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Wasabi The Wasabi is the perfect UK shortboard, not just a summer grovel board, perfect all year round, good volume, fast, loose and FUN. Wide tail very Dumpster Diver esq. Ideal for all abilities and more than happy in waves from 1' to 5' Single concave, thruster fin set up with FCS fins, US Blanks and of course Hexel 471 fibreglass. Fins included. Sprays are ÂŁ30 extra

Fish Fresh from TOKYO's Aussie designers, the TOKYO FISH is a beauty, ideal for budding surfers or surfers wanting to step down from a longer board, the step deck design puts foam where you need it but keeps proper shortboard rails. The hidden volume allows you to ride a shorter board, is easy to paddle and will get you into a wave earlier. Five fin design allows you to choose to ride as a Thruster or Quad. Made under license here in the UK using only premium products, FCS Fins, US Blanks and Hexel 471 glass fibre for added strength. Fins included.



Nine-One TOKYO's 9' 1" Longboard is without doubt one of the finest performance longboards available today, designed to paddle easily, nose ride well and be super good off the tail, it does all of these and some, tested by it's UK distributor extensively both here and abroad, we can say hand on heart, this board WILL do everything you ask of it. The 9'1" comes in a variety of finishes, speed-coat, Gloss N Polish with resin tints or a funky spray as shown here also two thicknesses 2 1/2" for riders up to 13 stone or advanced ability or 2 3/4" for the heavier or older surfer who still wants to have fun. Other lengths available to order as well as epoxy EPS.

Bali Single Inspired by "The Morning of the Earth" Movie from the 70's, this is TOKYO's take on the classic Bali board, a retro shape with a modern twist. These boards will have you wailing, Its wide point is forward over a low entry rocker that gets you in early and the pulled in diamond tail has a really responsive feel, a V bottom that allows it to really pivot off the top. The relatively straight tail shape gives it plenty of projection through bottom turns, or styling through long sections. 21st century rails will let you carve huge arching turns, what more do you want ? 5' 10"- 6' 10" in Classic White, Lemon Yellow or Light Blue resin tint. WORK URL


Here at TOKYO UK our aim is to produce top quality surfboards that have been thoroughly tested throughout the world and most importantly here in the UK to ensure you can have the same fun we do riding them, TOKYO use only the best materials in the manufacture of our boards to ensure the highest quality craft are produced. Designed throughout the world, manufactured in the UK. TOKYO, We are the Revolution, Join in. For more info and an online brochure got to:

Find us on FaceBook @Tokyo Surfboards Tel: 01271 814300 Email: WORK URL


Photo’s By Nicole Bromham

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