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Run With Us Run with Together in Hope What’s your race goal this season? Completing a 5k, half or full marathon for the first time? Or just running to make a difference? Whatever your goal is, we invite you to take the Launch Charity Challenge. Learn how choosing Together in Hope as your Reason2Race Ž will support you in making your event goal a reality this year! We are looking for 20 runners to race the March 2, 2013 Woodlands 5K, Half or Full Marathon with us. We are asking each runner to raise a minimum of $2,000. The funds will be used to purchase the land for a medical/dental clinic and school for the Alta Miraflores squatter community in El Salvador where there is only one doctor for 30,000 people and hundreds of children are waiting for a chance to go to school. The funds will also support the work of our local community social worker and organizer who grew up in the community and is committed to helping bring change. Join our team and let racing for Together in Hope make a difference for you! Learn more and take the challenge: CLICK HERE

*All donations are tax deductible

Run with Together in Hope  

Together in Hope is running in the 2013 Woodlands Marathon to raise essential funds to purchase the land for a medical/dental clinic and sch...