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Investing in Our Future‌Endless Returns

Toigo Alumni Endowment 2012

To All Toigo Alumni: As Chair of the Alumni Endowment Board, I wish all you a very successful 2013 and thank you for your continued support to Toigo either through your contributions to the Endowment or direct contributions to the Foundation. Both vehicles of giving have immeasurable impact on the Foundation’s work to continue supporting the professional development needs of Toigo Alumni. Again, we thank you all! 2012 was a year of change in our industry and, for many alums, it presented both challenges and new opportunities. The Toigo organization has been there for all of us through career services, counseling, ToigoPRO job postings, support to our Alumni Investment Conference, the Gala, and business development support for those with entrepreneurial aspirations. The organization continues to evolve in concert with our needs and we are forever grateful for the role Toigo continues to play in our lives. Following is a recap of the Alumni Endowment Board’s activities and achievements - as well as an update on overall Alumni engagement with the Foundation. I encourage you to read through these matierals in their entirety. If you are interested in becoming involved with the Endowment by being considered for membership on the Board of Directors, please do not hesitate to contact me directly. Sincerely,

Jarrod Fong (Chicago ‘96) | Chair

Investing in Our Future...Endless Returns

CAREER SUPPORT TO ALUMNI Nearly 200 Alumni were provided career coaching in 2012 - an invaluable service that can be prohibitively expensive from outside sources, but is provided by the Foundation to Alumni at little to no cost to the individual. Why? To ensure that our professional aspirations remain on track and that trusted counsel and networks are provided to us to leverage the Toigo brand in advancing our careers.

BRIDGE TO BUSINESS 78 Alumni advanced their entrepreneurial visions in 2012 with confidence that a call to Toigo (day or night) would be invaluable in their efforts. Further, Toigo has been a stalwart advocate for diversity in our profession, facing fierce headwinds in 2012 while preserving the brand of the organization and the mission we stand for. Toigo has evolved beyond the limits of fellowship to become a true champion for change and impact and we should play our part.

“From offering invaluable connections to sharing timely words of encouragement, the team has always been supportive of my entrepreneurial efforts.” GROUNDBREAKERS WOMEN IN LEADERSHIP SUMMIT The 2012 Groundbreakers Women in Leadership Summit focused on the leadership agenda of women in business and not only hosted 250 attendees, but featured several Toigo Alumnae as speakers and panelists. Programming such as Groundbreakers is a tremendous opportunity to showcase the talents of our cohort and to take our place at the table on important topics impacting our success and advancement. We could not do this without an organization that remains resolute in its commitment to its Alumni and the promotion of our continued ascent.

“Communicating all this great organization does (for example with Groundbreakers for Alumnae) reminds us of Toigo's critical mission and need for support.”

“I love my job. And I landed this opportunity as a direct result of Toigo’s ability to seek out Fellows ensures long careers and successful placements. I am grateful for the Toigo leadership and I look forward to a strong successful future for myself and a continued relationship wih Toigo.” It’s for these and many other reasons that the Board of the Toigo Alumni Endowment and the RTFAA Office of the President are so committed keeping Alumni connected, informed, and supported. We have one of the most vibrant, powerful networks in the country that the Toigo Fellowship continues to fuel with passionate smart professionals. The legacy of our fellowship must continue for years to come so that our children and others may hold the distinction of “Toigo Fellow”.


The Board of the Alumni Endowment is very pleased with the progress we’ve made in 2012 to formalize our 501(c)3 and governance structure. The Board met several times in 2012 with a focus on bolstering the establishment of the separate 501(c)3, selecting an investment manager for the funds, ongoing review of revenue and expenses, and donor solicitation. We would like to acknowledge Chris Garrett (Columbia ‘96) - who stepped down in 2012 as Chair - for his tremendous leadership in carrying forward the board’s work through the transition of the fund. We also thank Dooyon Cho (MIT Sloan ‘07) for her service and wish her well as she transitions off the board. We were pleased to welcome Roland Merchant (Columbia ‘010) as the newly elected Vice Chair and Onay Payne (Harvard ‘03) and Tessie Shih (Harvard ‘11) as new members of the board. For a complete board listing, please click here. The process of formalizing our governance structure with specific roles and responsibilities and committee structure has allowed us to accomplish the following goals for the year:

Website Design & Information Portal To signify the Endowment’s independence as a separate 501(c)3, a new Alumni Endowment Website ( was launched to provide history and current information on the Fund - including a mechanism which allows those of you who are ready to participate to make an online pledge. We’re very proud of the efficient transition and establishment of the separate 501(c)3. We invite all Alumni to visit the site to learn more.

our goal is to raise another $500,000.” Investment of Funds As planned, all funds paid to the Endowment that were held by the Toigo Foundation from 2007 to 2011 were transferred to a separate account on February 28, 2012. Andrea Mack (UCLA ‘94), Investment Committee Chair, led the Committee through the evaluation of potential investment managers for the Fund. Our evaluation criteria required that we examine managers who not only offered a competitive fee structure, but who also shared our philosophy to preserve capital with a goal of thoughtful growth over time. The Board approved the selection of Fidelity as our investment manager and Bank of America for cash disbursements. We also established a merchant account with Bank of America to facilitate credit card transactions.

Toigo remained supportive and alert about great job opportunities in the market and made connections that positioned me as a top candidate. During this process, I met Toigo Alumni that decided to start my own company in the clean teach space.When the time comes, we will look at the high-caliber talent pool that Toigo has


The Alumni Endowment Fund was created to help fund activities for current fellows and alumni. The first campaign raised $500,000. As we embark on our second campaign, our goal is to raise another $500,000. In 2012, we secured hard pledges totaling $227,000; representing both returning Phase I donors and new Phase II donors for a total of 69 donors (click here for listing). The Board is engaged in active conversations with many of you to determine if this vehicle is appropriate for your support at this time. If not, we are encouraging your financial support to the Foundation’s annual campaign (click here). What’s the difference? ANNUAL GIVING


•100% Tax Deductible • Paid directly to Toigo • Unrestricted and immediately impacts Fellow and Alumni programming • No minimum or maximum contribution is required

•100% Tax Deductible • Payable to the Toigo Alumni Endowment (a separate 501(c)3) • Payable over 3 years (current campaign closes 12/31/15) • Contributions are pooled and invested according to the fund’s investment policy • Investment and disbursement . of funds (by way of grants to the Toigo Foundation) are governed by a Board of Directors comprised of Endowment donors • Minimum total pledge of $5K is required

If you are interested in making a pledge or contribution to the Alumni Endowment, please contact Vice Chair, Roland Merchant (Columbia ‘01) at or Onay Payne (Harvard ‘03) at

“Toigo has been a champion of my career success every step of the way. No one has helped me more to connect with mentors, prospective employers, or events that can help lead to career opportuni-


Cash Management

Aida Soto (UC Berkeley-Haas ’00) Finance Committee Chair, has taken hold of her duty to lead the Board in our quarterly review of revenue and expenses, and any requirements the fund may have regarding tax filing (Form 990) and compliance reporting. The Finance Committee also reviews any and all expenses as well as grant requests on an annual basis to ensure they conform to the Fund’s spending limits.


In 2012, the Fund awarded two grants – one which supported the Alumni Investment Conference and Alumni networking, and the second which supported payment of Fellowships. Since inception, the Fund has awarded the Foundation $80,000 in grants. The purpose of these grants is to support the ongoing payment of fellowships and programming deemed critical to strengthen the Toigo Alumni network and our continued professional development. As always, we welcome your comments and questions as well as your interest to serve on the Alumni Endowment Board in the future. If you are interested in serving on the Board, please contact Chair, Jarrod Fong (Chicago ‘96) at or by phone at (212) 648-2279.

Following the Financial Statements - read on for an important message on giving from the RTFAA Office of the President.

Financial Information Toigo Alumni Endowment Balance Sheet

December 31, 2012 ASSETS Current Assets Checking/Savings Fidelity Investments Bank of America Checking - Operations Pledge Receivable Contribution Receivable - Toigo

488,501 37,917 115,232 299

Fixed Assets Website Development


Total Assets



LIABILITIES & EQUITY Liabilities Current Liabilities Accounts Payable


Total Liabilities


Equity 641,091 0

Unrestricted Net Assets Temporarily Restricted Revenue Change in net assets


Total Equity


$ 641,091



Toigo Alumni Endowment

January 1, 2012 through December 31, 2012 INCOME Unrestricted Revenue Toigo Foundation Contributions Alumni Endowment Pledges & Contributions Dividends & Gain on Investments Interest Income Total Income

488,217 158,627 27,494 15 $


EXPENSE Administrative Services: 4,235 General Office Expenses Awards & Plaques 170 Bank Fees 238 Bank Merchant Fees 1,283 Donor Online Credit Card Fees 215 Online Professional Fees Online Annual Donor Communications 74 Accounting Services 6,825 Telephone: Conference Calls 1 Project Support: Program Grant: Alumni Conference Program Grant: MBA Fellowship Support

10,000 10,000

Total Expense






Investing in Our Future‌Endless Returns

TOIGO’S 2012 ANNUAL CAMPAIGN | STRENGTHENING ALUMNI GIVING In 2012, Toigo Alumni giving to the Foundation’s Annual Campaign totaled approximately $45,000. We are grateful to all those who contributed. Our goal for 2013 is to increase our giving to 100% participation - and gifts at every level are appreciated to help us meet this goal. Did you know that many prospective institutional donors examine Alumni giveback as a criteria for giving to Toigo? If we don’t give, we run the risk of impeding the Foundation’s fundraising progress elsewhere. If every Toigo Alum committed to making a weekly contribution of $10 starting February 11, 2013, we would collectively contribute $450,000 by year end. For the cost of a couple of cups of coffee, we could sustain the Fellowship program. School Carnegie Mellon, Tepper School of Business Chicago - Booth Clark Atlanta Columbia Business School Cornell Dartmouth -Tuck School of Business Duke - Fuqua Emory Goizueta Business School Harvard Business School Kellogg School of Mgmt at Northwestern MIT Sloan School of Management Notre Dame NYU Stern Rice Simon Rochester Stanford UC Berkeley/Haas UCLA Anderson School Michigan-Ross University of North Carolina Kenan-Flagler University of Texas/McCombs School of Business University of Virginia Darden School of Business USC Vanderbilt University/Owen Graduate School of Management Wharton Yale School of Management GRAND TOTALS

Total Alums Alums Giving Percentage Total Gifts 1 0 0% $ 55 4 7% $ 1,000 11 1 9% $ 300 146 8 5% $ 5,327 28 3 11% $ 4,250 31 1 3% $ 100 8 1 13% $ 500 4 0 0% $ 152 13 9% $ 23,008 59 2 3% $ 280 29 1 3% $ 175 2 0 0% $ 21 2 10% $ 340 1 1 100% $ 100 1 0 0% $ 86 4 5% $ 1,633 26 1 4% $ 450 45 5 11% $ 2,374 10 2 20% $ 137 2 0 0% $ 1 0 0% $ 14 4 29% $ 940 1 0 0% $ 1 0 0% $ 139 8 6% $ 3,809 7 1 14% $ 175 881 62 7% $ 44,898

GIVING IS EASY • Make a one-time contribution or schedule monthly/quarterly/annual contributions via the Toigo website. • Schedule weekly contributions of $10 or $25 (via PayPal) • Mobile giving - Text “TOIGO” to 56512 and follow the instructions you will receive via text.

Alumni Endowment 2012 Year End Donor Letter  

Year end mailer required for donors but shared with entire alumni population

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