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Desingned in Australia, made in Great Britain

The TOKYO Bali Board, born from the classic 70’s Surf film “ Morning of the Earth “, we came up with our modern take on this board, we kept true to the shape and style of the original but added some, shall we say more modern rails, the outcome is this stunning single fin board, these are true hand made classics, standard PU construction available in various guises, Old Skool resin tint’s, Gloss n Polish with thin 70’s Pinlines and a tasty leash loop or the sick oh so SoCal sanded finish. Custom orders in most any colour you want, we like the semim opaque white used here, clean and simple in form. Fin is not included with this board to enable the customer to choose his/her favourite, we recoment an 8” Dolphin style fin, Greenough 4A or simular.

These boards will have you wailing, it’s wide point is forward of centre over a low entry roacker that gets you in early and the pulled in diamond tail has a really responsive feel, a V subtle V bottom that allows it to really pivot off the top. The relatively straight tail shape gives it plenty of projection through bottom turns or styling through long sections.

21st century rails will let you carve huge arching turns, what more do you want?

Oh I know, how about classic resin tint’s and ols skool thin pinlines, yeh baby, that’s what we want!

Sizes: 5’ 8” to 6’ 10”


TOKYO TOKYO 9.1 Performance Longboard, we set out to create a performance longboard that paddled well, nose rode, yet still worked off the tail, we didn’t want a F1, we wanted a board your average joe could happily paddle out on and have a blast. Thats not to say you can’t compete on a TOKYO 9.1, you can and we do, but we wanted to offer a user frendly performance longboard for everyone and we think we’ve achieved just that. TOKYO believe in quality, we use only US blanks with solid ¼” bass wood stringers and glass our boards as standard 6-4-6 useing Hexelite 571 glass, strength and performance. We offer a few types for customers to choose from, the 9’1” x 21 ¼” x 2 ½” this is for guys under the 13 stone mark ( 82kg ) the next is 9’ 1” x 22” x 2 ¾” for the heavier surfer, you loose very little if anything in performance, don’t fear the foam guy’s, if it’s in the right place it’s your friend.....

These boards finished in standard speedcoat finish weigh in at just 6.5kg, all are fitted with FCS and come complete with all fins ( 2 + 1 ) fin set up and are sold with a custom made TOKYO board sock. Gloss n Polish will add a little weight but looks oh so sexy, your choice?


TOKYO Fishhhh

The TOKYO Fish, featuring out step deck design to put foam where you need it, this enables us to keep a performance rail and keep the board narrow, the design keeps foam under your chest for easy paddling and early entry into wave without the board feeling cumbersome, this allows yoto ide a boardshorter than normal, theTOKYO 5’ 10” has the same volume as a 6’ 4” shortboard. Available 5’ 10” to 7’2” All TOKYO Fish come with FCS 5 Plug fin system allowing thrusters or quad set up’s to be used.


The TOKYO 8 oh, whether you’re travelling, a junior, a girl or a guy who wants to get every wave he can the TOKYO 8’ is perfect, our Mid Length is made to

the highest spec with US Blanks and the usual Hexel 571 Glass topped off with FCS Fins, this is a High Performance board that will have you hollering and hooting all the way to the beach, single to double concave through the fins, super fast, super manoeuvrable and SUPER FUN.

Thruster set up as standard ( 2 + 1 available )

All TOKYO boards supplies with fins.


Distributed in the UK exclusively by The Board Barn The Board barn UNIT 8 Chivenor Business Park, Barnstaple Devon EX31 4AY Tel: 01271 814300

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