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July, August, September 2012 Hello Together in Hope Friends, Wow, is it the end of September already? Is it just me or did the summer fly by? We had an extremely busy summer here at Together in Hope, applying for grants, updating our website and staying in touch with our wonderful supporters - YOU! Thank you to everyone for your ongoing support, time and commitment. The work we do would not be possible without YOU!

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We are delighted to present you with this fun-filled newsletter updating you on all things Together in Hope. Thank you so much for the support we received in response to our last newsletter. Thanks to all of you who have furthered inquired about our various programs. If you are interested in getting involved and finding out more about our work or volunteer opportunities, please email us at Are you social? We certainly are! There are so many ways you can stay connected with Together in Hope. You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+, if that’s not enough keep up to-date with us in our bi weekly blog ‘Stories of Hope’. With so many options to choose, you’ll know everything about Together in Hope and what we’re up to! We have a new sponsorship program for you to get involved in and hope many of you will support this program. Keeping reading to find out why! Thank you again for all your support, The Together in Hope Team

Story from my heart…

Int'l Literacy Day

Many people ask us about the adults and children we work with. They often ask the question ‘Do they know that we care about them?’ ‘Do they know we want to help them? Hear what Rose has to say, one of our young adults benefitting from the Together in Hope program, Strings of Hope. I’m Rosette Pagapulangan, I am a fourth year student, 22 years old. I came from a simple family, my father is working as a driver and my mother is a housewife. I have four siblings but unfortunately my brother died, he passed away last May, 2011. After I graduated in High school in March 2006, my parents told me that they cannot afford to send me in college. I cried and felt sad because all my classmates will continue to study and I am not. From that time I begin to ask myself why is this happening to me until I understand that there are things that are not easy to achieve. I was just a 16 year old that time so there is no company who will accept minors because that time I decided to look for a job and save so I can have money for my tuition fee until my aunt who has a store ask me if I am willing to work in her store and she will pay me 500 pesos($11) a week. I agreed and I work for almost 8months but I decided to stop because I cannot save money from that work because the salary is not enough for my daily needs. That time I stayed in our house and help my mother in doing household chores until one time a friend asked me if I am willing to work in his computer services shop and I said yes even if I do not know anything about computer that time. Since I don’t know anything in operating the computer he decided to put me in the cashier. My salary there is ranging 1,600 pesos ($37) a week and I am saving some for my tuition fee. After 2years I decided to stop and I want to study. I have 15,000 pesos ($350) that time and it is good for 1 year tuition fee. I used the money I have saved and even if my father is just a driver, he still help me. He is giving me allowance but sometimes it is not enough because there are so many things that I need to buy in our school like books, handout, projects etc. When I was in my first year of schooling I thought that I was not able to finish my studies because of the circumstances that I am experiencing but the Lord blessed me and still blessing me because He send an angel through the persons of Ptr. Diane and Laura. They are helping me to finish my studies by selling all the jewelries I made. I want to thank you guys, who are selling and buying our jewelries because by buying those products you are helping me to send in school and now I am about to finish my course. I hope that 1 day I can go there and personally express my gratitude to all of you guys. Thank you!! God Bless! -Rosette (Malis, the Philippines)

The 8th of September marked International literacy day. Almost 1 billion people worldwide are unable to read or write, with the majority of those living in the developing world. In the developing world the percentage of children who cannot read aged 6-11 is 45%. In the communities where TIH works, we are helping to ensure that there is education for all through our literacy programs, education programs, and tutorial programs.

Thank you to everyone who has reviewed TIH on Great Nonprofits, not only have we received enough reviews to qualify for the 2012 Health Awards, but were also a featured non-profit on their home page! For a small organization like us, this exposure is invaluable. Thank you to all of you who have taken the time to help us by writing reviews. If you would like to help us just click here, we need 10 more positive reviews by November 15th.

Vocational Training Sponsorship Program

Happy New Year On September 11th, Ethiopia celebrated its new year. Did you know Ethiopia uses a different calendar? They use the Coptic calendar meaning it is only 2005 in Ethiopia. We wish all our friends and children in Ethiopia a wonderful and prosperous new year.

Happy Birthday Happy 1st Birthday to our sister organization Youth Release, it is officially one year since the Youth Release youth center opened in Dire Dawa Ethiopia. There are 275 children that attend the different programs at the youth center. The center is offering outreach support programs to give the children access to schooling, health education, health support, educational support, and counseling services.

Our sister organization Youth Release has launched a new sponsorship program for the adolescents at the youth center. Meet the first graduate class. Over the last 18 months, these young women were trained in the skill of hairdressing. They will now be assisted in finding a secure job that will enable them to provide for their families through the income they will earn

Can you Sponsor a child for less than 80cents a day? Many children in Ethiopia don’t get the education they deserve, or future opportunities like our children get. For many the cycle of poverty is never broken. What if we could change that? What if for less than 80 cents a day, less than the cost of your morning coffee, we could break the cycle of poverty? There are 50 children aged 14-18 at the youth center who are awaiting sponsorship. Through the sponsorship program, these children will learn an invaluable skill such as hairdressing, carpentry, mechanics, hospitality and many more. Children enrolled in the sponsorship program will enjoy all the services offered by the organization including counseling, life skills training, and language support at the youth center. They will also have access to recreational and other programs offered at the youth center such as the drama and music group, sports and circus group. The sponsorship program includes the provision of education, food, shelter, health care and rehabilitation of the sponsored children to the community and building life skills of the children.

Levels of Sponsorship There are different types of sponsors. The Sponsorship period is for 18 months. The cost of a sponsorship is $300 for an 18 month sponsorship. 

Individual sponsors: these are individuals who are willing to sponsor a child for $300 for 18 months.

Group sponsors: Individuals can come together and sponsor a child.

Company sponsors: A company can sponsor a child.

Sponsors have two payment options: 

They can pay $25 a month or preferably pay $300 in one payment.

You can change a child’s life for less than the cost of a star bucks coffee. Sign up here through our sister organization Youth Release and we will send you information about your child and how to pay for your sponsorship, along with your tax deductible receipt.

El Salvador Many children from the La Rosa Blanca School have been given toothbrushes and toothpaste as gifts and also a workshop on personal hygiene. The first phase of the teacher training workshops has been completed. The teachers have been trained in the use of Word, Excel, Power Point and the basic use of Windows. The second phase will begin this fall with the focus being on applying what they have learned in actual classroom settings. Thank you to everyone who donated laptops, computer materials and sponsored this program.

We are at $77,000 towards our goal of $100,000 for the purchase of the land in El Salvador, for the new community center, school and medical clinic. Thank you to everyone who has contributed, if you would like to help us reach our goal click here

Together in Hope has entered into a project specific partnership with the Salvadoran Institute of Children and Adolescent Development. The partnership will provide educational resources to teachers to root them more deeply in the problems faced by students and their families, and how to better address them. Together in Hope and the Salvadoran Institute will offer a series of workshops to youth in Altos de Miraflores as well to develop youth leadership, especially geared to forming peer groups to work with kids at-risk in the community.

New Office We have just opened a new satellite office in Aspen.

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