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Annual Report 2015

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Green Vale Homes | Together Housing Group

Welcome In this report, we look at what we have achieved and showcase some of the great work which has been carried out within the Together Housing Group. The role of the Board is to set the strategic direction of the company, and ensure everything we do fits in with our business aims and objectives. We have worked with many of our tenants to make sure that this report is a fair and honest reflection of the services we provide. Each year we look at cost effective ways in which to showcase our achievements and this year, with the introduction of our online strategy ‘Digital Together’, we are pleased that our annual report group of residents selected the web based option. As part of the ‘Digital Together’ drive we have been working hard over the past year to create new websites and accompanying apps to make it easier to manage tenancies. I am delighted to report our positive developments. In the last year alone, over 600 new homes were built for sale and rent with a similar scale of build planned for 2015 to meet customer demand and aspirations. As part of the Planned Maintenance programme, £37.5 million was spent on investment to homes during 2014/15. We aim to provide great neighbourhoods and we invest heavily in our communities. This year has seen £971,115 of successful grant application funding work carried out by Newground within Together Housing Group communities.


Last year we invested in our financial inclusion services helping customers to better manage their money and make them aware of other agencies who can offer additional support with debts. Our Group Welfare Benefits Service provides advice and support to residents to help them claim the correct benefit and pension entitlement and pay their rent. The rent collection figure shows that the performance for 2014/15 is positive. We are helping to bridge the gap between our suppliers, contractors and partners who are looking to fill vacancies, and the young and unemployed living in our communities. Independent consultants have this year worked with staff and residents to conduct a group wide review of the service. In total, between April 2014 and March 2015, the consultants conducted a total of 14,662 interviews with tenants. To do this, they made 104,108 outward bound telephone calls. Our results compare very favourably with research they do for other housing associations, but we recognise there is more to do. We are proud of the achievements made and look forward to what the year ahead has in store.

Steve Close, Group Chief Executive

Annual Report 2015

Meet the Leadership Team (left to right) George Paterson, Group Director of Assets Michelle Allott, Group Director of Finance Kevin Ruth, Executive Director of Operations and Deputy Group Chief Executive Steve Close, Group Chief Executive Ian Clark, Group Director of Strategy and Communications Amanda Garrard, Group Director of Neighbourhoods Mark Dunford, Executive Director of Resources Stuart Henderson, Group Director of People and Organisational Development We are pleased to have achieved our key priorities as set out in last year’s report: We said we would:

a Build at least 410 new homes. a Develop local asset management plans to help inform the best use of our stock. a Deliver £1.5 million of investment in community initiatives via Newground Together. a Review the Group Procurement Strategy to ensure that it’s aligned with our value for money approach.


Strengthen our Performance Management Framework and ensure excellence in service delivery.

a Develop and enhance our existing tenant scrutiny arrangements.


Green Vale Homes | Together Housing Group

We are TOGETHER The Together Housing Group is made up of a group of companies, each run by a skilled voluntary board made up of tenants, council representatives and independent experts. We manage over 39,000 homes, affecting over 50,000 people’s lives and employing 1,500 staff over a huge geographical area in the North of England. All partners have charitable status registered in England and Wales with the Financial Services Authority (FSA) as Community Benefit Societies.

We also produce a Value For Money (VFM) Self Assessment which we provide to our regulator (Homes and Communities Agency) setting out how we are achieving VFM in delivering our vision and objectives and how we plan to do so in the future.


Number of social rented propeties owned (excluding shared ownership and Leasehold)





8968 12000

7960 8968










41019 12066 13220

7858 9004 3641 4275 4143

3197 4143


Chevin Green Vale

Housing Green Pendle Vale


Housing Pennine Housing Pendle 2000


Pennine Pennine Valley Twin Valley Overall Pennine Twin Housing Sheffield Homes Homes Total Sheffield 2000

Annual Report 2015

There is more to being a social landlord than just bricks, mortar and rent and the Group as a whole has three core values: • Performance

Our Vision for 2020 To offer customers consistently brilliant services, put social impact at the heart of what we do and be a great place to work.

• Growth • Social Impact

The size of the Group provides us with the right resources to make sure we have a positive impact in the areas we operate. We are committed to investing in our resources to grow the business, improving the products we offer and providing more services to more customers. Above all we are proud of the fact that we have a track record off delivering what we have promised.

Meet the Board Together Housing Group Chair - David Green

Heather Massie

Laurence Loft

Malcolm Harrison

Helen Lockwood

Alan Davies

Irene Heaney

Darren Wild

Jonathan Bemrose

John Kitchen

Geoff Butler

Green Vale Homes Chair - Berenice Leyland

Marilyn Procter

Heather Massie

Anne Kerry

Andrew Voss

Sheila Lynch

Ian Gregg

Rob Grigorjevs


Green Vale Homes | Together Housing Group

Managing Tenancies TOGETHER How we manage our properties and support our residents is very important to us especially in the light of the changes to welfare benefits. Last year we invested in our financial inclusion services helping customers to better manage their money and make them aware of other agencies who can offer additional support with debts.

Digital Together To improve our services to residents, we have been working hard over the past year to create new websites and accompanying apps to make it easier to manage tenancies. The new digital services will allow residents full access to their rent accounts, while having the ability to report repairs online with a minimum of fuss. The new sites are now live but work is on-going to increase our digital services to residents in the future.


Annual Report 2015

Welfare Benefits Service Our Group Welfare Benefits Service provides advice and support to residents to help them claim the correct benefit and pension entitlement and pay their rent. Across the group, 13 staff now provide specialist support and advice in this key area. Cases Opened: 4,940

Green Vale Homes

Twin Valley Homes

Housing Pendle















Let’s work it out, together

Need help with benefits or debt advice? Welfare Reform Postcard Green Vale.indd 1

15/07/2014 09:00:44


Green Vale Homes | Together Housing Group

Welfare Benefits Service The Welfare Benefit Officers have had a successful and challenging year advising and supporting customers, dealing with the welfare reform and the introduction of universal credit to many of our areas. Improvements have been made to the way the service is delivered, with good practice in case recording, management and case reviews being rolled out across the Group. Over £4.5 million has been awarded in additional benefits claimed by residents thanks to the support from this service, increasing rental income for the group and helping to sustain tenancies and communities.

A customer satisfaction survey relating to this service showed 98% satisfaction levels, with all stating the service had helped them pay their rent. We also have a dedicated Welfare Reform Working Group which meets on a regular basis. This group has been responsible for producing the information to help tenants prepare for the changes, as well as informing our staff through internal briefings. The table below shows the amount of additional benefit and grants claimed per association during the year:






£0.91m £1.0m £0.8m £0.6m £0.4m


£0.2m 0

Green Vale


Housing Pendle

Twin Valley Homes


Pennine Housing 2000

Annual Report 2015

Getting the money in The rent collection figure shows how well the companies have done in collecting rent over the year and the performance for 2014/15 is positive. Work will continue to provide as much help and support around ways to pay rent and provide help to manage and reduce debt.



Green Vale Homes

Housing Pendle

Pennine Calderdale

Pennine Sheffield

Twin Valley Homes











Rent collected (higher amount better)

Similar Landlords’ performance 99.5% Current arrears (Lower amount better)





Similar Landlords’ performance 3.03% Former tenants’ arrears (lower number better)





Similar Landlords’ performance 1.73% 9

Green Vale Homes | Together Housing Group

Creating safer communities Our ASB and Interventions Team now operate an integrated, Group-wide approach which helps us to be better equipped for tackling Anti-social behaviour in our neighbourhoods and to keep people safe. Residents, staff and partner agencies have worked together to develop new policies endorsed by the Chartered Institute of Housing and RESOLVE-ASB in recognition of good practice. We’ve also introduced a range of other initiatives to help us deal with and monitor ASB; these include:


• Improved performance resolving 98.2% of cases with an average case length below the 90 day agreed target. • A new database recording system • Strong links with Local Authority Partners have achieved a more prominent role in addressing safeguarding concerns for adults and children. • Successfully tackled ASB ‘hot spots’ throughout the group. • Pennine Housing shortlisted in the Keeping Communities Safe category in the UK Housing Awards 2015.

Annual Report 2015

Customer Service Centres Performance through the Customer Service Centres has steadily improved throughout 2014/15 with a reduction in call handling time from 144 seconds in April 2014 to 105 seconds in March 2015. As a result, the caller abandoned rate has reduced from 20.2% to 9.92%, achieving our target of below 10%. Customer satisfaction across the group has also improved over the year from a customer satisfaction index rating of 84.5% in the first quarter, rising steadily to 86.1% by the final quarter. 2015 is an exciting year for improving the way customers can access services with the launch of ‘Digital Together’. New websites and smartphone apps will mean that customers can access many services digitally 24/7.

The table below shows the results of customer feedback in relation to the number of calls answered and customer satisfaction with the service: Calls Answered

Satisfaction with the Customer Service Centres

THG Satisfaction Index



Twin Valley Homes



Housing Pendle



Green Vale Homes



Pennine Calderdale



Pennine Sheffield






Finding out what is important to customers helps plan our priorities for improvement actions. The three key areas which we will be focusing on are: • How quickly the call is answered. • The advisor being able to deal with wider variety of calls. • The advisor making it clear what is going to happen next.

Source: The Leadership Factor


Green Vale Homes | Together Housing Group

Complaints & Compliments Complaints are an invaluable way of finding out what is really important to people and also helps to show where we need to make improvements. The key to good complaint management is to make sure we are able to record, respond and above all learn effectively from this valuable feedback mechanism. Throughout 2015, a review of the complaints process involving both staff and customers has been progressing. The key rationale behind the review was to ensure that the Group not only meets the requirements of the regulator, but importantly meets the needs and expectations of its tenants and residents. The number of complaints has reduced last year from 1,845 down to 1,520 and those relating to repairs have also been decreasing.


Compliments The Group received 567 compliments compared to 503 during the previous year. As with complaints we learn from our compliments too, which helps us to identify and then reinforce the attributes that people like about our services. Many of the compliments identify people by name, showing that customer service is appreciated at a personal level. Comments included that staff and workmen were prompt, tidy, polite, friendly, respectful, courteous and helpful, demonstrating that these basic values are greatly appreciated.

Annual Report 2015

Customer Feedback - The Leadership Factor (TLF) It is important for us to get regular feedback from residents on the services we provide. This helps us to understand how they feel and track how well we are performing. The feedback is gathered by The Leadership Factor who are an independent research company. Between April 2014 and March 2015 they conducted 14,662 telephone interviews with residents from across the group. The results of the surveys tell us that whilst we get a lot right, there are some things we could be

doing better and they are helping us to prioritise which areas to work on first. For example, it is clear from what tenants tell us that communication is extremely important and we need to give clear and accurate information specifically about when work will be done. TLF tell us that our results compare very favourably with research they do for other housing associations, but we recognise there is more to do. The results of the surveys can be found in key sections of the report.

Equality and Diversity in action Across the Group, considerable work is undertaken to make sure all residents have an equally good experience of our services, and our policies are regularly reviewed so that we can be sure that no one is disadvantaged when using our services. During 2014/15 we reviewed our policies and strategies in a number of areas and assessed their impact on our communities. • Equality & Diversity Policy (2015-2018) • Child protection

Two further campaigns we supported during 2014/15 were Dementia awareness and the Zero Tolerance campaign on domestic abuse. Staff out and about in our communities have undergone safeguarding training which included the introduction of a new style reporting ‘cause for concern card’ to complete if they see something or someone they feel may need some help.

• Hate crime • Domestic abuse • Anti Social Behaviour We have maintained the ‘Positive About Disabled’ Two Tick Accolade and continued to support House Proud North West, which supports our Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual and Transgender residents and staff.


Green Vale Homes | Together Housing Group

Environmental Services We inspect all our estates on a regular basis and advertise well in advance when the walkabouts are due to take place so that residents can join in. This allows tenants to have a direct say on the condition of their area and have face to face contact with their Neighbourhood Officer and caretaking teams. Our grounds maintenance, caretaking and mobile response teams have been working together to harmonise working practices and equipment used in order to make sure we are providing a quality service. Thanks to involved residents from across the Group who have been helping create one common service standard for environmental services.


“We enjoyed visiting different areas and inspecting standards. It’s a worthwhile exercise and gives us a good picture of the level of service residents are getting.� Resident, Charles Fagg

Annual Report 2015

Working TOGETHER Our residents have an important role, not only in shaping the services we offer through a wide range of involvement opportunities, but also by helping to check the quality of the services we provide. This year an independent consultant worked with staff and residents to conduct a group wide review of the scrutiny service.

This established the best arrangements for residents to feed into and look at the decision making process at local, committee and board level. The new arrangements will ensure a joined up approach whilst still enabling scrutiny at a local level with an overarching coordination group setting plans for the coming year – a space to be watched.

Something for everyone! Resident Involvement is about how our residents influence and improve how we deliver services. It’s about us listening to our customers to help us understand which services are working well, and where we can improve. We focus on local priorities, with a groupwide approach so that we can all benefit and share good practice.

• Helped produce group wide Service Standards for Customer Services and we’ve seen a steady improvement in performance in terms of call answering speeds, queuing times and call abandoned rates. We’ve also seen a steady improvement in satisfaction levels.

Last year our involved residents... • Worked hard helping to choose kitchens, bathrooms, windows, doors and other components used in all improvement, new build and repair works. The new standards will help us to make significant savings whilst maintaining the quality of the components we use. Potential savings are estimated to be £1,000 per home refurbished. • Took a group approach to the procedure following decoration after refurbishment work. They changed the procedure and the level of allowance paid to residents effective from 1st April 2015. • Helped us decide who to give refurbishment, gardening, and cleaning contracts to. • Stared in our Annual Reports 2014 news bulletin. Producing the video and mailing a paper copy on request resulted in a saving of around £25,000.

Debbie Potter, Group Resident Involvement Coordinator explains tile quality choices.


Green Vale Homes | Together Housing Group

Local Grant success The Community Small Grants panel has provided funding in support of many local worthwhile causes. The panel provides the opportunity for communities to set their own priorities and make a real impact on their area. This year has seen 24 successful small grants awarded for local projects.

• Improvements to the garden area at the Veterans in Communities Centre (VIC) in Haslingden.

Over 1000 of volunteer hours involved in nearly 70 events, meetings, training sessions and other activities.

• Residents at Edgemoor Close, Shawforth (below) received a £1000 grant to improve their allotment which provides local home grown produce for sharing with the community.

• A screen and overhead projector installed in Underbank House communal room. Residents are using this for film night which is helping to tackle isolation within the community.

Garden Competition

In 2014 the competition received a full review from tenants to make sure it continued to be a success. Three tenants worked with staff to look at what was working and recommend changes and improvements. Over 100 tenants attended the presentation evening, along with the mayor of Rossendale, and all reported to have enjoyed the celebration.


Annual Report 2015

Thank you once again to all our involved residents and to our annual report group of residents for helping choose the design style and content for this year.

Key highlights from the year from a few our involved residents: Stan Wharton:

“We worked on a new group procedure around decoration after refurbishment work and the allowances paid. There were plenty of decisions made and everyone was encouraged to comment. The fact these changes will be implemented made me feel that we have made a real difference and that the view of residents do have a real impact.”

Susan Skinner:

“Being involved in the scrutiny review meant that we looked at the whole process and helped reshape it from start to finish. We were also able to prioritise which areas of the business we should look at and in which order. It was a very interesting and satisfying project to be involved in and I’m looking forward to the year ahead.”

Pat Cocker:

“I’ve enjoyed getting my teeth into the whole digital side of things and it has made me focus my interest, not only on getting online more myself, but also encouraging friends and neighbours to do so. The next digital chapter will be an exciting one for Together Housing Group and I’m proud to have been a part of it.”


Green Vale Homes | Together Housing Group


Communities TOGETHER As well as offering great homes, we also aim to provide great neighbourhoods and we invest heavily in our communities. This year has seen £971,115 of successful grant application funding work carried out by Newground within Together Housing Group communities. Newground Together, the charitable arm of our Group uses available funding to support a variety of different activities to benefit the lives of our residents and improve the communities they live in. It does this by: • The conservation, protection and improvement of the physical environment. • Urban and rural regeneration in areas of social and economic deprivation. • Creating new recreation and leisure facilities.


• Advancing the life chances of young people. • Education and training. The Newground companies comprise a registered charity, Newground Together, and a wholly owned subsidiary Newground (a Community Interest Company). Services are delivered through Newground and any profits made are reinvested back into the charity to support community projects, which further the charity’s objectives. Newground Together also receives substantial donations from the members of the Together Housing Group. Applicants with project ideas that meet Newground Together’s charitable objectives can apply to the charity’s grants programme. For more information please contact

your community is our business

Newground Together

Surplus donated back to the charity under gift aid

Commissioned projects

Sales from fundraising & trade


Newground CIC

Expenses of fundraising & trading

Annual Report 2015

Showcasing success

Thanks to successful funding applications through Newground Together we have been able to do some amazing things.

Raising our profile Newground won a gold medal at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show in the Fresh Garden category with their sculptural garden ‘Reachout’. Designed by John Everiss Design the sculpture showed the difficult journey many young people face and how their lives can be changed with the right guidance and support as offered by Newgrounds’ Reachout Service.

Offshoots Permaculture The garden has been in existence since 1997 when a small group of enthusiasts turned the garden from a derelict works department into a thriving permaculture site offering courses for local people. The project has been managed by Newground since 2002 and has grown into a community demonstration project encompassing eco-friendly buildings, alternative energy systems, training facilities, organic vegetable growing, apiary and bee breeding centre.

Watch this to find out more:


Green Vale Homes | Together Housing Group

Communities TOGETHER

Thanks to successful funding applications through Newground Together we have been able to do some amazing things within our local communities.

Active Rossendale Active Rossendale’s bike workshop on the Pennine Estate in Bacup is giving local people the skills and confidence they need to peddle their way to good health and fitness thanks to £16,000 of match funding received from Newground Together.

Wonderful Little Things

Staff and pupils from St. Mary’s Primary School in Rawtenstall, Lancashire, have embraced environmental education from an early age. Eco Club, ‘Wonderful Little Things’, included restoration of a school environmental area, a forest pre-school and follow up workshops.


Annual Report 2015

Shaping Futures TOGETHER

The Together Housing Group is a ‘people’ business and we invest as much into improving the lives of our residents as well as in our homes. This is why we work so hard in developing young people and giving them a great start to their working lives.

Job and apprentice training opportunities We are helping to bridge the gap between our suppliers, contractors and partners who are looking to fill vacancies, and the young and unemployed living in our communities. Our multi award-winning apprenticeship programme saw Together Housing Group named as one of the top 100 employers of apprentices in the UK. We are proud to have supported 33 apprenticeships through our Construction Academy with many securing employment upon completion of their apprenticeship The leadership team celebrated National Apprenticeship Week by shadowing the apprentices for a day and learning from the next generation of employees. Apprentice celebration video:


Green Vale Homes | Together Housing Group

Apprentice Highlights Our apprentice joiner, Brett Barlow, had an amazing year. He was named as the Youthbuild UK Young Builder of the Year 2014; then was selected for the British Amateur Rugby League Association for a tour of Canada, which we supported by providing some funding.

The Grow Project is aimed at helping 16-24 year olds who are not in education, employment or training. The eight week course, run by the Community Regeneration team, helps with job hunting, CV writing, interview skills and provides a two day work experience placement with a local employer. The scheme has already made a fabulous impact, with three young trainees going direct from the course into full time jobs.

“I like my work and I’m happy with the way things are going but I could never have turned my life around on my own.” Pictured above: Gareth O’Hara, Student of the Year


Gareth O’Hara has just completed a three year apprenticeship. Four years ago, Gareth had a drug problem and his life was falling apart. A neighbour referred him to supported housing at the our James Street project in Darwen, which helps people with low support needs, and this turned his life around. He was referred to the Grow Project where he was offered an apprenticeship in the repairs and maintenance team, and has just been named as ‘Student of the Year’ on his course.

Annual Report 2015

Performance Highlight Across the Group, one of the many achievements that unites all our partner landlords has been the success of the apprenticeship programme. Alison Clewes, Training Co-ordinator, won the Chartered Institute of Housing’s Mentor of the Year award in 2014/15, and a number of our apprentices received awards from our qualifications body, ‘Skillsbuild’.

Pictured: Alison Clews, Skills and Enterprise Co-ordinator (Twin Valley Homes)

Working with schools

Throughout the year we have worked in partnership with local schools and have had students enjoy placements across the Group, sampling working life in many of our offices and housing services. Many reported they had enjoyed the work and would now consider a career within the housing sector. Careers advice days and mock interview training took place in partnership with local schools and academies.


Green Vale Homes | Together Housing Group

Shaping Futures Together You’re hired!

Jana Jackman started at Green Vale Homes as a Business Administration apprentice and in April 2014 celebrated becoming a full time Income Assistant.

“I started my new role at the end of April and I’m really enjoying it and love being part of the team. I’m currently finishing my NVQ Level 3 and going on to do my Level 4 in October.”

Working with schools Outreach advice


Green Vale Homes staff joined partner agencies to provide a financial inclusion event over two days at Fearns Community Sports College. Over 400 children found out more about the services each agency provides and the skills surrounding budgeting and money management. ‘Services To A Neighbourhood’ is STAN, the mobile drop-in advice service supported by Newground and Green Vale Homes which offers advice on debt, welfare benefits, financial capability and much more. Travelling to various sites around Rossendale the team provide advice and information to residents at convenient locations.

Annual Report 2015

Social Impact

The following data relates to employment and enterprise activities within Together Housing Group in particular jobs created, apprenticeships supported, training and employability support delivered between 1st April 2014 and 31st March 2015. Social impact analysis aims to demonstrate we are meeting the needs of our customers with outcomes measured in financial values. The table shows that for every £1 we invest in someone through the activities shown £6.38 is returned in social impact.

What’s the activity?

Average person value / year £

No. of participants (+ages) Under 25


Total value

Pre Employment Courses





Apprenticeship Programme





Construction Training Programme Work Placements









Employment Support






Analysis of benefit Per £1 Invested

Social Impact –

Net benefit £

financial return Pre Employment Courses




Apprenticeship Programme




Construction Training Programme




Work Placements




Employment Support







2,930,263 25

Green Vale Homes | Together Housing Group

BuildingTOGETHER We are committed to providing new, stylish, energy efficient homes as well as providing quality planned improvements and refurbishments to our existing properties.

In the last year alone, over 600 new homes were built for sale and rent with a similar scale of build planned for 2015 to meet customer demand and aspirations. As part of the Planned Maintenance programme, ÂŁ37.5 million was spent on investment to homes during 2014/15.


Green vale

Harewood /Pendleton

Housing Pendle

Pennine housing

Twin valley







Due for completion


Annual Report 2015

We are especially proud of our three new build apartments for the over 55s.

• Potters Place, Foolow Avenue, Chesterfeld (55 apartments) opened early 2015.

During 2014 construction began for three new extra care schemes in Derbyshire. These superb developments are all twobedroom apartments and include a range of outstanding facilities, for people aged 55 and over, who have an assessed need for care and support. Attention to detail has been paid to the inclusive design elements within the apartments and the ‘hotel’ style of the communal decorations.

• Smithybrook View, Market Street, Clay Cross, Derbyshire (90 apartments) • Maple Mews, Cressy Road/Hall Street, Alfreton (52 apartments) The video link below takes you around some of our schemes and explains more about the care and support they provide.

Potters Place

Maple Mews Watch this video to find out more: 27

Green Vale Homes | Together Housing Group

Investing TOGETHER

We invested ÂŁ5.75 million on homes. The planned maintenance programme delivered the following in 2014/15 for Green Vale Customers

Work element


New Kitchens








New Doors


Whitewell Court

Whitewell Court, Haslingden is a 12-bedroom development for the over-55’s which has breathed new life into the centre of the town. This is the first development by the Rossendale Together Barnfield (RTB) Partnership that is helping to regenerate Rossendale, which includes the Rawtenstall Masterplan. Nine-year-old Waterfoot Primary School pupil, Emily Coong, designed the winning logo to bring the RTB Partnership to life.


Annual Report 2015

Planned Maintenance The Group invested £37.5 million into transparent, auditable and achieve better value our properties during 2014/15 and we for money. have implemented new software to better Following considerable consultation we have also manage stock investment. now implemented a new specification across the Asbestos management is being enhanced, with Group in April 2015, which we expect to deliver increased surveys and processes to improve cost savings as we harmonise our materials and and harmonise our control measures during the procure via the Re:Allies framework. investment process. The investment works programme is supporting We have harmonised our purchasing process the training of £11.3m 16 apprentices across the group. £10.3m for investment work with the introduction of a Planned investment work will be fully monitored new £12.0m framework. This enables us to buy materials by The Leadership Factor during 2015 in order £5.7m £5.8m £4.4m and labour at agreed rates, making us more to further improve the way we work. £9.0m £6.0m £3.0m 0 £12.0m £9.0m


£10.3m Chevin

£5.7m Green Vale

Housing Pendle £4.4m

Pennine Housing 2000

£5.8m Twin Valley Homes


Green Vale

Housing Pendle

Pennine Housing 2000

Twin Valley Homes

£6.0m £3.0m 0

The table below shows the results of TheLeadership Factor’s resident satisfaction survey with Planned Improvements:











Housing Pendle

Green Vale


100% 75% 50% 25% 0 100%

Together Housing Group Twin Valley

75% Homes Housing 2000 Satisfaction Index 50% Finding out what is important to residents • Making sure repairs technicians show their 25% helps plan our priorities for improvement ID card at the start of each visit. 0 actions. The three key areas which we will be • The time taken to complete the work. Together Housing Group Twin Valley Housing •Pendle GreenofVale focusing on are: The standard cleanliness atPennine the end of Homes Housing 2000 Satisfaction Index each day.


Green Vale Homes | Together Housing Group

Repairs and Gas Servicing Residents have repeatedly told us that providing a quality repairs service is what is most important to them, and whilst we are pleased with performance, we aim to improve satisfaction levels. All our operatives now use tablets to access jobs on line and can respond to requests at the %

Responsive repairs ordered Emergency repairs completed on time

touch of a button, creating both efficiencies and value for money. The table below shows number of repairs reported and customer satisfaction. Gas Servicing remains a high priority and every effort is made to access all of our homes.



Green Vale

Housing Pendle

Pennine Housing

Twin Valley Homes











94.45% Cald


2014-2015 The Leadership Factor Satisfaction Result – all repairs. Homes without a gas safety certificate

93.6% Sheffield 90%




86.6% Calderdale


91% Sheff 0




23 Calderdale


1 Sheff Source: The Leadership Factor and Board Reports Q4

The three key areas which we will be focusing on following the feedback are: • The ease of reporting the repair. • The convenience of appointments offered. • The quality of work completed.


Annual Report 2015

Every penny counts

Getting more for your money is more important now than it has ever been. Most of our money comes from rent and we have a clear strategy for achieving value for money and for making sure that what we spend gives the most benefit to our tenants and communities.

Since we created Together Housing Group four years ago we have made significant gains in VfM: • £13 million of savings delivered to date from improved procurement, rationalising contractors and reducing overheads.

• 1,757 new homes built at a cost of £197million. • £507.4 million investment in maintaining and improving assetts. • £8.7 million investment in supporting and regenerating communities.

• We have received £3.4 million in external matched funding to support our wider social objectives.

£14.1m Total Income £15.27million from: Rents £0.20m

Service charges (care taking etc)


House Sales Supporting People Grant


Other Grants


Total Expenditure £10.97 million Housing Management Maintenance (planned, routine and major repairs).

£4.78m £4.34m

Other Social Housing costs

£1.85m 31

A member of the Together Housing Group

Green Vale Homes New Hall Hey Road Rawtenstall, Rossendale Lancashire BB4 6HR 0300 555 5556 Registered in England and Wales No. 30035R Registered with the Homes and Communities Agency No. LH4307

Green Vale Homes Annual Report 2015  
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