 & e 5 ft lot 524 09-59204 416 n miller st lenks add lot 533 w 41.75 ft 09-59214 846 hamilton st lenks add lot 540 & w 3.50 ft n 38 ft lot 77 adj 09-65561 642 white st lloyds add lot 28 10-16977 156 steel st mill add lot 86 & se 8.60 ft lot 87 10-19454 320 austin st moderwells add lot 40 10-19534 324 palmer st ext of moderwells add lot 63 10-21907 2507 locust st e d moores second add lot 108 10-23797 17 19th st motts add lots 81 & 82 se 5 ft lot 83...sw 33 ft 10-26417 1347 yates st extn of mulberry add lot 184 10-26884 3302 cherry st murray & cangneys add lot 1 10-26967 554 colburn st myers sub of west pt lot 6 r t 7 lot 8 11-11797 2230 n erie st north toledo blk 61 lots 13 & 14 chapins sub 1 11-13324 432 ohio st north toledo blk 79 lot 22 sw 95 ft 11-15604 2114 n ontario st north toledo blk 121 lot 1 to 23... sub 13 11-22361 1124 montrose ave norwood lot 98 11-22887 1222 marmion ave norwood lot 255 11-22911 1205 marmion ave norwood lot 262 11-23054 930 woodstock ave norwood lot 302 11-24414 601 waverly ave 2nd extn of norwood lot 996 1125021 602 evesham ave 2nd extn of norwood lot 1161 11-31644 913 alldays ave norwood extn lot 777 11-31647 911 alldays ave norwood extn lot 778 11-31651 909 alldays ave norwood extn lot 779 11-31654 907 alldays ave norwood extn lot 780 1151021 360 havre st oakland add lot 26 11-51141 361 canal ave oakland add lot 56 11-58082 540 oliver st olivers division lot 370 exc nw 64 ft 11-61471 406 irving st orchard add blk 6 lot 31 11-61474 400 irving st orchard add blk 6 lot 32 & strip 12.9 ft e of & adj & w of horton 12-01101 1953 mansfield rd palmico add lot 54 e 2 ft & w 31 ft lot 55...s 35 ft inrem 12-06084 669 fernwood ave parks & dowds add lot 63 12-06124 629 fernwood ave parks & dowds add lot 74 12-07207 50 proctor pl parkwood court replat lot 17 w 10.60 ft e 22 ft 12-08397 821 moore st peck & moores add lot 54 1211087 847 dunwood ct poes add lot 46 12-11157 201 mitchell st poe & thompsons curtis st add lot 6 12-24041 530 wabash st port lawrence lot 851 sub 4 w 3 ft e 33 ft assessors plat 12-26514 447 potter st potters add lot 70 n 33 ft 13-10161 2356 torrey hill dr raffensperger kelley and c rims add to aub lots 175 176 & 177 also 178 & 179 &

26 Classified community



legal notices

legal notices



NOTICE of forthcoming publication of the DELINQUENT LAND TAX LIST

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We strongly urge everyone to exercise caution when dealing with people, companies and organizations with whom you are not familiar.

All real estate advertised in this paper is subject to the federal Fair Housing Act, which makes it illegal to advertise any preference, limitation, or discrimination based on race, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin, in the sale, rental, or financing of housing. This Publisher will not knowingly accept any advertising that violates any applicable law. All persons are hereby informed that all dwellings advertised in this paper are available on an equal opportunity basis. If you believe you have been discriminated against in connection with the sale, rental, or financing of housing, call the Toledo Fair Housing Center, (419) 243-6163.

November 24, 2013

A Toledo tradition since 2005

The Lucas County Auditor will publish a list of delinquent lands in the newspaper the weeks of December 8th and December 15th, 2013. This delinquent land list will contain the NAME OF OWNER, a description of the property and the total amount of taxes, assessments, recoupment charges, penalties, and interest due and unpaid at the settlement. Delinquent lands will be certified for foreclosure by the auditor pursuant to law, unless the taxes, assessments, interests, and penalties are paid. An interest charge will accrue on accounts remaining unpaid after the last day of November unless the taxes are paid or the taxpayer enters into a written understanding to pay such delinquent taxes in installments. Any or all of such delinquent lands are subject to a tax certificate sale under section 5721.32 or 5721.33 of The Revised Code. The office of the County Treasurer will be open during normal business hours to accept payment of delinquent taxes. The names of any taxpayer who pays in full prior to seven days before publication will be removed from such list. Questions regarding the payment of delinquent taxes should be directed to the Lucas County Treasurer, 419-213-4305.

A home for Lady

Toledo, 810 Clark St 3BR/1BA Single Family 1862 sqft, Fenced Yard Lease or Cash $500 DN, $258/mo 877-553-5348


1076 Washington Ave. Charming 2 Bedroom, 1 Bath. Privacy Fence, Garage, Full Basement. $925 per month, plus utilities

For RENT By Owner 419.356.3764

Anita Lopez

Lucas County Auditor UNPLANNED PREGNANCY? THINKING OF ADOPTION? Open or closed adoption. YOU choose the family. LIVING EXPENSES PAID. Abbys One True Gift Adoptions. Call 24/7. 866-413-6294.


Call 419.241.1700, Ext 230 to place a Classified Ad!



Lady Lady is a 1-year-old female shorthaired gray tiger. She has a beautiful speckled coat that makes you wonder if she has a little Abyssinian mixed in her. Lady is timid and a bit on the independent side. Lady likes to sit in your lap and have her ears rubbed. She would be happiest in a calm, quiet home where there isn’t a lot of activity. Lady is currently up for adoption at the humane society’s offsite location inside the PetSmart store in Rossford. Toledo Area Humane Society is located at 1920 Indian Wood Circle, Arrowhead Park, Maumee. Adoption hours are 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday through Friday and 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. Call (419) 891-0705 or visit www. O

n Crossword ANSWERS FROM 22 E X E R T S C O O B Y D O O X L O E O N R O U R P O I T I N G E A N I T A R O A Z L E T O N Y T H E T I G E R S A E N L R H S A M V A M I A D I N E W O O D Y W O O D P E C K E R A L O E E V E E X A W E Y S T I S A T R E N A N D S T I M P Y O T I A A F S O N I C J A M E S L E O A B U H E N E I I R R I N T I N T I N S T E V E

WANTS TO purchase minerals and other oil & gas interests. Send details P.O. Box 13557, Denver, Co 80201

Employment Education THE OCEAN Corp. 10840 Rockley Road, Houston, Texas 77099. Train for a New Career. *Underwater Welder. Commercial Diver. *NDT/Weld Inspector. Job Placement Assistance. Financial Aid available for those who qualify. 1-800-321-0298.

Sales / Marketing


Trade Show Associates Marketing Representative


EverDry is currently seeking high energy Marketing associates to staff various trade show events. We are expanding rapidly and are in need of several new associates to fill these positions. The ideal candidate should have the desire to work with the public. Having your own transportation and a clean driving record a MUST! Flexible hours — hourly wage, weekly and monthly bonuses, and travel reimbursement. No Selling Involved. Be a part of a 28+ year company that is a member in good standing of the BBB. Call 419-841-6055

Call 419.241.1700, Ext 230 to place a Classified Ad!







Restrictions apply, call for details.

Bundle and get up to a $100 Visa gift card!

ORDER NOW! 1-800-941-7504

ATTN: Business-Minded People • Start a part-time business • Don’t have to leave what you’re doing now • Generous pay plan • Consumable product backed by clinical trials • NO: employees, overhead, inventory, territory • More Info: (419) 654-7358

November 24, 2013

A Toledo tradition since 2005

Toledo Free Press 27

28 Toledo Free Press

A Toledo tradition since 2005

November 24, 2013

Toledo Free Press – Nov. 24, 2013  

This edition features HOUNDED: Debbie and John Stottele fight Toledo proposal to ban their business as critics accuse them of stocking dogs...