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Part A: Interview with Jane Urquhart Log onto this website: Read the interview and answer the following questions: 1. What sparked Urquhart’s desire to write The Stone Carvers? Her Desire was sparked by her parents who lived through both WW1 and WW2 2. For what two literary awards has she been nominated? Conduct a search to find out what these awards represent in Canada’s literary world. Giller Prize and the Governor General's Award- The Giller is an award based worth $50,000 Also the GG’s are the highest 3. Summarize Urquhart’s views on the importance of research in writing her novels. 4. What characteristics does Urquhart attribute to Walter Allward? 5. Urquhart contrasts the effects of the horrors of terrorist attacks like those of the Twin Towers in New York to those of World War I and II. In her view, how do they differ? 6. What is the significance of Klara’s role in the novel with respect to its historical context?

Part B: Vimy Memorial & Walter Allward 1. Go to and read through the “Biographical Sketch” on Walter Allward. Jot down important points about the sculptor and his major achievements. 2. Read through the following website: source=memorials/ww1mem/vimy/vmemory and answer the following questions: a. Where is Vimy Ridge and how did Canada acquire the land to build the monument? b. Describe the monument. c. What is the significance of the two towers? d. It is said that there is a “wealth of symbolism in its [the monument’s] sculpters”. List three themes that might be brought forth by the monument. e. List the names of four of the sculptures and briefly describe what you see. f. Where are the Defenders located on the monument? g. What are the symbols of Victory and Peace?



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