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Get an inside look into Tokewell’s racecar and the engineer behind it.


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We sit with the vape industry’s masterminds of the most eclectic and sought after mod.

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We take you backstage to the MMJ industry’s most sterile and respected confectioners.

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on the cover Chef Roy Choi gets down with Tokewell at the Line Hotel in Koreatown.

issue 02 november/december 2014




of US smokers will quit this year.


Do we tell the other

43 million

to just keep smoking?

issue 02 | nov/dec 2014 Published by fr3shLAb creative group, llc President Richard Coyle Creative Director Kenji Furutani Editor-in-Chief Saul Goode Senior V.P., Operations Cindy Galindo Contributing Writers Paul Darbro, Rob Mulligan, Gary Riddle, Maximilian Sterling Contributing Photographers Phil Cruz, Leah Moriyama, Mike Nguyen

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Special Thanks Martin Ortiz, Ryan Guthrie, Tony Puankosoom, Alison Nicole, Noel Martinez, Andy Ittawa, Jesus Evangelista and all of our advertisers and supporters. Tokewell Magazine is published bi-monthly by fr3shLAb creative group, llc. Tokewell Magazine does not condone the illegal use or obtainment of cannabis. All content within this magazine is copyright protected and may not be reproduced in part or in whole without explicit written consent from the publisher. Tokewell Magazine is strictly for entertainment purposes only, and is not to be held liable for any misleading or inaccurate material produced herein. Š2014 Fr3shlab Creative Group LLC. All Rights Reserved. fr3shlab creative group, llc po box 444 alhambra, ca 91802 tokewell tokewell

Within both of these paradigms, we have come to a point where good ol’ home innovation and inventiveness is meeting real world design and production. The black markets have exploded upon the legitimate business world to the tune of billions of dollars. Regulation and legislation that we have fought long and hard for, are finally coming to fruition. Yet, this is only the beginning...We as a community must remain vigilant and ensure that these fledgling industries continue on the correct path on our way to freedom, health and wellness. We must monitor ourselves as well as our compatriots because we are living on the bleeding edge. There are no established experts but ourselves and as we carry our torches into the darkness, we must keep in mind that we are paving the way for all those who follow. Information is our most valuable weapon and our most precious ally. With this in mind, I invite you to join us on a journey of discovery and enlightenment leading to victory and liberty.

First off, we’d like to thank all of our supporters for the positive feedback from our debut issue, and let you know that we recognize and honor the genuine embrace we have received from both the Vape and MMJ communities. We appreciate it, and can assure you that this is just the beginning of something grand. Our movement is truly a lifestyle movement, as we did not set out to establish ourselves as just a Vape or MMJ magazine. We are a lifestyle publication committed to providing you with the best content in both industries through our pens and lenses, as well as the surrounding issues and inspirational stories.


Welcome to the Tokewell Magazine. We strive to bring you to the cutting edge of technology, design, lifestyle, and culture for both MMJ and Vapor.

Right now, the Vape industry is at a crossroads. We have struggled and banded together under big tobacco opposition and proposed FDA regulations and guess what? Those are just speed bumps and they will not stop this movement! We are too strong and living proof that there is truly strength in numbers. That said, we must recognize that now is an opportune time for us to really make an impact and guide the Vape industry, as it continues to ascend into a mainstream level. Remember, we are brand ambassadors for both the Vape and MMJ industries. Whether we Vape e-liquid or concentrates, please do so at your own intelligent discretion. We are all under a microscope and open to public scrutiny, and we have to keep in mind that 95% of the general population has never been to a Vape shop or collective. How many times have you had to explain to a family or friend what vaping is? Our job is to promote and educate by bringing our respective industries into a positive light. Remember, not all of us chase clouds or are stuck in our couches with a case of the munchies. There’s work to be done.


Stack Paper, Catch Vapors. Saul Goode Editor-in-Chief

issue 02 november/december 2014


intro to vaping vapelife




he definition of a life changing moment is altering a person’s life or circumstances in a substantial way. For many people, including myself this happened when we were introduced to electronic cigarettes. Unfortunately when I made the commitment to start vaping there was not a whole lot of information. I had to gamble, hope for the best, and learn from my mistakes. I even was made fun of by people whom now vape. Now a person interested in vaping is overwhelmed with the amount of information on the internet, good and bad interactions with novice or experienced vapors, including misinformation from the media. I just recommend to take a deep breath, and know it’s not as complicated as it

Are you a cigarette smoker? If so, what do you smoke and how many cigarettes do you smoke a day? This will help me figure out how much money they can invest by showing them the cost benefit of switching to vaping as an alternative to smoking. Example: if a person smokes a pack a day at an average of $5.50 a pack they are spending an average of $165 a month and $1980 a year. This question will often help someone see that the benefit of investing more money into a quality vaping setup. The other reason for this question is to see what milligram level of nicotine to recommend. I will recommend a higher nicotine level to a heavy smoker, a lower nicotine level to casual smoker, or no nicotine to an ex smoker.

seems. Luckily as vapers we are a commuity, we stand together and will help out in anyway we can. From my personal experience helping many people transition or take the plunge into electronic cigarettes I encounter the same questions every time. With so many methods, devices, juices, and accessories it’s very frustrating for people to make the right choice for themselves. With the right advice a person can truly enjoy vaping, become part of a wonderful community, and pass on their knowledge to others. I always say “You taught yourself how to smoke, you have to teach yourself how to vape”. To help me figure out what method or setup is best for a new vaper as well as create the best experience for them I ask these questions.

Are you looking for the best taste or performance? Or an easy to use set up that requires very little maintenance? This question is very important, finding the right ecigarette can make or break a persons commitment to stick with vaping or to simply enjoy vaping. I stepped up from V2 cigalikes, to a ego style kit, to a buzz pro with punched cartomizers with a tank, to a Chi You with an Ithaca, to a DNA box mod with a Kayfun Lite. All have their pro’s and con’s, which should be explained in detail. In my experience people have the best luck starting with an affordable ego style kit with clearomizers, then move their way up to a tube or regulated mod with a rebuildable atomizer. Many people jump the gun when it comes to their first device, think simplicity at first then performance.

Vaping for me is now a way of life, my vape goes with me everywhere, I love and look forward to the innovation of new devices as well as juices. For me it was the only thing that made me quit smoking, which is priceless. I now have friends around the world simply for the fact we vape, I promise the vape community is a beautiful one. Just

6 tokewell magazine

What flavors do you think you would enjoy? Everyone’s pallet is different, luckily with so many great juice companies come a plethora of flavor choices. Common flavor profiles include desserts, tobacco, menthol’s, coffee, fruits, and beverages. I always recommend going to your local vape shop and sit down at their tasting bar. Try anything and everything, you will be surprised at what flavor you may fall in love with. My recommendation when purchasing any juice is to ask if it’s made in a clean environment? Is it tested? Does it come with a child proof cap? Does it come with a shrink band? Look if the label has all the right warning information as well. You wouldn’t go to a restaurant with an F rating so why would you use a juice that may be made in one.

remember to truly enjoy vaping, you have to learn, experiment, and find the right device for you. It’s easy to become overwhelmed, but believe me it’s worth it as a smoking alternative. Who knows, you may become a hobbyist entering cloud competitions, or just enjoying a fresh wrap with Japanese cotton at the end of the day before you know it.

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issue 02 november/december 2014






RaceCar B E C A U S E

We here at Tokewell Magazine have a racecar. Our pilot and engineer is none other than the legendary RicheWerks of the SoCal street scene. He’s made his name smashing down the streets of Los Angeles burning the midnight oil. Don’t know who he is? Ask any street racing OG or search for him on YouTube using ‘RicheWerks’ as your keyword. He’s honed his skills on the streets and brought them to a pro-circuit level nationwide, to the point in which Nat Geo took notice and filmed a documentary at his garage 5150 Racing. Meet legendary street and pro-circuit racer RicheWerks.

issue 02 november/december 2014


How long have you been street racing for? Since 2002, so 12 years now. Do you still run the streets? I don’t go out to the streets unless it’s for money. Is the culture running the streets much different versus the track? The streets are more intense with the cash and dealing with different personas. At the track, it’s more organized and official. Does social media play an role in your business? My business is made from my name and rep on

10 tokewell magazine

the streets. Social media has added an entirely new platform to communicate and set up races instantly. Does cannabis inhibit your performance? Cannabis is something I use to relax at the end of the day. I’ve raced high and I wouldn’t recommend it. You need to focus yourself and all your energy on the task at hand. Your life depends on it. What do think of the technology of cannabis nowadays? I’m an old school flower bud type of guy. I dabbed once and it laid me out (laughs).

issue 02 november/december 2014


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QK High Roller Sweets Complex flavors packaged in a glass dice container shrouded by real shredded government notes? Who does that?! High Roller Sweets does. All you have to do now is roll a natural 11 on your parlay. Available at high end retailers and

14 tokewell magazine

issue 02 november/december 2014


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OG Sacred by OG Republic Constructed of 100% copper, the weight and single ďŹ re trigger makes no apologies when it comes down to business and clout. If your pockets run deep, you can also get the gold limited edition. Available at high end retailers and

O Shine

If you want to make a boss status statement, nothing will do the job better than rolling a tree with 24K papers if front of people. You can’t get any more Hollywood than that, right Miley? Available at high end retailers and

K Vapes of Spades

Imagine yourself at Hakkassan in Las Vegas and seeing other patrons vaping. You whip out your Vapes of Spades bottle and start dripping. Be prepared to fend off a bevy of gold diggers like Hugh Hefner. Available at and high end retailers.

issue 02 november/december 2014


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18 tokewell magazine





Phuncky Feel Tips Tired of burning the tips of your fingers? Look no further than this set of glass-blown tips by none other than Cypress Hill. Refine your medicating experience. Available at select retailers and Iris Looking for organic, gluten-free, kosher certified chocolates and gummies to medicate? Look no further. Iris offers chocolates and gummies in a variety of flavors in lab-tested Sativa, Indica and CBD offerings. Available in high end collectives and Stag Vapor Co. This has the smoothest hits for concentrates. For patients with iron lungs, Stag has a 30-second hit battery whereas other brands shut off after 10. Slim, discreet and versatile, it’s perfect for any occasion. Available at participating retailers and

issue 02 november/december 2014


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20 tokewell magazine


P The Stashbox

Creator Donny Sirivisut has changed the landscape of the mod industry with his DNA 30. Impeccable design mated with a gorgeous aluminum exterior, the DNA 30 has the swagger and elegance of a Ferrari 458 Italia. Available only at select retail outlets.


StingRay XTi b JD Tech This is one of those sought after mechanicals that doubles as a conversation and status piece. Constructed from titanium, copper and stainless steel, the build quality is second to none. Available in limited quantities (serialized). Available at select retailers and at


Shamrock by Celtic Mods As diehard Laker fans, we almost didn’t put this in simply for the name. But, you can’t deny the swag this mod has. Constructed of red copper, brass and silver plated copper pins, this mod was made to go to function and is 100% made in the USA. Available at select retailers and at

issue 02 november/december 2014


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Victory Liquid This brand was conceived with the vape connoisseur and automotive enthusiast in mind, meaning this is perfect gift for the race enthusiast in your life. Available at retailers and at


High Voltage This is must have for the action sports junkie in your life. Imagine an e-liquid with a perfect blend of energy and flavor with each toke. They even have a melatonin-infused liquid as well to help relax you. Available at retailers and

22 tokewell magazine


Villain Vapors If you haven’t heard of Villain by now, you’re stuck in the mustard and need to ketchup! They’re OG’s in the vape game and a must have for their unique palette and flavor profiles. Available at retailers and at

R Phillip Rocke Grand Reserve

Amazing earthy tones and employing culinary techniques only found in high-end restaurants. The process includes utilizing reclaimed brandy barrels and aging the liquid to perfection. The flavor is released once every 3 months available exclusively at


Vaping Monkey This juice is another one of our favorites simply for the varietal choices. Each juice is hand-crafted and loaded with flavor. This is definitely a need-to-get. Available exclusively at


L GoodFellas Vapors

Crow and Chemist For the artisan and purveyor in your family of all things fine, this is a must have for the distinguished vaper with a discerning palette. Available at retailers and

Created exclusively by world famous tattoo artist Steve Soto, this is his signature juice. Twist and Drip technology is a must have for the dripper. Available at fine retailers and at

R Holy Grail

One of our personal favorites and most flavorful brands partly because we’re all foodies and love to vape. With flavors like Blueberry Waffles and Cream Supreme, what more can you ask for? Available at retailers and at

issue 02 november/december 2014


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Vegas Bindery They are leather craftsmen that have some of the freshest holsters, binders and cases for any type of mod you have. The attention to detail and designs are second to none. Available at

24 tokewell magazine


Vaping Monkey The infamous Monkey Sak is a must have if you have a vaper in the family. The colorways are always fresh and a perfect complement to your outfit and swag. Available exclusively at


The Mad Carpenter Brandon Young aka The Mad Carpenter has come up with a fashionable and sustainable way to showcase and house your mods– out of wood. It makes for a perfect gift for that vape fanatic in your life. Available at participating retailers and


Drip Society Check out their Pyrex V-tips. They are transparent with a hint of color and are a perfect complement to your mod. Available at retailers and at

issue 02 november/december 2014


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26 tokewell magazine

Wick and Wire Whether you rock their ‘VAPE’ snapback or sport that ‘Been Dripping’ sweater in the winter, there’s no mistaking what life you live. You’re about that vapelife. Available at select retailers and at



Vaping Monkey Vaping Monkey is a brand that lets people know that you’ve opted for a smoke-free lifestyle. Vaping Monkey offers vibrant colorways from their snapbacks, hoodies and tees. Available exclusively at

Train of Thought Collective This is some of the freshest and exclusive streetwear for the discerning hip-hop head. With quotes and lyrics from legends like Biggie Smalls and A Tribe Called Quest, you can’t go wrong. Available at retailers and at

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A Chef of the People WORDS





ome people were just born to do what they do. Chef Roy Choi is one of those people. If you are an Angeleno, chances are you’ve met or seen Roy around L.A. at some point. The dude is out there. He lives and breathes the city’s culture and has made it his own personal mission to bring good food to the people. His book, L.A. Son: My Life, My City, My Food has become wildly popular and chronicles Roy’s journey into becoming one of the most influential chefs in the food industry today. A former Chef de Cuisine at the prestigious Beverly Hilton, Choi actually made a name for himself when he created Kogi – a food truck that roamed the streets of Los Angeles fusing Mexican and Korean cuisine. Many credit Roy’s Kogi truck to being one of the key sparks that ignited the food truck movement, but for Roy it was something deeper. “I wanted to bring good food to neighborhoods that just had fast food and liquor stores. We didn’t just serve Hollywood. I wanted people from all areas to be able enjoy something good to eat,” says the proud Choi. His restaurants, Chego!, Sunny Spot, A-Frame, and Pot all carry different cuisines and influences, and Choi has used his creativity to create a very unique identity for each one, giving them cult-like status among So Cal foodies. What many don’t know about the very talented Roy Choi is that he is a huge advocate and participant in cannabis culture, debunking the myth that stoners can’t be hard workers and positive influences on their comWould you say you’re a silently a symbol for successful stoners? No. I’m not silent, but I’m not showboating, either. The culture is sophisticated enough and people are smart enough to get my jokes. I think I take weed culture a step further to where I’m not doing the same clichéd things and if you’re really a pot smoker, you get the innuendos. There’s depth and character behind everything. Like the front of our menu, there’s a lady smoking a huge spliff. It’s comedic but it’s

munities. “Parents know that smoking weed is a huge part of the ethos behind what I do but they’re very proud of me and will introduce me to their kids as a role model,” Choi says. “That really trips me out. That’s deep. They’ll say, “My son or daughter really looks up to you, please take a picture with them.” With a Bachelor’s degree in philosophy and an open mind, Choi’s drive comes from a keen sense of wanting to bring about social change through everything he does, and that includes his love for cannabis. “My goal is to be very open about marijuana and stoner culture. In my life, I let it be a part of who I am, but I let people into it as well, to take way the negative stigmas associated with it. I’m running one of the biggest food companies on the West Coast, but I smoke weed every day. I’m just really laying that out there to show that one thing isn’t just exclusive to the other,” says the chef. His mission seems to be working, as even Hollywood has taken notice. Jon Favreau’s latest cult-classic film, “Chef” is loosely based on Choi’s career and he also served as a technical advisor for the film. “I’m older now, I don’t need to smoke weed to show off or be cool. I’m all about just taking away stereotypes, whether its food culture, Asian culture, Latino culture, Hip-Hop, culture, cannabis culture, or whatever. Just because you’re into one thing, it doesn’t define who you are. Can I talk openly about weed and smoke weed while running a successful business and provide jobs for over 400 people in my companies? Yes!

a real picture. We know somebody who went to Burma and snapped that. It’s real. Weed life and cooking. That’s me just having fun with everything while taking away stereotypes. How long have you been smoking pot for? I first smoked when I was 13. I stopped for a while since I wasn’t the most productive stoner. I always tripped on my homies who could spit bars while they were lit or cats doing windmills, draw-

ing shit and being creative. I was never that type of stoner. When I smoked, I was in a whole other place. I would literally smoke so much weed to the point where getting up to go to the mail was a chore. I would watch something spill and just think, should I get up and clean it? Did you ever have to stop smoking for a career opportunity? When I became a professional, I actually stopped for a long time because I had found a career in

issue 02 november/december 2014


32 tokewell magazine

being a chef at the Hilton Group. They randomly drug tested and all that. I’m not one to really cheat, and I never wanted to smoke and have to hide it. People fail to realize that stoners in general don’t want to hide the fact they smoke because they don’t feel that they’re doing anything illegal. When I grew up and the opportunity to provide for my family came from a place that was a no drug culture, I stopped smoking weed for about ten years. To me, it was just the next chapter of my life, but I did miss out on the evolution of this culture. Up until ’95, it was all skunk. We didn’t talk about strains or anything like that, and the technology has just evolved so much. It’s like I missed the legalization and now I’m back in this whole new world and its great! Do you feel like it’s more enjoyable since you took a break and came back into it? Yeah, I got back into it when Kogi began, it became like oxygen to me. I would dip out real quick, toke, and get back to work prepping, cooking, and running the streets. I knew I had a little more control. I could take a couple tokes and go back to work. For someone who was a compulsive smoker and used to smoke until I couldn’t anymore, the fact that the weed is stronger now is cool. In the beginning, it would hit me a lot faster but being older, I could still focus on the face that I had shit to do.

You were able to moderate using it more. Being able to control using marijuana as an adult has been instrumental. I enjoy it more now. I’m more of a connoisseur. I can enjoy it on a level where it works for me, and I can tap into a more creative level. Do you feel you use pot more as a tool to enhance your creativity? I think so. I use it to tap into places to find nuances that’ll make the food better, to make the experience better. I’ll come up with an idea and I’ll go smoke on it and let it marinate. It might be flavor, presentation, or even verbiage that I’m brainstorming on, but it’s great. I’ll work, and then smoke to relax and let the high take me where it wants me to go. I’ll reflect on what I’m thinking about and it’s just great. You really integrated your marijuana use into your whole process. What do you get out of it? I think more people should smoke or eat weed. It’s like dreaming. It takes you away from your frontal mind, and allows you to tap into other dimensions and other feelings. There’s other information out there in this universe. Whether through weed, yoga, or meditation you can tap into information beyond the cerebral. Through your spirit. Weed is one way to get there. It’s a beautiful way to get there.

issue 02 november/december 2014


Do you have any specific times where it has shown in your works? The proof is in the pudding. Look around. Take POT, for instance. Look at the whole restaurant. Look at the concept - the influence is there, from the detail to the graphics to the names and flavors. Those are all a result of me smoking. That project is organic and intuitive. Nothing’s forced, and it’s natural. Sunny Spot is another one of my favorites, out in Venice. My core concept was dancehall, Jamaican, reggae, Jah. I was just feeling the energy from those cultural aspects, and it was a concept I saw while dreaming and smoking. The designs and concepts were all based on my pure internal perception. I almost had second thoughts and bogged myself down with reasons why I shouldn’t have done it. I’m Korean, not Jamaican, after all, and all of a sudden - I’m second-guessing myself. The weed guided me in terms of creating it. You seem to draw on your diverse upbringing and cultural knowledge to bring things to fruition. Would you say that is one of your strengths as a businessman? Its one thing I do well with both cannabis and life. I seem to be able to blur the lines. Like POT for instance–there’s a lady on the cover of my menu smoking a spliff but its still can be a family restaurant. The imagery doesn’t depict anything about crime or negativity; I’m artistically sending a statement. I think Kogi is another good example of blending the genres.

34 tokewell magazine

It’s a fresh new way to connect with each other through food, and it can be what you need it to be as a family. It’s got respect from the homies down the street in LA to areas like Diamond Bar. I feel like when people see me smoke or talk about weed, something inside of them instinctively knows they can bring their kids inside this restaurant. Some people are just exploitative and not in a tasteful way. I don’t think people get that vibe or energy from me because I truly believe that weed brings people and families together. I’m a very family oriented person, but I don’t think shielding your kids from cannabis is something good. Given the success of your restaurants, have you gotten any negative backlash from your peers in the industry? No, and I think it stems from the fact that I don’t exploit it. It’s just naturally who I am. Anybody knows me knows that I wake up every morning to do my best to feed the city. They know that weed is something I bring along with me - it’s not taken out of context, if that makes sense. It’s just a part of my pantry like salt and pepper. [Getting mad at me for smoking] would be the equivalent of them getting mad at me for using basil or oregano. To me, it’s cool. The acceptance and positive energy Is like one more bridge to helping humans progress. How has your career influenced your mindset? Kitchen culture is very loose and non-judgmental. It’s a great cul-

36 tokewell magazine

ture. If you’re in the kitchen, in most cases, you’re not worried about fucking up your public image. The only reason you’re in the kitchen is because nothing else in the fucking world worked out for you. Word is bond on that one! So when you get there, you find camaraderie amongst similar people. There’s nothing to hide. At what point did you realize that you were successful? On the streets with Kogi was when I knew something had sparked, no doubt. I’m from L.A. so I know how things work out here so to feel the instant positive energy from the people was big. I knew it was different when we pulled up to rough neighborhoods and hundreds of people, including some of the homies were so appreciative we were there. It bonded people. That was moment I knew this changed. Since you have been a weed connoisseur for so long, what differences do you see now in terms of the way society views cannabis use? I think there is absolutely a larger acceptance and less of a social stigma with weed now. People are less worried about it. The openness has changed. Even edibles have changed things. Vape culture has changed. People aren’t just stoned now, they are more responsible and they’re just walking through life just a little tilted now. We’re definitely communicating better as people. A lot more ladies are smoking now. It’s brought a feminine

gangster touch to the culture. The ladies got their game tight - bongs, paper, vape, it’s just beautiful. I’d also say that Asian culture is definitely more heavily involved in the cannabis culture now. Back then, I was the only one out of my friends. You’re doing your part in this whole lifestyle, promoting positivity through weed and food. What drives you? I can’t front and be anything more than I am. I’m a chef. We’re a bunch of pirates back there in the ship. We’re reliable, we go to work and all we want to do is make you happy. That’s hospitality business. It’s the nature of who I am, so for me, I could never front. It would be wrong. I work a 14-hour shift, go home, relax, and smoke some weed. I do this is because I have become self-aware and realize I have a voice. Everybody here is working for me because they want to work with me. I can make this a very positive thing. What did you think when you were offered to host your own television series? It’s a digital series and I thought, “let’s roll!” It premiered on October 13, 2014, and some of my guests include Jon Favreau, Anthony Bourdain, Mike D, Tokimonsta & Dumbfounded aka Parker, Dilated Peoples, Sage Vaughn, and Michelle Phan. We’re also doing a special bonus episode with The Hundreds, Animal Restaurant, and Mariscos Jalisco.

issue 02 november/december 2014


38 tokewell magazine

As a culinary icon and visionary, where do you see the trends in gastronomic industry 2 years from now? Pot should be legal all around soon, so marijuana cuisine might be big. Otherwise, eating less meat and not veggies is inevitable. Do you think culinary cannabis will evolve to a respected craft versus a gimmick? I think that as it becomes legal, it will have a place just like alcohol in restaurants. In the pantheon of weed culture, there are some pretty iconic figures. Are there any who influence you or that you look up to? For me, I’ve been a fan of so many different iconic figures in the weed industry. Like Cheech Marin. Now, I’m a friend of Cheech! It’s crazy to meet these people, like Dilated Peoples, and Alchemist, and now were friends. To me they’re role model weed smokers. Creative, multifaceted, top of their game weed smokers who are very sharp and witty.


What do you want your legacy to be, when all is said and done? It’s not about wealth or success. I was always a dreamer when I was younger, and having people look up to me, I never would have imagined that. I love what I do and that’s all that matters.

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Skeleton Key Hidden deep within the bowels of Vatican City lays a centuries old device shrouded in secrecy which has the power and influence that could change an entire industry and world as we know it if revealed – The Skeleton Key. The word “key,” which is derived from the Old English word meaning “serving to open or explain,” has always had metaphorical connotations, as in a means to uncover ideas or emotions that are hidden or blocked. This secret has been preserved by some of the power notable and powerful secret-organizations like Masons past and present, Priory of Sion and The Knights Templar. The Skeleton Key is an artistic masterpiece coupled with unforeseen influence to revolutionize an industry and shake the core and foundation of that industry, as we know it. For centuries, this cryptic-like device has been shrouded in mystery and clandestine languages…until now. After being hidden for millennia, the Skeleton key has been discovered and released. Does this sound familiar? It should since

it was derived from Dan Brown’s novel, The DaVinci Code about the Holy Grail. The Skeleton Key mod is literally an artistic masterpiece and device which has changed the landscape of the vaping industry. In the vape-mod industry there are heavyweights like Skeleton Key and then there are clone-makers, “The successful mod makers tend to have a certain story or feel or characteristic to them,” says Skeleton Key. It almost seems sacrilegious to call the Skeleton Key a “mod” as evidenced by the build quality and rarity of the product. The Skeleton Key has a luxurious ambience and mystique, likening it to a Hermès Birkin bag or an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak timepiece. We sat down with the crew from Skeleton Key to discuss exclusivity, engineering, and how a 1 of 4 Gold Edition Skeleton Key sold for over $4,000.

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How did Skeleton Key come to fruition? We had no serious plan in the beginning. I was a steam engineer in a past life. I’ve been to vape shops and saw how they were charging $600 for a titanium tube. At that point, I felt like this was achievable. What happened after that? We all got together and asked ourselves, “What makes a mod? Is it the tube? Is it the material? Is it the threading?” The successful mod makers tend to have a certain story or feel or characteristic to them. There’s some kind of emotional reaction. Take for example the ChiYou. It was a strong brand at the time and had a certain voice to it and that’s why people want a mod. It’s artistic expression. We struggled with the brand and what we wanted from it. How did the name Skeleton Key come about? Here at Skeleton Key, we are all collectors of Skeleton Keys, or at least one of us is. The brand came from that. We thought it was appropriate and had a great meaning behind it. How did the concept of the mod materialize? We were “enlightened” on a golf course one day and we started to brainstorm about the brand and the idea and this mystical symbol that has an enlightening

quality. It’s a powerful symbol of choice that gives you access to everything. Dualism if you will. Hide things, unlock things and reveal things. Quality art tends to have a duality to it. You can look at it many different ways and makes you think. Now that you had a concept and direction, what happened next? With that sort of brand characteristic; we started to look for artists and turned down lots of them. We finally found an artist who understood the brand concept and ran with it and came up with something even we couldn’t have imagined. So, you had your concept and artist, how did you engineer the mod? We reverse engineered the whole

mod. No drawings. No schematics. We started ass-backwards, if you will, from logo to mechanics. It forces the mechanics to become part of your brand from our locking ring to the doors. For instance, the doors are symbolic of all doors being opened when you unlock it. The attention to detail is our paramount feature, from the tower windows to the gate. Your attention to detail and craftsmanship is second to none. We went from art to the mechanics. We went for certain sounds and feels for instance, a new key has a certain sound that resonates and we replicated that. We wanted to create a product where every inch of it is absolutely Skeleton Key.

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Were you surprised how fast Skeleton Key caught fire? We really didn’t know it would take off how it did. It grew organically. We made industry connections like Jan from CaliVapers, to name one off the top of my head. It almost seemed like people were accidentally helping us. There was very little resistance because once they see the mod, they got it right away. It just draws you in somehow. It’s in the key.

the person who has the Skeleton Key especially the story behind them. You can just go to our website at for updates.

You have this very interesting cult following. We never thought it was a mass market product. We thought it would appeal to the World of Warcraft nerdist collectors. Then, it had this whole mystical luxe vibe and people started taking about it. Believe it or not, people love it for different reasons. Some people here in the US love the functionality of the switch. For instance, our France collectors are more interested in the symbology and not so much the switch. They don’t give a fuck about the switch (laughs). The symbology is what really builds our community. You guys are one of the few companies that interacts with their client base. We are very delicate of how we respond to questions about the art. We never claim to be the artist – we liken ourselves to more of the museum curators if that makes sense. We let the art take itself into whatever direction it goes without guidance. If we intervened, it would have bit us in the ass.

We let the art take itself into whatever direction it goes without guidance. If we intervened, it would have bit us in the ass.

I heard there was riddle of sorts to get on your buyers list? (Laughs) We were probably the first to do this but, we created this riddle online and you had to solve it to get on the list to buy. What happened is they solved it in 30 seconds. What does it take for somebody to own a Skeleton Key? We make releases based upon availability and geographical location. We really are about

What is this I hear about a Gold Edition? The gold keys are created at random. We inlay them in gold and they are 1 out of a hundred. One person actually obtained one of four released and it sold for over $4,000.

What are your thoughts on the current cloning sensation? Well, it was inevitable but we got cloned not too long ago. It almost seems like the vape community has this pro-cloning culture. It’s bizarre and it’s only in this industry. Nobody in their right mind praises knock-off Louis and Rolexes and is proud to show off their fakes. What have you done to stop the cloning? There’s not much you can do in terms of brick and mortar stores selling cloned Skeleton Keys. What we can do is stop sale of cloned Skeleton Key’s being sold as authentic. Even Facebook has helped us in terms of people blatantly advertising Skeleton Key clones as real. We have patents and you show them the gold seal, it’s done. Anything you’d like to add? Don’t support thievery and do support authenticity, art and craftsmanship. Visit Skeleton Key at

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fotogasm E I T A N




Let us introduce you to Los Angeles’s hottest photographer–Fotogasm. If you’re not privy, check out his Instagram account. You’ll notice he’s amassed a following of over 476K. There are celebrities that don’t hit those type of numbers. If that’s not a testament to his popularity and the reach of social media, I don’t know what is. Fotogasm has been shooting for a little over 7 years. “My style of photography is formless without genre through my lens,” says Eitan while sipping on a strawberry concoction at a K-Town cafe. When asked about the countless models gracing his Instagram page,

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EITAN ‘FOTOGASM’ MISKEVICH Eitan says, “My dog Apollo is my best friend and most reliable model.” When asked about being “lifted” while shooting, he said, “My composition is the same but I do notice a lot more when I’m under the influence. I’m more intuitive and in an entirely different creative mindset.“ That said, Eitan has given Tokewell access to the opulent and Hollywood lifestyle many people dream of. Eitan has agreed to share some of his works to allow us to live vicariously through his lens. Enjoy.

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WORDS AND SNAPS MAXIMILLIAN STERLING A report out from Greenwave Advisors, testing, period. Patients are ingesting these forecasts that legal cannabis could po- edibles with the intent to medicate and tentially be an industry with revenues in need to be aware of what they eating. There upwards of $35 billion by 2020–if Medic- is a scary amount of edible manufacturinal Marijuana is legalized at the federal ers not doing their due diligence and putlevel. Now, let’s put that figure in perspec- ting out a product with little to no regard of the patient’s safety. tive: $35 billion equates Iris mentions, “They’re to more annual revepurchased from China nue than the National and spray medicine all Football League (which over them, so how can currently stands at $10 you control that?” Iris, billion to Roger Goodas an MMJ confectionell’s delight), and is right ary company, aims to there, ironically, with be the reputable, sterile, the current revenues for and lab-tested edibles the confectionary induscompany that your phytry (which stands at $34 sician would prescribe. billion). Regardless of This brand wasn’t dethe eventual legalization signed to be used as a path, we’re still looking recreational, feel-good, at a burgeoning industry and turnt-up edible, but that will generate a sigrather something you nificant number of jobs and tax revenue for our nation. That said, would give your grandmother for medicthere is an influx of MMJ edible companies inal purposes. Iris’s mission is to provide out there looking to cash in on this in in- the cleanest, most accurately potent and dustry. The edibles industry as a whole has best tasting edible in the MMJ industry, a bad rap, due to the negative “Wild West” bar none. Now, the big question is whethconnotations meaning there are no regula- er the federal government will continue to tions in terms of process and production. obstruct the growth of this industry, or opt “The patients don’t really know the dosag- to help regulate it sensibly. Regardless of es and they need direction and guidance,” what happens, we can be certain that Iris says Iris. They are absolutely right. There will be there at the forefront of the edibles needs to be mandatory and stringent lab MMJ industry.

You have a lot of fun, edible products out on the current marketplace. Unfortunately, the patients don’t really know the dosages of what they consume.

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Tell us about Iris’s mission. We wanted to create a brand that was medicinal. You have a lot of fun, edible products out on the current marketplace. Unfortunately, the patients don’t really know the dosages of what they consume. They need direction and guidance. You don’t know whether or not if you eat this chocolate that you’ll be sleepy, energetic, or stuck on the couch. So, we wanted to create a company that by the time this movement becomes federally legal, can be the premier company that stays. Why gummies? The reason behind the gummies is that a lot of the gummies currently on the market are not made from scratch. They’re purchased from China and sprayed with medicine all over them. There’s no way to control that. So, we decided to make the gummies from scratch so we can control the process and production to ensure a premium product, and utilize lab-testing to ensure proper dosages. We have three types of gummies; CBD, Indica and Sativa. CBD has zero psychoactive effect. Indica is mostly for nighttime consumption and Sativa is for daytime. What is the difference between Iris chocolates and other brands? We are one of the only companies to be considered bean-to-bar Chocolatiers. Most Chocolatiers are melters. What that means is that they would buy chocolate from the supermarket or a wholesaler and melt it down. Maybe they’d add cinnamon or strawberry flavoring and they would

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mold them. We literally roast the beans, grind them and make them into a liqueur, which convert to covertures then into the bars. That’s amazing. I had no clue this was being done in the chocolate industry. Yes. We only use two ingredients. We don’t use preservatives, additives, color gum or emulsifiers. Just cacao, sugar, milk powder and sometimes nuts. That is what sets us apart. We are bean to bar makers. Asidefrombeingorganicandbeanto-bar makers, are there any other advantages Iris has over other chocolatiers? Absolutely. We retain the acids in the chocolate called THC-A through our process. THC-A has many beneficial properties like anti-inflammatory, anti-spasm, inhibits cancer cell growth, we retain the THC-A through our process. That’s our advantage. Acid retention. Being directional. Our packaging and cleanliness (no additives). We are an organic and kosher certified gourmet chocolate. You make your own chocolates? We have cacao farms in Latin America. We are very transparent in terms of traceability. Besides, eating organic is better than consuming processed foods right?

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What’s the goal for Iris? To be known as the legitimate premier edibles for the medicinal cannabis industry. We are not the fun, cartoon, exploitative brand that you would see in a hip-hop video. We want to be legitimate medicinal application like pharmaceuticals. Where can we get our hands on Iris products? We are currently available at collectives in California and will look to license to other states. We’re also on the corner of Alvarado and Sunset–just kidding (laughs). I think it’s amazing that Iris is such a health-conscious brand. We are also launching a vegan sugar-free version of the chocolates as well as a water-infused line. Where do you see the edibles MMJ future? We will be eventually federally legal. Maybe not in 2016, because so many things need to be fixed first, but soon. It could be two or more years. There are lots of politics involved. It’s an industry that will generate revenue for the country and state, but it’s also an industry that will hurt the pharma industry as well. People still need to get paid and feed their families. That’s what it boils down to.

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ll too often growers have a problem in the garden and make a trip to the local hydro store asking, “What product will fix my problem?”. With instant gratification becoming more and more common, I get it, but let’s get garden priorities straight. Will a tropical plant grow well in the desert? No. Is there some product that will magically make a tropical plant flourish in the desert? Again, no. What is our biggest problem in this scenario? The environment! Your number one priority in your garden, above all else, first and foremost, is the environment. At the top of the list is temperature and humidity, but environment also includes light schedule, water schedule, water temperature, pH level, nutrient levels, co2 production (or air exchange), and air circulation. These are all factors that Mother Nature usually controls. If the environment is on point your plants will function as they are supposed to, then and only then, can you begin to properly diagnose issues or truly judge the difference that an additive/supplement has or has not made. At first, some may look at the list and wonder how a few of

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these conditions relate to the environment. Temperature and humidity are of course the easiest to understand. Every plant has a region or climate that it is native to, and those are the weather conditions it prefers.

Light schedule is going to pertain to what season a plant prefers to grow in. You are trying to duplicate the amount of light and dark hours that the plant normally receives during the season it prefers to grow/flower. This is what controls a plant’s internal clock


and tells it when to fruit/flower. The watering schedule and water temperature are more important than some think. Most plants prefer to be watered prior to the sun coming up or lights coming on. Water temperature is very crucial. Again, roots need oxygen. Water is able to hold the most oxygen at 68 degrees Fahrenheit. Warmer water holds less oxygen, and colder water shocks the roots. pH and nutrient levels are often ideal in nature due to the beneficial biology in the soil. pH levels will fluctuate according to the organic matter and biology in the soil, but will be within the absorbable range for the plant. Organic nutrients available in the soil will never burn because the plant can recognize what they are and only absorbs what it needs. When we are mixing our own nutrients, especially with hydroponics, it is very important to make sure that

the pH is correct and that the nutrient concentration is not too high or too low. When using mineral based nutrients, unlike with organics, the plant has no choice but to absorb it so too much can be devastating. Last but not least, there is a constant supply of CO2 outside, and the wind does a great job of circulating it. The wind also helps cool plants off and moves built up humidity out from between foliage. It is important for you to make sure your plants are able to have fresh CO2 constantly, and that you have good air circulation in your grow room. When you see problems arising, the first thing to check is your environment. Temperature and humidity are first and foremost, when they are off everything else will be with it. Keep your plants on the right light schedule, and avoid working during ‘lightsoff ’ with green light. Green light should be mostly for emergencies and necessary check-ups. Do not over-water. The most common problem is

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over-watering, which in actuality the problem is under-oxygenating but that’s another lesson. If there is moisture available to the plant, it does not need more. Make sure plants have a chance to use up the water available to them, this will stimulate roots to stretch and search for water giving you more growth. Plants absorb nutrients at different rates when pH changes, to optimize your nutrient uptake always make sure your pH is at an acceptable level. Air circulation is a must. A nice breeze should blow through your garden to remove built up heat and humidity. Last but not least, make sure you have good air exchange if you are not producing or supplementing CO2….they need to breathe! If environmental conditions are off, the plant can do a number of things that can blur your ability to read the plant properly. For example, humidity can cause moisture to be pulled out of a plant too quickly or not at all. This will domino into transpiration ceasing, which stops photosynthesis, subsequently stopping any and all growth. The inexperienced grower will make the trip to the store looking to buy some product that will increase growth, and will most likely leave with a vegetative fertilizer. This still will not fix the problem and the grower will still be scratching their head wondering what is wrong with their plants. An experienced hydro store clerk will always ask your environmental conditions first, to make sure they are getting you what

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you need. If you run through the environmental checklist you will know that it is your humidity levels and adjust accordingly. Your plants will go back to growing as they should and you won’t have spent your money on something that isn’t fixing the problem to begin with. And if there is a legitimate problem, you will now be able to accurately diagnose it and decide what nutrient or supplement would be best to help your plants. The most common thing that people try to fix with a bottle is “yellowing”. Most people will see some yellowing and come right in saying they need a nitrogen boost, or need to correct a calcium/magnesium deficiency. But now we have our new mode of thinking. Before running to the store, first ask yourself all the environmental questions. How is my temperature and humidity? Has my light schedule been interrupted? Have I been watering too much, or not getting enough oxygen to my roots? Are my pH levels out of range? Are my nutrient levels too high or too low? What some do not know is that in addition to lacking nutrients, watering too much, incorrect pH levels, and too much nutrients can also cause yellowing. Answering these questions first can possibly save you the money on a bottle that still would not have solved the problem. If your environment is dialed in and you are still having the problems, then we can talk about products that can help. Most base nutrients on the shelf these days have every-

thing you need and your plants will not be deficient, people are more likely to over-nutrient than under-nutrient. This also applies to supplements and boosters. All too often I hear people say that they didn’t notice any difference from a product. Remember, environment first and then the juice. Any and all additives will be most noticed and will work the best when the environment is dialed in. Two things to take from this. One, you can’t discredit ANY product until your environment is on point. Two, save your money for supplements and additives until your environment is on point. From now on think of environment first so that your plants can then utilize all the goodness that you are feeding them. Always remember how much environment can affect the functionality of a plant. Heat causes transpiration and more water use, high humidity can cause stomata to stay closed and not transpire at all, low humidity causes more water use, light schedules tell the plant what time of year it is, roots with too much water available to them will not reach for it, roots breath oxygen and foliage CO2 so make sure they both can breathe, and the list goes on. When your plant can function properly, it can then utilize nutrients to expand growth to its full potential. In the end, the garden with great environment and cheap/minimal nutrients will ALWAYS do better than the garden with great nutrients and a cheap/minimal environment.














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$10G/$30 1/8THS $60 FOR 2 1/8THS TOP SHELF FLOWERS

11503 BURBANK BLVD., NORTH HOLLYWOOD, CA 91601 818-762-2282 | 10AM-8PM EVERYDAY Only patients with legally recognized medical cannabis ID cards may obtain cannibas from meical cannabis collectives/dispenceries. In strict compliance with Prop. 215 and SB420 HS11362.5, HS11367.7

In Raw T H E



I first got introduced to juicing raw cannabis just over a half decade ago. Since then, I’ve learned so much more and want to share my experience with you. Numerous videos and articles, backed with years of research has supported this process and there are just too many health benefits to ignore. Aside from the medicinal qualities of juicing raw cannabis, you can also mix it with your fruit/vegetable juices. It’s the perfect addition to your current juicing regimen. It mixes well with any juicing recipe and is extremely versatile. You can add it to your blender/bullet to get all the fiber and extra nutrients or run it through your juicer and leave out the extras. Either route you opt for is perfect. My wife and I love the extra fiber and vitamins, so we use a blender. Starting your day with a mix of apples, banana, kale, spinach, ginger root, radish, carrots, lemon and cannabis plant feels invigorating. The combination of vitamins, minerals and fiber wakes you up while injecting an energy that lasts until about mid- afternoon. You’d be surprised how much punch these combinations give. The raw cannabis juice not only has more vitamin C and A than an apple or orange, but it also doesn’t get you “high”. As a result, you can ingest higher doses to gain more from the medicinal effects. Since raw cannabis is non-psychoactive and contains properties to aid, cure and prevent diseases, it’s perfect for everyone. Cannabinoids have been shown to possess antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective properties, making them a powerful dietary supplement. As Hippocrates once said “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” Here’s a few diseases juicing Cannabis has been known to keep in remission and/or cure: cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, multiple sclerosis, tourette syndrome, dementia, liver disease, hepatitis, lymphoma, interstitial cystitis and numerous autoimmune conditions as well as neurological conditions and so much more. That said, do some research and try some of your own recipes.

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To get started, here’s a basic recipe for 2 people: “All In” Recipe: – 2-3 large leaves of kale – A handful of spinach – A handful of raw cannabis leaf (You can either grow your own or contact local growers, dispensaries and sites like for more help) – 1 small radish – 1 small carrot – 1 large apple – 1 large orange – 1 banana – 1 stick of celery – 1 small chunk of ginger root You can also add in a small amount of spirulina for a extra antioxidant boost.. Adjust the amounts and size of veggies or fruits used to adjust the taste. Adding in a small kiwi or some strawberries can give you the natural sweet factor if you need. I personally love the earthy organic “all in” taste. It reminds me I’m healing my body with nature. Have fun and keep celebrating health! Video reference:

the assocation for the open vapor and e-liquid industry PRINT



innovative design solutions los angeles, california | 347.637.8015

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Nestled in the belly of Hollywood is a “must-go to” when it comes to authentic Thai food paired with hookah. Yes. You read correctly – a hookah lounge. June Poling - the owner of this Hollywood gem is the brainchild of this gastro-innovation. “I wanted to provide an all-inclusive environment for authentic Thai food, live music and of course , hookah”, says June. The cuisine is nothing short of amazing paying homage to June’s homeland – Thailand and I haven’t talked about the live band yet, which plays music from John Mayer and Bruno Mars to Sublime. The combination sets the tone of a cloud-filled jazz lounge and adds to that perfect ambiance. When I told June that her hookahs are the best I have ever had she said, “It’s a constant learning experience. It’s all in the details like making sure

nariya thai the hookah is airtight to the spacing between the foil and shisha to give the best hookah experience possible.“ In addition, they offer a variety of hookah bowls other than the ceramic type from oranges, watermelons and pineapples if you feel exotic. “There are lots of lounges that take shortcuts and use China-made hookahs. We use real Khalil Mamoon hookahs, Starbuzz and Al Fakher shisha. No shortcuts here. It’s all in the details”, says Poling when asked about what sets her apart from the rest of the hookah bars. That said, if you want to get away from the EDM clubs surrounding the area and good place to chill and eat amazing food, look no further. Order the deep fried chicken skins, combination fried rice and a tower (or two) of Singha Beer and enjoy. Nariya Thai 6099 Sunset Blvd., (2nd Floor) Los Angeles, 90028

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Howzit braddah? That’s a greeting as indigenous and authentic as a Shaka. If you’ve never had authentic Hawaiian cuisine, you need to take yourself to either of Shaka’s Monterey Park or Downtown Alhambra locations. First opened in 1995, co-owner Wilson blessed the SGV with his rendition of Ohana life. “We used to drive all the way out to Gardena to get plate lunches. We wanted to bring authentic Hawaiian flavors to the mainland and it seemed like a good idea, so we opened up our first location Monterey Park and 20 years later, we’re still going strong.” Their gastro-varietal menu includes specialties like their famous 442nd Combo plate (named after a famous WWII combat unit) to the more traditional Loco Moco’s and infamous Shave Ice just to name a few. “Being the recipient of an abundance of support from the local families and friends, we were able to bring our rendition of authentic Hawaiian culture to Southern California”, says Wilson. As evidenced with not an empty seat in the restaurant, I would say he’s definitely succeeded in blessing us Angelinos with Hawaii’s culture and cuisine. Mahalo.

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2300 S Garfield Ave., Ste D Monterey Park, 91754 (323) 888-2695 101 W Main St Alhambra, 91801 (626) 293-5520

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