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Valley of Toledo

September 2009

Valley of Toledo to Hold Annual Meeting The Valley of Toledo will hold its Annual Meeting on Monday September, 14, 2009 beginning at 7:30 PM at the Valley Offices in Maumee. Reports will be received from the Executive Secretary, the Treasurer, The Board of Trustees, the Deputy’s Representative and any other pertinent Communications. Housekeeping items plus other important changes to the By-Laws will be discussed. All members are encouraged to attend.

Testimonial Dinner Sep. 26

The Annual Testimonial Dinner honoring two newly coroneted 33º Mason’s from the Valley of Toledo will be held on Saturday, September 26, 2009 at the Findlay Elks located at 601 S Main Street in Findlay, Ohio 45840. The two honorees this year are Illustrious Brothers Thomas L. Brenneman, 33º and Dennis L. Wilhelm, Sr., 33º. There will be a social hour with a cash bar beginning at 6:00 PM. Dinner will be served at 6:45 PM with a program following dinner. Cost for the evening will per $30.00 per person. Please make your reservation by using the automated reservation form on the Web Site or by using the form below and mail your reservation and your check to the Valley Office.

Two Valley Members Receive the Meritorious Service Award

Testimonial Dinner Reservation Form

At the Annual Ohio Council of Deliberation held in June two Valley Members received the Meritorious Service Award. They are Robert D. Harold and William P. Rowe. (Brother Rowe was unable to attend due to health problems and he will receive his Red Hat and Certificate at a later time).

Number of Reservations ________ @ $30.00 = ______

Name: ______________________________________

Address: _____________________________________ ___________________________ Mail To: 32º Masons • AASR Valley of Toledo 1720 Indian Wood Circle Suite E • Maumee OH 43537

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From The Desk of the Executive Secretary

Published by the 32° FREEMASONS, Valley of Toledo Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite Mail address: 32º Freemasonry AASR Valley of Toledo 1720 Indian Wood Circle Suite E Maumee OH 43537 Phone: 419.893.2942 Fax: 419.893.2962 E-mail: Editor: Gary L. McElfresh, 33° Design/Layout David L. Olmstead, 33° Contributing Reporter: Gary L. McElfresh, 33° Douglas W. King, 33º Membership Development: Michael A. Lake, 32° Photography: Richard L. Davis, 32° M.S.A. James R. Weyer, 32° Trustees: Robert C. Rill Jr., 33° Nicholas J. Stroh, 33º Larry D. Ellison, 33° Dennis L. Wilhelm, Sr., 32° Douglas W. King, 33º William H. Koon II, 33° Gregory L. Zook, 32° James A. Foote, 33° 2

Well my brothers as they say the time has come. For the last several months we have been pushing the Fall Reunion quite heavily. The Tidings has carried the message about the Fall Reunion in the last two issues and carries it once again in this issue. My last two articles have also been centered on the Fall Reunion. We will soon know whether or not we have been successful in our efforts to attract new members and rejuvenate established members.

If you do have a petition in hand, or, if you will soon have a petition in hand please get it into the office as quickly as possible so we can get it processed and make the experience that much more enjoyable for our new candidates.

My brethren, this is going to be a great Fall Reunion. You don’t want to miss out on any of the activities that have been planned. Please make a special effort to attend. Don’t let But even though the sands in the apathy or complacency keep you hour glass are almost exhausted away. You don’t want to be among for obtaining petitions and making those who only hear about what a reservations there is still time to reach great time we had and be sorry that out to a brother who does not you missed out. Be counted belong and encourage him among those who attend to become a 32º Mason. and encourage others There is also time for to join with you. each of you to make plans to attend the Fall I hope to see many Reunion and enjoy the of you at the Fall festivities that will Reunion. Please take place. Information come out and support on the Fall Reunion can be your Valley. You are found in this issue of the Tidings needed! as well as the reservation form for the different events. SPES MEA IN DEO EST

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The following is part one of a two-part essay and is adapted from an article of the same name written by Bro. Michael Halleran, 32°, a member of the Orient of Kansas. Brother Halleran was a Valley Guest Speaker at the September, 2007, Civil War Event, is a contributing writer for the Southern Jurisdiction’s publication, the Scottish Rite Journal and is an Honorary Regent of the Valley of Toledo Lyceum. Part two will conclude in the November issue of the Tidings.

uninitiated, they are full of meaning to those within, and they are unspoken in mixed company. The rites of our society strictly prescribe the manner in which our secrets may be communicated, and even the slightest variance from the accepted form will occasion opprobrium.

or I may study them, too. Lacking the secrets of the trade, however, and most particularly the secrets of the square, the Cowan could not counterfeit the Mason’s work. The square was the vital tool – without it, all was askew – thus great secrecy surrounded it. Naturally, in medieval Europe, there were no contractor’s supply stores, no hardware stores; the workmen fashioned their own tools. The square was made of wood, possibly metal, and while durable, would wear out, requiring a replacement. Cowan’s near the job site could perceive the workman with their tools, and may have chanced upon a broken square, discarded by the workmen, which would give him a pattern to imitate. But if the angle was off, all was lost. Although the Cowan could mimic, he lacked the knowledge to create. As noted by A. S. MacBride:

The Operative Secrets It was always this way with us. In Confusion to the Cowan’s! the medieval quarries and among Secrecy in Ancient and Modern the building sites, our operative brethren regulated their trade, not Freemasonry only excluding those who could The hallmark of Freemasonry is not prove their rightful association, secrecy. It is readily apparent that but by keeping the very methods we are distinguished from other of the Craft shrouded in mystery. associations by our penchant for The art of cutting stone, the use and secrets. Within our own ranks we construction of the proper tools, make judicious use of it – entering, and the formulae intrinsic to the passing and finally raising – and building trade were all jealously from without we are marked by the guarded professional secrets in a profane solely for our affinity for world before copyright, trademark or intellectual property. Often secrecy. heard, but seldom seen these days, Our symbolism is evidence of the Cowan was a flesh and blood it. The hoodwink, emblematic of antagonist to the operative Masons. The method of proving [the square] the first great step into the light, A Scottish term, it means a “dry- seems to have been one of those illustrates what is expected of the dyker”, “one who builds without trade secrets jealously guarded, newly admitted. The outer door mortar”, or works as a mason “but not only from the outer world but, reminds even the most seasoned who has not been regularly bred”. also, from members of the Craft past master of the requirements of The term may be taken to mean an belonging to an inferior grade. It silence and circumspection, as it untrained mason, an imitator. As was the natural duty of the master stands securely fastened against regards Masonry, Cowan’s were to prove the square of the craftsman interlopers. The Tiler, armed, and the software pirates and brand- and it was important that, in doing excluded from all participation thieves of their day. A Cowan could so, he should not err. If the square within, shows most earnestly the observe the great Cathedrals, and was wrong, the work could not be high esteem we hold our privacy. given enough time, could perceive right, and an error might cause 3ruin to the building and loss of life to the elements of theirfordesign Our lessons, Visit even,our arenew cloaked in atsome web site event and information and registration allegory; mere pictograms to the construction. They yet stand – you workmen.

Valley Members Receive the Meritorious Service Award Robert D. Harold

William P. Rowe

Brother Harold is a retired Registered Professional Engineer. He and his wife Nancy have two sons David and Matthew and they are members of Cornerstone United Methodist Church in Elyria. Brother Harold was raised a Master Mason in Sheffield Lodge # 628 and served as Worshipful Master in 1969 and as Chaplain from 1970 to 1973. The Lodge later merged with Black River Lodge #786. He is an Honorary Member of Wood County Lodge #112. Brother Harold is a member of Crystal Chapter #157, Bowling Green Council #124 and St. Omer Commandery #59. He received his Scottish Rite Degrees in the Valley of Cleveland in 1963 and became a plural member of the Valley of Toledo in 2003 and holds life/perpetual memberships in both.

Brother Rowe retired form the United States Army with the rank of Major in 1965. He was then employed by Johns-Manville as a Technical Sales Rep with the Filtration and Mineral Div. for 20 years. Brother Rowe and his wife Mary Lou have two children Mary Lee Baumgardner and William Lee Rowe (deceased). They belong to St. Andrews United Methodist Church in Findlay. Brother Rowe was raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason in Bavarian Hills Lodge #856 in Freising, West Germany in August 1960. He demitted from that Lodge and joined Camp Knox Lodge #919 in Radcliff, KY. Brother Rowe is a veteran of WW II – Korea – and Viet Nam. He received a Battlefield Commission in Korea. He was awarded the Silver Star, Bronze Star with 2 Oak Leaf Clusters, Combat Infantry Badge (2nd Award) and 14 other Service Medals and Decorations. He also received the Untied States Korean and Vietnamese Presidential Citations.

Brother Harold holds membersship in many appendant Masonic Bodies including President Wood County Scottish Rite Association, Chaplain Key to the Sea AMD, Al Koran and Zenobia Shrines, El Rey Grotto, Toledo High Twelve, Tall Cedars of Lebanon, Yeoman of York, Steel City Chapter Demolay. His Civic, Educational, Service and Technical Brother Rowe joined the Valley of Toledo in Affiliations are too numerous to mention here 1983 and became a member of the Registration and he is a Past Member of the Toledo Club. Committee in 1984. He has faithfully served on this Committee since and for the last 25 Recognizing his accomplishments in Scottish years has made almost every Reunion. Rite it is noted that he has worked for many years with the Sound and Stage Crews for Reunions and Special Degrees. He is the Musical Director for the 14º and was instrumental in helping to make the Sound System mobile as was evidenced by the first ever State wide portrayal of the new 26º at Ft. Meigs. 4

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Valley Reaches Comprehensive Settlement With Stranahan Theater

The Board of Trustees is pleased to announce that in July the Valley reached a comprehensive settlement with the Stranahan Theater Trust which operates the Stranahan Theater and Great Hall adjoining the former Scottish Rite Temple on Heatherdowns Boulevard. Under the settlement the Stranahan Theater Trust purchased the land on which the Theater and Great Hall are located – formerly leased by the Valley to the Stranahan – and purchased additional Valley acreage immediately to the south of the existing Theater parking lot. The new acreage will be developed by the Stranahan into additional parking for the theater. The Valley now owns two separate parcels, one to the east and one to the west. Stranahan patrons may continue to use the parking lots to the west on Cass Road and the interior drives near that lot. The parties also reached agreement on the shared use of the adjoining properties including access and utility easements which will preserve and maximize the use and value of the properties for all concerned.

“The complexity of the relationship between the adjoining parties required many months of detailed and often arduous negotiations”, Ill. Brother Gary McElfresh, 33º, Executive Secretary of the Valley stated. “Over the years many issues developed between the Valley and the Stranahan Trust which were not contemplated by our predecessors who planned and created the Masonic Complex. Those issues have now been resolved. This settlement is a win-win. It clarifies for both parties their shared rights and duties at the Heatherdowns property and allows each party to more easily improve or redevelop their respective property”. The Valley wanted to honor the original goals of the Valley and the Stranahan Trust while doing what was best for our membership and maximizing the value and the product of generations of Masons. According to Ill. Brother William H. Koon, II, 33º Chairman of the Board of Trustees for the Valley of Toledo, “we look forward to continuing to be a good neighbor to the Stranahan as they pursue their community mission and we pursue our fraternal mission”.


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Valley Of Toledo Congratulates its 50 & 60 Year Members The Valley of Toledo is both proud and happy to salute its 2009 50 & 60 year Service Award Recipients:

50 Years:

Ralph G. Bending Ned E. Brinkman Adna D. Collins John R. Cyphers Donald A. DeCessna Sam A. Dedes, Sr. Loren H. Dillon Howard H. Driggs, Jr. Donald M. Fairall George F. Goll, Jr. Richard C. Hansen, Sr. Hubert C. Herzberg Paul L. Kleeberger Arthur C. Leonard Richard H. Metzger Robert A. Roesler Donald G. Sours Ronald E. Stieben Stanley R. Wentz

60 Years:

William E. Culbertson James M. Kinzer Lynn E. McCormack Clifford H. McDonald William P. Nietz Alonzo H. Poll, 33° Leon F. Price Kenneth E. Pyle Paul W. Root, Jr. Berkley C. Sweet

Thank you Brothers for your many valuable years of service!

Valley Seeks Editor for the Tidings Do you have a flair for writing? Do you enjoy gathering information on different subjects and compiling them into articles for all to enjoy? Would you like to help improve the Tidings and take it to another level of acceptance? Then you may be the person we are looking for.

ensuring that the articles, pictures etc. reach the layout and design office by the required deadline so that it may be assembled and sent to the publisher for printing. This should be an exciting and fun filled assignment for someone who would like to apply their reporting and writing skills on a continuing basis.

The Board of Trustees is looking for someone to take over the Editorial duties of the Valley of Toledo’s publication, The Tidings. This If you think you might be interested in this would be a volunteer position and would assignment please contact either the Executive require some skill in the areas mentioned plus Secretary or one of the Board of Trustees for further information.


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Event Reservation Procedures Change Over the course of the year we hold numerous events. For some of these events we charge a fee to help offset the cost of the different venues, food costs, etc. We have in the past allowed for reservations to be made without prior payment of the appropriate fee. Several recent events indicate that we need to change our procedures for various reasons. Therefore we are implementing the following procedures for payment of the required fees:

If the event requires a ticket, it will be mailed upon receipt of the reservation and appropriate payment. If you have any questions/concerns or need further information, please feel free to drop us a line, give us a call or send us an E-Mail.

Just to let you know the office staff has been instructed to hold a firm line on asking There are several ways to make reservations. for payment in advance to help keep the You may use the mail in coupons in the Tidings playing field level for all concerned. for the different events when provided, go on line to and click on the Also, in the event you make and pay for a calendar – find the event and then click on reservation and then fail to show there will the reservation link or you may call the office be no refund granted. We have to guarantee the number of meals, etc. 419-893-2942. All three of these methods will require payment Thanking you in advance for your usual in advance which can be accomplished by fine cooperation and understanding of this mailing in a check or providing the office with matter. credit card information. Acknowledgements for reservations and payments will be made once they are received.

Leadership Spotlight In an effort to keep the Valley informed about its leadership, the Tidings will feature continuing interviews of Valley leaders. In this issue, we bring you a portion of an interview with Dennis L. Wilhelm, Sr, Commander in Chief of Toledo Consistory. Q: Why did you become a Mason? A: My father and grandfather were Masons at Van Wert Lodge. I always enjoyed going to the Lodge for family reunions and family nights and when my father asked me about Freemasonry, I said “yes”. Q: How are you different as a man for having joined the Fraternity? A: Absolutely, I am a different man. I have a better outlook on life and the love of God, Nation and Family. Continued on page 12 7

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Fall Reunion Re-Designed to be Inspirational, Convenient, and Enjoyable This year’s Fall Reunion should prove to be one of the best ever. The Board of Trustees for the Valley of Toledo has approved an Agenda that should prove to be Inspirational, Convenient, and Enjoyable. For starters the Fall Reunion Class has been named in honor of Ill. and Most Worshipful Brother Charles. R. Murphy, 33º. Ill. and MWB Murphy is a Past Thrice Potent Master of MiA-Mi Lodge of Perfection and Ill. & Most Worshipful Brother is currently Charles. R. Murphy, 33º serving the Valley as Hospitaler. There will be an Agape Dinner on Friday evening October 30th for the candidates, their mentors and officers of the Valley. Saturday October 31st finds the Valley conferring the 4º, 8º, 23º and 29º. We will have a guest Speaker Brother Stephen Defoe who will do a presentation on the Knights Templar. We will be done in plenty of time for everyone to get home in time to enjoy friends and family for Halloween.

Then on Saturday November 14, 2009 we will open Consistory at 10:00 AM and confer the 31º and 32º degrees. While we are doing that there will be entertainment for the ladies. At 12:00 PM (High Twelve) we will assemble in the Great Hall for a large banquet complete with live entertainment by Rag Time Rick and the Chef’s of Dixieland. At 2:00 PM we will assemble in the Stranahan Theater for a tribute to our Military Service Men and Women and all veterans. We will then enjoy entertainment by Randy Riggles – a Las Vegas entertainer who will do his nostalgia show. Randy has performed for several Valleys’ in the State where he has been well received and comes highly Randy Riggles, Entertainer recommended. My brothers, it doesn’t get much better than this. Fun, food, fellowship and all the good things that go with being a Scottish Rite Mason. Please use the petition which can be found in this issue of the Tidings and encourage a brother mason to join. Our goal for the fall reunion is two fold: 1). We hope to have a class of 150 candidates and 2). We would love to see some of our brothers who we have not seen for awhile. Please mark your calendars and plan to attend the fall reunion.


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New Program Aimed at More Men Belonging to Both Masonic Rites The Northwest Ohio State of the Rite Committee consisting of Past and Present Grand Officers of the area’s Grand Lodge, Grand Chapter, Grand Council and Grand Commandery along with leaders of the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite, Valley of Toledo, will be implementing a plan in 2009 to encourage Master Masons to join both the Scottish and York Rites.

Likewise, if a candidate joins the Valley of Toledo and can display his Council and Commandery dues cards, he will also be issued a free pin following the Thirty-second Degree.

Members belonging to both Rites prior to the festival and reunion will be able to purchase pins for $5 by displaying their current Scottish Rite, Council & Commandery dues cards. The pins will be available An attractive, colorful inch and a quarter lapel for sale prior to and at the festival and pin have been commissioned to be given to reunion. candidates belonging to both Rites at the Valley of Toledo’s upcoming Fall Reunion Pins may be ordered and sent through the and the Northwest Ohio York Rite Festival U.S. mail for an additional $2 shipping and handling fee. which was held on May 9, 2009. The Northwest Ohio State of the Rite Committee was formed more than 15 years ago by Raymond “Gene” Loose and Robert D. Sager, to promote a better relationship between the two Rites in Northwest Ohio. Recent projects of the committee in To qualify for the free pin, candidates must previous years included distributing free show evidence of membership in the Rite planning calendars to Worshipful Masters they have previously joined. For example, if a elect throughout Ohio. candidate at the York Rite Festival shows his dues card from the Valley of Toledo, he will For additional information and to order pins receive his pin following the Commandery by mail contact: Ron Pool, 1075 Halbedel Drive, Upper Sandusky OH 43351, Phone Orders. 419-294-2751. The round pin has the Lodge, Chapter, Council, Commandery and Scottish Rite emblems in the center with the words “Working Together As A Masonic Family” around the outside edge.

What could we do to help you get more out of your Scottish Rite experience? Drop us a line, an email, a letter, or come by the Valley Office and talk it over while you play a game of pool. 11

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In Memoriam For those of our Brethren who have passed away since our last publication: Larry J Bolander Earl D. Brown Walter E. DuBry Robert N. Eoff Ralph C. Fork Robert J. Hineline Jeffrey F. Kraemer George F. Limes, Sr. Frank W. Lynn Leland E. MacDonald Robert E. Midkoff Robert E. Miller Joseph W. Reano Thomas A. Rogers Ted V. Shinkle Leo D. Snyder, Jr. B. William Tanner Robert M. Taylor James B. Wilcox Donald C Zimmerman

Crossing the Bar: Sunset and evening star. And one clear call for me! And may there be no moaning of the bar. When I put out to sea. But such a tide as moving seems asleep. Too full for sound and foam. When that which drew from out the boundless deep Turns again home. Twilight and evening bell. And after that the dark. And may there be no sadness of farewell. When I embark. For though from out our bourne of Time and Place The flood may bear me far. I hope to see my Pilot face to face When I have crost the bar. Tennyson

Leadership Spotlight continued from page 7 Q: What is the greatest benefit that the Fraternity can give a man? A: A belief in the Ever-living God, peace of mind and the freedom to express oneself. Q: What is the relationship between your faith and the Fraternity? A: For me, my faith in God is first, then my family and then the Fraternity. The Holy Bible being the source of all of our teachings, the Fraternity supports my faith. Q: Which Masons – present or past – do you most admire and why? A: First of all, my father, Robert Wilhelm, who got me started in the Craft. My father was Tiler of Van Wert Lodge, the only office he ever held in Blue Lodge. He served in the position when I was Worshipful Master. I still remember the joke among the Lodge brothers that year that the Wilhelm family had the “top” and the “bottom” at Lodge.


Next are my “Masonic Fathers”, Ill. Jack Cooper and Ill. George Rosendaul who did so much for me. I also appreciate Ill. Bill Koon for the opportunities he afforded me and Ill. Jack Worcester who appointed me into the Consistory line. Visit our new web site at for event information and registration

Association News Seneca County Installs New Officers The Seneca County Scottish Rite Association held its Annual Meeting at the Bloomville Community Center. There were 33 Scottish Rite Masons in attendance. The meal was prepared and served by the Corner Restaurant of Bloomville. Following the pledge to the flag led by President Robert Green, the invocation was offered by Brother Richard Miller.

Welniak, Jr., from Toledo Consistory the Commander - in - Chief Dennis Wilhelm, Sr. A special guest, the Hospitaler for the Valley of Toledo and Most Worshipful Grand Master of Masons in Ohio Illustrious Brother Charles Murphy, 33ยบ.

Brother David Martein conducted the Memorial Service for the Associations In the business portion of the meeting Brother Scottish Rite Masons that had passed away Green made the following introductions: the since the last Annual Meeting. Following Officers of the association, Robert Green- the financial report and report of the President and Rite Rep to Fostoria Lodge, nominating committee, Bernard Welniak James Zellner, Vice President, David Zartman, installed the officers for the coming year. MSA, Secretary, Don Richer-Rite Rep to They are James Zellner, President, David Seneca Lodge, David Hawk- Director for Martein, Vice President and David Zartman, Seneca County and a District Deputy Grand MSA, Secretary. Master of the l6th Masonic District, David A. Martein and Gary Keller- Past District The visiting Officers from the Valley of Deputy Grand Masters of the 16th Masonic Toledo gave remarks about upcoming District, Scottish Rite functions. The next meeting of the Seneca County Scottish Rite will be Secretary Zartman introduced the following a ladies and candidates dinner. visiting dignitaries from the Valley of Toledo: from Mi-A-Mi Lodge of Perfection, Article submitted by David Zartman, MSA, the Orator David Hawk and the Senior Secretary Seneca County Scottish Rite Warden Timothy Jolliff, from Northern Light Association. Council Princes of Jerusalem the Jr. Warden William Garrett and the High Priest Bernard

Knights of Saint Andrew Undertake Production of Namesake Degree The KSA has stepped up to undertake the presentation of the 29th Degree at the Valley Reunion on October 31. The 29th Degree, Knight of Saint Andrew (formerly known as the Scottish Trinitarian) features the lesson of the martyred Apostle Andrew and the chivalrous conduct of the historical Knights who adopted the Saint as the namesake of their Knightly Order. The lessons of the degree are chivalry and toleration. With the assistance of Past Director Ill. Bruce Basil, the Chapter

intends to make it an all-KSA production with new costuming, sets and music. Not just another club, the KSA is dedicated to providing Masonic Service to the Valley by supporting core Masonic activities such as our Reunions.

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Help Support the Valley of Toledo Learning Center!

Register your Kroger Plus Card with the Masonic Learning Center and every time you shop at Kroger for groceries and swipe your Kroger Plus Card the Learning Center automatically starts earning a rebate. It is just that easy!


Section at the right; click on “Edit Kroger Community Rewards Information”. • Enter your Kroger Plus card number. • Click on “Save Changes” • Enter your address information and click “Save Changes”. • Enter The Toledo Learning Center # 80133. • Click on “Save Changes” • You are now registered. (You only need to register this one time)

Go to to register. You will need your Kroger Plus Card REMEMBER, your purchases will not count # and The Toledo Learning Center # 80133. until you have registered your card! • Click on your state. (Michigan or Ohio) • Scroll down and Click on “Enroll”. • Click on “SIGN UP TODAY?” under the ‘New Customer?’ section on the right. • Enter your zip code and then click “Find” to locate your store. • Select your store. • Enter in your e-mail address and create a password. • Click on “Confirm”. • Check box for agreement and Click on “Confirm”. • Go to your email inbox to receive your Kroger message. • Click on the link within the body of the email. • Sign in: click on Blue “Click here” button and then type in your e-mail and password. • Under Kroger Community Rewards

Do you use your phone number at the register instead of your Kroger Plus Card? Call 877-576-7587 to get your Kroger Plus card number. You must swipe your registered Kroger Plus card or use the phone number that is related to your registered Kroger Plus card when shopping for each purchase to count. If you do not have a Kroger Plus Card, they are available at the customer service desk at any Kroger Store free of charge. If you do not have access to the internet, please call 877-576-7587 to inquire about an alternative sign-up method.


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Take an Important Step in our Fight Against Dyslexia WHAT:

The Annual James E. Olmstead Walk to Help Children with Dyslexia


Sunday, October 4, 2009 (rain or shine)

WHERE: Swan Creek Metro Park Toledo, Ohio Entrance off Airport Highway COURSE: 3 miles TIME:

Registration: 12:30pm Start: 1:00pm


Nick Stroh 419-866-4734 15

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AASR Valley of Toledo 1720 Indian Wood Circle Suite E Maumee OH 43537-4041



Look What’s Happening in Your Valley! Event Time Location



Annual Meeting

7:30 PM

Valley Offices



Testimonial Dinner

6:00 PM

Findlay Elks



LC Walk-A-Thon

1:00 PM

Swank Creek Metro Park


10/16-17/09 Grand Lodge

All Day

Seagate Center



Agape Dinner

6:00 PM

Great Hall



Fall Reunion Part 1

7:00 AM

Stranahan Theater



Fall Reunion Part 2

10:00 AM

Stranahan Theater



Fall Reunion Banquet

12:00 PM

Great Hall



Fall Reunion Entertainment 2:00 PM

Stranahan Theater


12/19/09 16

Christmas Gathering

Toledo Zoo


5:00 PM

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