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i. :r^l,...lrJl:uu.rL, tttc sutTLâ‚Ź as, different i from, cs ... as, Iess thon Verbs of sense



Dictionary: words

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Fashion designers: verb and noun collocations

Comparison of adverbs

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Writing: ston

Tlrc Secret Gorden

lar verbs

tr#seffiâ‚Źet6sc'e Listen and read. Then answer the questions' o How mony moin TV chonnels are there in Great Brttain? o How'monY are there in Your coantry? In Great Britain there are five main TV channels, but a lot of people receive cable or satellite TV too. There are cable and satellite channels for many different kinds of programmes, fot example cartoons, news, documentaries and soaps. There are advertisements on all the channels except two - BBC1 and BBC2. Listen and rdad.

ffi$s?r Vicki! Mork's here.


Hi, Vicki.

VEaki Oh, hello, Mork. Come in' Kim's here too. Do you usuollY come home with Vicki ofter school? No, I don't, but mY mum ond dod ore

fficnk Oh, hi, Kim.


visiting my grondporents in Woles this week ond l'm stoYing with Vicki.


Are you stoying oll week? Kism Yes, I om. Are You OK, Mork? You look worried. $k?*rk Well, l've got o problem with my homework. I left mY Moths book ot school ogoin! I often forget my books, but I usuolly borrow Rob's. Kirm Whot's Rob doing now? Rftsnk He's doing his footboll troining. He's in the teom, so he troins twice o week VEeki Well, l'm doing my Geogrophy now' l'm not using mY Moths book' You cor borrow it., &4erk Thonks. Whot ore you wotching? Kirm fhe Simpsons. But they're showing odveriisements of the moment' #tsrk Oh, no! I don't usuolly wotch corfoon but thot's mY fovourite Progromme! I never miss it. WEekE Come ond ioin us, then. Do you like soops too? lt's Friends next. futsrk Oh deor, I wont to, but this Moths looks difficult. I don't like Wednesdoy we olwoYs hove o iesi. KEffi Don't worrY obout Ihe SimPsons, Mork. l'm recording it. I olwoys wotc it ot leost twice. You con borrow the tope.

$Scrk Oh, thonks, Kim. Thot's brilliont. ihen. l'm going. BYe, Vicki. Bye, Mork. &tmr8< Bye, Kim, ond thonks.






Complete. Write Mark, Rob, Kim or Vicki.

1 They are at ..!/.i.chi..'s house. 2 ...i',.:.'.'..'s grandparents live in Wales. 3 i.,:,.;..;':. often forgets school books. is in the football team. 4 5 ..[.,:ti.. always records Tlrc Simpsons. 6 ..L.1;-.. is going to borrow a tape.



Friends (finish)'

now. Whot's on next? VicE<E Well, there's \Nho Wonts To Be A Millionoire? on chonnel 3. Kim Oh, I never (know) '...KhO.W....... ony of the,onswers. They olwoys (osk)'...d1k......... horrible quesfions. Whot obout

cabulary Match.


Complete. Use the Present Simple or the Present Continuous. Then listen and check.


advertisement 2 cartoon 3 documentary 4 film 5 news 6 quiz 7 soap




They {show)'.0i:9..5h0}.v-.:.h? Top of the Pops ot the momenl. Kinn glwoys (record) ,J5... thot for my sister ono me. :i.r'....;i Vici<i (you / like) documentor onnel 4 (show)'is.: i:i :,:. j.i'.1. progrommes obout onimols oll this week. Kinr Well, moybe. Why (you / look) '0[9.;i:.1.:..i]... ouf of the window. Vicki?

something ... Oh, no! The Moths book's on the toble. He forgof itl

Listen to Mark and Rob. Tick Cross ts false.

," Present Simple and Present Continuous Present Continuous

routine I often forget my books. He trains twice a week.


generil facts

temporary arrangements I'm staying with Vicki.

Many people receive cable TV.

i I ) i


Present Simple

I'm doing my Geography now.

Mark's house.

He's doing his football training

Time expressions

Time expressions

every iloy, alwoys, often, usaally, sometimes, neuer, twice o week,

today, rww, et the moment, tlds week

'\ onWedtrcsilnvs 1-

T like

1 Rob is bored. 2 Rob is watching TV. 3 Mark is doing nothing. 4 Rob likes Star ?ek. 5 Rob is going to go to

confoons. NOT I rnftkin+eap+eens

Talk about your favourite TV programmes. My favourite TV programme is Friends.



-l .. a.- .= . ,',




Hi! I'm HarrY. And l'm Claire. We're rePofiers. But our news is a bit ditferent!



That's right!We onlY report crazy news' We're the ... ... cQzY reporters! Today we're talking to George. Tomorrow morning he's going on a very ...

... crazy ." ... holidaYl George, tell us all about it.


Wel Ah, Wel noq

ere's nothing crazy about that' ith, George? Dobbin's mY donkeY' and he's mY oes'

How are You crosslng the Channel? nt" Vo, going through the tunnel? No. we'rJ noi. Dobbin doesn't like the

daik. We're going bY ferrY' Does Dobbin like sailing? I don't know. I hoPe so' Where are You staYing? ln the countrYside. We're camplng' There are lots of good camPsites in France. Will you stay at the campsite all the time, George? love Oh, no. l'll go out and exPlore' I postcard' you a siotrtseeingl I'll send ni" vo, taXing a tent for Dobbin? Ves,'ot course I am' We're not sharing' And, er, what other things are You taking? Oh. riell, l'm not taking a lot of luggage because the van isn't verY big' Van? Are You golng bY van? Aren't You riding Dobbin? Oi"6rt." l'm not riding Dobbin' What a sillY idea!





Write a paragraph about George's holiday arrangements.


true. Cross H false.

1 George is on holiday now. 2 Dobbin always travels with Ceorge. 3 George is planning to sail across 4 5 6

the Channel. George is planning to stay in a town. Dobbin will sleep in a tent. Dobbin will carry George.

On Sotcrndog night Geonge ond Dobbin one

cofching the fenng to Chenboong. Theg


Listen to Harry and Claire. Put the pictures in the correct order.

V*eabuEerv Match.

ferry luggage postcard


sightseeing tent

1 You can sleep in this. 2 This is a kind of boat. 3 You can stay here. 4 Tourists like doing this. 5 This word means 'bags'. 6 You send this to vour friends. j

Present Continuous for


future arrangements

Tomorrow morning he's going on holiday.

I'm not taking


a lot of luggage.

::::5 : _:

tr##€€#€ Look at George's diary for next week. Listen and circle the correct arrangements.

Complete your diary for next week. Write five true things and two crazy things. Then talk to your partner. Can he / she spot the crazy things?

;";iilo;;;; SaturdaY


caf'ch ferrY


oleep on ferry nn


caYTlgllte near


rercL I(exPilore

-u^tnre' v^Y'v'



in ?arlg


with I withour ?zrie -





al their


camPeite ThursdaY


qo ehoPPin4



ferrY otaY in hotel I cahch

Whot are you doing on Mondoy?

Listen and read. Then answer the question. Do you know onything about these famous people?


p".f: ;,


-']'.i l,:.


Hi! Our readers often write to us about talented and famous people from their countries. Today we read SaIIy Richard's letter about Linda Mccartney and Roberts tells us about Nelson Mandela. "Iake But first, read Alex's interview with Rick about, the famous American - BilI Gates.

Listen and read.





Rick, you wrote to us obout

Bill Gotes. Why did you choose him? Well, he's o very interesting person ond he wos born in my town. When he wos obout my oge, he become interested in computers, ond o few yeors loter he chonged the worldl And he didn't even finish his university course.

'. Why



Well, in 1975 he left university eorly ond formed his own compony. He colled it Microsoft. Thot wos the beginning of the 'personol computer'. Before thot, most people didn't hove computers in their homes. .. How old wos he then? ,.,:.:.r,r He wos twenty. ,r.:.-,....-. And he become o multi-millionoirel -,- ., Well, no, he didn't - he become o multibillionoire! The compony wos incredibly ,|998 he moved into his 'dreom successful. ln house'. lt's fontostic. lt cost ninety-seven million dollors ond it's got on underground




x"'â&#x201A;Ź:: ijrr it:1



i q3:r=

_; Answer the questions. 1 What did Bill Gates do

2 3 4 5

theoke ond o huge swimming pool. lt's even got heoted poths in the gordens! Does he give ony money to chority? Yes, he does. He's very generous. A-long fime ogo he promised ninety per cent of oll his money to chority ond he still keeps his promise. =,:.,.'. Well, you chose o foscinoting person. And who knows, Rick, perhops you'll be the next Bill Gotes!

when he left university? Why is his company so imnorfant? When did he move into his 'dream house'? How much did it cost? What does he do with most of his money?


1 2 3 4 5 6

He's fantastic.

a He has done something very wel

He's famous.

b He's very, very interesting.

He's fascinating. He's generous.

c He's very good at something. d He's amazing. He's wonderfull e Everybody has heard of him. f He often gives presents to people

He's successful. He's talented.

Past Simple

regular irregular



He formed his company in 1,975. He didn't form his company in 1975. When did he form his company?



He wasn't

ls: predictins

. .

the title and pictures - they tell you the general subject the questions - they tell you what information you need

You were twenty. You weren't twenty.



Was he


Before you listen, look at: |

He left university. He didn't leave university. Did he leave university? He was


Were you twenty?

Time expressions

Look at Exercise 8 and answer the questions below.

(a year) ago, in (1975) , when he wos ..., Iast (week), yesterd"oy

1 2



Complete Sally's letter. Use the Past Simple.

Rea{ the title. Do you know anything about Nelson Mandela? Look at the pictures. What can you see? Ask your teacher for useful vocabulary. Read the questions. What information do you need?

Listen to Allyis interview with Jake and answer the questions.

iinda nccartnaY'

The life




Ma dela I I

\a' 5a\\y

Where was Nelson Mandela born? Socrth Afnico What was life like for black people in his country?

Complete the questions. Then ask and answer.


Where (Linda McCartney




Eljndg.Mc0s.qtneg. born?

Was his family poor? She wos born

in New


Something bad happened to him. What

was it?

2 What (be) ..V)*;i:,......... her first job? 3 When (she / meet) ....i.r.C.'.......... Paul? 4 musical instrument (Linda / play) ..".....-? 5 What (they / call) )...'.Lr:rr;";,,.. their band? 6 What other interests (she


have) .......

Something good happened to him. What

was it?

Write a short paragraph about a famous person. I

neollg odrnire


f Look at the title and the picture. What is the story about? Talk to your partner.

Listen and read. It was the first day of the holidays. Scott and his friends were playing volleyball on the beach. The boys were trying to throw the ball over the girls' heads into the sea and everybody was laughing. Scott jumped high into the air and caught the ball. He was shouting and laughing when he noticed a girl nearby. She was alone, and she was watching them. He didn't know her, but he stopped and smiled.

'Hi, are you new around here?' asked Scott. 'Yes, I am,' answered the girl. 'We moved here last week. l'm Harriet.'

'And l'm Scott.' 'Hey, Scott! Are you going to play, or are you talking to your new girlfriend?' shouted one of the girls in the group.

Scott blushed anc oa =: : - -smiled at Harriet. I ha,.e :: ;: Sand he hurried back to n s ga-=

-. ,, :

- =':,nd.'

At twelve o'clock the next da1., rra" =- ,',=^: cown to the beach again. Scott and his " e^:s ,',e.e there. Scott was sunbathing. Jilly ur'as :e ng a funny story while the others were listening and laughing. Harriet felt shy. She sat on the sand and started to read a book. Nobody noticed her. Then Jilly stood up. 'Come on,' she said. 'lt's half past twelve. Lunch time!' Everybody stood up. 'Hey, Scott, you know that girl yesterday? Who was she?' 'Oh, nobody special,' said Scott.

'Do you like her?' asked Jilly.

'No, I don't. | ... .' While he was speaking, he noticed Harriet. Jilly giggled 'Let's go,' she said, and she walked past Harriet. Harriet felt terrible. Nobody special!

Scott followed Jilly and the others. He felt terrible too.







Circle the correct words.


he ball The boys to tlrc girl Harriet was ploying /,watching the game. lilly / .Scott spoke to Harriet.:

2 3 4 Jilly was Harrier's / Scotr's friend. 5 The next day Harriet was reading o book / ploying volleyboll on the beach. 6 'Harriet heard / didn't hear Scott's conversation with Jilly.

Complete. Use the Past Simple or the Past Continuous. The next day Harriet (wake up) '....1YQl19..qp.... early ... out of the window. lt and (look) (rain)

Harriet sat on the sand and started to read a book. At twelve o'clock Scott was sunbathing and Jilly was telling a story. Jilly was telling a funny story while the others






What were they doing at 12.15? Look at Exercise 2 again and complete the sentences. 1

Scott ..y':9.E.a.llf.qglhilg..

2 Jilly




go) 0..........

to the beach, but she (go) '........... shopping. While Harriet (look) 6..................... at ... to music in the CDs, Scott (listen)

say) (walk) ".......


were listening. He was shouting and laughing when he noticed

. She (not

same shop. Harriet (buy) '..................... a CD Scott. She when she (see) '..........

Past Simple and Past Continuous

. ,



.... anything and she

out of the shop.

Read and complete. Then listen and check.

a b c d e f

He saw her and smiled It was her father Sorry, I didn't hear you

thinking about her old friends He was talking about his new job Yes, I know She was

Harriet was walking slowly down the road. .....d..... . Suddenly somebody shouted her name.

3 The others

For a moment, she thought it was Scott. Then she

4 Harriet

felt a hand on her shoulder. She looked up. 'Harriet, are you OK? | was calling you. What were you dreaming about?'

' she said. 'l was in the supermarket when I saw you through the window,' he said. 'You looked sad. I know you didn't want to move here, but you'll soon make new friends. You'll see!'

' said Harriet. 'Thanks, Dad.' She smiled at him. 'Can I help you with your bags?' She took one of her father's bags and they

starled to walk


. Harriet wasn't

really listening. She was thinking'about Scott when he walked past. 6........... . Harriet looked away, but Scott stood in the rain and watched

them. He still felt terrible.

Find five more adjectives to describe this man.

Listen and repeat.

I'm packing my bags. I'm going away. I'm going on a holiday.

I watch TV. I sleep all day. I eat a lot on holiday.

I swam in the sea. I played all day. I had fun on holiday.

Give examples of these TV programmes. The Simpsons is a cortoon.

1 2 3

4 film 5 documentary 6 news programme

cartoon soap



This is a picture of a 'c. g,.ts. . Next to the table there's a big '\t.. . On the table there's a'p.[.i..... . Under the table there's some nl.i.?ir:'tQ. \i 1


'I.lri.'[.. c.'-l




lS Salllng across the sea.

Circle the correct form of the verbs. 1 l@ways wa@/ 'm always wotclting TV in the _# everung.

2 What's funny? Why do you Louglt / are you laugting] 3 Where does lrc come from / is he coming from? 4 How often do you haue / are you lnving Maths tests? 5 Oh, no! Where's my umbrella? It ratns / 's rainingl 6 Do you go / Are you going to town tomorrow? 7 We don't go / aren't going to school on Saturdays. 8 I stay / am stoying with my friends this week.

Student A, this is your diary for next week. Thlk to Student B and arrange a time to meet. Student B, turn to page 104.

Complete. Use the Present Simple, the Present Continuous, the Past Simple or the Past Continuous. 1

- What (you /

Whot ore you doing on Monday?




do) ' next Friday




What about the afternoon?




Student A

- I [do) 'i.i,..":'........ my homework. - (you / usually / do) '..:.lll.l: j:..... it on Fridays?


No, but my cousins (come) n..-.......,.:r...... to stay on Saturday.


- Tell me about your last holiday. Where (you / go) '..................1 - The USA!

- (you /

go)'......'.r.......... by plane? ':...........-...:. , we watched a filml

- Yes, and while vie (fly) 3

go to

de.\l\5+ 3

- I (see) 8..'..;,..'..........


visit cou5in5

Jane yesterday. She

(sit) n......-....::....':. on a bus. (you / speak) '0.:................ to her? No, I (stand) 11...'.,.,,......:...'at the bus stop when I (see) ".......,.......... her. She (not / notice) ".....;............ me.


for partj


to Pa(tj footbal'!

Listen and complete.


I'.................. down the street just the other day. When I 2.................. you baby, I had nothing to say.

Complete. Use the Past Simple or the Past Continuous.


I'.................. my car

'What time (you / get up) .did geQ.gel.qp. yesterday?' 'I (get up) .................. at


just the other night. .. I saw you baby, You know it's not right. You know it's not right.


2 I (phone) .................. you yesterday 3 4 5 6

but you fnot / answer) -................'. . What (yon / do) ........ ......... ? While I (do)'......^..;......... my homework I suddenly (remember) .:................ my friend's birthday. 'I (go) ..1,'..;..:.'.'....... shopping last weekend.' 'What (you / buy) ....:.....;....;.. ?' I (see) .......,........... you at the station two days ago. Why (you / wear) ........::..:..... your best clothes? A lot of people (wait) the train (come) :.....ii'. j......... into the station.

You made me cry.

You're with another guy. You made me cry. You know you made me cry.

e g :

jta f:"'


Look at the map and read.

Scotland is very f"-ou, for its beautiful scenery. There are mountains, valleys, lakes and hundreds of islands. The most famous lake is called Loch Ness. It is very deep and some people believe that a mysterious creature lives at the bottom. This monster is often called 'Nessie'. Ben Nevis is the highest mountain in Great

The ancient language of Scotland is called Gaelic. Some people in Scotland still speak it and they also use Caelic words when they speak English. For , loclz means lo-ke means mountoin. .-

Britain (it is 1,343 rnptrec hioh'l

An important symbol of Scotland is a special kind of matedal called 'tartan'. Tiaditional tartan skirts are called kilts and many Scots wear them women and menl Another Scottish symbol is the thistle. Thistles are plants. They are beautiful but they are very sharp too. An ancient story says that enemies from across the sea hurt their feet on Scottish thistles. They quickly jumped back into their ships and sailed :'.r.-a\,.

The capital of Scotland is Edinburgh. Every summer it has a huge festival, and artists, poets, musicians and actors from all over the world go there. There is also a special military show called a 'tattoo' at the castle. Military bands play some very unusual musical instruments called bagpipes. There is always a lot of music, dancing and fun at 'Hogmanay' - that's the Scottish word for New Year's Eve.



a bagpipes b Ben Nevis c Hogmanay d kilt e Nessie f tattoo g thistle



{ e


You are going to hear a Scottish legend. First, look at the picture and talk about the questions.

Now listen and answer the questions.

. .

1 Who was Robert Bruce? 2 Who was he fightingl 3 Was he winning? 4 Where did he hide? 5 What did he want to do? 6 What did he see? 7 What did he do?

Who is the man? Why is he in a cave? o What is he doing? o What will happen next?



Write the story of Robert Bruce.





(questions 1-3)



[questions 4-6)



(question 7)


Listen and read. Listen and read. Then answer the questions. o How old is Leed-s Costle? o Are there many castles in your country? There are hundreds of ancient castles in Creat Britain, and they are popular tourist attractions. Today the Londoners are visiting Leeds Castle. It's about one thousand years old. There are lots of things to see inside the building and there's a maze in the grounds.

We've found the centre ot lostl l've never been in o moze before. Whot o brilliont viewl I thlnk this is the most fontostic ploce l've ever seen. l'm hoving o greol time! Hey, iust look over therel I hoven't seen so mony hot-oir bolloons before. Hove you? No, lhoven't. I'd love to hove o ride in o bolloon. Let's do itl We con't offord it. My mum osked for some informotion o few months ogo, but it wos too expensive.

Whot o pily. Why don't you toke o picture of them? Yes, good ideo. Come on boys! Hove you got lost? No, we hoven't. We're coming now. Ahol You're here t; ,iorkt You took o long timel ", We decided to stop ond hove o rest, thot's oll. Hove you seen Rob? He wos with me, ond then he disoppeored. No, I hoven't seen him. He isn't here. Oh, not ogoin! I wont to hove lunchl Where's he gone this time? Hos he ever done this before? Yes, he hos. Don't you remember? No. When did he get lost lost time? He got lost on our school trip lost summer. lt wos owful. Oh deorl Will he ever find us? Of course he will. Look! | con see him. He's going the wrong woy. Hey! Rob! This woy! Oh deor, he con't heor me. Get reody to shout. One, two, three

No need to shout. I heord you the time. I didn't get lost, you know.

#* Tick

1 2 3 4 5 6




true. Cross H false.

Complete. Use the Present Perfect or the Past Simple.

Vicki thinks the castle is fantastic. Vicki has never seen so many hot-air balloons before. Vicki and Kim are going to have a ride in a hot-air balloon. Kim's mum went up in a hot-air balloon last year. Mark found the centre before Rob. Rob got lost last year.

1 - (you / ever / be) ' to -

2 - I (see) '"g..... this film before! - When (you / see)[e.e. it? - I (see) '...Yv.F.E..S.f.C.. it iast month. - (you / like) u.D.p..?1..r..J..ijj. it? - Not really.


Talk to your partner. Write yes or no.

Complete. Use the words in the box.






It was a fantastic party. We had a great ..



Would you like to have a .ll/d€,. on new bike?

the USA? Yes, l'z .Q;Q: ....... When (you 1 Bo) ',do..rJou.?O.'.bg there? I (go) a..!\$.';.$0€{... tast y6ar.



**-::-tl9g9:9i: been to another






got lost? had a horrible dream?

lost something important? met a famous person? won a prirze?


Present Perfect and Past


Present Perfect We've found the centre at last. I haven't seen so many balloons before. Has he ever got lost befbre?


Hove y.ou ever vbited. a costle?

P4st Simple We found the centre two hours ago. I didn't see any balloons last week.

.,When did he get lost?

How many times did your partner answer Ask about what happened.


When did you visit a castle?

I visited s castle last


Choose one of your partner's yes anstsers,

and write about it. Kote visited o costle lost ueon


wos in ,,


$.a< \Y

:.::: r - : it:t :: i-.r .: - :.:t .: - - : i ...



Listen and read.


Do you like cycling? How fast can you go? This week we're going to find out about a bicycle race. yes, you,ve guessed it,s crazyi Hi! l'm Jake, but everybody calls me lhe Snail,. Why's that? Because l'm so slowl l'm the slow bicycle champion of Great Britain. In fact, l've broken the world record three times. Really? What exactly is a slow bicycle race? Well, you have to ride your bicycle very slowly. you have to stav on your bike all the time. You mustn't fall off your bicycle. The slowesl person is the winner. lt's very hard. l,ve already won the title five times, and I'm going to win it again today. Well, he's very confident, but he hasn't won yet. Let,s watch!

p \ 4


Well, Jake has just taken his place on the starting line. He,s in the middle, between Sid and Laura. Anna is at one end and Dave at the other. And the race has just started. They,re off !

They're all wobbling. Oh going rather fast. Anna is doing very well, she's at ind all the others. Oh, no! She's fallen off, so she's e! Jake is still in front of the others. Oh dear, come on Jake, slow 't lost yet. Oh, nol Look! Laura is overtaking him, a lot. Oh, look! She's lost control, she's nearly at e. Yes, Laura has already crossed the line, she,s lost the race now! There's Sid. Oh dear, he's just put his foot down, his foot is touchino the track, that's Sid out of the race ... So it's just Jake and Dave. Dave is a little behind Jake. Jake isn,t going to win this time ... He doesn't look very happy at all, but ... Oh! Dave's fallen off!Yes! He's off his bike and lying on the track ... Has Jake ne yet ...? Yes, he has! He,s smiling and waving and the p ering. Jake 'the Snail, has done it again - and it's a new too. He's the slowest man on two wheels!

i.i + .,:;j := i=='.r.:

i:,: --!




Put the pictures in the correct order.


Complete. Use the words in the box.


line race titte track


When you want to hear something again, say: Sorry, Sorry, .

hear you. cotch thot.

When you don't understand, say:



I didn't I didn't

What did you say? Couldyou soy thot ogoin, please?

1 There were five cyclists in the -.f:?p.c.. 2 They cycled slowly round the .......... 3 -Iake crossed the ......'.... last. 4 He has broken the world .:........ - he's the


skills: usetut phrases

What does ... mean? What do you mean?

When you want more time to think during a conversation, say:

slowest man in the world! Jake has won the .......... 'The slowest man

Wait aminute ...

o\ /or'


He's the i.,:.......


Read and complete. Use the above phrases.

Present Perfect: just, olready, yet


Then listen and check.

The race has just started.

I've already won the title five times.


He hasn't won yet.


Has he crossed the line yet?



Answer the questions. Use just, alreody or yet.

1 2




4 5

- , f:' I


true. Cross H false.

Kathy thinks snail racing is important. Kathy learnt about the race on the radio.

3 Kathy bought her snail. I


Well, the first snoil is neorly ot the finishing line now. ::,:l':i':'--.-' Yes, Ond it's my snoil! '!:= r:'::-":-: Scrry,'. . . . r.'].,o. gi. . . . . . . . . thotl


The first cyclist has crossed the line, but everybody is still watching the race. Whrr" (the race / not / finish) The race Why are the people cheering? (Jake / win / the race) Jake......... This isn't Jake's first world record. Why? (he / break / the record / three times) He ...........

Listen. Tick

1 2


Why are all the cyclists waiting at the starting line? [the race / not / start) The raCe .itQ.......,.,,..........1?.I. . Jake is telling a story about his last'ace, bLit Harry isn't listening. Why? (he / hear / the story)

4 Kathy's snail has never raced before. 5 The race hasn't started yet.

-T.; !-*=*


:i= ,

lt's rny snoil. The winner. rt's mine. He's lhe king of the molluscs. "... ....'molluscs' 2

'=,:-=,, Snoils ond things. .-i.-....,- '::. Oh. Well, thonk you very


l'll soy goodbye now. :-':.=:-: ::"i.



=. :=


But it hosn't finished yet.

... meon?

-=r,'i,:= The other snoils hoven't crossed the line. hove to finish? Yes, of course. But thot'll toke oges. Well, only onother hour. soy?

It'll only toke onother hour or lwo. Ah!

Listen and read. Then answer the question. Do you know ony talented. people? 6 € 6 g * * F e e 666€

*C 5 * * e + e e;

+ e a s€




Many members of the Eriends' Club are very talented. Today Ally interviews Maggie Tait at a school for very special people. But first we've got an article journa.liet fnnm l\/Iarlnirl in sn by -u Cristina, - - -- -___-t our young gifted She describes e, a verrr very difted


3+€g € € a g9 * € +€ + € e6 e +€ +9e € € I e I

Listen and read.

Stars in His EYes ro s




:f I : ^l ?:,.'i';;Hrt'{ I' ltl 9 schgol impressed ur'.adv r'ul 'l"Y;T':;; r'1

ro Ar v a r e z f



lT:F':!'li:i"+"#:tht*il';:,1'"i"' Teresa,5ar Professor

:::fi !!n i: * xlm x ?:Y T: :,1 T ;," -'. ff :'""?:: l.',51*;i m nl t,:;l xl ".11il?:'

'l."il';.''"me rrom' I :':[i?;. J[:t tffi ;::f 'rr.. u:' q']'^'-':i: beei

r' o't' "

;. tn'



n n rn


rriends ilruo*'" :?i^:ilffi "Jl" iiil:t;ilfi "' lru j:ft il*:;lJl' "':l i nffi back



them agarn soon'

what does


',^^^t Does he have

*iJ[i'$iJni lH::,n::.," 'bll", n'


'uY'; r,m too busy' football or PlaYed l"t :? like to be an the cinema '' llnu'oontz :!:\-l'o what ul.. lo'e'' j:l'l:?J?' out more astronomer :"tl-1";;t iwant astronomer, ?flf find to vvu' 'I '' out' universe ' about the

";iH:' ::::llt:


Compre EI



Jose is very


good at He goes to a special school in


a Physics and



He is studying

4 Thrcc rre:r r --.'s


5 6 Jos6 wants to be Voe


films and

Maggie Tait is


the Russell St t' She is from

c Madrid. d Maths and

he started Jos6's hobbies are


Listen to an interview with Maggie Thit talking about her job. Complete.



e summer classes.


an asuonomer. The students have lessons in 5........., , u...,.,..., and


. Maggie doesn't have an ".......... job.

Complete. Use the adjectives in the box.







1 Jos6 is really clever, in fact he's .gH 2 This is a strange picture. It's very ar.f,...q.. 3 I've already seen this film. l'm r,-..,.,. 4 My brother wants to get a good job. He's




5 6

I don't like that boy, he isn't very i:..r.i,.,:'., Sorry, I can't go out. I'm .,,-:.;..-i .

Present Perfect: for, since Jose has been at summer school for a

month. Jose has made a lot of friends since th'e summer.

Choose a famous talented person. Prepare an interview with him or her. Perform the interview for the class.

for: a long time, ages, ten years, a month, a week, a minute ... since: Iast year, yesterday, my birthdoy, Lost Tlrcsdoy, the summer, Augus| 72 o'clock, 1988 ...

How long houe yoa been o singer, Britney?



Complete. Use the Present Perfect and circle for or since. Jos6 (be) '...h.qs..been... at summer school since a month. He (not / see)

':;,-..... his old friends o for /,pince July, fmake)'. jr.....:rr...,,... some niw friends. One of them is Rosalie. She says, 6J..:.r...........,.. Jos6',,[or since 'I f *e [be) $+.,.'.........:...... friends i beginning of the summer.' , Professor Santo__s says,'Jos6 (be)'0..;-r... ..i........ my student "'fof / since a month. I fnot / have] '-iq.i:..i;,.,.;r,.;..such a talented student " for / since many years.'

Write about one of the talented people from Exercise 7.

R^iJ-^a', p! rrrrvq


hcs been o singer fnn mnt.rrrrdnnq :t!vl t.Jt ,9he


sincing w,hen she wcs .,.

Remember the story! Complete.

A man in sunglasses spoke to Harriet. 'Have .: had an audition?' he asked.

Harriet was watching a game of volleyball on llg 1.-,1;,..,;,.:. . A boy called spoke to her. The next day, he was talking to a girl called . He said 'Harriet is nobodv '. Harriet heard him. She felt '

'Audition? No, I haven't.'


'We're looking for someone like you. Come c-

Soon Harriet was standing next to Scott - :':' a huge camera. At first she felt very emoa-'=:::'That's it!' somebody shouted. 'That's the'=-= She's per-fect.'


:.1, I

'Harriet, l'm sorry about the other day. | stupid and horrible.' Scott said.


Listen and read.


Harriet suddenly felt better. 'lt's OK. Do" : -'' She paused, and then continued. 'Have . - - : : done this kind of thing before? | mean. -a, = - ever been on TV?'

Several days passed, and Harriet avoided Scott and his friends. Then one morning there was great excitement on the beach - a film crew were making an ad, and they were looking for extras. Harriet was curious, and she moved closer. Suddenly, she heard familiar voices in the crowo Scott and his friends were talking.

While Scott and Harriet were talkinq. staring at them.

'lt isn't fair! l've always wanted to be on TV!'

'l think she's really jealous of me,' thoL,:-: -

'Yes, why didn't they choose us?' said Jilly. 'We've

The rest of the day was like a drean", - = - =- + men filmed Harriet and Scott again a-: .:=- the water, on the beach, in a caf6 anc _-

been here since nine o'clock this morninq. l'm so

disappointed!' 'Why did they only choose you, Scott? What's wrong with us?' 'Hey, it's just an ad,' Scott said. Harriet didn't want to see Scott. Suddenly she wanted to burst into tears.

'Well, years ago I was in a laughed Scott.

W ad for ba:-.






= =-

'lt's been a very exciting dayl' said Scot Harriet smiled. 'lt has been mv best dav e.=' thought.





Finallv it was all over.

'Hey, you! Somebody stop that girl!'




. .





Complete Harriet's diary. Use the Past Simple, the Past Continuous or the Present Perfect.

Answer the questions.


Why was there a crowd of people on the beach?


3 4 5

Whose voices did Harriet hear in the crowd? Did Harriet ask for an audition? Who did Harriet act with? How did Harriet feel at the end of the

C 6e)



on/y two

eabulery Complete. Use the words in the box.

exciting "ml[ar

embarrassed jealous

They had a great time. It was a very

ldt/rp"r,; day.

Harriet wanted to know what was happening. She was -..'...... ;_, r r 3 She knew that voice. It was veryl.ti.l.':..i. 4 Harriet blushed because she was C.l.',.c;. 5 Jilly had an audition, put they didn't choose her. She was di5J.pil;rlli,i,,i Harriet was in the film, not Jilly. Jilly was .:=rr.:'.l-of Harriet.

fu.ach whi/e sorte x@a \p/ay) -......... O?e. of ttu lr;ys kpeah 7 yd/+ttt1,


:'1 Past Simple, Past Continuous Present Perfect

: , i


to ne.

At f)rst

L l@)

,:.......:..,........ wrolg


stupid {rierdsl



.. hin,6ut ilm ard his




and i


so hapryf drxe. the kach. Atd yesterday a.tAe wAen I



Past Simple She heard familiar voices. Years ago I was in a TV ad for baby food.





runfu.rl ouc

sure he w)// tonrorrow.



Past Continuous

Harriet was standing next to Scott. While Scott and Harriet were talking, Jilly was

staring at them.

Ask and answer. Use the ideas in the box.

Present Perfect Have you ever been on ..,

TV? day.

It's been a very exciting



move house



have an audition

be in a film

Hove you ever

moved house?

Reolly? When did. you move house?

Write about one person in your group. Morio hos rnoved hoose once, She





Listen and repeat.

I can speak six languages

and play six musical instruments. 2 I've got a lot of work.



3 She's got a new dress.and I haven't. I want a new dress too.


I want to be a film star

My My My My

brother's brother's brother's brother's

been to England. been to Spain. climbed Mount Everest. flown a plane.

My sister's met the President. And she's been everywhere. My sister's been on television. It's not fair.

one day. My team didn't win the match.

I have to sing a song in front of the class. Oh dearl


a ambitious b busv;.. , c erhbairassed .l


d gifted e f disappointed


Complete. Use hove or get.

I'd like to

..f.+r:q.. a ride on a


Why are you late? Did you .......... Iost? Did you

Look at the pictures and write sentences. Use iusr. olready or yet.


She (win) the race.

The others (not

/ finish).


I usually.......... ready for school at eight o'clock. Did you ,tj..,..:.. a good time at the party?


I'm tired. I think I'll .......... a rest.


Find five more words connected with sport. Look if . R





D /R























iF \"-
















He (not l,


He [not

/ open) his

present. She (open) hers.

/ see)

She (see) it. l:




the filrr.


Complete. Use the Past Simple, the Past Continuous or the Present Perfect.

Complete. Use for or srnce. Steve was born

in Great Britain but he


It was Saturday morning. Paul and Luke were bored. They (watch)'.:l'i:';.ri::.:...:ir. cartoons on TV when the phone (ring) '.,...........;.r$ . It

lived in Germany'..;:rJ;,i:,. 1995. He sometimes goes to London but he hasn't been there three years. Anna is Steve's girlfriend. He has known her'...;..... a long time - they have been friends Steve's first day at school. Anna is on holiday at the moment, so Steve hasn't seen her '.......... last week.

was their friend Kate.

'(you / be) 'f.......,.......,i,to the new swimming pool yet?' she asked. 'We're going today. Do you want to come with us?' ... Kate and her The boys (meet) sister outside the pool. A lot of people (waitJ .. to buy tickets. At last they (go) .. through the door and (see) .. the pool for the first time. Lots of their friends (swim) u..'".1....;.......... in the pool.

Complete. Use the Present Perfect or the Past Simple.


/ see)

.. a pool as big as 'Thanks, Kate, we're certainly this!' said Paul. not bored now!'



/ ever / be) '.Lli.*.U.sti.q:"



Great Britain? \/^^



- When (yor / go) '........,...'..':.. there? - I (go) n..\:.....1..i....... there last year.

'Call my bluff'

- [you / see) '.........'.:.'...'.-.. Buckingham Palacel But we (not / see) Yes, we u..i:...... -

Make four sentences with the words on your 'card'. One sentence must be TRUE and the other three must be FALSE.

'..,.i......:....... the Queen. 2 )

\\ I I

three years ago

since July

for two months

last year


for a long time

since my birthday



- [you / ever / win)'...:.............: -



F fr



io Grecrt Britoin fhnee ueor.s oqe

Listen to your partner's sentences. Ask questions. Which sentence is


competition? I (win) '....,.,.'........... a drawing competition last year. What (you / drawl '...............;r. ? I [draw) a.....:..:.,....... my cat. (you / get)'.:i............r.. aprize? Yes, I u.................. . I [getJ '....:-,.,:....... .. L25.



I uent to Great Britoin three yeors


I How did you trovel? By

Continue the dialogue. You don't have to tell the truth! Then perform your dialogue for the class.

Is I = I



In o hotel.





Hove you ever met a fomous person?

yes,... .t..-=='-":=i'--":-.-. .;



! I I



Look at the cover and read. Do you like adventure

Read and answer the questions.


Without a word, they ran upstai:s . ' noise came from the little room at -*-: -. of the house. But when they got u-=:= stopped. They looked around. The : had boxes and old pictures and things


Brummm-tum-tum! It came from behind Judy. Pe:-, -. across to a box with the word JUtrI--l: the outside. Carefully, he opened -- 'game. TWo tokens were on the b.-'-* Peter couldn't move them. Then h= -- -two more, and the dice. The t\\-o - - - . -


Jumanji is the name of a very dangerous game in a box. A boy called Alan finds the box and he and his friend Sarah begin to play the game. Then a terrible adventure begins. Years later, Peter and Judy Shepherd find the box too. Will they be able to finish the game and the adventure? Match.

jumped out

of his hand onto i::

square! Peter gave the dice to Judy.





first,' he said. 'OK,' said Judy, and she droppec :,-.= onto the board. Brummm-tum-tum! Brummm-tu--- - Judy's token moved across the s:-- --= Then they saw some words on the g-.-. . in the centre. Look out! These flying things cc-- read Judy. Tlrcy come at you from -:-- --


Suddenly, they heard a noise - BZ-- -- They turned around in time to se. ----=. mosquitoes as big as small birdsl

a *g:jâ&#x201A;Ź1


from Jumanji, Penguin


G@ board game 2 mosquito


3 dice

4 monkey 5 square


6 7 I I



2 3 4



1O lion

What are the names of the two characters in this extract? How did they find the box? How many tokens were there? What was in the middle of the board?

5 6

What were the 'flying things'? Why were they unusual?




You are story. Fi some of

nother Part of the Picture' Guess will hear'


Write the next part of the story' Use your own ideas. o What kind of animal aPPeared next? o What did it do? o What did Peter and JudY do? Theg Peten ond Jtrdg woited fon the next onirnol' looked onound the noorn' Theg wene veng

fnightened' Scrddenlg "'

Make a Jamonji board game' Use these ideas if You want to:


rrrlcrs You.

Listen and complete the sentences' Peter and Judy ran they heard noises.




2 There were .......... monkeys in the kitchen' 3 Peter and JudY ran back to 4 The monkeYs went out into threw the dice. 5 6 The new words said, 'This animai is very

$i T


td ,2. ;ee

Tell the story so far. Thke turns'


cO HOi,tE.

First, thq) heord' o noise.

Peter found the gome.





trffisffiseg#€€ere Listen and read. Then answer the question.

c Are British

schools tlrc same 0s the schools in

your coantry? The Londoners go to a typical British school. When Kim, Vicki, Mark and Rob were eleven, they left their primary school and went to a secondary school. Now they are thirteen and they are in Year B, although it's only their second year at their new school. In Year 11, they will take national exams called GCSEs (General Certificate in Secondary Education). They will take exams in at least six subjects although they might take more perhaps as many as nine or ten. Then they might stay at school for two more years and study for two or more A level exams. However, they might leave school after their GCSEs. They haven't decided yet.

Listen and read.


Thot wos on interesting lessonl I reolly like Geogrophy


it's my fovourite subiect. l'll definitely do Geogrophy GCSE. *b I won't. l'm hopeless ot it. Look ot this homework. I got o reolly bod mork. I don't think l'll poss the exom. YE*k€ Never mind, Rob. You might not foil it. Anywoy, you'll be o fomous footboller one doy. l'm sure you'll ploy for Englond. You won't need Geogrophy then. *rk. Ho hol He'll get lost on the footboll pitch. *h Oh, very funny. Well, I moy not be o footboller. I moy do A levels, ond I might even go to universiiy, olthough I won t study Geogrophy! Hieki I wont to study Art. l'll definltely do Arf GCSE ond then I might go to Art college. E Yes, you're good of Art. lt's not foir. l'm not good ot onythingtreiski Yes, you ore. You're reolly good ot octing. I think you'll be on ocrress. E Oh, do you think so? Well, moybe. Perhops l'll be on TV. *rk You'll be o film stor, Vicki will be o world fomous ortist, Rob will be coptoin of Englond, but whot obout me? Geogrophy GCSE won't moke me rich! eEp You? You won't hove ony problems, Mork. Don't worry.

mrk Why not?


You'll hove three incredibly rich friends!

F# Fs€€#Ft



Answer the questions. write yes, no or


skills: n"mng words

mavbe. ond, but, however, although These words link ideas. They help us guess what's coming next.

1 Is Mark good at Ceography? 2 Will Rob do Geography GCSE? 3 Will Rob be a footballer? 4 Will Vicki do Art GCSE? 5 Will Kim be on TV? 6 Do you think Mark will have three

c but, however

and olthough introduce OPPOSITE ideas: Rob likes school but he doesn't like Geography. Rob likes school, although he doesn't like Geography. Although Rob likes school, he doesn't like Geography. Rob likes school. He doesn't like Geography,

rich friends? 5.::::=.:== i.:

however. Rob likes school. However, he doesn't like

i ;= r'.:,:

Complete. Use the words in the box.


o and continues the SAME

Be+ 'go


idea: Rob likes school and he loves sport.


exams at the end of every

Look at the notes and complete the text.

2 3

for his hope you

will pr):,).


at Maths. I'm sure you won't


: , r ,

will, may / might I'm sure you'll play for England one day! I won't study Geography. I may


might do A levels. / might not stay at school

. They may not

fT'm crrrp)

[I'm not sure)

E"e*€€** Write sentences about the future. Use rzill or moy / might.

1 2 3 4 5 6

The exams / be / difficult (I'm sureJ The exorns willbe difficolt Mark / get / a good mark (I'm not sure) Rob



/ a famous footballer one day

(I'm not sure) Kim / not / go to university (l'm not sure) Rob / not / do / Geography A level (I'm sure) Vicki / be 1 successful (I'm sure)

Rob is very good at football, although '.h.q.s.qep.n.l.liite.lgnni.e. . At school, he likes French and Maths. However,

. His hobbies are playing


.. He

, however. Although he's ........... . He keen on pop music, hasn't decided about the future yet, but

""' Listen and read.

4 Hi! This week we're hosting a popular TV quiz show. Of course, it's completely crazy. Welcome to The Gunge Show. Every week, brave boys and girls volunteer to come on this show. Sometimes they go away with lots of prizes ... ... and sometimes ... , well, sometimes thev don,t.

Right. lt's the big final today, and in the Blue Team we have Jamie and Sarah. Hi, kids! Hi!

And in the Red Team, Cathy and Adam. Are you nervous? Yes, a bit. OK. We're going to ask each team a question. lf you get it right, you'll hear this sound ... and you'll get a point. lf you get it wrong, you'll hear this ... and you'll lose a point. Oh, and one other thing, you will only have ten seconds to answer each question. We'll start when you're ready. OK, everybody?



Right. Blues, can you name three sports beginning with 'b'? Um ... , basketball, um ... , badminton and,



piece of bread with cheese and tomato on too.



Yes. Easy! Now, what'll happen if you get your next question right?

We'llwin aprize. That's right! Now, Reds, what's this? It's a round piece of meat in a round sandwich. Oh, um, er ... hambu;gerl Too late again. Oh dear. Reds, if you don't get the next answer right, l'll press that button, and then you'll fall in the gunge! Blues, what's the capital of Germany? Um ... , Berlin. Yes. Reds, be very careful, now! What's the highest mountain in the world?


You'll know the answer when I tell yo;

Oh, no! It's Mount Everest. Fleds, get ready


# Tick

Y+ EFE€€*S +d

true. Cross ;{ false.

1 There are two people in each team. 2 Cathy and Adam are nervous. 3 Jamie and Sarah know all the answers. 4 The Red Team is better than the 5c

5 6

Complete. Use



if or uhen.

the quiz finishes, Jamie and Sarah

will get a prize.


They'll phone all their friends ...:....... they get home.


Blue Team.


Cathy and Adam have lost three points. Cathy and Adam will get a prize.


the prize is some money, they'll go on holiday. Cathy and Adam will be green and wet .......... they climb out of the gunge. ...:...... they're upset, Harry will tell them some jokes

First Conditional Present simple, ruill

'. if +

, :

If you get it right, you'll hear this sound. You'll hear this sound if you get it right.

. ,

If you don't get the answer right, I'll press that button. What will happen if you get the next question


They will try again next week ....:..... they want to.

Harry is explaining another game. Look at the questions and guess the answers. Then listen and check.

rrqnra - _'o'-_'

sffi#c€#*+ Complete. Use the First Conditional.

1 2 3 4 5 6

We (do) ........11.dp........ the quiz if there (be) .......qre....... some good prizes. If the next question (beJ ..:......1.:.t...... about History, I (not / know) .i................ the answer. If he (get) .lr:.'.-.......... the next answer right, he (wt) .:......,:........ aprize. (he / Iose) 1i............"... if he fgive) ......;...,........ the wrong answer? If they (win) ....... , they (have) party. .a My friends (be) ..........'........ surprised if . me on TV. they (see)

What will happen if ... 1 you give a right answer? 2 you give a wrong answer? 3 you get ten points? 4 you get twenty points? Design a class quiz. Think about these questions:

fhe onswen when I fellgoo. (I willfellgoo.) Yoo'll know fhe onswen if I fellgou. (I nright tellgou.)

Yoo'll know

o o o o

How many teams will there be? How many people will be in a team? How many questions will they have? What will happen if somebody gives a right answer? o What will happen if somebody gives a wrong answer? . How many points do the winners need?

Think of four questions for the quiz. Write each question on a piece of paper and put them in a bag. Choose the teams. Pick the questions from the bag.


Listen and read. Then answer the questions. o What kind. of person are you? o Can qutzzes tellyou oboat your personality?

Are you brave? Are you adventurous? If you answer bhe questions in our quiz, you

tr#s*s€€#€6*se Do the quiz.

you heard a strangle noise in the middle of the night?



| would tell my parents and go back to bed. b) | would hide under the bed. iO' would get up and have a look.

Now check vour scores.

you saw a glhost?

{a;: | *or'On't believe

my eyes

I don't believe in ghosts.

b) c)


to it nicely

it might be shy or lonely.


a) I would keeo calm and phone

| would faint.

| would speak

an alien spaceship landed in your garden?


the newspapers. lf I were alone, I'd panic. |

ill would





c) I would wait for the aliens to come out, and I'd take a picture.

e r

you were on a desert island? a) lf I could swim, I'd escape. lf I couldn't swim, I'd build a boat. b) lf I didn't have a friend,

.-. I would ic)j I would

be frightened. explore the island.

you found an enormous spider in your bed?



| would remove it careful v

,,_ - it might be poisonous. tb);l would scream and call TOr nerp.


| would pick

it up and put it in a bottle - it might interest my Science teacher.


--,' :--

.::,: :--:.-

:..: :


Complete the readers' emails. Use the Second Conditional. Then listen and check.

:' :-'

Match the adjectives with similar meanings. .


1 strange i1; 2 courageous i_ j -a

J IOneIy





q chrr

a frightened b calm c unusual d quiet and nervous

e brave

6 terrified




\Reply aneplyAll 1f Forvard



X + +


up A


fo: The Quiz


Hi! | like your quiz, but I have some different answers. .. a ghost, I'd take a For example, if | (see) '..... away! So, am photograph and then | (ru brave, or not?



Second Conditional if + Past Simple, would


If I saw a ghost, I wouldn't believe my eyes. I wouldn't believe my eyes if I saw a ghost.

nepty \Repty To:


nll -f Forvard I 53 X i} +

:.r rottow

up A '

Ally+Alex@Friends Spiders

If I didn't have a friend, I would be frightened.

Dear Ally and AIex,

What would you do if you saw a ghost?

If there (be)'.....i.........-........ a spider in my bed, I'd go and get my brother. If I asked him, he (catch) 4...i1."1.-;.............. it for me! He loves spiders. And if a spaceship (land) '....r,.:ir.:............ in my garden, I'd ask for a ride! I'd love to travel through space.


If I wene olone, I'd ponic. (fonrnol) If I wos olone, I'd ponic. (infonnrol)



Al ;;f Forvsre

{} +



To; Subject: Strange noises

ve*e$*# Complete. Use the correct form of the expressions in the box. have a can speak





watch it

for an autograPh be older ask

Dear Friends'Club. a strange noise in the night, | (not / do) i...r...,...,.;.......... any of those thingi _ | (call) '...,i':.,....,t,::1........ the police. lthink that,s the best thing

lf I heard


do. Kevin

I would give you a lift, if I ..


If there,was a good film on tonight, L.......:......... . I would talk to your French cousin if r ........... If I .......,... I wouldn't go to

Ask and answer. What would you do if you ... o were rich? o saw a famous person in the street? . could fly? . were alone in a strange city?

school. Whut would yoa ilo if yoa were rich?

If I met a famous person, I

I .................. if I didn't have a

If I were rich, I would ...


two of the questions in Exercise Write what you would and. wouldn't do' Choose i,f


wene nieh,

I'd biiS re',r'':icffe: e ':'-


:: *j

Look at the picture. Answer the questions. o What k the boy thinking? o How does he feel?

Fresemtat5ese Listen and read.

Jimmy Jones was bored.

'l wish I had something interesting to do,' he thought. And I wish I could do this Maths. I wish lwas clever.' Jimmy was staring at his Maths text book. 'l wish it was the summer,' he sighed. 'Then I wouldn't have any homework. And I wish ...'

'Now I know it's a joke,'thought Jimmy, 'My books are still here!'

Something inside his bag rang. Jimmy pulled out his phone and found the message.

He opened his Maths exercise book and his

mouth fell open. There was the weekend's homework in his Maths book, finished, in Jimmy's own handwriting.

'l'm dreaming,'said Jimmy, 'but I don't want to wake up!' He opened his French book. There, under today's date, was a paragraph about his summer holidays, in French and in his handwriting.

'Weird!' said Jimmy. He looked for the sender's number, but it wasn't there.

'lt's a joke,' he thought. He looked back at his Maths book. 'Oh dear! This will take hours! | wish I didn't have any homework this weekend.' The phone rang again.

In his Geography book he found a map of Europe with allthe capital cities, and in his Science book there were two neat diagrams. Jimmy carefully closed his books and put them all back in his bag. He sat on the edge of his bed and breathed deeply. 'Yes,' he said at last, 'l'll be very, very careful.'

'-s-'g' '?-F




Circle the correct words.



*ur hcfe d. b interested 6oFD '-/ L


could U @G:>




..djdn.t a




his Maths homework.

It .h:,{'.1isummer.

a was b(w4!n}

4 Jimmy

the sender's number. b found a @an't Jimmy got'.. messages. b Gbt a his homework.



one 6 Jimmy a did b@!h

Match the words in the box with their opposites.

bcrred-- careful elâ&#x201A;Źtrer fockx

neat stupid 2 interested



cleven "\"""" r"""


3 normal

4 unlucky


lot of


2 I wish I (know) ..kmeM....- the answers. 3 I wish I (not / be) ..\ild.).ti1t.... bored. 5 6


I wish I (not / have)

I wish it [not / be) ..V.At:|.... autumn. I wish I (be) ...W.e.f9...... on holiday.

Look at Exercise 5 again and answer the questions. Write yes or no.

1 Does he have a lot of homework? 2 Does he know the answers? 3 Is he bored? 4 Can he understand the book? 5 Is it autumn? 6 Is he on holiday? Write three wishes.

5 messy

I wish

6 careless


Can you understand this text conversation? rzish + Past Sirnple I wish I had something to


(I haven't got anything to do.)

How one goo?

I wish I didn't have any homework.

Ane ,..


have some homework.]

I wish I could do this Maths.

(l can't do this Maths.)

I wish I wene cleven (fonnrol) I wrsh I wos cleven (infonrnol)


Complete the missing verbs. Mark and Rob are going to 't...... a Geography exam next week. Mark will probably'p...' because he's good at


Ask and answer. Use rzill, won't and moy / migttt. Then write about your partner.

yes no


After school, will you ... e l.

Rob doesn't usually '9........ . very good marks for Geography. He might nf.i:....... the exam.

When Rob is 16 he might'1.......... school and become a professional footballer. Mark will probably stay at school and then ug.i.,i:',.... to university.


go to the sweet shop?

e go to bed? o watch TV?

. .

visit a friend? clean your bedroom? o do your homework?

Put the adiectives in the correct column.

Will you go to the sweet shop ofter school?

brave careful careless cool courageous lonely lucky messy neat unlucky stupid frightened

\ :'



Make sentences. Use the First Conditional.


If they / win / he / sing. If they / not / win / he / be



Listen and repeat.

/ pass / he / have / faillhe /try /again. If he

If you had a million pounds, what would you do? If you had a million pounds, what would you buy?

I'd buy a plane so I could fly. I'd buy a castle in the sky. I'd sail round the world in a very big ship. I wouldn't give it to you.

If he If he

a party.


/ not / have / the cake / he / / eat / it all / he / be ill.



Complete. Write the correct form of the verbs.

Match. Then make sentences in the Second Conditional.

1 2

1I/have/alotof money 2 | /live / in England 3 I / can / sing 4 I/ canlhave / apet 5 I/see/aghost 6 I / not / have / any homework a I/be/famous -b I / wear / expensive clothes c I / speak / English all day d I /be / bored

3 4 5 6 7

a job. When I'm older, I (get) If I had enough money, I (buy) .!.........,..,.... Some new clothes. What (you / do) !...............;. if you found some money on the street? We'lI win the match if Harry (play),..;.'......... in the team. (you / help) ......:,.........: me if I can't do my homework? I wish I (have) ...-..ft;....... a computer. Would you scream if you (see) .....'.,.,:',:....... a


eI/choose/adog }. I/not /be/frightened

ghost? t

She (not / be) .............h.{.. angry say soily.

if you

.if Ihadabike. 9I[not/walk) 10 I wish I (be) .l:....,....i"'r.... on holiday.

Look at the picture of Jo and make sentences. Use l rrish. Complete the sentence. Then tell the class.

If I could make a wish, I'd wish



lf I coald make o wish, I'd wish I hod no homework. Complete. Then listen and check.

wings way up high think of lots of things I had




who needs money


IfI Id

could make a wish I

But I wouldn't wish' some money.

No, I'd wish I had'

I wish I wosn't cold. I wish I wos warm.

And then I'd fly. Yes, I would fly. I would fly, I would fly, I would fly.

:i" 1

2 3

4 5

I'm cold. I don't like swimming. I can't dive. I'm hungry. I don't have any money for food.

6 We come here every week.



when you're up in the sky? Who needs money when you're t.................. ?






Read and match.

The symbol of England is a red rose, and English people are qazy about gardening. Everywheie in England you will see gardens, Iarge and small. The English are also famous for their love of animals. A lot of families have pets, especially cats and dogs. English football is famous of course, but there is another national sport too - cricket. Many English people love cricket, but it is not so popular in Wales, Scotland or lreland. Some cricket matches continue for five days, and often there isn,t even a winner!

In the south of England you will find some beautiful villages. Some of the houses and cottages have thatched roofs. 'Thatcher' is an English surname. Many English surnames are the names of jobs, for example Butcher, Baker, Wheeler, Farmer, potter. The two oldest and most famous universities in

Some of the wildest and most beautiful countryside

in England is in the north. It is very popular with walkers, campers and climbers. If you go to the northeast, near Newcastle, you will be able to see Hadrian's Wall. Roman soldiers built it two thousand years ago. You can still walk along parts of it - just like the Roman soldiers did.

Write a postcard from your favourite place. Describe the place and say what you're doing'

Listen to James talking about his favourite place in England. Then answer the questions.

Jane Williams, 12 St peter,s i.cai, Edinbr.rrgh,

EH23 5TZ

1 Where is Tintagel? 2 Why is it famous? 3 What can you see there? 4 Where might you see ghosts? 5 What might you see every year?


.> j=+: ...


.._,;: =*



Find out about legends from your countrl'. Choose one of them" and write and illustrate the story.

Thlk about your favourite place. Answer the questions.

o Where is it? . What's it like? o How many times have you been



Why do you like


My fovourite ploce is London. There are lots of omozing buildings ...

Tell the class about your partner's favourite place. Jone's fovoarite ploce is Londoru ...

WAKE I,AErrnU7 rrl t/r ^





L,i4-, t;l -..r



ffireses?taâ&#x201A;ŹE*m Listen and read. Then answer the questions. o How da most people trouel around


r,owDo[rs Tnal|Ispon'



o How do you usually


rondon buses rirte Dirr everybotty use to rravet on then? ey didn,t have rich people.

"HlTffi.:::.,, had a driveq of

ses as l,reli as

llre trains In"ri*Iffi,-u"

the /


tves. Illhy?

to go out of


,r""0 t" s. iy

i:,llliJ?fl thesu -s_,they used to traver day by train b their uadtke?

Listen and read.

,/ AT




trauel? Londoners can get around their city by car, by bicycle, on foot or even by boat, but most people use the famous red buses or the underground ('the tube'). Last week the Londoners went on a school trip to London's Tfansport Museum. The trip was part of their History project.




^ Rcb A

liked the old tpams. we stijl had them.

# Tick

Listen to Vicki talking to her grandfather. Answer the questions.



true. Cross H false.


1 The first buses had engines. 2 The first buses didn't have toPs. 3 Londoners used trains to get to work. 4 The first underground trains were electric. 5 Underground stations have changed a lot. 6 There are trams in London todaY.


Did Ben's family use to have a television? 3 How did Ben usually get to school?

4 Where did they use to go on holidaY? 5 How did they use to get there? 6 Does Ben like Chinese food now?

Complete. Use the words in the box.


7 Where did Ben's vegetables use to come from?

drivee #€+s- +ffii tFsfri" tsarisPe( ur€€rgrgg.nd

Look at the picture of London one hundred years ago. Find six more mistakes and tell your partner. Use the words in the box.

the bus and the fIi.i..ti':r collects the money and checks tickets. 2 The .:;:-...::,travel on the buses and trains. 3 When yogiravel on a train or bus you have to pay the .ia.[e.. . 4 'The tube' is another word for the 1i,..:..''....

the .drivsr. drives

5 Trains and buses are two types of ri.1.,u.:.:

buy drink drive eat watch They

I The first London buses used to be open at the top. i1., Londoners didn't use to go out of the city very often. to travel on them? Did


*'ffi€e$*# Complete. Use the correct forms of used' to. Then listen and check.

Tecehea" In the eorly twentieth cenfury people lnot / hove)' .didn.t.,.-se. i.s. h.cve. electricity. The houses (b")' *.'.'............r'colder ond dorker fhon ours. People (corry) 3i-l:.-..'.....',......; woter into their houses from outside, ond toilets (not / be)



Where llhey / wosh) s9..:.;;).:i.:...... ? ' Tcscher Most people (hove) 6................. o both front of the fire.







... in the evenings? Ithey do) Fomilies ond friends (do) '........

o lot of things together, for exomple


use to bay food in







6 1...:.,... are stairs but they move up and down. 7 A f :.,:.1,r. is like a train in a street. used-

How many films did the cinema use to show on Saturday mornings?

round the everybody (stond) piono ond sing. l'm glod I live in the twentyJirst century!



.:1i=.::':'.': :':.:i!:: it'i-:. -:-':.

Listen and read. Hil Kelly and Jonathan Roberts are twins, but they like different sports. Yes. Kelly always wants to play tennis, and Jonathan always wants to play football ... ... but they have found a solution to the problem. It's very clever and ... ... very crazyl What's your new sport called, Kelly? It's called tenball. lt's half tennis, half football. Right. And where do you play tenball? Well, we play it on a football pitch, but you don't have to. You can play it in your garden, or in the park. Does it have to be on grass? No, it doesn't, but I think grass is best.

You must have a net and two goals. Well, they don't have to be real goals. We usually use jumpers for goal posts. Yeah, well, anyway ... you can play with a partner, but you don't have to. You have to get the ball over the net and score a goal. Do you use a tennis ball? Well, yes, usually. lt doesn't have to be a tennis ball. You can use a football, but it's more difficult.

Must you use a racket? Yes, you have to use a racket. You mustn't kick the ball, or head it! So, do you have to hit the ball over the net and into the goal? Can the ball bounce? Oh, yesl And you don't have to stay on your side of the net. You can run round to the other side. But the ball must go over the net first. And it must go into your opponent's goal, of course! Hmm. lt's certainly crazy. Let's see

you pray.


{ise )

Read and complete Claire's article.


a h

*E Answer the questions.

1 What is the twins' problem? 2 Why is the game called tenball? 3 Where do they play it? 4 What kind of ball do they usually use? 5 What other things do they need?

although they often wear costumes and the players don't have to be the same age

c and the 'hoopers' try to stoP them d but they can only saY Yes or no e they can ask questions

Match boots

coufi goal ner



Quidditch for all!


Here's another crazy sporl for you! Two


teachers at a school in Wales

giving Quidditch lessons to t Of course, the players don't


There are two teams, and th school field. There can be an people in a team, '.....'h..... - the teachers often join in with the pupils. The players don't have to wear special clothes,



have to, don't have to, mustn't

to don't hove to mustn't must



You mzst


have to have a net.

Yot don't hove to play outside' You mustn't kick the ball.


[--o a L-,,

Tennis players

kick the ball.



don't hove to



Tennis players haue to rackets.



Tennis players mustn't over the net.

/ must hit the ball


Footballers must / don't hove to kick the ball - they can head it. Footballers hove to / mustn't play in a team. Footballers mustn'f / don't have to :use rackets.

5 6

6, t/) )

One player in each team is the 'hooper'. He or she has to move around with a large hoop. =a= f.{ Players have to get the ball (called the 'quaffle') ihrough the other team's hoop and score a goal . The teams win ten points for every goal. Each team has a 'golden snitch'. This is the most important ball in the game Before the game starts, they hide their 'snitch' in a special place Then, while they are trying to score goals, the players also have to find the other team's 'snitch' However, they don't have to . The other look for the 'snitch' team must answer the questions and they . lf somebody mustn't tell lies, finds the golden snitch, their team wins one hundred and fifty points and the game finishes.

Circle the correct words.



don't haue to


Design your own crazy sport to the class.

Present your

o How many people can play the sport? o Where do they play it? o What do you need? o What are the rules? o What is your crazy sport called?


There ore two ployers. TheY PlaY the sport in o swimming pool ...




Listen and read. Then answer the question. Are some actiuities only for boys ond- others only for girls? What do you tldnk?

5g sa & 69 € € s &€ a9€


Today we're going to hear about the filrn called Bend it like Beckham.

s s I I &€ 6 6 6 * s * e 6 6

It's a story about girl footbalLers. First read about clamie Bell. He played the part of Billy in the film BilJy Elliot.


Preses€€e€Fes? Listen and read.


r Ally 5f 5

Ally l5 jl

Sfe Ally Steve


Billy Elliot is on unusuol film. Whot's it obout? Billy is o boy from o poor fomily in Englond. He wonts to go to bollet school. His friends lough ot him ond his fother soys bollet is only for girls. He doesn't let Billy hove doncing lessons. He mokes him leorn boxing, but Billy hotes it. Then one doy the bollet teocher notices him. She teoches him secretly ond she mokes him proclise hord. In the end Billy becomes very successful ond fomous. Does his fother let him go to bollet


And now Jomie is successful ond fomous, like Billy in the film. Steve Thot's right. The film wos o big hit, ond Jomie won some importont owords. He met o lot of film stors ond mode o lot of money. However, he didn't let it go fo 35 his heod. Although he missed o lot of school, his mum olwoys mode him do his homework, ond he kept in touch with his school friends too. And do you recommend the film? ao Sfeve Yes, I do, becouse it's o good story, ond ifs funny too.


school, then?


Yes, he does but only ofter o long time. Tell me oboutJomie Bell. Well, his story is o little bit like Billy's, olthough his fomily isn't poor. Jomie wos thirteen, obout the some oge os Billy, when he mode the film. When he wos o

little boy, his hobby wos doncing. The other kids loughed ot him but he didn't give up his doncing lessons. But Jomie's mum let him hove lessons,



Ally 30


did. Thot's o very importont difference. Jomie's fomily helped ond encouroged him oll the time. Yes, she

Billy hos o doncing

:_E_ #




Circle the correct words.

Complete. Use the correct form of make ot let.

1 The film is aboutGZnaiD / acting. 2 Billy / Iamie is a real person. 3 Jamie started dancing when he was little /



4 Nobody / Some people laughed at Jamie. 5 Jamie's family is / isn't like Billy's. 6 Jamie stopped / didn't stop studying. *

* 1

d€a"a skiiis:


words from context

Read the whole sentence again. Circle the difficult

word(s). Tlrc otlrcr kids lauglrcd at him too, but he didn't

Some parents don't ...19.I... girls play rough games. 2 Billy didn't like boxing but his father him do it. 3 Jamie liked dancing and his mum him have lessons. 4 'Why didn't you come out yesterday?' 'My Darents didn't .......... me.' the class work The teacher always them have a rest! hard. He never 6 'Why are you late?' 'Sorry, my mum me finish my homework.'

Listen to Alex's interview with Emma. Tick # true. Cross S false.

SLue up.

2 Are they nouns, adjectives or verbs? verb 3 Look for linking words, e.g. and. bur. however. altlrough, because. They help you guess what's anmtnq npYt

TIrc otlrcr kids louglrcd at him too, but opposite idea.

... +


4 Try to guess the meaning. Check with your teacher. stop? r'

Find these words and expressions in Exercise 2. Talk to your partner and guess what they mean.

1 lt's o verb. lt comes from 'courage', so maybe it meoru 'give coarage'?

1 2 3 4 5 6 '

encouraged (line a big





money (line 33) he didn't let it go to his head (line 34) made a lot of kept in touch


recommend (line

(line 37)


make and lef Present

At first, Billy's father makes him have boxing lessons. After a long time, he lets him have

1 They are talking about a film. 2 lt's a comedy. 3 The main character is Jess. 4 Jess's parents let her play football. 5 Jess's friend Jules has to play 6

football secretly. Jules doesn't like wearing dresses.

Make true sentences. Use let or make and the ideas in the box. chew


eat in front of make my

tidy my

do the housework






bed early

study every day

use the phone

for hours

dancing lessons. Past

Jamie's mum made him do his homework. Jamie's mum let him have dancing lessons.

My parents don't let me chew gumThqt make me do the housework


* E€'is*

Remember the story! Complete.

Jimmy got two strange text'.019.Q9.Q99.a. . He had'.......... wishes. He wished for no Now he's got'.......... more wish. He is going to be very

The next day was Monday. Jimmy usually got up at the last minute on schooldays, but this day was different. His mother didn't have to shout at him, and he didn't have to run to the bus stop. The bus was late, as usual, and when it came, Jimmy and his friend Andy had to stand.

'l wish ... ,'Jimmy began, but then, just in time,

Freses?tatEon Listen and read. 'l won't have to do any homework today!' Jimmy had all day to think about his next wish. He decided to go for a walk. He picked up his phone and went downstairs. It was very cold outside, and he had to put on his warmest coat. Jimmy hated the cold. 'l wish ... ,' but then he stopped. 'l nearly did it again,' he thought, 'l will have to be more careful in future.' He was thinking about money. lf he wished for lots of money, he could share it with his friends. They would certainly have fun. But which friends? Would they argue? And how much money would he wish for? 'l'll have to keep it secret,' he thought. But then, if nobody knew, it wouldn't be much fun. He was in the town centre now. He looked in the shop windows. 'l must take my time,' he thought. 'l mustn't do anything stupid.'

They were walking through the school gates when Jimmy heard his phone. lt was at the bottom of his bag, and he had to pulf

everything out onto the pavement.

Se Tick 1

2 3 4 5


pr€hemsion true. Cross X false.

Jimmy loved cold weather. Jimmy put on a warm coat. Jimmy decided to wish for money. Jimmy got up late on Monday morning. Jimmy and his friends had seats on the bus. Jimmy's phone was in his bag when

it rang.

There are two versions of the end of this story. Student A, read version I below. Student B, read version 2 on page 104. Thke no more than two minutes. Then answer the questions. 1 What did Jimmy wish? 2 What happened?

hsve to past



He had to put on his coat.

He has to put on his coat.


He didn't

He doesn't have to put on

He won't have to put on his

his coat.


have to put on his coat.

will have to put on his coat.

Did he have to put on his

Does he have

Will he have to

to put on his

put on his coat?








willhove to

fl#trâ&#x201A;Źs#ffi Write sentences. Use the correct form of have to.


It was cold. (wear

a coat)

Jimmy .hgo.tq.Y, cqpr.i..... 2 It was Monday morninS. (go to school) Jimmy 3 Jimmy got up early. (run for the bus) Jimmy 4 It's Saturday todaY. (do anY work tomorrow) He ........... 5 Jimmy's school has a uniform. (wear a tie every day) Jimmy 6 Jimmy's class will have exams soon. (work hard next week)

'l must decide quickly!' thought Jimmy. He was sitting in the classroom and the teacher was choosing the teams for sports day. Jimmy hated sports day. He was never in a team. He was terrible at everything except for swimming. 'There will be extra training every evening for all the teams,' announced the teacher. 'Well, that's one good thingl' thought Jimmy. 'l won't have to do that!' 'And now, one new event for sPorts day,' said the teacher. 'This Year, we are going to have a swimming gala. I have chosen some swimmers for our team, here are the names ...' Jimmy crossed his fingers, and listened. 'Andy Johnson, Helen King, Julie Seward, John Skinner ...' Then Jimmy remembered. He closed his eyes and whisPered, 'l wish I was in the team.'


and that's all.'

The teacher looked back at her list and then said, 'Oh, and JimmY Jones. SorrY, Jimmy, I didn't see your name at first.'



skills: st imming

Tell your partner what happened in your version.

Read the question(s) first. What do you need to know?

Don't stop half-way through a sentence read all of it.


ln my version, Jimmy ...

Don't worry about difficult words.

Which version is better? Why?



Listen and rePeat.

Label the Picture.

What do we have to do todaY? What do we have to do? We have to get up and go to school. We mustn't be late. We have to work.

What will we have to do next week? What will we have to do? We won't have to do anY work at all. It's a holiday. We mustn't forget.

Look at the pictures of Jill. Talk about her life forty years ago. Use used- to and' didn't use to.

e {.r.i*er: Complete. What's the keYword?

1 The tube travels through it. 2 You have to pay this on a bus or train. 3 These stairs move. 4 fhis tiain is also called 'the tube'' 5 You catch the train from here. 6 These people travel on buses and trains7 This person takes your money on a bus or ualn. This person sits at the front of the bus or train. This is half bus, half train.



use to live

in the town.

1 live in the town f 2 have lots of Pets"i' 3 short hairlihe +-'u:{ ''': i'i i' l' l t' 4 travel by bus 'l lri i...ii ,, 5 live with her parents.r i -i,t qi,. tltrl, ti vC 'a 6 have a mobile Phone' r.: ' t: " :,Y ,



..,:j Uake true sentences about your school. Use must / have to, mustn't or don't houe to. We don't hove to go to school

on Sandoys-

Student A, look at the table below. Student B, look at the table on page 105.


1 Guess your Partner's Ask'yes

1 go to school on SundaYs 2 do homework 3 stand up for the teacher 4 bring our lunch to school 5 use mobile phones in class 6 be late for lessons

Do you have to Do you have to Do you have to Do you h,1ve



/ no' questions like these: it outside? use a ball? PlaY in a team? wear special clothes? PlaY

lo Your sport is: basketball Answer your Partner's questions' You can only saY Yes ot no.

Use the correct form of haue to=,ti Complete. 1 I go to the library tomorrow' 2 Sorry, I can't go out now. I ..;.'.."......... help my mum. 3 Yesterday wâ&#x201A;Ź ...n.............. stay at school ,


4 (he) ..............;... 8o to school today? 5 It was very warm YesterdaY. I (not) . wear a lumper. . get uP earlY next You (not) holidaY. on Saturdav, we'll be


"t >lt

Make sentences.


Complete. There are two extra words in the box.


blue knew through true You (x 3)




Now listen and check. : F1l



, lt s*r il

\ \/



ile didn't woni fc stodg buf lris rnother him go to the librcrg,

1 He didn't want to studY 2 He didn't like the food 3 He wanted the last biscuit 4 He wasn't tired 5 He was tired 6 He was doing his homework but his mother

q didn't let him staY in bed. .b.. let his brother make a noise. \ made him eat it. \ let his brother eat it. e. made him go to the librarY. 't made him go to bed.

Sad and Blue

I used to be

i I


used to be '..blQ.q.. used to be lonely.


Then I


I didn't

use to laugh.


promise this is' I didn't use to have much fun' Then I met 4.......... (* z)


But life is very different now. I smile the whole day'.......... Yes, life is so much better. When I met ".......... . (* z)


Look at the second line. What does 'blue' mean there? 11



Look at the cover and the picture, and read. What is the story

Read and answer the questions. 'Who are you?' Scrooge asked. But he knew'You mean - who uas I?' 'Who were you, then?' said Scrooge. 'In life I was Jacob Marlev. Don't vou kncrr


said the ghost. 'No,' said Scrooge, 'I don't.' But he did. 'Your eyes say it is Marley,' said the ghost. 'Are eyes wrong?' 'Yes,' said Scrooge. 'My eyes are wrong. Why nd The ghost gave a loud cry and made a really noise with its chain. Its mouth fell ooen - it Emouth of a dead man. Scrooge fell down on the floor and looked up r ghost. He put his hands in front of his face.

'Whv?' he cried. 'Whv are vou here? You're

'I am here tonight,' the ghost said, 'because tell you something. I can help you.' 'You were always a good friend to me,' said 'Thank you.'

'Three ghosts will come,' said the ghost of Marley.

'When?' asked Scrooge. 'The first ghost will come at one o'clock. .lfu hear the church clock and you will see him second ghost will come on the next night at the time, and the third on the next night 3t pirlnigh will hear midnight on the church clock.' And you?' asked Scrooge. 'You won't see me again.' [...]

The ghost walked back, away from walked and the window opened an. r"-" "r And then it went out into the night. Charles Dickens wrote A Christmos Carol rn 1843. The main character of the book is called Scrooge. Although he is rich, he is very

unkind to everybody. He doesn't like giving money to people and he never smiles or laughs. Jacob Marley used to work with Scrooge, but he died before the story begins. Then one day, just before Christmas, Scrooge sees a ghost ...


from A Chistmos Ccrol, Penguin

1 2 3 4 5

Did Scrooge know the ghost? Who was the ghost? Was it a friendly ghost? What did it want to do? How did it leave the room?


Listen and number the Pictures.

Look at the picture. How do you think the story ends?



ill te

le )u

Thot's Scrooge. He's tolking to on old lody-


.l He's hoppier thon he used to


Listen again and complete the sentences.


The first ghost showed Scrooge


The second ghost showed Scrooge


The third ghost showed Scrooge

Write the end of the story. Use your ideas from Exercise 5. When the fhind ghost went Scnooge ..



Listen and read. Then answer the questions.


o Whot con you do in th.e West End? o Are there a lot of cinemas, th.eotres, clubs ond restaarants in your town? It's Vicki's birthday and the Londoners have been to London's West End to celebrate. That's an area in central London with a lot of cinemas, theatres, clubs and restaurants. Vicki's Uncle Patdck took Vicki and her friends to see the latest Shrek film. Now Vicki is asking him lots of questions about his job. He works in an animation studio in London.

Listen and read.


Thonk you very much, Uncle Potrick. I reolly enioyed thot film. I wont to be on onimotor like you.

Potrick Good ideo. Vicki But whot do you octuolly do? Potrick Well, I do the drowings. We

Vicki Pofrick

Vicki Pofrick Vicki Pqtrick Vicki Pstriek

Vicki Potrick

need lots ond lots of them. In foct, twenty-four drowings ore needed for every second of film. You're kidding I TwentyJour different pictures for every second? Yes. lt tokes o very, very long time to moke o complete cortoon film. So whot do you do first? First of oll, the storyboords ore mode. Whot's o storyboord? Drowings of the story. They're pinned up on o big boord. Like o comic? Yes, exoctly. Then, the script is written. After thot the diologue is recorded. The storyboord ond the diologue ore motched - the words motch the pictures. But it doesn't move yet, does it? No, but then the onimotions ore mode - hundreds ond thousonds of pictures for eoch scene.

Right. And whot obout onimotions with models? Are they more difficult? l'm often osked thot. No, not reolly. They're done in the some woy, but

with photogrophs of the modeJS. Vicki Does somebody hove to moke thousonds of different models? Potrick Oh, good question. No, we don't need mony models. Smoll chonges ore mode to them eoch time. For exomple, lhe orms or legs ore moved. Or ports of the foce ore chonged. The models ore mode of plosticine, or something similor, so they ore flexible. Vicki Do you use plosticine? Potrick Yes, we do. But you con use oll kinds of moteriols. Vicki It's iust like primory school oll over ogoin'!




How do they make cartoons? Put the sentences in the correct order.

The nrodels one nrode of olosticine.

Make drawings to make each picture 'move'. b Match the words and the pictures. c Record the dialogues. d Plan the story in pictures.


What are they made of? Use the words in the box.

e Write the script.



cotton glass metal paper plasticine rubber wood

Passive Voice: Present Simple positive

plast c


Active People often ask me t.




Somebody writes the Somebody makes the ', animations.


7 lt's mude of plasticine.

I'm often asked tirat. The script is written. The animations are made.

trffiffi€€#* Rewrite the sentences.



Somebody draws the pictures. The picfones one dnown.

2 3 4

Somebody chooses the pictures. Somebody puts the pictures on the board. Somebody matches the script and the


5 6

Somebody records the dialogue.


Somebody makes the animations.

Complete. Use the Passive Voice. Then listen and check.

Look at the pictures and answer the questions.

When Wallace speaks, the same model (use) ';.ed.... , but the mouths (change) .. . One mouth [take) r out and a different one (put) n.................. in. .. . The Then the photograph (take) .. in a special place mouths (keep) again and again. and they [use) '.......

a a

Do you know the names of these characters? Have you seen the films? Which one is your favourite? t'-:*---*'-:'-"-

These chorqcters ore ...

r#sâ&#x201A;Źe$'Eg#â&#x201A;Ź$*se Listen and read.


Today we're talking to Jesse Brown. She's just designed her own website. lt's called Crazydaze. i=*=iry Yes, and we like it because ... il!*ir== ... it's crazy! ri=rry Jesse, why did you design this website? i*s=r= Well, it started as a school project for my teacher. But it's become really popular. It's visited by all my friends and lots of other people too. They send lots of emails. I read all of them and I always send a reply. *i.=ir'.: I see. Tell us more about it. .i+:=s*-= l'll show you. Hang on, l'm not connected to the Internet. Oh, where's the mouse? Right, then ... here's the website. lt's got several different pages, of course. H*rry Show us the jokes page. Right. Just click on this icon and the jokes "i**=* page opens. You can print it if you want to, but the printer isn't switched on at the moment.



T'm you seen mY website? -j:=irt

Are all the jokes written by you and your friends? Oh, no! They're changed every week, so we need hundreds and "!1==:5g hundreds. The jokes are written by lots of people - teachers and parents and kids. *=i:-1' Let's hear one of your jokes, please. OK. Um ... What is black and white and read every day? Black and white and 'red'every day? | don,t know. J==s=+ A newspaper. I said R-E-A-D, not R-E-D. Ha ha. S*r:1; tr6 yes, I see. What other pages are there? .=l::=-s* Well, there's a competition page. Every week there's a cadoon, and you have to write the text for it. 1i=r:'_1".. Do you draw the cartoons? i==:*= No, they're not drawn by me. I'm terrible at Aril My friends draw them. -.=::'_1,. ls the winner chosen by you? i:--:==.: The cartoons are read by everybody in the class, then we vote for *i=ri=:.--. ,.i;-:=:;i-==


the winner. What's the prize? A toy spider.

well, thank you, Jesse, and good luck with your crazy website. Bye.


Fâ&#x201A;Ź3 â&#x201A;ŹF=*g{**


Correct the sentences.



:::.= i.: :-:



Rewrite the sentences. Use the Passive Voice. Use bY if You need to.



Look at the words in the box. Are they similar in your language? What do theY mean?

email icon


Internet mouse



A reply

5 Complete. Use the verbs in the box.

click connect Print send

6 visit

1 Use the mouse to ......Ci.rQ]I...... on an icon. . to the Internet. 2 . a website. 3 . an email to a friend. 4 . a Picture and Put it on Your wall! 5 . Passive Voice: Present SimPle . negative I'm not connected. The printer isn't switched :

SomebodY wins a Ptize everY week.

A prize The class chooses the winner. The winner .............. Somebody draws a cartoon every week. A cartoon

Complete the cartoons. Then listen and check.


The jokes are not written by Jesse.


Lots of PeoPle visit the website. The website .............. The teachers write some of the jokes. Some of the jokes

3 Jesse alwaYs sends a rePlY.


The Internet me&ns ...



The lnfennet is used bg rnillions of people eveng dog Thejoke: one chorged eveng

Jesse's teacher designed the website. Jesse designed the "iebsite

2 Jesse's friends reply to the emails. 3 Jesse writes the jokes. 4 Jesse draws the cartoons. 5 Jesse chooses the winner of the competition'



questions Am I connected? Is the Printer switched on?

Are the jokes written bY Jesse?

*=#*qEtr* Complete. Use the Passive Voice'


(the computer


How many emails (send) every day? The website (not / change)


/ connect);i.

everY daY.

4 5

(it / visit) When (the winner

verY often?

/ choose) 2


All the emails (read


bY Jesse)

a b c d

Its bicycle is broken That fish needs more water. Why is that dog driving a car? But it hasn't drunk all that water yet.

Listen and read. Then answer the questions. . Where are Peru, China and. Egypt?

c What do you know about these countries?

There are so many wonderfu_l sights in the world. Read Ally's irrterview with Hugo about the Nasca lines in Perrr. Then read Lily's letter about the fantastic clay armJr at Xian in China. We've also got an interview vr.ith Hesham from ESrpt. It was recorded last week in

FresemtetFsn Listen and read.


Hugo, whot exoctly ore the Nosco lines? l'lugo They're huge drowings of birds, onimols ond insects. They were cut into the ground. Why ore they colled the Nosco lines? Becouse they were mode by the Noscon people. They used to live in Peru thousonds of yeors ogo. When were the drowings mode? They were mode over o period of o thousond yeors, from obout 500 BC to AD 500. The Noscons buried the drowings in sond ond lhey weren't found for thousonds of yeors. Hove you octuolly seen these drowings? No, I hoven't, but l'd love to, becouse l'm sure they're o fontostic sight. You con't see them very well from the ground becouse they ore so big you hove to go up to o height of severol hundred metres. They were first discovered by pilots in the 1920s. They sow them from their plones. Whot on omozing discoveryl Why were they drown thot size? ftlugo Well, they weren't drown for humons. They were mode for the sky gods. The Noscons wonted fo pleose them. Ally So the sky gods could see fhem but the Noscons couldn'tl l-lugo Well, probobly - olthough some people think thot the Noscons invented hot-oir bolloons. Ally So moybe the Noscons sow their pictures ofter oll! And moybe hot-oir bolloons ore inventions from two thousond yeors ogo. Wow! One lost question, Hugo, where did the Noscons go? l'{uge Well, some people soy thot their tombs ore neorby - but nobody reolly knows. lt's onother mystery.



Answer the questions.


Where did the Nascan people live? How long ago did they live? What did they draw?

2 3 4 Why did they draw them? 5 Why is it difficult to see the Nasca lines?

I Passive Voice: Past Simple



It was recorded last week. They were made a long time ago.


It wasn't recorded last week. They weren't made a long time


Before you listen, look at the questions carefully What are the most impoilant words? (e.9. oge) What questions might go with them? (e.g. How


Was it recorded last week? Were they made a long time ago? "




skills: [stening for detail

old is ... ?) What information do you need to answer them? (e.g. ... years old) When you listen for the first time, don't write


anything down. Listen for the most important


words. Listen again and make notes.

Complete the letter from Lily. Use the Passive Voice. X

Match. Dwrr AltY a'n-d' A\c'x, ouL Llv'e

f'rt" tt:to x,a,t







i::',,; ut ILY'Y

thcr,.:0-rtL w,â&#x201A;Ź4-( ' Wh.,A hu A '"tL , t'


(vwL / ,( 5Ur:




a 100 g

b 10 cm






r' . t"'

rhavt tl"er'y trtrv't;


How heavy is it?

12 Station Road, London


What's that made of? How high is it? Where do you

10 metres







Listen to Hesham telling Alex about the pyramids. Complete the notes. ruru

\,rv '?"1I


1' ' o Oatg






rt voVo LJdr i'Jrii vtsrt I

onc. d"a*,Y!


3 1


I : := a_'::



; -;1



Match the adiectives with the nouns.

1 big 2 heavy 3 high 4 long 5 old 6 wide

15 crr


+:lLY!' l0-\


How big is it? How old are

age ILL

a width b size c weight d age e length f height

Write about the Egyptian pyramids. Use your notes from Exercise 7. 'l-'-t: :-1..1 /-)


I ,-::.rirl-3

,- ,_:

. -:


'l'lre Stoqv of




Look at the picture. Answer the questions. o Whot is the story about? . Con you Saess some of tlrc word.s tn the story?

Fresentatiem Listen and read.

)-tvtagnus lived in aViking village by L the sea. His father was a farmer and Magnus worked with him in the fields, but he loved going down to the shore. He enjoyed talking to the sailors and working on his little fishing boat. Life in the village was very difficult and Magnus hated living there. The land was cold andhard,and the people were often hungry. However, that wasn't the worst thing. Sometimes dragons appearcd. The dragons were hungry too. They attacked the animals and the people were terrified. Some sailors decided to look for richer, happierpnds. Magnus liked sailing and he planned to sail away with them one day. One afternoon, Magnus finished his work eady, so he went down to his boat. He looked over the sea to the horizon. 'I'd like to get away from here,'he tho't$hf. tr$-. sailors were preparing a 1

g aYoynge,and some fishermen their nets. Thro farmefs were watching them and talking. 'TWo more of my sheep were stolen last night,'said one old man. ''Was it a dragon?'asked another. 'I think so,'the first man answefed,'I saw flames in the sky!' Suddenly there was a sound like a great wind. Magnus looked up from his boat and saw a dragon.It was flying towards him.It opened its huge mouth and breathed fire. Magnus felt terrible heat on his face.

He wanted to hide, but he couldn't. He felt the dragon's claws around his body. Magnus was lifted

into the




Circle the correct words.

1 Magnus liked fhe villoge /W:g 2 Magnus's father was a

3 4




The people wantedfF6Zl / dragorcThe dragons were I nunPrv )/ terrtlea. 5 The man saw a dragon /Wg 6 -|'--.-.-1, The dragon held Magnus in its ICnwst / mourn.

Put the words in the box in the correct groups.

claws face flames shore voyage




1 Magnus loved (work) ..:;......,,. on his boat. 2 He didn't like (live) i......... in the village. 3 He wanted (sailJ .','.;...... away. 4 'I'd Iike (explore)i.i!ji:..... the world,' he thought. 5 The old men enjoye{ (tell) i..i...... old stories. 6 Magnus hated (be) -1..:.' poor. 7 He planned (leave) ...;....... the village one day. 8 He decided (become) a sailor.



Gerunds and infinitives love, ltate, enjoy + gerund He loved going down to the shore. He hated living there. He enjoyed talking to the sailors.

plon, deciile, wont + infinitive He planned to sail away. They decided to look for richer lands. He wanted to hide.


fam to your partner. Use gerunds and infinitives. I hote swimming.

1 I hate 2 I Iike 3 I've decided i:.:;..... 4 I love :......... 5 I plan1...,.....: .; 6 I'd like .......... 7 I want 8 Our friends enjoy .......... .'


like +

-ing / woold

-, rr.l. -l

like + infinifive

Moq'os liked soiling I



d llKe TO geT Owog fnurr, Irc|c.


Write about your friend. Use ideas from Exercise


Frends 3  

Liz Kilbey