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april 24, 2011

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april 24, 2011

Hell hath no fury

51 percent

uring his mayoral campaign, Mike Bell often referred to Toledo as a “sinking ship.” Attention needed to be paid to the economic fundamentals, Bell argued, not rearranging deck chairs. So it was historically appropriate that on April 15, the exact 99-year anniversary of the sinking of Titanic, Bell called a news conference to announce that a deal to sell the Marina District had struck an iceberg in the form of Toledo City Council. Dashing Pacific, the Chinese-based company that recently purchased The Docks, offered $3.8 million for the Marina District, which has sat empty and undeveloped for a decade. Dashing Pacific did not ask for any tax breaks or city money. The company simply offered to buy and develop the property in what should have been a promising transaction. Instead of welcoming the investment and finding ways to cooperate with Bell and Dashing Pacific, some Council members made odd demands and carried themselves as if they were doing the company a favor by deigning to the land. Thomas F. Pounds sellSteve Steel spoke condescendingly to Mayor Bell, objecting that Dashing Pacific is “12 time zones away and we don’t know anything about their track record.” We know their check for The Docks cleared. We know they are the only global concern to step up and try to help revitalize Toledo. Lindsay Webb, whose political standing has fallen dramatically in the past few months, seemed more interested in imposing “restrictive covenants” and in parroting a Blade editorial than expressing her own thoughts. Most curiously, the normally reliable and thoughtful D. Michael Collins clouded the issue with these comments: “I would expect that the prospective purchaser provide within the instrument of purchase, a complete business plan — defining schedules, financing, marketing and all of those essentials that would be required under a business plan for a conventional loan.” This is incongruent, of course, as there was nothing resembling a loan in the transaction. Collins also suggested that if 51 percent of the business plan were not complete within two years, the property would revert to Toledo for $2 million. Given the variables in development and construction, such a proposal is nothing less than obtructionist and nonsensical. But the 51 percent number could have some useful application. Perhaps City Council members should be held accountable for at least 51 percent of their campaign promises. Perhaps voters should look back on 51 percent of the resolutions, votes and actions taken by Council and prepare a list of items to be discussed as each seat is up for re-election. Titanic was sunk by only the smallest portion of the iceberg it struck; while there is faith that Mayor Bell will be able to salvage the Dashing Pacific deal for the Marina District, it is the 51 percent number that will resonate from this conflict. It’s appropriate, as 51 percent symbolizes the half-assed effort Toledo City Council has devoted to this transaction. O Thomas F. Pounds is president and publisher of Toledo Free Press and Toledo Free Press Star. Contact him at

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“The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.” — Kevin Spacey as “Verbal” Kint, “The Usual Suspects”

before taking his own life. Just his suicide could guarantee eternal damnation according to many religions; murdering his family should expedite matters. The threat of Hell did not stop LaShanda Armstrong, here is a 1986 “Life in Hell” comic strip by Matt Groe- who last week drove her minivan into the Hudson River, ning that tackles the topic “Kids’ Questions About killing herself and drowning three of her four children. Nor Death.” After a string of ruminations about the after- did it stop Jared Lee Loughner from taking point-blank life (“When you go to Heaven, do you look like how you did shots at U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and 18 others, six of when you died?” “If cats are bad, do they go to Cat Hell?” “If whom died, including 9-year-old Christina Taylor Green. your leg is amputated during your life, is it waiting for you in Fear of unimaginable fire did not prevent the crimes of Heaven?”), the young questioner is shown hiding under the Seung-Hui Cho, the 23-year-old who killed 32 students (and then himself) at Virginia Tech Univerbedcovers late at night, wondering, “Will I go sity. Or Columbine shooters Eric Harris and to Hell just for asking these questions?” Dylan Klebold, who killed 13 people and The threat of Hell was once a strong motithen themselves. Or Timothy McVeigh, who vator for those in a Christian home. For most killed 168 people in Oklahoma City. Or the of my childhood, I was more fearful of Hell Sept. 11, 2001 terrorists, who killed nearly and Satan than I was joyful about Heaven and 3,000. Or whomever is in the news this God. Lake of fire? Winged demons tearing morning for whatever senseless and brutal flesh off bones with hook-covered whips? murder they committed. Horned devils spearing their pitchforks It does not take an Ivy League sociolothrough bodies that never numb to tearing gist to make the elementary connection: We pain? No, thanks. I’ll brush up on the Ten Commandments, memorize the names of the Michael S. miller exist in a society in which life means little to nothing for some people. If the miracle of living can apostles and try really, really hard to walk the line. As I have grown and learned from life, I have become be extinguished without any more thought than it takes more confident in the love and eternal promise offered in to squeeze a plastic trigger in a video game, what possible Christian teachings, but I still have a child’s primal fear of threat can an afterlife wield? If you can’t find the glory in living, you’re not likely to hope for the glory of salvation, or burning forever in the pits of Hell. Unquestionably and successfully timed to create con- fear the retribution of Hell. I remember an afternoon in 1976 at my friend John versation during the Easter season, with its emphasis on the Resurrection, the April 25 Time magazine cover, Bleau’s house in Walbridge. We used to spin records for “What if there’s no Hell?” focuses on the work of Michigan hours — Cheap Trick, Queen, Eagles, Billy Joel, Fleetwood pastor Rob Bell. The story “Is Hell dead?” walks through Mac, all that good ’70s stuff. During one session, John the controversy regarding Bell’s book, “Love Wins: A Book played an Alice Cooper song, “Go to Hell.” Cooper sings a About Heaven, Hell, and the Fate of Every Person Who litany of acts that supposedly condemn mortals to Hell (“ReEver Lived.” Written by Jon Meacham, the article does a fusing to act your age/For gambling and drinking alcohol thorough job of discussing Bell’s view (Jesus‚ redemptive constantly/For making us doubt our parents’ authority/ work is universal; “every person who ever lived” could go You’d even force-feed a diabetic a candy cane”). Every time to Heaven whether or not they acknowledge Christ, an idea Cooper would swing to the chorus and bellow “You could frowned upon by some clergy because it disregards nearly go to Hell,” John would turn the volume down on the reall of the prescribed church-sanctioned steps to salvation). cord player so the H-word could not be heard by nearby Meacham covers an admirable amount of ground (a adults. That’s how much power the word and concept used high point is his comparing religious debate to a “wilder- to hold. Today, hell, like so many other once-taboo words, ness of mirrors,” a CIA term describing bewilderment) but has lost its capital letter status; it’s almost quaint to think of a time when Satan was an upfront boogeyman, instead of he never really tries to answer his title thesis. Is Hell dead? People who have recently driven through certain areas of the “Simpsons” and “South Park” cartoon caricature who Toledo may beg to differ, but it’s not a stretch to posit that Hell does his real-life work in more subtle, quiet ways. It scares me that such evil lurks in our world, but that’s isn’t what it used to be. Hell certainly seems to have lost much of its stature as a punishment meant to deter bad behavior. where faith comes into play, isn’t it? That is where we look John Skelton doesn’t seem to have been concerned about deep inside, then up toward the stars, and decide what will Hell’s fires when he did whatever he did to his sons Andrew, motivate our life — fear of Hell, desire for Heaven, or the 9, Alexander, 7, and Tanner, 5. Images of Satan cackling nothingness that mocks them both. O with anticipation do not seem to have impacted Oak Harbor’s Alan Atwater, who on April 16 shot and killed his wife Michael S. Miller is editor in chief of Toledo Free Press and ToDawn and their three children, Isaac, Ashley and Brady, ledo Free Press Star. Email him at


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Ooooh, that smell ...


n July 6, 2010, Toledo City source Recovery Systems (RRS). Councilman D. Michael Collins Council passed legislation to address a past due bill and raised questions concerning Toledo’s promised to create revenue for the decision to end trash collection. “Do we really want to commit to City of Toledo. At the April 19 Toledo City Council meeting, questions a company for three more years, for were raised when the legislation was a service that we’re not even going to be providing?” Collins asked. brought back before Council. Director of Public Services Ed Ordinance 295-10 authorized Toledo to enter into a three-year Moore said, “We think it would be a Agreement with FCR Recycling for good idea to enter into the contract the processing of recycling materials and lock ourselves into the rates that and to address the balance owed to we have right now.” Deputy Mayor Tom Crothers FCR at that time of $288,000. asked Moore to proDuring the July 6 vide details on the meeting, then-Countiming issue. cilman Michael Ash“If we pass this ... ford urged support we’ll be able to pay of the ordinance as a the lesser amount,” temporary measure Moore said. until Toledo and Lucas Councilman George County were able to esSarantou asked what tablish a Materials Rethe current bill was. covery Facility (MRF). “We still have almost Lisa Renee WARD Moore said it was more than $400,000. He said a $300,000 debt hanging over our head and because it’s a fluc- they negotiated that amount down tuating market, with this, finally we to about $316,000 then negotiated it got to the point where this could be lower using recycling rebates since a payout; it could pay for itself within they are now experiencing a positive cash flow from recycling; $30,000 this a year,” Ashford said. Dave Welch, who was at that month, which took the amount owed time director of public services, down to $288,000. “This deal is on the table today, talked about the MRF but also provided details on the ordinance then we’d like to move it forward,” Public Utilities Director Welch said. “We’ve before Council. “The current piece of legislation been holding these folks out negotiin front of you will buy us some ating back and forth.” Welch said RRS was honoring the time,” Welch said. “It will also pay down our debt and also bring in July contract, but could raise prices if some money into our coffers. It’s a Council did not act that night. The ordinance was held at first good opportunity.” The ordinance passed July 6, reading at Collins’ request It’s not clear how much Toledo 2010, as an emergency measure, with Mayor Mike Bell signing it on has earned from recyclables given July 8. According to a May 27, 2010 the variations in information. If memo from Welch, “The City would Toledo was collecting 20,000 tons a realize a rebate of $20.50 per ton year and was making a profit in Febor approximately $30,000 based on ruary, why wasn’t enough revenue 1,500 tons of recyclables in today’s generated to pay RRS from the proceeds as intended in July? market,” with the FCR contract. Welch did not respond to an At a Feb. 14 Public Utilities committee meeting, Councilman Mike April 20 request for information. Toledo will be out of the trash Craig asked how close we were to making a profit on recyclables. He collection busiuness, but will still was told it was profitable at that time, manage recycled material collected that Toledo generates 20,000 tons a by Allied Waste. Allied, as the trash year in recycling. Using the cited collector for Toledo through Lucas rebate amount, that should generate County Solid Waste Management District, would not benefit from the $410,000 in recycling revenue. On April 19, the ordinance came sale of recycling or be responsible for back to be amended, with it being the cost should the recycling market stated that not only was the original drop. Toledo would profit or pay. Something doesn’t smell right. O ordinance flawed because it failed to authorize the expenditure of funds, but now the amount owed to FCR Toledo Free Press Web Editor Lisa was more than $400,000. Addition- Renee Ward operates the political blog ally, FCR was sold and is now Re-


April 24, 2011


How we educate children will determine our future Dear Residents of Sylvania, Twenty-four years ago I remember my husband and I tromping through the snow looking at houses. My 2-yearold was bundled in a snowsuit perched on my hip. About a year before, I had begun asking everyone which school district had the best public education in the area. The answer I had repeatedly received was why we choose to look for a home in Sylvania. The house we liked the best had hundreds of little footprints in the yard, which we perceived as a clue to the number of children in the neighborhood. In 1996, when all three of our children were attending Sylvania Schools, after a district operating levy had failed, was passed, and then the millage amount was successfully rolled back, I made the decision to become personally involved in our children’s educations and our community’s schools, a decision I will never regret. During my service to the community, and because our children had different needs and interests, I learned a great deal about the learning process and education. I also became keenly aware of the local, state and federal menagerie of funding, and the social and economic impact that a quality education package has on an individual, a family, and a community. A couple of weeks ago, I saw an interesting video. The video demonstrated the way we, as a society, choose to divide our “pie.” The first and largest piece was given to a neatly dressed man, representing our mortgages. The next two pieces about equal in size went to a man as car one and a woman as car two. The fourth piece was given to a elegantly dressed woman as fashion expenses, and the next to a businessman representing credit expenditures. Lastly, a couple of pie crumbs, representing education, were sprinkled over a sleeping teenage boy, dressed in an old hooded sweatshirt with earphones in his ears. Sadly, this scenario of images accurately represents our situation as well as our priorities. I’m sure you’ll agree that our world has been dramatically changed by technology in our lifetime. Its use has expanded our access to knowledge. It is not always for the better, but we do have the world at our fingertips, limited

Our s facilitieing are gon! gree

only by our willingness and our fear, of its acceptance. Technology has and will continue to change the rate knowledge expands, our access to the knowledge and its use, limited only by our imagination and our resources. Our world is changing, our children and our children’s children, will gain knowledge in ways we can only imagine — how we resolve to educate them reflects our priorities and will determine our future economic viability as a community, a state, a nation. O Pam Haynam, Sylvania

On second thought ... In Michael S. Miller’s April 17 column (“Crystal sour vox”) he quoted himself as saying, “As a middle-aged, overweight white guy with graying facial hair, I am America’s ruling demographic ...” What planet does Miller live on? We’re not the ruling demographic, we’re the targets. O JOHN R. HILL, Sylvania

Hit the showers, Coach Carty Congratulations to Mayor Mike Bell and his administration for [his efforts to pull off] a second great economic development deal with our new Chinese friends, Dashing Pacific Group Ltd. While the infusion of $3.8 million to the city coffers is certainly welcome news, the fact that it took $43 million of taxpayer money to get the property known as the “Marina District” to the point where it could be finally marketed, is distressing. True to form, our egomaniac former mayor, Carty Finkbeiner, couldn’t wait to start throwing stones at the deal. Let us not forget that it was none other than Finkbeiner who squandered $19 million of Toledo taxpayer’s money on this failed monument to his personal economic development genius, with more than $8 million of that going to building the one-mile long “road to nowhere.” n LETTERS CONTINUES ON A5


April 24, 2011 n LETTERS CONTINUED FROM A4 (Now we know where all the money for the maintenance of the water treatment plant and the paving of our crumbling roads and infrastructure went to). So obsessed was Finkbeiner in building his pipe dream, that he commissioned enough “conceptual drawings” from his development partner, Larry Dillin, to wallpaper the entire 22nd floor of One Government Center. Remember, Finkbeiner was the self-appointed architect behind failed development projects such as: Museum Place Apartments, The Commodore Perry and Hillcrest Hotel Apartments, The Edison Steam Plant project and the Southwyck Mall redevelopment, all of which cost Toledo taxpayers millions of dollars and put us on the hook for millions more for years to come. You would think that with his track record of total failure, the guy would have the decency to schlep off to some distant burg to live it down in obscurity. But not Carty. He is bound and determined to stick around, waiting for some opportunity to take credit for something positive that he had nothing to do with, or to cast scorn and doubt on those who manage to succesfully move the ball down the field for “Team Toledo.” It’s time for “Coach Carty” to hit the showers once and for all. O Mike McMahon, Toledo




n A5

Barack Hussein W. Bush

Liberals, democrats, progressives n the eight years that he occupied office, George W. Bush saw his ap- and the like immediately fell in love proval ratings skyrocket up to 90 with Barack Obama. His smooth talk, percent post-Sept. 11, 2001 and tumble charming personality and technical savvy provided the feelto as low as 25 percent good vibe a candidate on three separate occaneeds to win undecided sions ( voters, and he quickly His presidency was not became the “popular praised for handling the choice.” Cries from the deadliest terror attack Right that he was unqualever executed on U.S. soil, ified and lacked any real or the passing of Sarbanes experience went unheard Oxley in response to and Obama quickly Enron, WorldComm and found himself president. Tyco frauds. Instead, Bush Ben TREECE Almost two and a half was ridiculed by the media years later, Obama’s presifor public gaffes, a cabinet lacking intelligence and involving the dency has lacked any form of leadU.S. in two wars without any evidence ership and common sense, but why has the media tried so hard to ignore of WMDs or an exit strategy. Americans had finally had enough. this? Sure, you hear the usual suspects Liberals wanted Bush out long be- speaking out — Rush, Glenn, Bill, fore the 2008 election and conserva- Anne, etc. — but constituents are not tives were eager for his exit following nearly as fed up with Obama as they the frivolous spending policies that were with Bush, judging by his 45 perplagued the end of his second term. cent job approval rating. Do the numThe public disdain for Bush presented bers reflect the job he’s done? Environment: Bush had Hurrithe perfect opportunity for the Democrats to sponsor the most progressive cane Katrina, Obama had the BP oil candidate to occupy the Oval Office spill. Both were handled quite poorly. Military: Bush led the U.S. in to since Jimmy Carter.

war with Afghanistan and soon after Iraq. Obama failed to withdraw troops in the manner that he claimed he would and helped spark an offensive in Libya. Economy: Bush approved massive spending increases in his second term which had little to no effect on the economy. Obama continued this flawed policy of tax and spend (and then some) with no different outcome. Public Gaffes: Bush made several foolish comments during press interviews. Obama compared his bowling skills to that of a man in the Special Olympics on Jay Leno and received a pass from the oh-so-forgiving media. Throw a shoe at Obama and we have an identical presidency. Those who support a political candidate and their values are reluctant to change their opinion overnight. It took conservatives several months to take notice of Bush’s faulty economic policy. I have recognized these similarities during the past few months, but finally others are beginning to take notice. Michael Moore recently demanded Obama return his Nobel Peace Prize and Minister Louis Farrakhan recently asked Obama, “Who

the hell do you think you are?” on his radio show, both comments in response to Obama’s policy in Libya. The time is coming and citizens are starting to take notice. It would not surprise me in the least to see Obama’s approval ratings drop at least 10 percent by the end of his term, especially with the way his administration has handled (or failed to) this jobless recovery. I would be shocked if his party allows him to run for a second term. The Democrats are not stupid; they know that dissatisfied voters sway elections. Angry Democrats helped elect Reagan over Carter and frustrated Republicans helped elect Clinton to his first term over H.W. Bush. Only two things are certain right now; Republicans are going to work hard to find a respectable, electable candidate to take control of the White House in 2012, and Obama’s publicist is going to be earning his paycheck in the coming months. O Ben Treece is a discretionary money manager with Treece Investment Advisory Corp and a stockbroker for Treece Financial Services Corp licensed with FINRA.


A6 n Toledo Free Press

April 24, 2011



As many Northwest Ohio residents learned last summer, a federal disaster declaration — and the resulting federal funds to help rebuild — is not a guarantee even in the wake of a destructive and fatal string of tornadoes. The next Ready U session, “Disaster Aid: Myths and Facts,” organized by the Greater Toledo Area Chapter of DRAGANI the American Red Cross, will address common misconceptions about state and federal aid as well as the short-term local resources available immediately following a disaster. The session will be presented by Nancy Dragani, executive director of the Ohio Emergency Management Agency (EMA). Dragani, who also serves on the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) National Advisory Council, has worked with the Ohio EMA since 1994, serving as director since 2005. The free, hour-long presentation is set for 7 p.m. April 25 at the McMaster Center in the Main Library, 325 N. Michigan St., and will be hosted by 13abc’s Sashem Brey. The session will first address what criteria must be met for a region to be declared a disaster area and then what state and federal government assistance residents can realistically expect once a declaration is made, Dragani

said in a recent phone interview. “I think people sometimes overestimate what kind of assistance they’ll get if we get a federal declaration,” Dragani said. “It’s not like you have an event and FEMA gives you a check for $2,100, and I think sometimes that catches people off-guard. People make an assumption that the money comes faster, comes easier and they will get a whole lot more than is actually the case.” The average individual assistance grant is typically between $4,000 and $6,000, Dragani said. “That’s really not a whole lot of money,” Dragani said. “That might replace a living room suite or dining room suite, but it’s not going to make someone whole. The whole purpose is to get them back on the road to recovery, but it won’t make them whole.” When FEMA evaluates a region after a disaster, it looks for uninsured damage. In the case of last year’s tornado, about 95 percent of damage was covered by home insurance, so the uninsured portion did not reach the level required for further government aid, Dragani said. “That’s a very difficult thing for people to understand because intuitively tornadoes cause a tremendous amount of damage and in that case we had fatalities as well,” Dragani said. “People in the Toledo area remember that and think ‘What could be more disastrous?’ but from federal perspective — not discounting at all the trauma to the school, community and individuals that were impacted — it didn’t require the federal assistance to help individuals recover, which is really what FEMA is all about.” Local resources, including county EMA teams, the Red Cross, the Salvation Army and other organizations,

photo courtesy Ohio Emergency Management Agency

FEMA official to speak at Red Cross presentation


DRAGANI with EMA and national weather service OFFICIALS following a Cridersville tornado in 2010.

provide the first-responder, shortterm assistance after a disaster, said Matthew Heyrman, project manager for Lucas County EMA. “There’s an expectation out there that federal resources will be on the ground and there the next day and that’s not the reality,” Heyrman said. “As we say all the time in EMA, disasters are local. We are on our own at least for the first 72 hours. We have to use what we have here. The federal government is going to do as much as they can as fast as they can, but it takes time.” After local government declares a state of emergency, the state governor can make a declaration and then petition the president to declare a federal disaster, Heyrman said.

“Only then do we get the FEMA funds and things people see on TV,” Heyrman said. “We have great resources here and when the tornado or flood comes, we are going to do our best, but in any situation where a lot of people are affected, the government is going to triage and help the worst areas first. So people can help themselves and their family in a better position by having a kit, being informed and having a plan.” Dragani said she hopes attendees will take away the importance of insurance. “None of the [federal] programs will make them whole,” Dragani said. “They need to look at insurance policies to adequately protect themselves before an event because that’s where

the most comprehensive recovery protection is going to come from.” Ready U, a 10-session yearlong series presented by the Red Cross of Greater Toledo and the Lucas County EMA, is designed to educate the public and prepare individuals and families for potential emergencies in Northwest Ohio. Attendees will receive reusable grocery bags and have a chance to win raffle prizes, including a gift card from The Andersons, said Sheri Meeker, community disaster education specialist for the Red Cross. Toledo Free Press is a media sponsor for the Ready U program. For more information, visit the website O

The Toledo Community Foundation helps individuals, families and businesses meet their charitable goals. We are committed to enriching the quality of life for those in our community.

Toledo CommuniTy FoundaTion Real Joy Comes WiTh GivinG



April 24, 2011

William A. Johnson, IV, MD Otolaryngology (Ear, Nose and Throat)


TPS to inspect several roofs after winter leaks By Emily B. Gibb

Toledo Free Press News Editor

Physician FOCUS

The Benefits of Balloon Sinuplasty Between the bones of the face are moist air spaces called sinuses. While these hollow cavities are small and hidden, people with sinus problems know that when they become swollen or irritated, it can be a big problem. Common symptoms of sinusitis, or sinus infection, include facial pain, pressure or fullness; loss of smell; bad breath; pain in the upper teeth; or a discharge of discolored mucus from the nose.

n A7


Toledo Public Schools is inspecting the repairs needed to fix leaking roofs at Bowsher High School, Leverette Middle School and East Broadway Middle School. Lisa Sobecki, vice president of the TPS Board of Education, said that even though these are newer schools, the leaks could have happened to any roof, regardless of its age. When the snow and ice began accumulating on the roof, then thawing and then freezing over again, water was able to seep underneath the shingles and freeze — causing the leaks once it began to thaw again, Sobecki said. She said that the district is com-

municating with the schools to let them know the process that will be used to fix the problems. The board is stepping lightly so it can ensure that it is not spending unnecessary money because many parts of the buildings are still under warranty, Sobecki said. The district wants to SOBECKI avoid doing its own patch repairs and then finding out it voided the warranty. “We want to make sure that if there’s any repair work that we do that it falls under warranty specifications,” Sobecki said. “We’re taking precau-

tions so we don’t jeopardize further repairs and dollars.” Sobecki said that the district is also up against the weather. The district has not have not wanted to send people up to the roof with the wind and rain during the last few weeks. TPS’ construction manager, The Lathrop Company, inspected the roofs to assess and advise the board as to what needs to be done, but the board has to wait until the manufacturer for each roof looks at what it will replace before TPS can estimate the total cost of repairing the three schools, said Jim Gant, TPS business manager. “We can do some general patching, but I don’t even know what we need to do to fix it until they take a look at it,” Gant said. Enough repairs were completed

when TPS initially noticed the leaks so it have not had any problems with it since the brunt of winter ended, Gant said. So far, no permanent damage to property inside the schools has been reported, Gant and Sobecki said. But the board isn’t only dealing with roof issues in the district’s newer buildings. Even though TPS knew about HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) problems at another newer building, Rosa Parks Elementary, earlier in the year, it was unable to take any action until the ground thawed because some of the problematic HVAC lines run underground, Gant said. Those repairs are to be completed within the next few weeks, he said. O

While many people experience sinusitis only temporarily after a cold or allergy attack, some may experience persistent symptoms. Balloon sinuplasty is a relatively new procedure that uses a small balloon to alleviate chronic sinusitis. The small, soft device is entered through the nostrils and inflated. Then, the piece is deflated and removed. This remolds the sinus passage, creating a permanent widening that allows for easier breathing and healthy drainage of fluid.

“. . . a consistent triumPH . . . eXtraordinary”

Compared to conventional sinus surgery, which removes bone and tissue, balloon sinuplasty causes less bleeding and damage to sinus tissues. Most people experience nearly immediate relief and can return to normal activity within 24 hours. 800-PPG-DOCS

“. . . rivals anything anywhere.” – Los Angeles Times

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Photo: Al Seib Costume: Dominique Lemieux © 2001 Cirque du Soleil

If you experience chronic sinusitis, talk with your doctor. Each case is different and sinusitis can sometimes be treated with antibiotics, decongestants or nasal sprays.

– The New York Times


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A8 n Toledo Free Press

April 24, 2011


CAC to host fundraising event at Raceway Park Toledo Free Press News Editor

The Collingwood Arts Center is placing a bet on its patrons’ generosity just in time for Derby Days. The fundraiser, CAC Bets on the Arts at Raceway Park, will take place from 5 to 11 p.m. May 7. The fundraiser benefiting the arts center’s operation costs will feature a cocktail and Hors d’oeuvres hour, a dinner buffet, a $5 betting voucher, live harness racing, door prizes, raffles, live music, auctions featuring original artwork, a special prize for fanciest hat — as it is the same day as the Kentucky Derby — and an open bar. Included with each ticket purchase

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May 5 – 8 • All Day

Cinco de Mayo Sale

May 7 • 1–2:20 p.m.

Demo: Festool Domino

May 14 • 1–2 p.m. Demo: Hand Plane Tune-Up

May 21 • 1–2:30 p.m. Demo: Unplugged Woodworking

May 30 • 9 a.m.–7 p.m. Memorial Day We are OPEN!

is a Collingwood Arts Center membership. Membership perks include discounted tickets to Collingwood Arts Center events and an opportunity to attend the annual meeting to vote on future events and programming, said John Dorsey, program director. “We’re just excited to see who all comes out. It’s always nice to have people come out and support you,” said Dorsey, a Toledo Free Press contributor. “A lot of times, you do this every day and you don’t realize how many people care. It’s nice when they can let us know we’re doing a good job and where we can improve and help the community. It’s good to touch base with patrons.” The Collingwood Arts Center “provides the people and arts community of greater Toledo a unique space

Covenant Church Meets at the Perrysburg YMCA

wherein creativity, diversity and artistic expression is fostered and nourished thus serving the educational, social, and aesthetic needs of our re-

gion,” according to its website. Early bird tickets purchased before April 21 are $60 for singles and $100 for couples. After April 21, tickets cost

$75 for singles and $115 for couples. Patrons can purchase tickets at www. or by calling (419) 2442787 or 1-800-838-3006. O


By Emily B. Gibb


13415 Eckel Junction Rd. Perrysburg, OH 43551 419-356-1127 (Fort Meigs Center for Health Promotion)

Sunday Mornings 10:00 a.m. In Scripture Alone By Grace Alone Through Faith Alone In Christ Alone To God Be the Glory Alone

Stranahan Theater

May 5-8

Pastor Joe Hillrich

5311 Airport Hwy. Toledo, OH 43615


Come Worship Christ. He has Risen indeed!

.com 1.800.745.3000 Tickets at Stranahan Box Office. Groups call 1.866.314.7687.


April 24, 2011

WCM InHouse Made Fresh english Bangers (sausage)



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See store for complete details.

Effective 4/25/11- 5/1/11 | We reserve the right to limit quantities. | No sales to vendors. | Not responsible for pictorial or typographical errors.


A10 n Toledo Free Press

New partnership offers free computer classes Free hands-on computer classes will be offered at four locations in May and June as part of a new partnership between Owens Community College and the nonprofit Connect Ohio. The continuing education classes will help area residents increase their computer knowledge and Internet skills by covering computer basics, an introduction to the Internet, discussion about how broadband can be helpful in daily life and more. The new educational initiative, called Every Citizen Online, is being led by Connect Ohio as part of a $6.9 million federal grant the organization received to help expand access to broadband Internet for Ohioans. “Owens Community College is pleased to partner with Connect Ohio to provide free computer classes to members of the com-

munities we serve,” said Michael Bankey, Owens Vice President of Workforce and Community Services, in a news release. Class times are as follows: O Arrowhead Park Learning Center, 1724 Indian Wood Circle, Maumee: 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. May 5, 12 and 19 (Thursdays); or 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. June 1 and 8 (Wednesdays). O Owens Learning Center, The Source, 1301 Monroe St., Toledo: 5 to 7 p.m. May 10, 17 and 24 (Tuesdays); or 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. June 9, 16 and 23 (Thursdays). O Wood County Courthouse, One Courthouse Square, Bowling Green: 9 a.m. to noon May 13 and 20 (Fridays); or 3 to 5 p.m. June 6, 13 and 20 (Mondays). O Owens Campus, 3200 Bright Road, Findlay: 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. May 17 and 24 (Tuesdays); or 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. June 20 and 27 (Mondays). For more information or to register, contact Owens at (567) 661-7357 or 1-800-GO-OWENS, Ext. 7357. O — Sarah Ottney

April 24, 2011

Golf event to support Honor Flight A golf outing in Waterville on May 14 will support Honor Flight Northwest Ohio. The Honor Flight Northwest Ohio Golf Outing, organized by one of Owens Community College’s Leadership Academy groups, will

take place at Fallen Timbers Fairways. The event will feature 18 holes of golf, lunch, dinner, door prizes and on-course competitions. All proceeds will benefit Honor Flight Northwest Ohio, which flies veterans to Washington, D.C., to see the memorials built and dedicated in their honor. Registration and lunch will

start at 11 a.m. The four-person golf scramble will begin at noon. Dinner will follow at 5 p.m. where winners will be recognized and names drawn for door prizes. Register by May 1 by calling (567) 661-7147 or 1-800-GO-OWENS, ext. 7147, or by emailing mary_cole@ O — Sarah Ottney

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5203 Airport Highway, Toledo, OH (08-11-1885B) Programs vary by campus. Associate degree status available for select programs. Microsoft is a trademark or registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.


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April 24, 2011

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11240 N. Saginaw Rd. (1/2 Mile S. of Vienna Rd.)

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A12 n Toledo Free Press


April 24, 2011

Our Mission is to improve your health and well-being. For more information about your health, call or click today.

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4/6/11 1:59 PM


April 24, 2011



Since 1955 “Bien Venidos Amigos”



Easter provides family celebration time for Blanks Editor’s note: Toledo Free Press will follow the Blank family of Millbury for one year as they rebuild their lives after a June 5 tornado destroyed their Main Street home.

By Brandi Barhite

Toledo Free Press Associate Editor

The Blanks are preparing to cele-

brate Easter by christening their newly bought grill. The old grill was blown away in the June 5 tornado that destroyed their home but reinforced their faith.

Specializing in

MEXICAN FOOD Lunch & Dinner

11am. - Midnight Closed Sundays & Holidays

419-865-5455 10400 Airport Hwy.

“I don’t want to say we are super super religious as much as we are believers. I think we have a pretty strong faith,” Ed Blank said. Even when the family wants to skip church, they try not to. “Every day you go to church, you walk out feeling good. On the days you don’t go, you feel like a part of you is missing,” Ed BLANK FAMILY: said. The Easter grilling session will come after a Sunday morning service at Zion Lutheran Church-Latcha. The holiday — and the church — means a lot to the family. Pastor Sarah Teichmann, her husband, Erik, and members of the congregation have supported the Blanks since the tornado. The Blanks were supposed to meet the new pastor the morning after the storm, but instead had to pick through rubble. “The Lutheran synod was instrumental in getting us back on our feet,” Ed said. “A lot of church members to this day ask us if we need anything. The church group has been our blanket of recovery. They have been very, very, very instrumental in helping us cope with what we went through and us not having our neighbors, the Walters, next door anymore.” Three of the four Walters died in the tornado. This loss has reinforced the Blanks’ desire to be with family on the holidays and whenever possible. Julie Blank invited her sister and brother-in-law among other relatives to Easter dinner. The Blanks bought the grill from The Andersons, although settled on a version less extravagant than the grill that “is in Kansas now,” Ed said. He and his friends had always referred to that grill as the “BAG,” the big-ass grill. “Everybody said, ‘What are you cooking on the BAG today?’” The newest grill looks like “it has been exercising because it is not quite as big as before,” he said. The grill lost in the tornado cost nearly $1,000, but this time Ed decided to be more economical. The smaller grill isn’t expected to affect the big Easter celebration, though. “Now it is the MAG, the mediumass grill,” Ed said, laughing. O


(1/2 mi. East of Airport)

“Doing it Different. Doing it Right.”

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Includes consumer rebate of $1,500 *All lease payments are subject to applicable state or county sales tax. All lease plans based on driving 10k/year mileage with a penalty of 25¢ per mile for overage. Total due at delivery of $1,995 unless otherwise noted. Includes 1st months payment. Security deposit waived with approved credit through Ally Financial “S Tier”. See dealer for details.

419-893-0241 • 725 Illinois Ave - Maumee •


A14 n Toledo Free Press



April 24, 2011


Salon offers free hair, makeup for Lake prom Stylists at Brodava Salon in Perrysburg are donating their time to offer free hair and makeup for students attending Lake’s prom. The event will run from noon to 5 p.m. April 29 at the salon, located at 742 W. Boundary St., and appointments are filling up fast, Owner Crissy George said. The prom will take place that night near the salon at the Hilton Garden Inn with dinner provided by Nagoya Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi at Levis Commons. “We just wanted to give back and partner with Nagoya and the Hilton to create an unforgettable prom for Lake students after the destruction last year’s tornado caused to their school and community,” George said. “It actually affected a lot of the families, which didn’t get as much publicity as the school did. We just want to help them out. As soon as the announcement was made at the school, one of the moms called in tears and said, ‘You have no idea what this has done for my daughter.’ Just that alone made you appreciate everything that we’ve got.” For more information, call the salon at (419) 873-6500. O — Sarah Ottney

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* Offer subject to credit review and approval. The applicable interest rate varies depending on your credit qualifications, line amount, property state, and loan-to-value ratio. Loan-to-value restrictions may vary by property location. A Fifth Third checking account and payments made automatically using Auto BillPayer are required for the following pricing. When opened, the introductory Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is 2.99% for the first 12 months. Beginning on the first day of the 13th month, for an Equity Flexline in the amount of $10,000–$24,999, the applicable interest rate varies from a variable APR of Prime + 1.00% (currently 4.25% APR) to Prime + 2.25% (currently 5.50% APR). For an Equity Flexline in the amount of $25,000–$49,999, the applicable interest rate varies from a variable APR of Prime + 0.75% (current minimum is 4.00% APR) to Prime + 2.00% (currently 5.25% APR). For an Equity Flexline in the amount of $50,000–$99,999, the applicable interest rate varies from a variable APR of Prime + 0.75% (current minimum is 4.00% APR) to Prime + 1.75% (currently 5.00% APR). For an Equity Flexline in the amount of $100,000 or more, the applicable interest rate varies from a variable APR of Prime - 0.26% (current minimum is 2.99% APR) to Prime + 1.75% (currently 5.00% APR). Interest rates may vary and are indexed to the Prime Rate as published daily in The Wall Street Journal Eastern Edition “Money Rates” table. As of 4/1/11, the WSJ Prime Rate is 3.25%. Offer is available on new Fifth Third equity lines of credit only. The maximum APR will not exceed 25%, or the state usury ceiling, whichever is less. Annual fee of up to $65 waived for one year. In Georgia, intangible taxes apply. The bank is currently paying these taxes on the borrower’s behalf. In Tennessee, recordation taxes may apply. The bank is currently paying these taxes on the borrower’s behalf. Rate and offer are subject to change without notice. Consult a tax advisor regarding deductibility of interest. Fifth Third Bank, Member FDIC. Equal Housing Lender.


Downtown Toledo’s Huntington Center was tops in ticket sales in 2010, generating three times more in sales than any other Midwest venue of its size. The ranking was published in the April issue of concert industry magazine Venues Today, which annually lists the top-performing venues in regards to ticket sales. The Huntington Center had $6,717,517 in ticket sales last year, the 12-state region’s highest total in the 5,001 to 10,000 capacity category. No. 2 was the Meadow Brook Festival in Rochester, Mich., with $1,999,690. “It’s a great honor for us,” said General Manager Steve Miller of SMG, which provides management services to 220 public assembly facilities in the United States, including Huntington Center. “We’re really excited as this is putting Toledo on the map as a concert destination. Hopefully it will lead to more shows down the road. That’s the name of the game for us.” The Huntington Center would compete well even against larger Midwest venues, Miller said. If placed in the 10,001 to 15,000 seat capacity, category, the Huntington Center would still come in No. 3, behind INTRUST Bank Arena in Wichita, Kan., and Van Andel Arena in Grand Rapids, Mich., according to a news release. O — Sarah Ottney


Huntington Center No. 1 in ticket sales

Business Link

April 24, 2011


New home for Maritime Academy of Toledo By Duane Ramsey

Toledo Free Press Senior Business Writer

Dock David TREECE

Standard & Poorer


he big news this week came when the rating agency Standard & Poor’s downgraded its outlook on long-term U.S. debt on fears that the United States’ budget difficulties may lead the Treasury to default on some of its bonds. This news, of course, sent shockwaves through financial markets, knocking major stock industries down several points upon release. The sentiment — and portfolios — of many investors around the world changed very quickly with this action by S&P. S&P’s decision to downgrade its outlook on long-term U.S. debt comes on the heels of Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner’s warnings that a failure by Congress to raise the debt ceiling could result in a default on government debt. In other words, Mr. Geithner is warning Congress that the United States’ national debt has grown so large that the Treasury can no longer afford to service that debt without taking on additional debt. Sound idiotic? That’s because it is. First, Mr. Geithner, in his infinite wisdom, is pretending that he lacks any other mechanisms for servicing U.S. debt. Monetization stands out as one viable option; and while the resulting inflation would be far from ideal, it beats the heck out of default, which would cripple this nation’s credibility in international markets. Then again, Congress could always cut back on spending and gradually reduce the national debt. n TREECE CONTINUES ON A17

n A15

The Maritime Academy of Toledo is now operating out of its new home in the former maritime union building on Water Street in Downtown Toledo. The Maritime Academy moved into the state-of-the-art marine training facility which it is leasing from the American Maritime Officers Plan (AMOP). “We now have the best marine educational facilities in the country,” Superintendent Renee Marazon said. She reported that the AMOP came to the academy about using the training facilities and left all the equipment and simulators for the students to use. The Maritime Academy is a tuition-free public charter school for students in grades five through 12 and also offers certification training for adults in the maritime industry. The academy was founded in 2005 and previously operated out of a Downtown building on Monroe Street. Today, 193 middle and high school students are studying marine subjects, learning to navigate a Great Lakes freighter or to play the steel drums in the school band, all while preparing for college and a possible career in the shipping industry. The new facility offers students an education using maritime and nautical themes in traditional subjects with hands-on learning in a boat building laboratory, two navigation simulators, ship-size galley, commercial laundry, and other hospitality amenities for potential positions on cruise ships and freighters. The curriculum at the academy focuses on one of the world’s most valuable resources, the navigable waterways of the Great Lakes, its islands, rivers, ecosystems, food chain and supply, recreation and impact on the region’s economy. “Our challenging curriculum and strong code of conduct set high standards for our students,” Marazon said. “We support our students with individualized attention and handson learning opportunities that keep

them engaged.” Quincy Cunningham is an example of many students who are taking advantage of the educational opportunities at the Maritime Academy. He was once a shy child who struggled with reading comprehension, Marazon said. “It opened a lot of opportunities for me and helped me to pursue a career as a veterinarian for large mammals,” Cunningham said. “When students have a passion for what they want to do, we help them pursue it,” Marazon said. After four years at the academy, Cunningham will graduate at the top of his class having earned the rank of Lieutenant Commander. He plans to attend Central State University in Wilberforce, Ohio. His mom, Patrece Tolbert, credits the one-on-one attention and hands-on learning experiences he received at the maritime academy for his success. “We learn more here from better teachers who work with students oneon-one with hands-on training,” said Daryl Winfree, a junior from Toledo. “There’s more attention focused on individual students in smaller classes,” said William Moore, a senior from Toledo, who plans to join the Marine Corps after graduation in June. The Maritime Academy has a staff of 30 professionals, including a licensed career tech instructor who happens to be a licensed sea captain as well, Marazon said. Rick Brown, instructor and marine CTE program director, heads a three-year career tech program for the students who also attend classes at Owens Community College. Students can earn up to 24 credit hours toward an associate degree, Brown said. The Maritime Academy of Toledo is one of only 18 maritime academies in the U.S., the only one on the Great Lakes and only middle and high school combination, Marazon said. The academy also serves an important role in retraining adult mariners and educating adults seeking to begin new careers in the maritime industry, she said.

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toledo free press photo by lisa stang




Cadet Henry Brown at the engine simulator at the maritime academy.

Marazon said the academy hosted its first fundraiser, an Admiral’s Ball and Silent Auction, on April 16 with a theme based on the sinking of Titanic. The use of the facility’s indoor pool and movie theater are being auctioned for company or family parties. The fundraiser will educate attendees about a capital campaign to raise $2.5 million by the end of 2012 for the purpose of purchasing the building from the American Mariners Organization. Marazon said the academy is planning a Fourth of July Picnic for 30 select people with a balcony barbecue and excellent vantage point for

Call us for your business needs – Ken Connell 419-259-5945 Rich Heck 419-259-8530 Member FDIC

viewing the annual fireworks display on the Maumee River. The fundraising events are sponsored by the Maritime Academy of Toledo Foundation, a nonprofit 501-C3 organization, which oversees the operation of the charter school and promotes adult job training programs in the maritime industry. The Maritime Academy has the capacity for another 100 students at its current location. Parents interested in obtaining information about the academy or touring the facility may contact the academy at (419) 244-9999 to arrange a meeting or go to O


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A16 n Toledo Free Press



ongratulations. You have reached retirement and now you are ready to enjoy the fruits of your labor. All the years of hard work and sacrifice have paid off. You have thrived and you have survived. There have been disappointments and there have been triumphs. In many ways you have struggled and in many ways you have succeeded. You have created a family, raised your children, forged a career, established a home and made a life. Congratulations again. Now what are you going to do? Keys to a successful retirement are the Three Ps: Position, Preserve and Protect. Create a plan to position retirement accounts properly. We call it The Independent Income System. To enjoy a relaxing retirement, the average retiree will still need a steady flow of income. Various investment mechanisms can be used to help produce income. It is important that issues like time frames and safety be considered. You will want to make sure your income does not run out and most retirees want to avoid high levels of risk.

April 24, 2011

Happy retirement

This is where the preserve part comes in. The positioning is crucial to preserve the accounts for a lifetime to come. Issues like interest rates, stock market fluctuation, economic conditions, etc., should be considered in order to better preserve what you have worked so hard Mark to accumulate. Once you have Nolan positioned things properly put the finishing touches on the plan and take steps to protect all of your assets. Depending on how things play out this may be the most important thing you do. What do we need protection from? The thing many retirees are most afraid of: a health care crisis that messes up all you have done to position and preserve. There are solutions available. Make this part of the overall plan. Let’s talk about the fun stuff. Since you are retired, what will you do now

with your time? Freedom and happiness is the key to most retirees. A combination of leisure, fun and productivity can be the ingredients to a formula for a great retirement phase of life. Remember the old bumper sticker “Happiness Is ... ?” Here are some things that come to CLAIR mind: Happiness is ... O reading a BAKER good book O going to a concert O sleeping in O riding a motorcycle with the cool breeze blowing in my face O riding in a classic car O sitting on the beach O sitting on the couch watching a ball game O traveling to a foreign land O eating great food that I have never tasted before O playing with my grandkids O working on (and finishing)

a project O helping someone O making a difference in someone’s life O growing spiritually O spending time with the people I love Make your own list of happiness isms. If you want to make sure they happen and you put off your homework for the fun stuff, go back and read the two paragraphs you skipped. Happy Retirement from The Retirement Guys! O

For more information about The Retirement Guys, tune in every Saturday at 1 p.m. on 1370 WSPD or visit Securities and Investment Advisory Services are offered through NEXT Financial Group Inc., Member FINRA / SIPC. NEXT Financial Group, Inc nor its representatives provide tax advice.  The Retirement Guys are not an affiliate of NEXT Financial Group. The office is at 1700 Woodlands Drive, Suite 100, Maumee, OH 43537. (419) 842-0550.

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April 24, 2011 pear that the ratings agencies may be overreacting — which is certainly unUnfortunately, this makes entirely derstandable. After all, S&P, et al can too much sense to be a desirable path hardly afford to appear incompetent for politicians in Washington. Plus, after they failed to correctly assess they’d surely lose votes if they started the risk in all those pesky mortgagecutting funding and spending on var- backed bonds and derivative securities that largely contributed to the ious less-than-necessary programs. Despite Geithner’s repeated warn- market crash in 2008. To borrow an interesting turn of ings, which are unlikely to be anything 2845 Devers_MB_TFP_411 4/6/11 3:15 PM Page 1 more than empty threats, it would ap- phrase from Mr. Obama’s predecessor n TREECE CONTINUED FROM A15

Business Link that seems to characterize the dilemma facing ratings agencies, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me ... you can’t get fooled again.” From an investment standpoint, the S&P downgrade on long-term U.S. debt amounts to little more than noise in the market. The news, though big for headlines, did not fundamentally change the world. The threat of default by the U.S. government has always ex-

If you currently own a BMW, Audi, Lexus, Jaguar, Porsche, Range Rover, Infiniti, Acura and Cadillac, you can get $2000 toward a 2011 C-Class or E-Class of your choice.* Driving a Mercedes-Benz has never been more rewarding.


n A17

Dock David Treece is a discretionary money manager with Treece Investment Advisory Corp and a stockbroker licensed with FINRA. He works for Treece Financial Services Corp and also serves as editor of the financial news site Green Faucet. The above information is the express opinion of Dock David Treece and should not be construed as investment advice or used without outside verification.

isted, so one ratings agency’s lack of confidence shouldn’t mean much. More importantly, investors certainly shouldn’t be making investment decisions based on this event alone. Obviously this news represents another factor to be considered, but it shouldn’t be leading investors to change their outlook on the fundamentals of this market or the economy. O

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A18 n Toledo Free Press

April 24, 2011


Knott-ing the community together


hen the Toledo Wistert Chapter of the National Football Foundation held its 49th annual awards ceremony last month, most of the attention was centered on Ohio State Head Coach Jim Tressel, who served as the keynote speaker. While the attention toward Tressel was welldeserved given what he has meant to football in the state of Ohio, one local man honored that night didn’t get the opportunity to receive the attention he deserved for all he has meant to football here in Northwest Ohio. That man is Toledo native Jamie Knott, who together with wife Janina started the Springfield Youth Football Association in 2008 and was honored last month by the Toledo Wistert Chapter with the Junior League Coach’s Award for his contributions to local football. Starting with 90 participants in its first season, the SYFA has grown to more than 250 participants in flag football, tackle football and cheerleading. “It’s a great thing to be honored because you’re just doing something that you really enjoy doing,” Knott said in a phone interview with Toledo Free Press. “You’re not out there doing it for

“I played the sport all the way pating in the program receive weekly me and my wife — doing this. There’s any type of award. It’s been very good, almost like a family atmosphere that through high school, and a lot of grade and behavior checks from their a lot of people involved.” Unfortunately, due to health issues the lessons I learned in teachers and parents, a practice instiit’s been able to build. it are what I use on a tuted by SYFA coach Mark Masella. Knott — a self-proclaimed “huge Ohio We’ve got three third and daily basis and always Masella also started an offseason con- State fan and a huge Jim Tressel supfourth-grade teams per have ever since I’ve been ditioning program that takes place porter” — was unable to attend the Totackle, three fifth and playing the sport,” Knott once a week for kids not participating ledo Wistert Chapter’s awards ceremony sixth and because of lack said. “We wanted the in other sports. While Knott and because he was in the hospital. Even of space we’re trying to kids to get those same others involved in the SYFA enjoy though his health issues will prevent still find ways to bring experiences and get them playing games at Springfield High him from coaching in the time being, the kids together more. ready. If they’re going to School, they are also trying to raise Knott won’t let them get in the way of “As far as things move on to play football, money to purchase more land to de- his involvement with the SYFA, nor with that people have done, that’s what the grade and velop practice fields, possibly taking it 13-year-old son Zachary and nine-yearthe positive feedback Mike BAUMAN behavior checks [are for], a step further in building local com- old son Cameron. is probably the biggest “I’ve coached Zach for several years so that they understand munity center has been discussed. thing that really keeps “I can’t name them all, but there’s and Cameron for two, but with me you motivated, to know that you’ve that their school has to come first. But we want the kids to get more out of it a lot of people involved in this orga- stepping down right now I’ll still be done a lot of good things.” nization to make it run,” Knott said. somewhat involved trying to transition Prior to coaching football, Knott than football. “We want them to get the life les- “We’ve grown from zero to almost everything and help them out,” Knott was a player. He graduated from Whitmer in 1987, where he was an sons out of it and apply them towards 300 kids very fast, so it takes a lot of said. “I’m not just going to walk away people. I don’t want this to sound by and dump it in their laps, but I’ll finally offensive lineman and played for what they’re doing.” During the season, kids partici- any means that it’s just two people — be able to watch one of my kids play.” O OHSFCA Hall of Famer Pat Gucciardo, Sr. Knott received a degree in business from the University of Toledo in 1994 and now works for Toyota at $1.99 23 oz. Select 1/2 PRICE APPETIZERS the company’s Technical Center in Every day after 9 pm. DOMESTIC DRAFTS Ann Arbor, Mich. He coached for 13 Half-off regular menu price dine-in only. Mon. - Fri. 2 pm - 5 pm years in the Washington Junior Foot& ALL DAY Thursday! ALL-U-CAN-EAT All day! ball League before starting the SYFA 40¢ WINGS with his wife in 2008. SPAGHETTI Every day!

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Mail Boxes Etc., Inc. is a UPS® company. The UPS Store® locations are independently owned and operated by franchisees of Mail Boxes Etc., Inc. in the USA and by its master licensee and its franchisees in Canada. Services, pricing and hours of operation may vary by location. See for further details. Copyright © 2011 Mail Boxes Etc., Inc. B3HD282633 03.11


April 24, 2011


n A19


Brown donates $10,000 to Perrysburg events Toledo Free Press Special Sections Editor

Brown Automotive recently donated $10,000 to Downtown Perrysburg for the entertainment group’s First Friday Series and Rock the Docks events. The money — $7,500 for the First

Friday Series and $2,500 for Rock the Docks — will be used for promotion and bringing in new entertainment, said Downtown Perrysburg Program Manager Ashley Ward. The First Friday Series will take place in downtown Perrysburg on the first Friday of each month from June to October. Rock the Docks is set for June 11

and Sept. 17 on the riverfront. Brown Automotive, which also supported the events last year, presented Downtown Perrysburg with an oversized check April 6. Ken Foster, general manger at Brown Honda, said giving back to the community is important to Brown Automotive. “It’s all about the community,�

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Foster said. “Perrysburg is an upand-coming community and we just wanted to recognize that and be a

part of that. It’s important to us to let the community know we’re there to help out where we can.� O

photo courtesy downtown perrysburg

By Sarah Ottney

Oil Change

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Brown Automotive presents a $10,000 check to Downtown Perrysburg.

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A20 n Toledo Free Press

April 24, 2011


GM to raise car prices due to oil, metal costs

DETROIT (AP) — General Motors Co. said April 18 it will raise car and truck prices by an average of $123 per vehicle to make up for higher oil and metal costs. The increases, which affect nearly all Buick, Chevrolet, Cadillac and GMC models, will go into effect in the U.S. starting May 2. The higher prices are limited to the United States, spokesman Tom Henderson said. Higher oil and steel prices played a big role in the increase, as did the cost of other metals used to make vehicles, Henderson said. Oil prices affect the cost of plastic parts and tires, as well as filling cars with gas before they are sold. GM is not alone in hiking prices. Toyota Motor Corp. said last month

it would raise prices on most 2011 Toyota, Scion and Lexus models between 1.2 percent and 2.2 percent.

Toyota extends N. American production cuts TOKYO (AP) — Toyota Motor Corp. has extended production cuts at its North American factories into early June as it struggles to deal with parts shortages caused by the earthquake that hit Japan. The moves announced raise the likelihood of widespread model shortages at Toyota dealerships well into the summer buying season. But the company promised no layoffs and said it would be ready when parts start flowing again. Toyota said


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InHeartland the Forum- Holly Bldg.Glen at 4352 Sylvania Ave • Toledo, OH 43623 Heartland - Holly Glen 419-841-1292 • (800) 720-7005 | | #94-07-1402T Our cardiac recovery services use an Proudly Announces: Proudly Announces:

Our cardiac recovery services use an individualized approach to delivering individualized approach tocare delivering medical and rehabilitative to patients medical and rehabilitative care patients to patients Cardiac Specialty Care with cardiac disease. We serve Cardiac Specialty Care with cardiacfailure, disease. We serve patients with heart coronary artery disease with heart failure, coronary artery disease Now accepting patients. (CAD), hypertension (high blood Cardiac Recovery Services Now accepting patients. (CAD), hypertension (high blood pressure), unstable angina, heart attack, pressure), unstable angina, (such heart as attack, Heartland - Holly Glen post cardiac interventions Our cardiac recovery services use an Proudly Announces: Our cardiac recovery services use an individualized approach Heartland Holly Glen post cardiac interventions as individualized approach to(such delivering Heartland - Holly Glen stents, pacemakers, ICDs) and post medical and rehabilitative care to patients Heartland -Street Holly Care Cardiac Specialty stents, pacemakers, ICDs) and post with and cardiac disease. We serve patients toGlen delivering medical rehabilitative care toartery patients with Proudly Announces: 4293 Monroe coronary artery bypass surgery (CABG) with heart failure, coronary disease 4293 Monroe Street Now accepting patients. (CAD), hypertension (high blood coronary bypass surgery (CABG) Toledo, OH 43606 cardiac disease. We serve patients withangina, heart failure, coronary pressure), unstable heart attack, to name aartery few. Toledo, OH 43606 post cardiac interventions (such as 419.474.6021 to name a few. (high Cardiac Specialty Care Heartland - Holly artery Glendisease (CAD), stents, pacemakers, ICDs) and post hypertension blood pressure),

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Now accepting patients. Heartland - Holly Glen 4293 Monroe Street Toledo, OH 43606 419.474.6021

unstable angina,For heart attack, post cardiac interventions more information contact the For more information contact the Admissions Department atcoronary 419.474.6021 (such as stents, pacemakers, ICDs) and post artery Admissions Department at 419.474.6021 or bypass surgery (CABG) to name a few. or For more information contact the Admissions Department at 419.474.6021 or A

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riod, plants will run at half capacity on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. In addition, U.S. production will be suspended the week of May 30 after

in a statement that production will be suspended in North America on Mondays and Fridays from April 26 through June 3. During the same pe-

the Memorial Day holiday. Canadian production will be suspended the week of May 23 in conjunction with Victoria Day. O





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1. No down payment with approved credit through Toyota Financial Services – Tier I Plus, Tier I, II & III customers only. See dealer for terms and condition. 2. Toyota Financial Services $500 Bonus/Subvention cash only available on new 2011 Camry (excludes Hybrid) and new 2011 Tundra. May be combined with Toyota Financial Services special reduced APR and Lease offers, but cannot be combined with Toyota customer cash ($750 for Camry, $2,750 Tundra Crewmax & $2,250 Tundra Regular & Double Cabs.) Must take retail delivery from new dealer stock between 4/5/11 and 5/2/11. 3. New 2011 Camry LE Model 2532. Lease end purchase option $13,618. $1,999 Due at Lease Signing includes $1,150 Customer Down Payment + First Month’s Payment of $199 + $650 Acquisition Fee. Toyota Financial Services $500 Bonus/Subvention Cash must be applied towards due at signing – reduces $2,499 due at signing to $1,999 due at signing.* 4. New 2011 RAV4 4x4 Model 4432. Lease end purchase option $15,426.* 5. New 2011 Sienna LE Model 5538. Lease end purchase option $17,520.* 6. New 2011 Avalon Model 3544. Lease end purchase option $18,253.* 7. 2011 EPA-estimated mileage on new Camry LE 2.5L 4-cylinder 6-speed automatic (22 MPG City), new RAV4 4x4 2.5L 4-cylinder (21 MPG City), new Sienna LE 2WD 8-passenger 2.7L 4-cylinder (19 MPG City) and new Avalon (20 MPG City). Actual mileage will vary. 8. Based on NHTSA Final Industry MY09 CAFÉ data for Toyota Motor Sales. 9. 2011 EPA-estimated mileage on new Yaris, Corolla, Camry, Matrix (Excludes S Model) & Tacoma 4-cylinder 4x2 all with manual transmission, and Prius, Avalon, RAV4 4-cylinder 2WD, Venza 4-cylinder FWD, Highlander 4-cylinder and Sienna 4-cylinder FWD models. Actual mileage will vary. 10. Customer cash directly from Toyota Motor Sales, U. S. A., Inc. Dealer participation may affect consumer cost. 11. Covers normal factory scheduled service. Plan is 2 years or 25K miles, whichever comes first. The new Toyota vehicle cannot be part of a rental or commercial fleet or a livery or taxi vehicle. See plan for complete coverage details. See participating Toyota dealer for details. * NO SECURITY DEPOSIT subject to approved credit through Toyota Financial Services – Tier I PLUS customers ONLY. Excludes state and local taxes, tags, registration and title, and insurance. Ohio sales tax due at lease inception. License and applicable fees are extra. Lessee may be charged for excessive wear based on Toyota Financial Services standards for normal use and for mileage in excess of 36,000 miles at the rate of $0.15 per mile. A $350 Disposition Fee is due at lease termination. 1, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 10: Must take retail delivery from new dealer stock between 4/5/11 and 5/2/11. APR, Customer Cash & Lease offers may not be combined. See participating dealer for details. Individual dealer prices may vary. Offers may vary by region. VEHICLE IMAGES USED FOR ILLUSTRATION PURPOSES ONLY. Expiration for this ad is 5/2/11.




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April 24, 2011


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A22 n Toledo Free Press

April 24, 2011



Texaco Country Showdown hunts for talent in Toledo By Emily B. Gibb

Toledo Free Press News Editor

Country radio station 107.7 The Wolf and Toledo Free Press are hosting a local singing competition as one of the first steps of the 30th annual Texaco Country Showdown. Contestants have an opportunity to join the contest’s storied history, which includes past winners and finalists LeAnn Rimes, Garth Brooks, John Michael Montgomery, Ricky Travino, Chris Young, Sweethearts of the Rodeo, Martina McBride, Brad Paisley, Miley Cyrus, Billy Ray Cyrus and Sara Evans. Local competitions are taking place in every state in the continental U.S. After that winners will HART compete in state competitions and then move on to one of five regional competitions. Winners from the five regional competitions will move on the national finals at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, Tenn., to compete for a $100,000 prize. Interested performers can pick up an entry form at the 107.7 studio, 720 Water St. or find one online at Each contestant’s entry form, audio demo and $20 entry fee is due by May 16 and can be dropped off or mailed to the station or emailed to thewolf@ Individuals and groups of up to seven people are invited to enter. “I would encourage everyone who really enjoys it, enjoys singing, to give it a try,” said Laura Hart, general manager of 107.7. “If they don’t have a demo, give us a call anyway. We don’t want to scare anyone away from participating.” To help make the entry process as easy as possible, the station will walk contestants through the forms if they have any questions, she said. All they have to do is call and the station will be happy to help. “We don’t want anyone to miss an opportunity,” Hart said. Country Showdown contacted the station about hosting a local contest. “They liked the market size. They thought Toledo had a lot of talent,” Hart said. She sent letters to prospective judges with musical experience from

a variety of backgrounds, such as music teachers, instead of local dignitaries, she said. Hart said that it’s exciting to be a part of the country music scene and showcase local talent who has a real shot at gaining national exposure. “This is a very musical town. There’s a lot going on,” she said. “Being a new station, we’re hoping this furthers the ties with the community.” Hart said the odds are good that the winner from this area could continue on in the competition past the state and regional rounds — the Toledo winner has a one in eight chance of winning the state round. Even if he, she or they lose at the state level, Toledo’s winning act will receive an autographed guitar from Jason Aldean. “[Toledo’s] just a great city with great people and the radio station there is wonderful and we wanted them to be a part of this and they

wanted to bring it to their community,” said Steve Edwards, Country Showdown’s regional producer. “Every year, we give thousands of people the opportunity to have their dream to compete in front of the family and friends and community and we provide a great experience to do that,” Edwards said. Unlike “American Idol” or other talent shows, Country Showdown judges won’t harshly critique contestants for a laugh. “We have always taken a great deal of pride in making sure all of our contests are treated fairly and with respect,” Edwards said. “Regardless of whether they win or lose, we want them to walk away with a great experience.” For more information, visit or O

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April 24, 2011



very now and then a news story pops up about a teacher being reprimanded or even fired because of perceived indiscretions in the social media arena. The

Casting the first stone

latest under-fire educator is Christine Rubino, a 38-year-old, 15-yearveteran Brooklyn, N.Y. teacher. Referencing a local 12-year-old girl who had drowned on a school field trip

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• Country-Style Paté en Croute • Smoked Chicken & Leek Bisque • Roasted Whole Walleye Jardiniere with Wild Rice • Pan-Seared Venison Loin with Morel Mushroom & Cherry Wine Sauce • Chocolate Torte

Cinco de Mayo Celebration

to the beach the day before, Rubino lashed out after a rough day in her classroom by declaring on Facebook, “After today, I’m thinking the beach is a good trip for my class. I hate their

WCM Royal Wedding Receiption Fish & Chips Friday April 29th 4-7 p.m.

• We’d hop the pond for this chap’s chips” Chuck & Cammi • Samuel Smith’s Pale-Ale Battered Cod and Crispy Fries • Served with Malt Vinegar


$ 99

And Don’t forget the TRIFLE for Dessert $4.99 “It’s not to be trifled with” Winston

Quick & Easy Gourmet Meals

May M ay 5th 5th & 6th 6tth 11-7 111 7 p.m. p m at Both Locations Locations • Platters or Ala Carte • Fish or Beef Tacos • Burritos Con Carne • Platters Only • Carnitas • Pollo Mole Verde • Sauteed Shrimp Mole All Platters are Served with Refritos, Rice, Guacamole & Salsa • Also Available Sopa Chorizo • Taco Soup • Scallop Ceviche

May 13th- The Return of Burger Down Fridays

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WCM Café Menu April 25 - Ma

Dinner Menu • Herb Roasted Chicken ... $8.99$7.99 • Beef Mushrooms & Noodles ...Salsa ... $8.99 • Blackened Coho Salmon with Lunch Menu plant Parmaigian • Bratwurst & Sauerkraut • Egg • Beef & Noodles Plus weekly Chef’s Specials Dinner Sauces & Sides to Serve with your ce • Herbed Wine Sau Sauteed Veggies • Rosemary Mashed Potatoes • (Visit our website for this weeks Walt’s Weekly Specials.)

26625 N. Dixie Hwy., Perrysburg Follow us on twitter @ waltchurchills



Hours: Mon-Sun 7 a.m.– 10 p.m.

3320 Briarfield Blvd., Maumee


Hours: Mon-Sat 7:30 a.m.–9 p.m. Sun 8 a.m.–9 p.m.

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Effective 4/25/11 - 5/1/11 | We reserve the right to limit quantities. quantitties | No sales to vendors. | Not responsible for pictorial or typographical errors.

n A23

guts.” According to the New York of us doing the actual raising of the Post, Rubino recanted her words as children have certainly not been ima literal sentiment, and declared, “I pervious to sharp-tongued remarks, like my job. I’m good at it. That’s all overzealous airing of work-related grievances, declarations of drunkthey should worry about.” Stories such as Rubino’s make me enness, photos of said drunkenness, wonder what we, as parents, should profanity, mocking and inapproworry about when it comes to our priate relationships. Parents also hold children’s teachers an important and and their lives outunique position in the side of the classroom. eyes of most children A Georgia teacher, and our profession24-year-old Ashley alism, too, is at stake. Payne, was encourHowever, the authoriaged to resign because tative chain of comof a Facebook photo of mand is not as clear as her holding a glass of it is in other occupawine in one hand and tions, so it is essential a glass of beer in the that we find it in us other while on a EuShannon SZYPERSKI to self-police. Unlike ropean vacation. Like Rubino, Payne’s Facebook settings teachers, we are on duty 24 hours a day, every day. Our children are were set to private. Do alcoholic beverages in the continually susceptible to the ill hands of an off-duty, of-legal- effects of our unseemly comments drinking-age teacher compare to the and unbecoming behavior. Although Christine Rubino’s proclaiming of hatred for students by another? Should either incident even comments have now become quite be scrutinized when having only taken public, they were originally only inplace within the confines of one’s per- tended for a select group of friends sonal life? Where do we draw lines, or and acquaintances, one of whom turned her in. Still, her remarks should we draw them at all? Teachers hold an important and were incredibly insensitive, disapunique position in the eyes of most pointingly childish and bordered students. I can still recall that bewil- on threatening. I personally doubt dering feeling I would have when I would have it in me to ever go seeing one of my teachers at a random quite as Mel Gibson as Rubino did public place as a child. Many chil- in taking such an outright hateful dren have a difficult time envisioning approach to anyone or anything, their teachers anywhere outside of the but my days are likely also a far cry classroom, much less leading normal from what Rubino sees as a Brooklyn social existences or cathartically ex- school teacher. I’m not much of a drinker either, pressing occupational distress after hours. It is no doubt a surprise when but I certainly take no offense to you grow up and realize that teachers Ashley Payne’s or any other teacher’s legal adult activities outside of are people too. To all of my fellow adults who may school. Selfishly assuming that a still have that “teachers sleep alone on teacher’s personal time is somehow a cot in the class coatroom at night” the community’s to dictate is an unidea in the back of your minds: Sur- fair and unacceptable practice. The prise! Teachers really are human be- shame is ours for attempting to hold ings who sometimes have a beer, vent only certain individuals within our about work, clean their bathrooms, community accountable to basic have sex, go grocery shopping, argue (or sometimes skewed) standards of with their loved ones and, yes, go on- ethical behavior, when the civility line, just like the majority of the adult of our society is truly dependent on population. Also like the majority of maintaining maturity, integrity and the adult population, teachers make reason across the board, with each personal and professional mistakes. one of us very much included. The thoughtful use of our discreWe need to take care in not confusing tion, when it comes to the possible or combining the two. We also need to take care in indiscretions of others, is really all we maintaining our own profession- should be worried about. O alism as parents. Many of the social media faux pas teachers in the news Shannon and her husband Mihave been rebuked for and fired for chael are raising three children in are also common in the parenting Sylvania. Email her at letters@ community. The online lives of those


A24 n Toledo Free Press

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April 30, 2011


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Great Drinks.

NOW ! OPEN Blarney Bullpen

ave We H I


601 Monroe St.

Right Across from Fifth Third Field

FFriday, id AAprilil 29 29thh

Toast & Jam

You’re only a hops, skip, and jump a whey sk from the barley and a good time.

HAPPY HOUR Mon-Fri 4-7 pm Live Entertainment Thurs-Fri-Sat

Great Time.

Celebrate Dyngus Day

at the Blarney!

Monday, April 25th, 5–11 p.m.

Saturday, April 30th


PPolka lk & Pi Pierogi’i’s! GGreatt DDrink i k SSpecials iiaalsls and tons of OKOCIM Beer Available.

Don’t miss the fun as The Blarney turns into the Biggest Polish10” Pub in Toledo! doo! x 10.25” ad

Live Music by Randy & The Swinging Richards

April 24, 2011


n A27



Only at an Allegiant airport ticket counter. call our travel experts at (702) 505-8888

Book now to catch some serious early bird savings from Toledo! The sooner you book, the more you save. *Valid between Toldeo and Tampa Bay. Seats are limited. Fares are one-way and not available on all flights. Must be purchased by Apr. 27 , for travel between Aug. 17- Nov. 15. Prices do not include PFC, segment tax or Sept. 11th security fee of up to $10.70 per segment. A segment is one take-off and one landing. A convenience fee of $16.99 per passenger will apply when booked on A convenience fee of $16.99 per passenger, plus $14.99 per segment, will apply when purchased through Allegiant call centers. Purchases made at any Allegiant Airport Ticket Office will not incur a convenience or call center fee. For ticket counter hours of operation, please visit www.allegiant. com . When purchased at the time of booking, a checked bag fee of up to $29.99 per bag will apply per person, per segment. If purchased at flight check-in, a fee of $35 per checked bag, per person, per segment will apply for the first two bags checked. Additional higher fees will apply for three or more checked bags. Fare rules, routes and schedules are subject to change without notice. Restrictions apply. $20 savings based on a two-night, air+hotel purchase; valid at select Allegiant hotels.

Job # ALL 1664-P - April Sale - Toledo Free Press - 10x10.5 -4C -APRIL11

A28 n Toledo Free Press

April 24, 2011

Toledo Free Press – April 24, 2011  
Toledo Free Press – April 24, 2011  

The cover for this edition features LeeAnn Rimes and Jaclyn North, the 2010 winner of the Texaco Country Showdown. TFP and The Wolf 107.7 ar...