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Guide to Replace a Damaged Mobile Phone Display If you are a smart phone user chances are that you have dropped your mobile phone at least once despite being careful not do to so. Damaged screen is a very common occurrence for all mobile phone users. Most Smartphone’s can survive minor bumps but a cracked screen can be a real worrying issue. It will not only spoil the feel and look of your mobile phone but can also affect the functionality of your phone. The great thing is that there are plenty of genuine mobile repair options available to help you replace a damaged mobile screen.

The first thing you should do after accidentally dropping your phone, instead of panicking, is to take a good look at it and access the extent of damage caused. If the damage is small and the mobile phone is working fine you don't have much to worry about. If the look isn't bothering you much and you are able to do all your work smoothly you can even

continue using it as it is. However, if you are dealing with heavily smashed display and cannot use your mobile phone, the next thing is to buy a new mobile phone. But an upgrade can cost you plenty of money and getting it repaired would be better option. You can also try repairing it yourself if you don't want to go through the hassle of getting it repaired at some service centre.

Fixing a damaged screen will save you lots of money but before you start it, you should understand that fixing a busted display is not as easy as it seems. Start by finding out what excatly is broken. Your mobile has two different layers that can potentially break. One is the top layer, also known as digitizer that sits above the screen and helps you perform various tasks by sensing the touch of your finger. The other one is the screen itself just below the glass layer. Both are prone to damage but the screen is more fragile and damaging it can render your mobile useless.

Depending on your phone and the damage caused, it would be advisable to buy both screen and digitizer. Even if only one part is broken you might end up damaging the other one in the process if this is the first time you are repairing it yourself. Some smart phones have both the screen and the digitizer glued together so being prepared is not a bad thing. You can easily get the damaged parts either online or with some local vendor; just make sure that it genuine and durable. The next thing is to disassemble your mobile phone and pursue with the

repair. You have to extra careful when disassembling your mobile phone as even the slightest mistake can end up completely destroying your mobile phone. Try working on a big and clean surface so that you don't lose the smaller parts in the process. Keep all the necessary equipment with you to avoid any mistake. You can also take help of some DIY tips available on YouTube. Since each mobile phone model is different getting some help is always good. Mobile phone repair is done exclusively at Togofogo.

Start by removing the cover and separate the motherboard from display. Now once you are inside the cable your job is protecting the ribbon cable from damaging. The ribbon cable is the part that connects the digitizer and the LCD to the phone's main board. After removing the connecting ribbons and tape lift the screen of your mobile phone and

insert the new screen. Reassemble it by following all the steps in reverse order and yet your mobile is all set. This may seem extremely easy but is a time taking process and requires a great deal of patience.

Once you know how to replace the damaged screen of your smart phone you can be confident about it just in case you accidentally drop your mobile phone in future. At Togofogo, you can fix the issues and sell your old mobile online. Taking some useful steps before proceeding is extremely important. For instance always take a backup of your mobile phone before you start fixing it so as not to lose all your important data. However, if instead of fixing it you have decided to go for an upgrade doesn’t just dump your old mobile phone. You can Even if it is of no use to you, you can sell it online and get some easy cash. Your old mobile phone still has its parts functioning which can be of great value.

Guide to Replace a Damaged Mobile Phone Display  

If you are looking for genuine mobile phone repair then Togofogo is the best place to get this service online. You can visit us now: https:/...

Guide to Replace a Damaged Mobile Phone Display  

If you are looking for genuine mobile phone repair then Togofogo is the best place to get this service online. You can visit us now: https:/...