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The CVe Electronic Mould Monitor unit installed in a mould at the parting line

Wireless ‘in-the cloud’ real-time information can be accessed by you wherever you are, even across the world

Latest mould monitoring advancements from Progressive


FEB / MAR 2019

… make it far easier for you to check on the performance of your moulds SINCE its release in 2011, the CVe mould monitoring system from Progressive Components of the USA has been installed on thousands of moulds worldwide. Many companies have been confidently relying on information obtained in real time, enabling plant managers and mould owners to monitor and make decisions regarding their mould assets – whether they be in the factory next door or across the world. The CVe Monitor, an electronic mould monitoring device that is mounted to an injection mould, interfaces with CVe Live wireless devices relaying data to the cloud based CVe Live website, providing unprecedented visibility of a tooling fleet and ultimately ensuring production goals are being met from across the plant or around the world. Recent advancements of CVe Live v3 now feature: • Text alerts to designated recipients when a tool isn’t performing as expected; • ‘Mould Downtime’ and ‘Reject’ tracking give visibility to common issues and trends; • Work Order Tracking added to the existing Preventive Maintenance capability enables users to track and identify recurring issues in order to prevent future unscheduled maintenance; • Performance Tracking & History aggregates data by both the mould and the moulding machine, allowing users to schedule tools for machines they perform best in, thereby optimising production output; and • An expanded, on-board digital ‘filing cabinet’ provides

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the ability to store mould drawings, bills of material, and other non-CVe assets to the database so that relevant information is always available. “The CVe Monitor and CVe Live together provide an intuitive platform that has advanced the way the industry monitors and maintains its tools,” states Sujit Sheth, general manager at Progressive Components in Illinois, USA. “The latest features enable users to access more meaningful KPI and exception reports to use in the decisionmaking process, and provides OEM’s and multi-plant organizations the ability to view data for all or select plants in a single, comprehensive view.” • Progressive Components is represented in South Africa by Mould & Die Solutions. Varied reporting functionality means that mould data is readily accessible, and hence eaiser to gauge mould performance

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