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Brian Sole of Sasol with Loutjie de Jongh of Mpact share a hilarious moment (it appears)

Solomon David in conversation with Ivan Horowitz of MBT

David Rule of PlastiColors, George Diliyannis of Safripol, Willi Meier of Bantex and Mayuri Naidoo of Mpact Polymers

Time for the plastics industry Imperative that plastics industry engage government, resume position as a critical role player in society

THE global plastics industry is having to contend with ongoing negative messages and mounting pressure to minimise the environmental impact of plastics packaging, according to outgoing Plastics/SA chairman, Bernhard Mahl, at the association’s AGM in November “There is a huge gap between industry telling the positive plastics story and the visible evidence of plastics ending their valuable life in the ocean. Plastics industry leaders believe that plastics play a role in helping save the environment, but it has little to zero impact on the growing sentiment to refuse or even ban single-use plastics,” said Bernhard. “It is time for the plastics industry to be more pro-active, to determine the public agenda, take part in public debates and form public opinion on plastics - as the material of the future,” he added. “For a long time plastics have been the scapegoat. It is imperative that we engage government and to resume 40 FEB / MAR 2019

our position as a critical role player in society and in the government space. I am not saying that it will be easy, but it will definitely be worth it!” Bernhard concluded. Every cloud has a silver lining Anton Hanekom, Plastics|SA’s executive director, acknowledged that some good has also come from the pressures and challenges the industry was forced to contend with this past year. “With the world’s negative focus on single use plastics and marine litter, Industry has been forced to be proactive and look at things differently, with Design for Recycling becoming an integral part of manufacturing. It has also resulted in more successful collaboration across the value chain as brand owners, retailers and governments seek new technologies to solve industry challenges and change behaviour as we collectively address the global marine litter,” Anton said.

SAPPMA expands its reach into Africa and the world Imperative that plastic pipes manufactured in SA for

OVER the past few years, the Southern African Plastic Pipe Manufacturers Association (SAPPMA) has slowly but surely been expanding its influence beyond South Africa’s borders as this voluntary, selfregulatory body continues to attract members who are also operating in neighbouring, subSaharan countries. According to Jan Venter, CEO of SAPPMA, both the association’s name and logo are being recognised as a guarantee of top quality HDPE and PVC pipes that are sold in Botswana, Namibia and Zimbabwe. The SAPPMA brand and mission are also being communicated into the rest of Africa and the Middle East thanks to Abu Dhabibased NSF International, who Classifieds Oct/Nov'18.indd 92

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provides independent, thirdparty testing and certification of plastic ingredients, materials, fittings and piping. Operating in a global village The world has truly become a global village. Borders and distances between countries are no longer a barrier to entry or to conducting business. For this reason, it is imperative for the plastic pipes that are being manufactured in South Africa (and are being exported to the rest of the continent, and perhaps even the world) to meet international standards of quality,” says Venter. Christian Kurdy, MD of NSF says: “More and more consumers are looking for safe and quality products. This has become the norm in the US and Western Europe and is

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