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The Venue: Meet the man who constructed a vape empire by literally monkeying around.

Hustle Pays: Check out how the creator of the Stashbox changed the landscape of the vape-mod game.

The GoodFella:

with Cypress Hill’s frontman, B-Real



Find out how this world famous tattoo artist plans on making his mark in the vaping industry.




contents features keepin’ it real


with living legend aka Dr. Greenthumb.

hustle pays


Check out how the creator of the Stashbox changed the landscape of the vape-mod game.


the venue


Meet the man who constructed a vape empire by literally monkeying around.

the goodfella

Find out how this world famous tattoo artist plans on making his mark in the vaping industry.

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on the cover PHOTO BY LEAH MORIYAMA Cypress Hill frontman B-Real talks to us about cannabis legalization, music and community.

issue 03 january/february 2015



issue 03 | jan/feb 2015


of US smokers will quit this year.


Do we tell the other

43 million

to just keep smoking?

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Welcome to Tokewell Magazine. We strive to bring you to the cutting edge of technology, design, lifestyle, and culture for both MMJ and Vapor.

First off, I’d like to thank each and every one of you for

Within both of these paradigms, we have come to a point where good ol’ home innovation and inventiveness is meeting real world design and production. The black markets have exploded upon the legitimate business world to the tune of billions of dollars. Regulation and legislation that we have fought long and hard for, are finally coming to fruition. Yet, this is only the beginning...We as a community must remain vigilant and ensure that these fledgling industries continue on the correct path on our way to freedom, health and wellness. We must monitor ourselves as well as our compatriots because we are living on the bleeding edge. There are no established experts but ourselves and as we carry our torches into the darkness, we must keep in mind that we are paving the way for all those who follow.

yourself. I can’t wait for what this year has in store for us

only as good as our fans and crew to which we are eternally grateful. 2015 is here and not only is it a reset button for some, it’s a chance to rise, move forward and reinvent as a movement and community. There will be a global shift when it comes to our culture, and our voices will be heard. “Vape” was the official word of 2014 per the Oxford


Information is our most valuable weapon and our most precious ally. With this in mind, I invite you to join us on a journey of discovery and enlightenment leading to victory and liberty.

your unwavering support since Tokewell started. We are

dictionary, and the money followed. Also in 2014, Wells Fargo sized up the e-vapor retail market at a whopping $2.5 billion and highlighted how the vapors/tanks segment is growing 2x faster than the overall market! I see parallels between the burgeoning vaping culture and the Import Racing movement which also started as a sub-culture. Modifying import cars was unheard of in the mainstream and people scoffed at the notion. Fortunately, there were strength in numbers. It took 10 years for a major studio to recognize this movement as being “mainstream” enough to give us the Fast and Furious series–now the highest grossing franchise in cinematic history. Remember, we are also a sub-culture and there is still much work to be done. We need to educate the general public about our culture and carry ourselves as brand ambassadors for our respective industries. We need to extinguish any negative stigma and public perception by focusing on the positive root cause of why we got into this in the first place–the betterment of human life.


Stack Paper, Catch Vapors.

Saul Goode Editor-in-Chief

issue 03 january/february 2015


a collector’s conundrum vapelife




Regulated box mod? DNA or SX chip? Dyed wood? Resin? Acrylic? 3, 4, or 5-post atomizers? Squonking? What the hell is squonking? If you’re not familiar with these terms as they relate to vaping don’t despair, you’re in the majority. Vape enthusiasts have thrown such verbiage around for years as the passion for their hobby has taken an anaconda-like hold on their disposable income. It’s not uncommon for collectors to pay over $400 for their mod (a generic term for an advanced vaping device), and it’s very common for a trendy new device to be valued at over $1,000 on the collector’s market immediately upon its release. But what happens after 2 to 3 months? Those same units are suddenly selling on Facebook mod-trading groups and online forums for less than retail. It’s a sinister and transparent cycle that collectors choose to engage in anyway. It’s more about the chase and the satisfaction associated with landing that pot of vaping gold at the end of the rainbow, right? Hey, at least we’re not smoking those evil cigarettes.


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under $100, devices that “just work”. Devices that need virtually no tinkering, that function right out of the box, and that are marketed to new users with absolutely no prior vaping experience at all. What in the world is happening? Is the vaping culture seeing its first “full circle”? Is this the equivalent of an experienced foodie booking a trip to Japan to Sukiyabashi Jiro, enjoying a Michelin three-star-rated plate of impeccable sashimi and flying back home only to stop by their local hole-in-the-wall sushi spot to the comfort of a poorly conceived, crumbly California Roll? Blasphemy. As a young industry, perhaps we’re still trying to find our identity. To relate the vaping culture to other cultures and industries is not an easy task because of the age we live in. This is the new media age. An unrivaled era of social interaction. A world of ubiquitous information where new product can be outdated before it is released. Is that why many enthusiasts are retreating? Maybe they’re finally over the rat race of “my gear is better than yours” and remembering why they started vaping in the first place.

But can this trend be slowly fading? I know collectors who have poured tens of thousands of dollars into their metal tube obsession that are now singing the praises for devices

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Or maybe this is the evolution we need. So don’t worry if you’re new to vaping, and you spend $50 on your first set-up instead of $400. You’re already ahead of the game.

public perception vapelife




lternative, Innovation, community, and job creation are the words that come to mind when I think of the vaping industry. Being a young industry though we must keep in mind that there are many unknowns, unproven claims, as well as the willingness of some business owners to put profit before safety and quality. The entire vaping community is under the microscope of government agencies, physicians, and the general public. Therefore we as a community must police and regulate ourselves, as well as demand fellow vapers and retail shops to represent the industry at the utmost highest standards. There are many simple actions that can clear the way for a positive perception of our community and industry as a whole. I will go over a few points below. The public’s perception of vapers must change, to do this we must consider our surroundings. One of the most common complaints I hear is of people vaping without the consideration of non vapers around them. Blowing clouds in a public area such as a restaurant, convenience store, and movie theater for example causes a negative stigma about vapers for the pure fact that your exposing people to something that is not by their choice. Remember a vast majority of the public has a negative perception of vaping, they assume the vapor produced is the same as 2nd hand cigarette smoke. It is not their fault, the public is bombarded by misinformation by main stream media. Until we can educate them properly the simple statement “it’s just vapor, not smoke” doesn’t cut it, nor is it a respectful practice. We must respect non vapers and non vaping establishments, doing so will greatly reduce the outrage of the uninformed public.

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Actions speak louder then words in most cases, not with vaping though as they both are equal. The words we say have a huge impact on the future of the vaping industry and our right to vape as a whole. For example we can’t say “Vaping will help you quit smoking”, we can say “Vaping has helped me quit smoking”. Why? Once one advertises that vaping will help you quit smoking, it turns our alternative to smoking into a smoking cessation product like nicotine gum, patches, or medication. This would mean you may have to have a prescription to use vaping products, the industry would be regulated to medical standards which would take the industry from us and place it into the hands of big Pharma. We also can’t say “Vaping is safer then smoking”, rather vaping is an “alternative to smoking”. To make a claim that vaping is safer then smoking, without the proven studies is opening up a can of worms that we can’t close right now. One day I hope everyone can say vaping is safer then smoking without batting an eye, to do this the vaping community must unite and fund independent research that can prove that statement with real scientific research and data. We must express our personal experiences, the effects vaping has made in our own lives, and prove what we vapers know in our hearts. Vapers drive the industry, mold the industry, and demand innovation in the vaping industry. The industry should be a reflection of one’s self, the people that spend the money have all the power. When you think of your favorite ejuice, do you think of just price? Hype? Or just that your local shop recommends it highly? You should think where is it made? How is it made? Is the

juice tested? Can the shop prove that the juice is made in a clean facility, not someone’s house? Retail vaping locations have become plagued with juice brands that are made in unclean environments, no real procedures or precautions to ensure safety. Nicotine is dangerous if consumed in high concentrations, you can’t afford to assume that a brand mixed at home that is not tested has the correct level of nicotine. We as an unregulated industry must regulate ourselves, which means as a consumer you must demand that the retail locations carry quality brands. If the retail location is willing to put profit before safety, go somewhere else. If someone gets sick or worse while vaping, this can cripple the industry. Making demands for the overall health of the public is a good thing, this is the biggest step in my opinion to move vaping in the right direction.

Vaping has changed my life, a pack and half a day smoker to no cigarettes is priceless to me. My grandfather was recently diagnosed with lung cancer, a heavy smoker for 30 years. Even though he quit cold turkey a few years back he continues to use chewing tobacco. This makes my fight for the survival and innovation of the vaping industry as an alternative to smoking hit home even more. The vaping community is my family as well, we all need to ban together to make our family survive the storm that is ahead. Simple adjustments to the way you vape, how you speak about vaping, where and what you spend your money on can impact the industry in a great way if done correctly. Demand innovation, demand safer production practices, demand quality products and fight for your rights. 2015 is going to be a big year, let’s make it ours!

the assocation for the open vapor and e-liquid industry issue 03 january/february 2015


new products

Based out of San Diego, CA, Wick and Wire® was conceived by a group of friends that aimed to fill a void with the emergence of the Vape community. Inspired by years of fashion and action sports, Wick and Wire® is no stranger to burgeoning concepts. Recognizing that the vape industry needed a fresh influx of style that conveyed the message and passion of our culture, Wick and Wire® has certainly found their niche. “We aspire to bridge the

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gap between art, fashion and the vaping lifestyle. Customized for your individuality and modified to your taste,” says President and Founder Conrad Alberto. With the designs they currently have on their roster like “Heavy Hitter”, “Been Drippin’” or their signature line of stash cases, I assure you that Wick and Wire® is absolutely elevating the vape fashion and accessory game for years to come.

issue 03 january/february 2015


new products 12 tokewell magazine

Las Vegas resident and leather artisan Frank Yoder affectionately known as “Tre” is one of the most sought after leather craftsmen in the industry. Through extensive research and apprentice programs Tre was able to learn to recreate ancient armors and books made the same way they were centuries ago. It also didn’t hurt that Tre was surrounded by some of the most talented and inspiring people on this planet. “I had so many talented artist help me and encourage me along the way. I wanted to create my own version of Andy Warhol’s Factory, I wanted to be surrounded by these people everyday and just see what creative things they came up with,” gushes Tre. As a result of Tre’s fervor, his works were featured in the May 2013 issue of Vogue. In 2012 Tre started Vegas Bindery and began crafting leather wraps for vape devices that he had come to know and love. Nothing is mass-produced so you know you’re getting a hand-forged signature item by the master himself. “All our products are made by hand here in the US. I only use the highest quality genuine leather, no imitation stuff.” Consequently, his attention to detail and quality over quantity mentality is evidenced by his impeccable works. Sign us up!

issue 03 january/february 2015


Hustle Pays WORDS




Tattoos and smoking culturally go hand in hand, from the the buzzing of the tattoo machines to the drag of a cigarette after a 4 hour session. Find out how this renown tattoo artist wound up creating one of the most ingenious and sought-after box mods in the vape game today. Meet Donny Sirivisut–creator of The Stashbox.

issue 03 january/february 2015



eing a renown tattoo artist entails a certain lifestyle that accompanies that line of work. Client interaction, creativity, late nights, tattoo shows and partying. Coupled with those elements, smoking without a second thought is certainly a part of it. Being a husband and father of two beautiful children, Donny realized that he needed to make a extreme lifestyle change. Smoking had to go. “My son was born asthmatic. I would smoke a pack and a half a day. I’d wash up, come home and I would still feel guilty. You can’t mask smoke on your clothes.”, says Donny. With the decision of improving his health for the sake his children, he decided to quit smoking through vaping. Donny was introduced to vaping through a friend and admittedly thought it was just a fad or a trend at the time. Nonetheless, he still purchased a starter kit and thought to himself that nothing hit him quite like a cigarette did so he became a 50/50 vape-smoker. Little did he know that was the catalyst that would change his life. Two years later he would quit smoking permanently and become the creator of the Stashbox. “Once I became a vaper, I started collecting mods like crazy and I thought I could make my own..”, said Donny. Conceived from the seed that was planted over a year ago by his friend, Donny was in pursuit to design and produce his own mod by employing his creativity and unwavering focus. He had no idea that he was about to embark on a journey that would leave his imprint on the vape industry. With his ear to the streets and eyes on the vape market, he knew exactly what he wanted to create. With the goal of developing something better than what was on the current marketplace, he immediately went to work on blueprints and procured a CNC machinist to manufacture. With a passion and gratitude for what vaping his done for him and his family, meet the man who altered the landscape of the vape industry with his mod - The Stashbox.

Let’s start from the top, how did you get into the vape game? I was smoking from 20 years. I knew I wanted to quit smoking, but the gum and patches didn’t do it for me. I was vaping a little here and there but nothing hit me like a cigarette. So I was off and on for a while until one of my buddies was like yo, “You need to get a good device” and I was like “yeah, one day” and kind of shined him off. One day, I was like man I really need to quit smoking because of my kids. We went to a local vape shop and I purchased a decent mod. Two years later, I quit smoking.

16 tokewell magazine

What prompted you to create your own mod? Once I became a “vaper”, I started collecting mods like crazy and I thought to myself I could make my own. I started designing one for my own personal usage, I took pictures of it and posted them online and apparently, people wanted it as well and that’s how I knew I was onto something. Why go the box mod route? I knew the market was going to move from tubular mods to variable voltage box mods. So, I designed something that went that route and it just so happens

now the industry is going crazy over box mods. What’s the difference between the Stashbox and other box mods? I wanted something different. I designed something that you could place your tank inside versus sitting on top of the mod. When did you realize you were onto something? I knew it got big when I went into random vape shops from people who didn’t know my name to people now saying, “Hey, thats Stashbox!” That’s overwhelming for me because I’m a regular dude who made something from myself and now, people want what I have created.

18 tokewell magazine

Was it difficult to get the project launched? I had the first Stashbox on my desk for about half a year because going into CNCing is not something I’m well versed in. Creating and drawing is something I do on a daily basis. Going into production, I had no clue. I called a few companies to see how much it would cost to make it and put it on the backburner after that. After a few months, I decided just to do it, got a prototype made. Why the name Stashbox? It was actually a process. I knew that name would come with time and it did. Stashbox has a cool, urban association to it and

with the tank being internal, it made sense. How many varietals do you have of the Stashbox? We will have two versions released with the latest by the time people read this. On this version, we went way overboard production-wise. We make 90% of the box now from the buttons to the assembly. It’s also more compact now. What needs to be done to get vaping more socially acceptable? Vaping needs to become mainstream. It’s all about getting people off cigs. Right now, vaping is a deep sub-culture, which is cool, but the gap needs to be bridged

20 tokewell magazine









from now to the mainstream so everybody can enjoy it. Where do you see the vape industry a couple years from now? Vaping is here to stay. Cloud competitions are trends. There’s nothing wrong with that, but when you strip it down, vaping is a healthier alternative to cigarettes. That’s why i’m here and that’s the core value. My son was born asthmatic, I would smoke a pack and a half a day and I’d wash up, come home and I would still feel guilty. You can’t hide smoke on your clothes. It’s a big statement that Philip Morris is in the vape game now. What does that tell you? Strength in numbers.

22 tokewell magazine

What are your thoughts on the MMJ industry in reference to the Stashbox? I don’t personally smoke, but I can see how devices are used in both MMJ and e-Cig/Vape industries. Same device, different content. I believe both industries are closer than they think. We create a premium variable voltage mod so, it doesn’t matter what the usage is because they both help people at the end of the day. What type of person owns a Stashbox? The type of person who owns a Stashbox is the same type that rocks a DuPont lighter as an example. He/She is a high-end collector. It’s a conversation piece at dinner and an extension of that person’s taste.

What’s next for the Stashbox? Currently, we only offer a highend version but we are looking to offer a more affordable option with the Stashbox brand. You don’t want to pick up something that you don’t know. You want something reputable that has a good quality and name to it. With a Honda, you know you’re getting a good, reliable car. In essence, we’re in this to help people stop smoking so it should cross everybody’s hands that needs this. Any last words you’d like to communicate? Doing something different makes you number one. Following anything will always make you number two. Create and be different. I’d also like to give a special shoutout to Mankos Mod “Alika”.



Whether you’re a stoner or a real rap aficionado, you know the name B-Real. The Cypress Hill frontman is synonymous with gritty hip-hop and cannabis culture from his distinctive tone and commanding stage presence. But there’s something you may not be aware of about this living legend. B-Real is one of the most respected, passionate and outspoken advocates for the exploding multi-billion dollar MMJ industry and he’s just getting started.

24 tokewell magazine

Phunky Feel T H E





nless you’ve been living in the Himalayas for the past 20 years, you’re familiar with the man affectionately known as Dr. Greenthumb or B-Real–the frontman for the legendary Cypress Hill crew. B-Real is considered to be one of the main progenitors and OG’s of the West Coast’s golden-age of hip-hop in the early 1990s. Originality, longevity and being relevant are the holy trinity of any musician much less entrepreneur and B-Real has definitely attained that trifecta. Proof positive being his massive cultlike following for over two decades and album sales of over 18 Million sold worldwide. Long gone are the days of lyrics like, “...hangin’ out the window, with my magnum takin’ out some putos” from the groundbreaking track “How I Could Just Kill a Man.” Very much like fine wine, B-Real’s talents extend far beyond music. A parallel could be derived from Kobe Bryant. Starting off talented and raw, he used otherworldly athleticism and unrivaled work ethic to draw comparisons to the G.O.A.T.–Michael Jordan. Being a student of the game, Kobe used his extremely high basketball IQ and impeccable footwork as he got older to find other ways to score. Make no mistake, you might see a throwback windmill dunk here and there– rare by choice, but it’s still there when he needs it to be. For B-Real, the passion and love of the game is still very much alive and well, if not more. The only difference is that he’s just become more aware of his vision and game-changing influence. He’s employing different faculties and avenues to get his message



across–entertaining while educating the masses. That passion for music and advocacy for cannabis culture is clearly evident in his projects and the new found fitness regimen he goes through to accommodate the rigors of his touring schedule. Make no mistake, B-Real is a student of the game, “People have their lane, I never changed who I am. Some people rap about excessive violence and material things, thats all good, but it’s not me. But as an artist, you need to evolve and find your lane again and sometimes you stop and that light don’t fucking turn green. You have to reinvent yourself while staying true to yourself,” says B-Real. He is the consummate cannabis advocate, activist and entrepreneur which is apparent from his involvement and conception of B-Real TV, Phuncky Feel tips, and Dr. Greenthumb glass. Not to mention his multiple music projects and festivals. “The legalization of cannabis is spreading throughout the 50 states–from Colorado and ultimately into California where this whole movement started.” B-Real acknowledges that through a deeper education of the benefits that cannabis entails is the one way we can take greater strides to full legalization. As an ambassador for this movement, he realizes that his influence carries much weight towards our goal for complete legalization. B-Real takes time out of his extremely busy schedule to talk music, cannabis culture and what we need to do collectively to push for complete legalization. With that said, there is still much work to be done, but we’re closer than we have ever been.

issue 03 january/february 2015


Having been a public figure and advocate for cannabis for over 20 years, do you feel any certain responsibilities when it comes to cannabis education and promotion? I think we’ve always felt that from day one knowing we’re speaking about content that was taboo at the time in the 90’s. Hip Hop didn’t talk about drugs too much and we never considered it a drug in the first place. We just went for broke and talked about what we loved doing. We got put onto Jack Herer who was a real freedom fighter and the quest for legalization and whatnot. Thats who I learned from. He provided the information that inspired me to be who I am now. I think if you’re representing any culture, you need to be educated. You need to be educated enough to be able to enlighten others who look to you for guidance and information. Your music has always transcended race and culture, what impact do you think your affinity for cannabis had in terms of also networking and befriending other artists? With respect to music, we tried not to put ourselves in a box like other Latin artists before us by allowing the record company’s label them a Latin group. At that time hip-

26 tokewell magazine

hop was only so big in Latin markets so we made sure they marketed us as only a hiphop group which allowed us a broader audience. We could reach out to different groups of people. Because of that, we continuously put out our message from album to album. We always educated people like on our Black Sunday album, we put in a insert which contained all kinds of facts which came from the book The Emperor Wears No Clothes. It was well received from like-minded people and ill received by conservatives and religious types (laughs). We took that chance and we were passionate about it and realized people are in that same train of thought. When did you first come up with the idea for Cypress Hill’s Smokeout? What were your goals for it? Chang Weisberg and I were on tour on Smoking Grooves, I believe it was our 2nd or 3rd. A lot of people thought it was our tour since we coheadlined it every year so, people naturally attached us to that particular festival. Chang and I saw how the shows were coordinated and organized in terms of talent, sponsors, vendors and things like that then Chang said to me, “why don’t we create our own?” Let’s do it. He inspired me to step

into that world. There are festivals that have been going on in Europe since 15 years and nothing in the states was like that. There are so many festivals and they’re usually locked into a particular genre and we didn’t want to do that with Smokeout. We wanted to incorporate hip-hop, rock and dance all in one community while educating people as they enter the smokeout experience. Putting music and medicine together. Did you ever think it would become such a big festival? We no idea about its potential. Realistically, we just took a chance. Things could have been really bad in terms of obstacles. The city could have shut us down, but we were really organized and just handled things in a professional manner. They actually supported us. We even had a patients area to medicate. They helped facilitate a lot of it. That’s hats off to San Bernadino for allowing us to do what we’ve done with Smokeout from Guerilla Union and Cypress collaborating and supporting us. We appreciate that. We had no idea how much support we would get. I guess there’s a lot of stoners out there (laughs). We’re one of the first in America to do this and we paved the way.

issue 03 january/february 2015


Any plans to make it travel to Colorado given the new legislation? We make it a point to make it out to Colorado two or three times a year. Sometimes schedule doesn’t permit, but we try as much as we can. Now that Colorado and Washington have taken the lead, what do you think has to happen in order for the rest of the U.S. to fully legalize cannabis? Well Cali. We need to get our shit together first. We need to quit messing around - we are a progressive front-runner state. Economy-wise, Cali needs it more than anybody right now. The fact that New York, Texas and Florida even looked into MMJ legislation, thats a great start. If those states rollover into it, pretty much all states will follow suit except for the bible belt states.Those will be the last ones, but eventually they will realize the economic impact and that they’ve been lied to and mislead about this wonderful plant for last 50 years if bullshit put out there. More tables have turned and more education is out there. It’s endless possibilities. You’ve long been an enthusiast. What are some of your favorite strains and what activities do you pair them with? Top of the draw for me has always been OG Kush. Thats always number one but theres a lot of good strains of late like the Tange, DNA Genetics is off the hook, my man Berner with the Cookie strain thats fucking sick. The Paris OG we rock that a lot

28 tokewell magazine

on our IG. Then there’s a strain of Paris called Jet Fuel, that shit will send you to the fucking moon forreal. Shoutout to my homies who do the Jet Fuel. The strain finder is Berner. Berner finds the strains man that are ridiculous. People are stepping up their cultivation game which is great. You need to have a variety. Technology is ever evolving. Between flowers, edibles, or dabbing, what is your favorite way of medicating? I’m a bud man. I like to dab, but I’m a flower smoker. You’ve introduced your own glass filter tips for spliffs, blunts, and joints, how has the response to the product been? It really caught on. I think a lot of artists talk about them a lot. It’s been viral and it’s been just amazing. For being a joint smoker, I knew people would need it. It’s a great experience and it doesn’t get harsh even at the end. No more ripping ridiculous papers. People appreciate it. It’s for the joint and blunt connoisseur. How did B Real TV come about? My man Maceo from De La Soul was doing his thing called De La’s Dugout and he hit me up and said, “hey man I got this thing. Maybe you could check it out and make an appearance.” They weren’t really hosting it, but DJ’ing it. I thought what a great idea, but I didn’t know about live streaming. I was curious and I created a UStream page and said fuck it. I’ll stream

30 tokewell magazine

a Cypress show called the 420 show at the Fillmore in San Francisco. We never promoted it, we just threw it out there and it was 16K-20K live views with no promo or features. That tripled the audience in the actual venue. As I was studying this live steaming shit, Kenji who is the co-owner of this B-Real TV, he worked with a company called StickAM their features were unique and they wanted to build a platform for just me and I started out with the Dr. Greenthumb show but I wanted to make it more like a radio station and it came around from us having two shows to now, 17. It just grew. People saw our vision and gave us their shows. It’s been a blessing and it all stemmed from Maceo giving me that idea. We been trying to Maceo to bring his show down here. But everybody’s got their lane so when he’s ready, he’s got a home here.

What do you do to stay relevant? People have their lane, I never changed who I am. It’s me raw, just rapping with you. Some people rap about excessive violence and material things, thats all good, but it’s not me. But as an artist, you need to evolve and find your lane again and sometimes you stop and that light don’t fucking turn green. You have reinvent yourself while staying true to yourself. A lot of artists have fallen prey to that. Refusing to change your craft is murder. Madonna was the queen of reinventing herself so you would never get tired of her. She paved the way and showed all the younger popstars what’s up. Lady GaGa, constantly changing her shit up. As an artist you gotta do it. Evolve. As a man, keep your core value so people that fucked with you in the first place will keep on.

What current musical projects are in the works for you? October of last year we put out two free mixtapes. One was Serial Killers with Xzibit and Demrick which is a full blown album. People call their shits mixtapes and their albums because they’re scared to lose or whatever. It’s a fucking album man. Lenny and I put out The Medication mixtape and that was also free. I got a couple projects. The Cypress Album is done and the Dr. Greenthumb album. Just keeping busy with the music and B-Real TV

Do you ever trip and and think back to where you started from to where you are today? People try to forget where they came from. The road here was a pretty tough one and as you gain momentum and success, you tend to forget about that shit and if you do, you forget who you are then you’re lost. I try to remember and always appreciate what I have and where I stand. I remember, coming out hard In the mid-90’s selling millions of records or even right now giving out records and broadcasting on B-Real TV and

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just staying relevant. I am appreciative of all my blessings. The longevity is a trip. Where three of us came from and were all here, is actually funny that were still alive (laughs) or even able to make music. If you look at it like that, you’ll be humble, appreciative and be good to people. Thats a lot of change that happens. How you treat people. I seen it with other artists and they’re unapproachable. I joke with my guys here and they joke with me. Were all family and fucking around. I’m never on some superstar shit. I’m constantly checking myself. Thanks so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule. No problem fam. Its always good to be able to educate and get our message out.

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You may already be familiar with Steve Soto whether it’s through his Goodfellas Art Studio or his numerous collaborations with industry heavyweights like Rockstar energy, Sullen, EA Sports or Bishop Rotary to name a few. Despite his success and numerous accolades in the tattoo universe, there is one industry he’s got his eye on–the vape industry. Things just got interesting.

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any of you recognize the name Steve Soto as he is synonymous with the multi-billion dollar tattoo industry. Born and raised in Orange County, California, Steve has made a permanent imprint on the Black and Grey tattoo genre and generally recognized as one of the most talented and influential artists in the game today. The success of Steve’s career is due in part to his philosophy, “Hard work pays off, but also not forcing anything, and that putting positive energy into the world will allow the pieces to fall into place.” That ideology garnered him multiple awards in tattoo shows worldwide as well as recognition and respect from his peers. As a result of his talent and celebrity, it earned him collaborations with apparel giants Sullen and Tribal as well as action sports heavyweights Rockstar and EA Sports. His hustle doesn’t stop there. Steve’s goals are to continue to share his artworks worldwide and showcase his “Black and Gray”

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and West Coast Chicano culture. Steve being the visionary he is, he knew that the burgeoning vape industry was the next thing he needed to be involved in. “I was smoking about 8-10 cloves a day. I would always say, this is my last cigarette but then I’d pick up another one. It became scary. I was 35 and thought, what if I kept on smoking for 5-10 years?”, says Steve. The vape industry needs a positive brand ambassador that is recognizable and Steve Soto is that person to bring awareness to the tattoo community which is a step in the right direction for us. Consequently, Steve Soto is prepared to take the vape game by storm with his own line of Goodfellas e-Liquids, bottling technology called Twist N’ Drip and his own signature mod. If packaging and branding are detrimental to marketing your brand, Steve Soto is ahead of the game with this artwork. Hope ya’ll are ready for the takeover.

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How did you get introduced to vaping? Last year I just started getting into vaping with the cheap entry level ones. At first, didn’t really get the concept or draw to it. I just thought it was a fad. I had a manager who got really involved with Local Vape and he’d bring over some juices and mods and then I started getting really involved. I was smoking at the time and I knew I wanted to stop. I was smoking about 8-10 cloves a day. I would always say, “this is my last cig”, but then you’d pick up another one. It became scary. I was 35 and what if I kept on smoking for 5-10 years? I was feeling it physically at the time. I started vaping using this mod and it became easy. Fucking easy. Dope. A scary experience turned into something easy. What made you decide to get into the vape game? We had this famous artist Gustavo Rimada and he was apprenticing to tattoo. Mikey my manager used his connects with Local Vape and brokered a licensing deal with Adam Bomb to use his artwork. That was nice to see artwork on the juices. It was fun and fresh. I was really into vaping at this point and I was like “man, instead of doing a licensing deal for my artwork, why not start my own juice line?” It was fun, we got paid, why not create our own line? So, Gustavo’s artwork being used in a industry you liked was the spark for Goodfellas Vapors? We started doing some research on how to do this and we got some partners involved. It turned out that it was possible. We did some R&D and we found out right from wrong. We hit some speed bumps but a lot of this happened with help from friends.

Did you encounter any resistance from the vape industry being an outsider and new to the game? Not really. I’d go into vape shops and ask questions since I was in the dark just to find out what people are doing. There was this one guy who happened to be a fan of my art and I told him I was considering making my own juice line and he basically schooled me on how to do it since he was as well. People in the vaping industry are great because lot’s of them helped us out with no question. But you do get some closed-minded and even snobby people, but that’s with all industries.

I would always say this is my last cigarette, but then I’d pick up another one. It became scary. I was 35 and thought, what if I kept on smoking for 5-10 years? Tell us about Twist n’ Drip technology. I have a facility where we create our juice. We narrowed our list down to 3 flavors down from 8. Now, we needed to figure out how to bottle it. I figured I needed to do something different to stand out. I’m a tattoo artist and we have these ink bottles and everyday I pour this ink down these twist bottle caps. Dripping became such a hassle just to get juice into my mod and I thought, “wouldn’t it be cool to just be able to twist and drip this like a tattoo bottle?” It went hand in hand. Twist n’ Drip is the motto and the future for bottle caps.

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Tell us about your signature Angel Mod? The Angel Mod concept came because Sam, who is a good friend of mine was working at a E-Cig company called Blow. He asked me if I wanted to partner up with him doing the Angel Mod using my artwork. He had the concept and his idea was doing a Angel version. They worked all the en-

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gineering and aesthetics and I gave my approvals and we did a soft launch at ECC and everybody loved it. It’s super good product and you have other mod makers come and try your mod and give you props. That’s meaningful. Especially in this industry. Another industry heavyweight who makes premium mods tried ours and even admitted our shit hit harder.

Do you think vaping is here to stay? Vaping is a cultural thing and fun in general. Cloud contests and smoke tricks are all around us and online. It’s not a trend. It’s new technology and it’s an evolution of people that have been smoking. People want to quit smoking. Nobody wants to smoke anymore. It’s noble. What are your thoughts on proposed FDA regulations? The FDA regs are a double

edged sword. You want to make sure people are getting a quality product and are produced in facilities that are compliant, consistent and safety being first. But the bad part is it’s going to kill smaller enterprises. The bad part is they want to control the industry which will kill the creativity and new products. At the end of the day, It’s about creating something cool and getting people to quit smoking. That’s the core value why we are passionate about vaping in the first place.

Do you have any last words for our readers? Be you. Don’t be shady. Surround yourselves with cool and successful motherfuckers and shit falls into place. That’s when success happens. Visit

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What do you get when you combine a passion for tattoo culture, art, hustle and a collaboration between two lifelong compadres? You get the Sullen Art Collective. Sullen is a true-to-form lifestyle brand which showcases some of most prolific and gifted hands to grace a canvas whether it’s flesh or textile. That said, here are some of dopest works of art by the infamous Sullen Art Collective.

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Ambassador WORDS




We sit with one of the vape scenes most influential people to discuss his unwavering passion and support for the burgeoning vape industry. He’s a successful businessman, entrepreneur, leader and activist. Find out how YouTube launched his career and his plans on getting vaping into the mainstream. Meet CJ Catchillar–the man who’s literally made a career of Monkeying around.

What do Justin Bieber and CJ have in

that has gotten him off smoking cigarettes.

common? Absolutely nothing except for

“I’ll be a speaker if there is any ordinance

the fact that they both discovered fame

against vaping. I’m proof that it works and

on YouTube and utilized it as a platform

I quit cold turkey because of this.”, says

to launch their wildly successful careers.

CJ. In fact, he hosts the (SFATA) Smoke-

While Justin Bieber has all the screaming

Free Alternative Trade Association town

pubescent fans, CJ has

hall meetings at his shop

Vaper Venue along with Tobacco is other notable industry and garnered the respect against us heavyweights. CJ is a rare of an entire industry. Being there since the vape culture because we’re breed of entrepreneur who first started in 2009, CJ has killing their hustles purely for the love of his industry. Money and bared witness to countless sales. Pharma fame have not altered who he technological innovations from mod-builders to the is against us is, but in fact are a byproduct availability of thousands of because we’re of his passion. He leverages the arsenal of tools at his flavors from craft e-Liquid killing their disposal like his YouTube makers. He’s been involved cessation channel and Instagram in this whole movement since its inception from products. accounts to effectively constructed a vape empire

toking on “cig-alikes” to




where it is today - a $2-3 billion dollar a

educate his global audience. “My ultimate

year industry with a strong vapers/tanks/

goal is get vaping into the mainstream and

mods segment. CJ’s passion stems from his

educate the masses.” says CJ. The fruits of

gratefulness that vaping potentially saved

his labor are 4 retail locations nationwide,

his life and as a result, he wants to give

a distribution channel, his own signature

back to the community and movement

line of craft e-Liquids and an apparel line.

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How did you get into vaping? In 2009 I used to work at Hawaiian Gardens Casino as manager and smoking just came with the territory. One of my friends came in with an electronic cigarette starter kit. I believe it was a Xhale and my first impression was that I would look really cool using this in the smoking area. Was that the catalyst that got you deep in the vape culture? Once I got into it, I really got intrigued and thought there has to be something better than this so I went online to do some research. Keep in mind, back then there were only forums and no vape shops so information was scarce.

Let’s talk about your YouTube success. I had so many friends ask me questions about vaping in general so I decided to post clips on YouTube to make things easier and they can watch instead of me repeating myself. At the same time, I also learned from other people on YouTube like GrimmGreen and Phee303. At that point, I knew I could do this and I started doing reviews. So, you started building a brand and audience around the need for making your life easier. (Laughs) Yes essentially. There were vape meets at the time on forums. I would tell people I did reviews and video taped the vape meets. How did you come up with the name Vaping Monkey? When I signed up on YouTube they require an alias. I had a printing business at the time called Print Monkey and I thought how about Vaping Monkey. When did you know you were onto something big? I kept on doing reviews and soon companies started sending me stuff to review and I got really excited and couldn’t believe it. I’d even go to vape meets in North Carolina and people were like, “Oh, you’re Vaping Monkey!” At that point, I thought it was really cool and figured it was getting big.

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Aside from reviews, you produced skits and spin offs on your channel? Absolutely. After the reviews, I thought how about skits? They’re more entertaining and vape-related. There was the movie Inception at the time and I did a skit called e-Cig Inception with GrimGreen. When did you really get serious about producing clips on YouTube? I knew I had to step up my video game and started to study videography. From that, it progressed to the point where people were asking me to do a web series called Elixir TV. Every week I did a segment and just talked about vaping. I also did a lot of giveaways. Certain companies would just pay me to give things away on the show and that was real cool. Your online career really started taking off. Yes. Vape Team recruited me and wanted me to be the West Coast Correspondent. It got big. As a result of that success, there was even a documentary being made called We Are Vapers. Tell us about the We Are Vapers documentary. We Are Vapers had a Kickstarter campaign which funded us. Back then there were only two shops. Vape Revolution and e-Cig City and I went ahead and interviewed them to the point where it got big and I even got sent to Italy to

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interview Flavor Art and Hawaii with Volcano to name a couple places. Ever since then people would just pay us to broadcast. How did you come up with Vaping Monkey e-Liquid? On my YouTube channel, my third segment was on how to make your own e-Liquid. I wanted to make an all-day vape. Something I would vape that I didn’t have to look for. I went to Vape Rev and while I was interviewing them, Charn the owner asked me what I was vaping on? He tried it and I told him it’s something I made and he asked if he could sell some of it and that’s how it start and it grew to where it is now. We are AEMAS Certified and Enthalpy Analytical tested. What’s the future of vaping and where is it headed? If you’ve been here from day one, you’ve seen the progression, passion and innovation from carto-tanks to dripping. The innovation is there and it’s going to last a long time. You just keep seeing people converting and converting. We even topped tobacco sales per the Wells Fargo report. Tobacco is against us because were killing their sales. Pharma is against us because were killing their cessation products. Overall if people keep converting knowing it’s going to help, vaping is going to be around for a long time.

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Did you think vaping would be as big as it is now? No way! In 2009, I was already thrilled about the stick battery and Caramel Apple cartos! The transition from that to the Silver Bullet which was a semi-mechanical back then was a big thing to me. I was already satisfied and the past 3 years that passed, it’s like wow! I would never have thought how vaping would change from 2009. Cloud blowing, sub ohms, volts and wattage to see where you’re at? It’s really cool. As far as vaping advocacy and leadership goes, what is your role? My goal is to get vaping out there in a positive light. If there is an ordinance, I will be there. I go to to other shops to check them out even if they don’t carry my product. We even host SFATA at the shop now. I want vaping to be here for the long run and I’m proof that it works. I quit cold turkey because of this.

What companies do you own in this industry? I’m the owner of Vaping Monkey e-Liquid and apparel, 4 Vaper Venue retail stores, VM Distribution and I’m a partner of ECC (Electronic Cigarette Convention). What are the major hurdles you see for the vaping industry? The FDA. You have big tobacco and even the American Lung Society (who are sponsored by pharmaceutical companies) who are against us. I was just talking to my friend VapeLyfe that the Truth (who are against cigarettes) why are they against vaping? The companies that are sponsoring them are against vaping. There message is to quit smoking and our concept is the same. Why not work with us. What the FDA is doing is all influenced. What’s the ultimate goal? My goal is get vaping mainstream whether it’s my apparel for fashion or awareness via online channels. It’s all about educating people. Hopefully when media starts to embrace it, it will go mainstream. I remember seeing Katherine Heigl holding a ProVari, but she’s not endorsing anything. It’s about education. California is the mecca of vaping and we need to lead the way.

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y first time at a MMJ collective yielded one thing–discovery. Discovery of a world that I never knew existed. Not only did your typical jars of green line the display cases, but alternatives to the more traditional smoking method did too. I learned very quickly that ‘magic brownies’ were not limited to what your college roommate used to make on the weekends. Brownies, cereal bars, chocolates, candies, cookies, macarons, sodas - I didn’t even know where to begin! The selection was quite overwhelming at first, but the smiling budtender behind the counter was very helpful in helping me navigate the sea of possibilities. For those looking for a safe and less harsh alternative to smoking, the possibilities are endless. I’ve heard tales of pizzas, ice cream, teas made for the educated user’s enjoyment, and with MMJ’s accep-

62 tokewell magazine

tance spreading so quickly, more is sure to become available. However, with great enjoyment comes great responsibility. Be aware of the differences in ingesting edibles as opposed to smoking so that you can truly enjoy your experience. During the cooking process, many of the inactive cannabinoids (those things that give cannabis its special properties) are converted into THC (tetrahydrocannabinol, the psychoactive cannabinoid), CBD (cannabidiol, the medicinal but no “high” cannabinoid), and CBN (cannabinol, the sedative cannabinoid). The higher concentrations and the alternative method of ingestion make the kind of effects you get from edibles very different from smoking. Smoking delivers these active cannabinoids directly into your lungs, and you’ll feel the effects almost immediately. An edible must be absorbed or digested before it can work its magic.



That being said, be wary of what it is you choose to have. Because of the federal illegality of cannabis, there are no FDA regulations on cannabis products, which means that no one is checking how much of what goes into your Rice Krispie treat. Inconsistencies in products means difficulty figuring out just how much you should be ingesting at any one time. But never fear! All it takes is paying a little more attention to detail, and suddenly the world of edibles is a not so scary place once again. Check the labels, make sure they’re properly packaged. Does it tell you how many milligrams of THC goes into it? Has it been tested? Does it mention a serving size? Remember, just as with any other food, one package is not necessarily one serving. Each person is different - one person may be able to only take a quarter of a brownie at a time, another might be able to eat half at any given time for the same effects. Just like with alcohol, take into consideration your size, weight, gender, metabolism, all those factors that determine how

quickly (or slowly) your body takes to break down the THC. When all else fails, ask your budtender. I have found that overall, the MMJ community is a very open and helpful one. Most shops want you to know that what they carry is a quality product, and will gladly tell you what strains went into what treats, whether it’s indica or sativa heavy, how much went into it, how to ease yourself into this new world of edibles if it’s your first time, the works. Remember to use some common sense when finding out what went into everything - quality is still a factor with cannabis product. Did the bottom shelf shake go into it or did a mid or top shelf strain go into making your cannabutter? This will affect flavor as well as effect. Edibles is a fun and expansive part of the MMJ culture and community. While ideal for some patients, it can be enjoyed by anybody. The trick is to finding your way is just exercising awareness when picking a product. May your journey bring you a culinary thrill that not all are privy to. Yet.

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Steady Relationship BROUGHT TO YOU BY





hen you work at

time” or “I am too busy with

lights-on) temp and humidity

a hydro store you

work”. No. You must make time

must be consistent, and many

have the luxury of

for your plants. You must put in

people actually do control it or

seeing everyone else’s successes

effort with your plants. In turn,

at least put a decent effort to-

and failures. So I started taking

your plants will love you back

ward doing so. But lights-off,

note of the successful grow-

and provide bountiful rewards

many ignore this part or just do

ers. What habits and routines

in the form of, well, flowers!

not realize the importance. You

they all shared, and what was

If I have said it once, I have

want a differential of no more

unique. I would have to say

said it a thousand times, the

than 5, and this applies to temp

that the most common factor

most critical aspect is your en-

and humidity. For example, if

among the successful growers

vironment. Successful growers

lights-on temp is 72°F and hu-

is consistency. Your plants re-

have consistent temperature

midity is 45% then lights-off

quire a commitment. None of

and humidity, with lights on

should ideally be 67°F and 50%

this “I will see you when I have

and with lights off. Your day (or

humidity. A larger differential

64 tokewell magazine

with temp will cause plants to

go days before coming in and re-

absorb absurd amounts of the

stretch and with humidity will

filling their CO2 tanks. I repeat

wrong nutrients. The equivalent

cause less transpiration, less

people, consistency. Having CO2

to a human would be eating a

photosynthesis, and less growth.

levels of 1500ppm+ and then let-

perfectly balanced healthy meal,

Now someone reading this is

ting your plants suddenly drop

but the body only being able to

thinking about how much the

to 400ppm of CO2 is like you

absorb the fat and cholester-

weather fluctuates outside and

lifting weights and then sudden-

ol. Your body will grow, but not

how well outdoor plants grow,

ly someone forcing you to keep

properly by any standards. Make

and thinks I am full of bologna.

sure your plants consistently get

This however is our indoor gar-

the right nutrition. No cheat

den and not a perfectly oiled

meals on this program.

and timed machine like Mother

Make sure that you are also

Nature. These are indoor lights

watering when necessary and

we are talking about and not the

with the right amount of water.

Sun, which provides more light

Create a watering schedule and

in the shade than directly under-

stick to it. With soil this is a lit-

neath any grow light. There are so

tle trickier because soil can hold

many other factors when it comes

water longer but if you water as necessary, you should start to no-

to outdoor gardens that you can’t really compare the two. Indoor

lifting the same weight at the ex-

tice a pattern that will allow you

gardens need consistency. The

act same pace while they choke

to create a schedule. With hydro-

tighter you keep your numbers

you! Make sure your plants can

ponics it should be much easier

the better your plants will do, and

breathe easy and they will per-

to create a schedule and follow

the better you will do.

form to their full potential.

it strictly. Now, when you water

Consistent air circulation and

So now that you are keeping a

be sure that you are putting the

CO2 production is important. I

consistent environment, let’s talk

right volume of water through

often ask unsuccessful growers

feeding. You may or may not be

your media. Soil requires a 20%-

about their circulation fans and

surprised at how many people

25% run off while media like

the response is “ya, I have two

do not maintain strict pH and

rockwool requires to be watered

fans for four lights...”. Or they will

PPM levels when feeding their

for a full minute to get properly

have the right amount of fans but

plants. The pH level at which

flushed and replenished. Know

two don’t work properly and one

you feed your plants is going to

your media.

in the back is not even turned

directly dictate what amounts of

pH will govern what and how

on. No. You need to have at least

what nutrients your plants will

much nutrients our plants ab-

one wall fan per light, they need

absorb. Proper pH levels will

sorb. Your PPM level tells you

to be turned on, and they need

allow your plants to take up the

how much total nutrients there

to be oscillating. Your CO2 pro-

right amount of the right vita-

are in your water for your plant

duction must be consistent also.

mins, minerals, and nutrients.

to absorb. So smaller plants and

I have seen unsuccessful growers

Incorrect pH can cause them to

plants in early stages of growth

issue 03 january/february 2015


require much less PPM than


larger plants or plants in later stages of growth. Much like a puppy will eat less than a full grown adult dog. Plants unfortunately, like puppies, can’t tell when they are full, so if you have too high of PPM levels available your plants will uptake too much and burn. This will cause undue stress and even if they snap back your yield will never be as good as it would have been without the episode of stress. Keep consistent PPM levels when your feeding, and if you have a re-circulating system watch for the rise. If your PPM level rises 50+ while feeding,

you to be a successful grower.

stop, add water to drop back

Consistent environment and

something that every successful

to the proper level, adjust pH

feeding will get you further than

grower does, so be successful!

again if necessary, and then

your average grower. But don’t

continue watering.

stop there, apply the commit-

This ties into your meter cal-

ment to every aspect of your

ibration as well. How can you

grow. It will only get better. Be

have accurate pH and PPM lev-

clean and clean up often. Keep

els if the meter you are using to

dead plant matter and dirty

measure these levels is reading

used-equipment out of the

incorrectly? You must calibrate

room. These attract bugs and

your pH and PPM meters ev-

disease. Sweep the floor and

ery week. Keep them clean, and

mop with bleach often. This

use storage solution for your

will keep the room free from

pH meter so it never dries out.

contaminants dragged in on

Some PPM meters cannot be

your shoes. Make sure to water

calibrated but you can still use

at the same time every day, and

a reference solution to confirm

preferably right when the lights

whether it’s reading correctly or

come on. This will keep your


plants metabolism on track.

In my opinion, that covers

Applying strict consistency to

the most important factors for

your indoor garden will never

66 tokewell magazine

steer you wrong. After all, it is

Keep it green and keep it growing ........

gastronomics 68 tokewell magazine

paleteria la reyna de michoacan


ou’ve seen the guy pushing the cart pedaling Mexican fruit popsicles called Paletas. Your gastro-universe is about to change. Nestled in Downtown El Monte, lies a creamery like no other called Paleteria La Reyna de Michoacan. Owner Chef Maria has been in the paleta game since she was 9 years old in Mexico. Through the years, she honed her craft and brought her secret family recipe to the US for a little over 7 years now. “We’ve had so many people try to purchase the recipe from me, but that will never happen. It’s a family tradition”, says Maria. What clearly separates La Reyna from other local carbon-copy paleterias is the quality of ingredients. You know what they say, “Imitation is the greatest form of flattery. Maria acknowledges that and even has a sign in the shop that reads; No se confunda somos la unica. Quite a

statement. Maria affirms that, “We only use fresh ingredients from the fruit to the base. We don’t skimp on quality or cut corners to save money. In fact, the base milk we use is very expensive because we use 3 different types of milk. Others use commercial cream, we only use the best”. With 52 flavors collectively between her paleta De Leche and De Agua menu, she’s giving your palate more flavors than it can handle at one sitting which is a blessing and a curse. Partons from all over SoCal make the trek from San Diego to San Bernardino to indulge in her healthy, fresh ice concoctions. So, if you’re in Southern California, you owe it to yourself to try the best. Period. Paleteria La Reyna de Michoacan 3560-P Santa Anita Ave El Monte, CA 91731

issue 03 january/february 2015



the daily brew


ulletproof® is the first thing that comes into mind when I think about this gem hidden in Downtown

Montebello. The Daily Brew coffee bar is the brainchild of owners Terry and Maria for over 2 years. Coming from the medical field coupled with their passion about premium coffee and wellness, they filled a void in a city that was lacking craft coffee, innovation, ambience and health consciousness. What initially drew us to this coffee bar was their Bulletproof® coffee which is comprised of low toxicity grounds, XST oil and organic butter. This concoction promotes high en-

70 tokewell magazine

ergy, fat loss, and brain function. “People call in orders all the time after or before gym. We also offer gluten free pastries and we’re even working on a vegan cheesecake.”, says owner Terry. Aside from the exceptional selection of food and beverage, the ambiance is inviting and reminiscent of the Central Perk from the hit series ‘Friends’ complete with sidewalk dining, live music, art shows and even bible study on Tuesday evenings.

In addition, if you need to order something in advance or just want to check in to see what they’re up to, you can download their app available on both iTunes and Google Play. “We pride ourselves on customer service, culture and quality”, gushes Terry. I won’t disagree and their motto makes perfect sense, Celebrating the art of conversation one cup at a time. 137 N Montebello Blvd Montebello, CA 90640 (323) 888-4201

issue 03 january/february 2015


The Perfect Trifecta. Quality. Craftsmanship. Class.


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