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THANK YOU! The production team would like to thank the following for their support in making this show possible: Teina Moetara, Vernon Wybrow, Stefanie Lash, Peter Rowlands, Melanie Oliver, Natalie Marshall, Mark Strange, Pam Harris, Peter Whitehead, Penny Carnaby, Jacinta Paranihi, Jim Moriarty, Helen Pearce-Ortene, Murray Mexted, Jade Eriksen, Jane Keller, Jason Longstaff, Paul Tozer, Jon Hunter, Karena Letham, Priscilla Gough, Donna Jefferis, Bette Cosgrove, Tony Toufexis, Kate Robertson, Pam Hindmarsh, Charlotte Wilson, Keith Thorsen,
Dr. Brian Opie,
 Jim Traue,
Diane Woods,
Peter Ireland, Sara Knight, Lynette Tyrrell, Donal Raethel, Fiona Clark, Anna Tiaki, Rejieli Loon, Heidi Kuglin, Katherine C’Ailceta, Wireless Warehouse, Capital Scaffolding, David Colquhoun, Jonathan Newport, Ria Simmons, Andrew Paterson, Phil Gregory, Hinerongonui Kingi, Charlotte Stretton, Bella Tarawhiti, Grouse Lighting, Single File Café, Mohammed Faizal. Photography Publicity Front of House Box Office:

in collaboration with Archives New Zealand and The National Library of New Zealand

Philip Merry Charlotte Wilson & Sanna Lounasto Bette Cosgrove Priscilla Gough & Te Whaea staff

Disclaimer: All constructs and opinions presented in this production are based solely on individual research and the creative processes of the students involved from Toi Whakaari: New Zealand Drama School. They do not reflect the opinion of the Department of Internal Affairs, Archives New Zealand or The National Library of New Zealand.

COMING UP AT TOI WHAKAARI Toi Musical Theatre: Assassins Music & Lyrics by STEPHEN SONDHEIM Book by JOHN WEIDMAN


ASSASSINS is based on an idea by Charles Gilbert, Jr. Playwrights Horizons, Inc. – New York City produced ASSASSINS Off-Broadway in 1990 by arrangement with Hal Leonard Australia Pty Ltd Exclusive agent for Music Theatre International (NY)

Tue 7 – Sat 11 August Directed by Jonathon Hendry Musical Direction by Mark Dorrell

This is the American Dream turned upside-down. Opening in a fairground shooting gallery and culminating in the Texas School Book Depository, November 22, 1963, we are confronted with a cast of assassins from different periods in history, all with the one aim – killing the president. Winner of multiple Tony and Drama Desk Awards and one of Sondheim’s most intriguing and political works, featuring as Musical Director a long-time Sondheim colleague and veteran of the first London season.

Our Country’s Good by Timberlake Wertenbaker Thu 16 – Sat 25 August Directed by Geoffrey Hyland

Australia 1789. One year after the First Fleet arrived in Botany Bay— eleven ships with a motley collection of convicts, marines, governors and crew that established the first penal colony in Australia. Conditions are grim and a young married lieutenant is directing rehearsals of the first play ever to be staged there. Winner of the Laurence Olivier Play of the Year Award in 1988, Our Country’s Good is based on actual journals of the time, and deals with love, barbarity and the power of theatre as a humanising force.


Archives New Zealand 10 Mulgrave Street Thorndon, Wellington

Thu 7 – Wed 13 June 2012

DIRECTORS’ NOTES aki on its own has no real meaning. It is generally used with other words to give them strength. Within this we have particularly explored qualities of kaitiakitanga – guardianship and manaaki - power of holding others. It is these qualities that are central to the work of staff at Archives New Zealand and The National Library of New Zealand and pivotal to training artists at Toi Whakaari: New Zealand Drama School. The richness of the collections within Archives New Zealand and The National Library of New Zealand is astounding although the spaces can at times read as austere. We wanted to heighten the moments of human encounter in such spaces. Moments real, abstracted and imagined. This involved an interesting exploration of form and the movement and role of audience. The purpose of this investigation is to orient the students to cross-disciplinary collaboration and to the function of character, story, composition, choreography and audience relationship in the theatrical art form. The text they work from is the text of site, collection, dynamic and the make up of their given collaboration. Thank you to the staff of Archives New Zealand and The National Library of New Zealand for sharing your time and stories with us and to Archives New Zealand for sharing your space. Directors: Heather Timms and Penny Fitt Project Originators: Peter Rowlands, Teina Moetara, Jade Eriksen and Heather Timms Applied Skills Secondment: Year 3 Actors – Andrew Paterson and Ria Simmons

THE PRODUCTION TEAM As a production team, we've been working to develop strong communication and collaboration through the process of devising. We focused on implementing structures that can effectively support work but not restrict the development of it. This has required creative problem solving in a technically limiting space as well as holding the relationships we are building with Archives New Zealand and The National Library of New Zealand. Production Manager: Sophie Dowson Stage Manager: Alexander Borgers Technical Design Co-ordinators: Hugh Tucker and Elliott Harris

Unlikely Neighbours This piece explores the world of collecting, storing and cataloguing of artefacts that live within the Archives and National Library. We have worked to bring to life six unlikely neighbours in a space that may seem foreign but is connected to each one of them. Through this process we have investigated the relationship between the catalogues and the artefacts that they describe, and how these two worlds exist in one space. We explore the creation and development of character through working with task and object and also by using choreographed movement. Designer: Robert Edwards Actors: Philip Anstis, Jack Buchanan, Greta Gregory, Aaron McGregor, Brynley Stent and Zoe Towers The Field Hospital Using the medical metaphor of ‘triage’ gifted to us by conservator Mark Strange, we explore the delicate internal world of photographic conservation. The alchemy and technical artistry involved in the process of caring for these physical artefacts allows us, as New Zealanders, to have direct connection to the people of our past. We have been working consciously with figuring out what it means to be the lens by which the world is seen. How can we as artists mediate what needs to be understood and reveal the balance between relevance, conservation, care and public interest while the collections are in a state of transition? Designers: Matt Fannin and Harriet Denby Actors: Taylor Hall, Frith Horan and Greer Phillips Politix The Treaty of Waitangi is currently in a paralysed state. It is housed at Archives New Zealand, but there is discussion and debate behind its possible relocation to The National Library of New Zealand, and what it means to display the Treaty of Waitangi in its new environment. How do we make one of the most important documents in New Zealand accessible to the public and make it relevant to New Zealanders today, whilst conserving and preserving it? Through investigation of the documents of nationhood, we have explored the realities that underlie the conflicts of opinion that surround these documents and the difficulty that we have as New Zealanders when we are prompted to have an opinion on the past and the future of our country. We have worked across theatrical forms to reveal the anxieties associated with these documents. Designers: Hannah McDougall and Oliver Morse Actors: Taylor Barrett, Susan Berry, Reuben Butler, Tom Knowles and Timote Mapuhola Voices in Polyphony We are exploring the sea of voices that make up New Zealand history, present day and possible futures. How does the Library choose what to preserve and plan for what’s coming? Like the Library, we are asking how can we keep the integrity of the individual whilst showing the bigger picture of who we all are? We are attempting to explore these questions through musicality, rhythm and voice. Designers: Ivy Urquhart and Emma Nichols Actors: Felix Becroft, Keagan Fransch, Pereri King, Vaimoana Sinafoa and Lucy Suttor

AKI Programme  

Programme for the devised production AKI at the National Archives

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