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Lily and The Three Carabaos

A Goldilocks and The Three Bears Story from Guam Retold by Melissa Gentapanan

On the tropical island of Guam, there lived a curious little girl - Lila. Hafa Adai!

Everyone called her Lily. She loved to eat lemai chips, a local breadfruit snack that her mom would make whenever lemai was available. Her mother did not like Lily going off alone, especially into the jungles. However, Lily did not listen, and she set off to pick some lemai in the jungle.

In a small cozy hut, in the jungle, lived a family of carabaos. Tata was a great huge carabao. Nana was a medium size carabao. Neni was a small size carabao. They were about ready to eat a breakfast of chumpalado - chocolate rice porridge.

Tata Carabao had just slurped a tongue full of the steamy chumapalado. “Aiyaiyai, that is hot!” boomed Tata Carabao. “Ouch!” shrieked Neni Carabao. “Now, now,” said Nana Carabao, “We should collect the lemai that fell on the ground while this cools.” Therefore, off they trotted into the deep jungle. Lemai Breadruit

Mmmm, let’s get some lemai!

Lily came upon the hut a while later. Curiously, she snooped around

outside, peaked in

the knob to the front door.

It opened and she walked right in.

the window, and turned

On the table, she spotted three coconut bowls - big, medium, and small ones - filled with steamy chumpalado. Suddenly, she felt a rumble in her tummy reminding her that she had not eaten that morning. “Oh my, this is too hot!” cried Lily, after trying some from the biggest coconut bowl. “Yikes, this is too cold!” she said of the medium coconut bowl. Next, she tasted the chumaplado from the smallest coconut bowl. “Hmmm, this is just right!” she said. It was so yummy that she ate it all up.

Chumpalado - Chocolate Porridge

She left her mess in the kitchen and went to the living room. There she found three chairs - big, medium, and small ones. Lilly sat on the biggest one but got off quickly. “Hey, that is too hard,” she said. Next, she sat on the medium size one and sunk into it. “No way, that one is too soft,” she said. Then, she sat in the small chair and liked it enough to stay put. Crack! She suddenly found herself sitting on the floor. The chair had broken!

All that walking in the morning left her tired and sleepy. She continued to snoop around and found a bedroom with three beds - big, medium, and small ones. “Yes, nap time,” she said and hunkered on to the big bed. Suddenly, she jumped off finding it too tall at the head for her. “Let me try this one,” she declared and plopped into the medium bed. “Oh my, this one is too low at the head,” she said and rolled out. Then, she lay in the small bed and snuggled right into the comfortable bedcovers. “Ahh yes, this is one is just right,” she murmured and fell fast asleep.

Not long after, the family returned home. Right away, they noticed that someone had been in their house or could still be inside. “Someone has been in my chumpalado!” roared Tata Carabao. “Someone has been in my chumpalado !” shot Nana Carabao. “Someone has been in my chumpalado and has eaten it all up!” cried Neni Carabao.

The family soon discovered the mess in the living room. “Someone sat in my chair,” yelled Tata Carabao after finding the cushion upside down. “Someone sat in my chair!” uttered Nana Carabao. “Someone sat in my chair and has broken it!” cried Neni Carabao.

As they moved slowly towards their bedroom, the family wondered what they also might find. At first, everything seemed in place but, then, Tata Carabao spied his pillow on the floor. “Someone has lain in my bed,” grumbled Tata Carabao. Nana carabao found her bedcovers crumpled in a heap on the floor. “Someone has lain in my bed!” exclaimed Nana Carabao. “Someone laid in my bed and here she is!” screamed Neni Carabao.

zzzzzz zzzzz

At that moment, Lily’s eyes flew open. She was in shock at finding three angry carabaos staring hard at her. Like never before, she forgot her curiosity as she zoomed out of bed and zipped through the window. Her feet pounded the ground in a hurry with not even an ounce of a curious backward glance. Tata Carabo, Nana Carabao, and Neni Carabao never again saw Lily and that was just fine with them. The end.

Oh no, I’m out of here!

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Lily and the three carabaos a goldilocks and the three bears story from guam  

An island version of the famous fairy tale and fable.

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