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News Blow up at Plastics|SA – Grant Crosby-Emery, Andrew Murray and Isabelle Brettenny of Plastics|SA are looking happy for a very good reason: Plastics|SA has bought three blow moulding machines for training in Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal and the Western Cape. Two Mega machines, MD-G series extrusion blow moulding machines built in China, were commissioned in Maitland and Westmead and one Ke Li SZC130/30 injection blow moulder double cavity was commissioned in Midrand. The machines were supplied by Cabletech Marketing. The machines are PLC-controlled, so learners on the PSA courses will now have the opportunity to begin their ‘journey’ into moulding technology and knowhow first-hand

Rebrand as ‘Polymer’ publication is aimed at improving service


Better search facility for locally made products, materials and services


FEB / MAR 2019


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OU may notice a small and subtle change with the publication this month: we have rebranded as Southern African POLYMER Technology.

The main reason for the change is that we wish to cover the wider polymer industry, from composites to tyres and more. It’s true that the bulk of interest remains with the plastics moulding sector, but there are reasons for the change besides: one being that people were confusing us with Plastics|SA and, while we get along very well with Anton Hanekom and the PSA team around the country, we are completely separate. As the umbrella organisation for the industry in South Africa, the name Plastics|SA identifies them most easily. (They rebranded after we started, several years after actually, but let’s not worry about that now.) We will also be changing our website to – which is easier to remember (we’ll let you know exactly when this will happen). By the way, we receive a lot of inquiries, most of which seem to be directed to our site by Google searchers: many of the inquirers seek locally made products, materials and services and we endeavor to assist each and every one. The process of building up our database to include info about products made or supplied by companies such as yours has taken over two decades and is on-going. Part of our plan thus involves upgrading the search option on our new website, so anyone looking for anything that is made or supplied in the South African polymer sector should be able to find what they seek here. The site is scheduled to go live end-February. Okay, besides that, let’s get back to business. Court decision on REDISA Some people will be surprised that the Supreme Court of Appeal found in favour of the tyre recycling venture REDISA

earlier this year. We report about this on page 8. Whatever your opinion is, we believe that industrial sectors should have the responsibility The roto moulded RotoVetti cavaletti structures for show jumping have and hence retain proved to be a revelation for both the right to manage the developer, material compounder the recycling or ACD RotoFlo of Johannesburg, as safe disposal of its well as the show jumping community product. The REDISA in South Africa, and maybe further model is different than afield. Cavalettis are small jumps, that of the industry’s originally made of wood, used for Buyisa-e-Bag, but any basic horse training – see page 32 repeat of that disaster – in which the manufacturers continue to pay the levy but derive nothing for it – must surely be unacceptable to us? Employers to meet union A delegation including some of the industry’s main employers was due to meet the management or office bearers of the National Union of Metal Workers in midFebruary to try to resolve the on-going strife with NUMSA. We hope common sense prevails and believe the NUMSA team may find the employers to be more reasonable than progress they have suggested. We hope will be made, as the stakes are high: we need development and improvement and momentum to succeed and remain competitive.

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2019/02/08 12:07

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