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By Masakuni Oda /FUTABASHA Publishers


This title had the 2023 Japanese SF Award Grand Prize!

Masakuni Oda 小田 雅久仁

He was Born in 1974. His debut in 2009 with "Augmented School," which won the 21st Japan Fantasy Novel Award. "Zangetsuki" is his long-awaited third novel.

Japan, in the near future, falls under a notorious dictatorship. This book contains the title story that depicts the fate of a man infected by selenomania, an infectious disease that is turning the world upside down, and the unwavering love of a woman living quietly by his side, as well as two other works. The stories take place in a fictional world created by the author's immeasurable imagination based on the motif of the moon. One step into the world and you will be trapped in a whirlpool of imaginations—never returning to reality. Check out this long-awaited, new breakthrough!

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