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Chassis/ Hardware Fiat Chrysler for the high-strength, selftapping composite nut on the 2016 Chrysler PaciďŹ ca minivan. The composite nut has self-healing properties that allow it to maintain sufďŹ cient torque and clamp load even after being stripped. Estimated cost savings are around $3.25 per vehicle.

Automotive Innovation

Process/Assembly/ Enabling Technologies Fiat Chrysler for the integrated tyre carrier, rear camera and brake light assembly on the 2018 Jeep Wrangler. The hybrid composite technology uses magnesium injection moulding for higher


Safety Ford for the interlocking mechanism design for side impact on the 2019 Transit Connect van. The patentpending design, which prevents the fracturing or separating of components that could cause sharp edges, replaces the need for metal bracket reinforcements.

Materials Hyundai Motor Co for its use of EMI (electromagnetic interference) shielding compounds developed for high-voltage junction box upper covers on the 2019 Nexo SUV. The material, from Hanwa Compound, replaces conventional die-cast aluminum for reduced weight and manufacturing costs.

structural strength and reduced weight as well as polymer overmoulding for better impact and corrosion resistance. The new design also eliminates the need for a steel bracket.

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Southern African Polymer Technology