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Body Shop Teachers’ Training Report Introduction Together for Sudan is an English charity dedicated to education and personal empowerment through service. Together for Sudan received a sum of 5,000 sterling pounds from Body Shop in August 2009 for a teachers’ training in the Nuba Mountains. The amount being insufficient, TfS applied to Refuge International Japan (RIJ) to seek permission to use the balance of their grant for Women literacy programme in El-Fasher and the Eye Care project in Khartoum to top up the amount for the training. Refuge International Japan (RIJ) responded positively but it was not possible to conduct the training until January 2010 when rains have subsided in the Nuba Mountains. Together for Sudan Teaching Resource Centre in Kadugli

Objectives of the training     

To upgrade teachers’ teaching skills and methodologies. To promote the production and proper use of teaching aids. To elucidate the relationship of curriculum in regards to children’s ages and interests. To provide knowledge of how to deal with children in the class. To improve the knowledge and skills of evaluating pupils' performance.


Training Description The training course was for twenty one days in modern teaching methods and development of teaching aids which will indirectly benefit thousands of children. It was conducted by three lecturers from the University of Dalanj Faculty of Education who have experiences of directing different training courses for primary and secondary teachers. The training was conducted at our Training Resource Centre in Kadugli the capital of South Kordofan state from 23rd January to 13th February 2010. Twenty five teachers attended the training. Of the 25, 18 are male and seven are female. A graduation ceremony was organized on 14/02/2010 in which certificates were awarded to the participants. The first two weeks of the training were for theory on professional topics and materials production because professional teaching materials are generally unavailable in the Nuba Mountains. The third week was for teaching practice (Micro teaching) in which the trainees were divided into five groups to teach in five selected schools in Kadugli town. Students parade in one of the five selected schools

Content of the training     

Curriculum and its relation to the ages and interests of children. Teaching methodologies. Macro and Micro teaching. Class management. Evaluation. 2


Teaching aids production.

Training Materials The following are the materials used during the training; Flip charts, marker pens, manila papers, Sonny papers, bags, note files, A-4 papers, pens, pencils, rulers, Oil paints, water colors, all purpose adhesive, small staplers, stapler pins, pair of scissors, cutters, piece of cloth, poster papers, etc. Some teaching aids produced during the training.

Monitoring The Together for Sudan Field Representative (who is an experienced teacher) and two supervisors from the state Ministry of Education monitored the day to day progress of the training. In addition, the Country Coordinator and the Deputy Country Coordinator were in close contact with the Field Representative to follow up the training advancement and to give their advice accordingly. The participants when asked how they have benefited from the training said they are now better able to produce teaching aids which make their work more effective. In addition, their acquisition of new methods has increased their confidence in the teaching profession. Another significant account stated by the participants is that the training is highly administered and well organized. Moreover, the trainers are well qualified and this made the training more beneficial. 3

The participants during lectures

Methodology Lectures, group discussion and presentation were used. In group discussion, one member of the group is selected to present the group work and each trainee is given a chance to question, clarify, or comment. Practical work for teaching aids was done in groups too. Each group was given particular tasks to do and presented them to the class after completion. Teaching practice (Micro teaching) at selected schools was also carried out. During the practical session at schools, the trainees carried out their practical work with interest and confidence which was highly appreciated by the trainers, the schools' administration as well as by the supervisors who were sent by the Ministry of Education to participate in supervising the work of the trainees in the schools.


Trainee teachers during teaching practice

Lessons learned Together for Sudan has learned that the Nuba Mountain region is so vast with a large population that the 25 teachers who have been trained so far would not possibly be sufficient to render educational services to the whole Nuba Mountains Community. We have also learned that the best time for training in the Nuba Mountains is during the long vacation when all the schools are closed and the teachers are completely free. (April, May &June). Graduation day The closing session was attended by Together for Sudan staff headed by Mr. Ibrahim Ahmed the Field Representative and a number of guests including Mr. Ahmed Alsharif a representative from the Ministry of Education, Dr. Banaga Ahmed General Coordinator, Dalanj University, Dr. Awad Rajaf lecturer Dalanj University, Anjo Morsal Field Coordinator Ministry of Education, Awatif Ali school supervisor and the three facilitators; Dr. Musa Magok, Dr. Majzoub Almahdi and Dr. Musa Maki Hammed. Many people as well as the relatives and friends of the trainees attended the ceremony.


Awarding of certificates to the participants

Conclusion Together for Sudan would like to express its appreciation to Body Shop for supporting this popular and effective project which is much needed by the people of the Nuba Mountains and which will contribute to a change in the lives of thousands of children in this impoverished and underdeveloped region. List of the teachers who attended the training S/N 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16.

Name Mazaher Izaldin Abdalgader Abdelrahim Karar Suleiman Hassen Ramadan Alomda Kafi Abdelgader Gedail Abdelraosul Kuku Kafi Shazali Hamed Amir Daud Saeid Abdalla Mongash Siham Hamad Aburas Faddia Mekki Hanoua Habib Alla Ahmed Haifa Salah Sowar Medinia Musa Ismail Salah Salim Jabir Yunis Yasin Jadein

School Abu Sutun Daluka Daluka Daluka Ferig el derib Kafina Karnag Kelleng Kufa Kufa Kurungu Abdalla Kurungu Abdalla Kurungu Abdalla Kurungu Abdalla Kurungu Abdalla Shururu 6

Location Abu Sutun Daluka Daluka Daluka Ferig el derib Kafina Keigga Kelleng Kufa Kufa Kurungu Kurungu Kurungu Kurungu Kurungu Shururu

Sex Female Male Male Male Male Male Male Male Male Female Female Male Female Female Male Male

17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25.

Abdalla Omer Tawer Alhadi Mahamoud Faisal Hamdoun Hana Alraih Hamoda Alamin Zeidan Alamin Jaber Ahmed Jaber Abdelgalil Juma Jorham Ageeb Hassen Issah Hibba Ramadan Gibril

Tagrai Saeid Hamed Taj el Sir Teisse Teisso Nedeem Tillo Nzemena Torrig Yousif Kuwa Yousif Kuwa Yousif Kuwa

Tagrai Al arzaya Saraf el dei Almashais Tillo Keigga Damia Kadugli Kadugli

Male Male Male Female Male Male Male Male Female

The participants and the areas they come from 5 5 4

3 3 2



2 1





1 0








Body Shop Teachers' Training Rreport  

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