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==== ==== Your wether, your way: great quality Electronic Weather Stations ==== ====

Wireless home weather stations offer the convenience of being able to monitor outdoor weather from the comfort of your home or office. Wireless home weather stations allow you to keep a gauge of the weather outside without the need of looking through TV and newspapers. Wireless home weather stations feature an outdoor sensor that transmits to a base located within your home. It comes with a variety of features that make it a precision weather instrument. The biggest advantage of this type of weather station is that it is completely digital, very easy to setup with no hassle of handling the wiring and connections. This weather station also includes an atomic weather clock that automatically updates to the national atomic clock in Boulder, CO. These home weather stations display the indoor temperature, indoor humidity, outdoor temperature, barometric pressure, moon phase, time and date all at one glance. It also displays the weather forecast for the next 12-20 hours and automatically sets its time and date to the US atomic clock. Last but not least, it features an advanced ice function to warn you of extremely cold weather. With all of these advanced features and a stylish contemporary hinged console, it comes at an affordable price. Buying a wireless home weather station is easy, as it is conveniently available at your nearest electronic and weather equipment shop. Also to save yourself from the hassle of going and buying one, you can also order it online through various weather equipments sites available on the Internet.

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==== ==== Your wether, your way: great quality Electronic Weather Stations ==== ====

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The WS2083’s easy set-up and comprehensive weather information makes it one of our most popular stations for commercial and home user.