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AnnualReport & Accounts2OO7

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Page Trustees' Annual Report for 2007




Annual Accounts 2007 .1.

Statement of Financial Activities




Notes to the Accounts

Together for Sudan - the Bishop Mubarak Fund: Trustees' Annual Report,2007 The Trusteesof Together for Sudan- the Bishop Mubarak Fund have approvedthis annual report for 2007. The Trust's addressis 33 Balmoral Road,Trowbridge,Wiltshire, BAl4 OJS. The Trustees were Dr Lillian Craig Harris (Chairman and Director), Prof Herman Bell, Mr Alan Goulty (Secretary)Mr Norman Jackson(until 6 February), Mr Julian Lush (until 5 March), Mr Norman Swanney(Treasurer),and Trustee from 5 February) and Mr Adrian Thomas. Trustees are electedby the existing Trustees. The Director and Trusteesare unpaid volunteers. The Trust maintains offices in Sudan in Khartoum and Kadugli (Nuba Mountains) staffed by salariedSudaneseemployees.Mrs Neimat Husseinwas appointedCountry Coordinator,based in Khartoum, in Septemberin successionto Mr Silas Sworo Jojo, who retired after sevenyears of devoted service. The Trusteeswish to expresstheir thanks to them both as well as to the other membersof staff in Khartoum and Kadugli. A Declarationof Trust dated l2 February1999,as amendedby a SupplementalDeed dated27 September2004, governs the charity. Its objects are to relieve or assist in relieving persons living in Sudanwho are in conditionsof sickness,hardshipor distress,in particularby supportingorganisationsimplementingand establishingdevelopmentsprojects,which relieve needand improve their conditionsof life; and to advancethe educationof personsliving in Sudan,giving priority to women and children and thosefrom the Nuba Mountains,in particular but not exclusivelyby advancingeducationin literacy and basic subjects,the provision of vocationaltraining and the provision of scholarshipsat Sudaneseuniversities. Advisers and Volunteers The Trust's bankerswere the National Bank of Abu Dhabi, One Knightsbridge,London SWIX 7LY; CAF Bank Ltd, 25 King's Hill Avenue,King's Hill, West Malling, Kent ME19 4JQ; and BarclaysBank, BarclaysHouse,AlexandraRoad,London SWl9 7JZ. The Trusteesare grateful to the firm of El Karib and Medani in Khartoum for pro bono legal advice; to successiveBritish Ambassadorsto Sudan,Mr Ian Cliffand Dr RosalindMarsden,and their staff, and to Ahfad University for Women in Omdurman for much help in kind; and to many volunteersin Sudanwho havegiven their time to help with scholarshipselection,eye-careand other programmes. They are most grateful, too, for the continued support of the patrons of the Trust and other friends and donors. Achievements and Activities in 2007 Highlights of the Trust's work in 2007 included the expansionof its work to Darfur with a first training course for literacy teachersin El Fasher;continued teachertraining and support of teachersin the Khartoum area and the Nuba Mountains; a further increasein the number of scholarssupportedat university; stepstowards setting up a vocational training project; the continued successof the AIDS awarenessoutreachand eye-careprogrammes;and new premisesin both Khartoum and Kadugli. The Trust's activitiesincluded: o

Supportof 269 studentsat Sudaneseuniversitiesas at end-December,in additionto l5 who graduatedduring the year. 99 studentshave now graduatedunder this programme.


Provision of a hostel for scholarsat Ahfad University for Women and breakfastfor pupils at the Kadugli Girls' SecondarySchool.


Funding of some 150pupils, mainly AIDS orphans,at basic and secondaryschools.


Training of 160teachersand schooladministratorsin the Nuba Mountainsand 87 teachersin Khartoum.


Continued funding of over 90 teachersat schoolsin the Khartoum area,Abyei, Juba and the Nuba Mountains.

-1 -


Continued provision of literacy classes. At year end there were 20 classeswith over 500 women enrolled in Khartoum, the Nuba Mountains and Darfur. 85 of our students passedthe governmentliteracy exam in 2007.


Running eye care outreachclinics in displacedareasaround Khartoum and in Kadugli. 2287 patientswere seenin 2007 and 104 surgeriesperformed.


78 HIV/AIDS awarenessoutreachesattendedby over 13,000people.


Provisionof medicinesfor three basicclinics, which treatedover 34,000patientsin 2007.


Provision of 10 additional solar panels in the Nuba Mountains brought the total maintainedby the Trust to 27. The panelsprovide lighting in community centresin areasoff the electricity grid.


Strengtheningits staff in Khartoum and Kadugli and moving to new offices in both towns.

Objectives for 2008 The Trusteesplan to maintain and, subjectto the constraintsof resourcesand security, expand their scholarship,teacher-training,eye care and HIV/AIDS outreachand solar power programmesin 2008. In particular they look forward to developing the vocational training programmeand to setting up more literacy classesin Darfur. They will review their programmesof literacy classesin Khartoum, support of basic clinics and HIV/AIDS awareness programmeswith a view to cutting them to match reduceddemandor, in the caseof the HIV/AIDS outreachmerging it with a new home-basedcareprogramme. The Trusteeswill seek further to strengthentheir offices in Sudan,including through staff training and the delegation of greaterresponsibility for project planning and report writing. They intend to adopt and implement a new fund-raising strategywith the aims initially of covering core costs and countering the effects of rising prices in Sudanand the fall in the value of sterling, and in the medium term of allowing them further to expandtheir project work. Financial Information and Policy ln 2007 some24%oof the Trust's income came from individual donors to whom the Trustees wish to expresstheir warmest thanks. They are also most grateful to the following partners who have made generousdonations, in most casesfor specific projects: The Catholic Agency for Overseasdevelopment(CAFOD); The UK Department for International Development (DFID): The Gordon CollegeMemorial Trust Fund; Light for the World; Manos Unidas;The Mohamed Ibrahim Foundation; RefugeesInternational Japan,the Scottish Episcopal Church, the Walter GuinnessTrust, Ulverscroft and Zain-Mobitel. The Trustees'policy is to maintain reservesequivalentto six months' expenditureto guard against fluctuations in receiptsor expenditureand to ensureprovision for terminal benefits for their Sudanesestaff. The rapid growth in activity over the last 2 years has made this a difficult target to achieve and cashreservesare currently cappedat f,40,000, held on interest-bearing deposit.




t,' ffi'{^rr1' f.


d^ltLLd-\J{ah}u'"'s Lillian Craig Harris Chairman and Director

)3 "tlvJ}-

Alan F. Goulty Secretary

9 f,'ebruary 2008

-2 -

Independent examiner's report to the trustees of Together for Sudan -The Bishop Mubarak Fund I report on the accountsof the Trust for the year ended31" December2007,which are set out on pages4to9. Respectiveresponsibilitiesof trustees and examiner The charity's trusteesare responsiblefor the preparationof the accounts.The charity's trustees consider that an audit is not required for this year (under section 43(2) of the Charities Act 1993 (the 1993Act)) and that an independentexaminationis needed. It is my responsibilityto: o examinethe accounts(under sectiona3(3)(a)of the 1993Act); o to follow the procedureslaid down in the General Directions given by the Charity Commission(under section43(7Xb) of the 1993Act); and o to statewhether particular mattershave come to my attention. Basis of independent examiner's report My examination was carried out in accordancewith the General Directions given by the Charity Commission.An examinationincludesa review of the accountingrecordskept by the charity and a comparisonof the accountspresentedwith thoserecords.It also includes considerationof any unusual items or disclosuresin the accounts,and seekingexplanations from you as trusteesconceming any such rnatters.The proceduresundertakendo not provide all the evidencethat would be requiredin an audit, and consequentlyI do not expressan audit opinion on the view given by the accounts. Independent examiner's statement In connection with my examination, no matter has come to my attention: (l) which gives me reasonablecauseto believethat in any materialrespectthe requirements o to keep accountingrecordsin accordancewith section4l of the 1993Act; and . to prepareaccountswhich accord with the accounting records and comply with the accountingrequirementsof the 1993 Act1. have not been met; or (2) to which, in my opinion, attention should be drawn in order to enablea proper understandingofthe accountsto be reached. However, issuesover securingthe audit trail and improving the transparencyof bank chargesin Sudanhave been drawn to the attention of trustees.

Signed: Date:

7* February2008

Name: Address:

M P C Oliver 9 Windsor Drive Trowbridge Witts BA14 OJZ

. TheBishop Together forSudan Mubarak Fund Registered Charity No:1075852

Statement of Financial Activities fortheyearended31'tDecember 2007

Incoming Resources Grants Donations Deposit interest Other

Unrestricted Restricted Funds Funds Notes t â‚Ź J 0 184,764 2d 54,520 5,200 2,023 0 0 0

TotalIncoming Resources

Resources Expended Charitable activities Fund raising & publicig Management & administration Governance costs


TotalResources Exoended

Netmovements infunds Fundbalances brought fonrrard


Fundsbalances carried forward

Total 2007 t 18/,764 59,720 2,023 0


189,964 U6"50-6'

75,320 2,702 898 0

157,022 0


Total 2006 â‚Ź 175,226 52,119 1,173 112

232,342 2,702 898 0

201,874 2,638 177 0


















Allactivities werecontinuing. Therewerenoacquisitions or discontinued operations eitherin thecurrentor preceding year. Therewerenorecognised gainsor losses preceding eitherinthecurrent year or TheNotesat pages6 to I formpartof theseaccounts


Together for Sudan- TheBishopMubarak Fund Registered No:1075852 Charity

Balance Sheetasat 31'tDecember 2007 Notes

2007 t

I 10

5,498 0

2006 t 4,070 0



0 51,093 95,902

0 28,200 118,579





FixedAssets Tangible Fixed Assets lnvestments Totalfixedassets CurrentAssets Stocks andworkinprogress Debtors Cashatbankandinhand, netofunoresented items Totalcurrent assets amounts Creditors: falling duewithin oneyear









0 15,360

0 5,982



32,039 5,498

54,416 4,070 58,486 66,425 124,911

Creditors: amounts falling dueinmorethanoneyear Provisions forliabilities andcharges 7c,15 Netassets Funds Funds Unrestricted Designated Funds:


?7 F'',17

Restricted Funds TotalFunds

99,367 136.904

TheNotesal pages6 toI formpartoftheseaccounts Approved bytheTrustees andsigned ontheirbehalf by:

DrLillianCraigHarrisOBE Chair& Director

}- fig6,-at Date: {

Norman Swanney Treasurer


-5 -

Together forSudan Mubarak Fund - TheBishop Registered Charity No:1075852

Notes to theAccounts fortheyearended 2007 31stDecember Nafo

"I'- Basisof preoaration.

1. a. Basisof accounting. in accordance Thefinancial statements havebeenprepared underthehistoric costconvention, (SORP withtheStatement of Recommended Practice: 2005)issued Accounting andReporting byCharities in March2005, applicable Standards areprepared onanaccruals UKAccounting andtheCharities Act1993.Theaccounts basis. b. Fundsstructure.Unrestricted fundsarethosefundswhichthetrustees arefreeto useforanypurpose to furtherthe charity's objects. Unrestricted fundsinclude designated fundswherethetrustees, attheirdiscretion, havecreated a fund purpose.Restricted fora specific fundsarefundswhichareto beusedin accordance withspecific restrictions imposed bythedonor.Thecharity hasnopermanent funds. endowment year'saccounts. c. Changes Nochanges to previousaccounts. havebeenmadeto theprevious

Note ^ poilcles ACCOUnUng 2. Incoming Resources a. Recognition (SoFA) of incomingresources. Theseareincluded intheStatement of FinancialActivities whenthecharity becomes totheresources; entitled thetrustees certain value arevirtually theywillreceive theresources; andthemonetary canbemeasured withsufficient reliability. b. lncomingresources withrelatedexpenditure. (aswithfundraising Whereincoming resources haverelated expenditure grossin theSoFA. orcontract income) resources theincoming andrelated expenditure arereported c. Grantsanddonations. Grants anddonations intheSoFAwhenthecharity hasunconditional areonlyincluded entitlement to theresources. d. Taxreclaims on donations fromtaxreclaims intheSoFAat thesametime andgifts.Incoming resources areincluded astheqiftto whichthevrelate. e. Donated (withanequivalent servicesandfacilities. Theseareonlyincluded in incoming resources amount in resources quantifiable, expended) wherethebenefit is reasonably to thecharity measurable andmaterial.Thevalueplaced on theseresources istheestimated valueto thecharity of theservice orfacility received. f. Volunteer help.Thevalueofanyvoluntary helpreceived is notincluded inthetrustees' intheaccounts butisdescribed annual report. Expenditure & Liabilities g. Liabili$recognition. Liabilities arerecognised assoonasthereis a legalorconstructive obligation commifting the pay charity resources, to out h. Governance costs.Include costsof thepreparation of statutory andexamination accounts, thecostsof trusteemeetings governance andcostof anylegaladvice totrustees on matters. orconstitutional i. Supportcosts.Fundsreceived projects, ordesignated forcharitable Payments activities arecredited to individual made project, proportional forthe together witha directly shareof overhead andsupport costsin Sudanarethendebited to the project. Seenote4. j. Contingent Liabilities. A contingent liability isdisclosed wherethepossible whicharises frompastevents, will obligation, onlybeconfirmed bytheoccunence withinthetrustees' of oneor moreuncertain futureeventsnotwholly control. Assets k. Tangible fixedassetsfor useby charity.Thesearecapitalised if theycanbeusedformorethanoneyear,andcostat leastt500. Theyarevalued valueonreceipt. at costora reasonable l. Stocksandworkin progress.Thesearevalued at thelowerof costor market value. m. Foreigncurrencies. Transactions inforeign recognised currencies the average rateofexchange received overthe are at year.Monetary assetsandliabilities intosterling rateonthebalance aretranslated at theexchange sheetdate.All exchange differences arerecognised through offinancial activities. thestatement


Fund Mubarak forSudan Together - TheBishop No:1075852 Charity Registered

2007 fortheyearended31'tDecember Notesto theAccounts Funds Restricted 2006 2007

Note Analysisof incomingresources 3


Grantsfromorganisations (DflD): Development forInternational UKDepartment intheNubaMountains Teacher training University scholarshiPs settlements indisplaced - Spain: Educating women andchildren Manos Unidas International - Japan Refugees Development - UK Agency forOverseas Catholic (Mobitel) Zain - Sudan Memorial Trust- UK Gordon College Fund - Canada CAREInternational Vienna - Auskia LightfortheWorld, Foundation - UK Ulverscroft Episcopal & otherUKChurches Scottish Trust- UK Walter Guinness Foundation - UK Molbrahim donations Otherrestricted

55,952 24,841 22,678 20,001 15,000 14,488 13,000 8,896 4,173 2,500 2,235 1,000 0

5,200 189,964

t 43,987 27,382 39,208 1,675 15,000 0 5,500 0 b,0bJ

0 3,550 U

31,460 800 175,276


expended Note Analysisof resources 4

Direct Project costs support


ttâ‚Ź[ 52,552 18,550 71,102

Projects Activities- Educational Charitable & hostel University scholarships 29,990 10,586 Project & basicschools - kindergarten Training & Support Teacher 9,910 indisplaced settlements 28,077 women & children Manos Unidas, educating 2,775 7,862 Resource Centre Teachers' Kadugli 839 2,378 Literacy Project Women's 1,338 3,791 orphans HIV/AIDS Project to educate Scholarship 124,649 43,999 projects TotalEducation grant conference AhfadUniversity Girls'Education SupportProjects Activities- Educational Charitable care outreach/home-based Awareness HIV/AIDS Khartoum EyeCareoutreach, Solarproject Kadugli EyeCareoutreach, Boxprolect Medicine project Breakfast projects Support TotalEducation Activities TotalCharitable costsseeNote2i. support Forbasisof apportioning


5,035 13,128 9,398 8,854 1 5,01 3,987 2,979

0 4,634 3,317 3,125 1,769 1,407 1,051

40,576 37,987 10,637 3,217 5,129 168,648 5,035 17,762 12,715 11,979 6,779 5,395


58,215 60,038 27,771 0 1,963 3,653 151,640 0 17,772 14,177 1,076

6,320 6,063 4,828 4,030 43,356 15,304 58,659 50,235 173.040 59,302 232,342 201,874 Y Y rv v v

Together forSudan Fund - TheBishopMubarak Registered Charity No:1075852

Notesto theAccounts fortheyearended31'tDecember 2007 Note 5

Support Gosts

2007 2006 Office Transport Staff running lT& & other costs costs comms costs Total Total tfff t 25,029 6,930 2,529 9,511 43,999 42,516 8,706 2,410 880 3,308 15,304 14,085 33,735 9,340 3,409 12,81959,302 56,601

Charitable Activities projects Education projects Education Support Total

Grants towards support costsamounted to [14,128.(2006- â‚Ź0). Forbasisof apportioning support costsseeNote2i Note 6

Detailsof certainitemsof expenditure a. Trustee expenses. Payment or reimbursement of outofpocket expenses amounted tot180.Thissumwasdonated backto thecharity.(2006- t0). b. Feesforexamination orauditof theacmunts. None.(2006- t0).

Note 7

Paidemployees a.Staffcosts.Wages, provisions salaries andbenefits in kind,including severance ontermination of the theconkact of employment bytheemployee amounted to- t33,735. (2006- t38,876). b.Average number of fulltimeequivalent employees intheyear:13.0(Allemployed oncharitable activities). c. Pension scheme.Nopension scheme payunderChapter is operated butprovision hasbeenmadeforseverance lXof theSudanLabour Code1997, forentitled employees choosing to leavethecharity's employment. SeeNote15.

Note 8

Grantmaking. Thecharitymadea grantof f5,035fundedbydonation, toAhfadUniversity (2006- t0). Girls'education conference.

Note I

Tangible fixedassets

a. Costor valuation Balance forward brought Additions Revaluations Disposals Transfers Balance carriedfon,lard Accumulated b. provisions depreciation andimpairment Balance brought forward Depreciation charge foryear(straight linebasis) provisions lmpairment Revaluations Disposals Transfers Balance caniedforward c. Netbookvalue Brought forward fonvard Carried d. Revaluation Nofixedassetshavebeenrevalued


Fixtures, fittings & equipmentCIher t et 5,749 2,193 .-

5,749 2,19'3














forSudan Fund Together - TheBishopMubarak Registered Charity No:1075852

fortheyearended31'tDecemb er 2007 Notesto theAccounts Note lnvestment assets properties, 10 Thecharity insubsidiary orconnected holds investment investments nofixedassetinvestments, cashheldaspartof an notlistedona recognised stockexchange, undertakings andcompanies, securities portfolio investment orotherinvestment. Note Debtors andprepayments 11 Analysis ofdebtors Tradedebtors Amounts duefromsubsidiary undertakings Otherdebtors andaccrued income Prepayments Total

Amounbfallingdue withinoneyear


Amounts fallingdue afteroneyear




21,100 7,100 28,200



t€r 42,085 9.008 51,093

fallingdue Amounts

Amounts fallingdue

withinoneyear Note Greditors afteroneyear andaccruals 2007 2006 12 2007 2006 t a.Analysis ofcreditors €t Trade creditors Amounts duetosubsidiary undertakings 19,330 Other creditors 0 Accruals income 230 anddeferred 626 19,956 Total 230 overanyassets of b.Security overassets: Noloan,overdraft orothercreditor holdsa charge orothersecurity thechari$.(2006 - t0).

Note Endowment funds & restricted income 13 Thecharity hasnopermanent orexpendable restricted income endowment, special trustsorestablished projects in funds.Donations andgrants arereceived forparticular education oreducation support-related (SeeNote1b). Sudan arebrought ona restricted andthese to account basis Note Transactions withrelatedparties parties 14 a.Remuneration Noremuneration orotherrelated by & benefits: orotherbenefits arepaidtotrustees withit.(2006 thecharity oranyinstitution orcompany connected - €0). parties areowingtoorfromthecharity's atthe b.Loans:Noamounts trustees orotherrelated bythecharity yearend.(2006 - t0). parties: withtrustees havebeenundertaken by(oronbehalf c. Othertransaction/s orrelated Notransactions (2006- Nilreturn) partyhasa material inwhicha trustee orotherrelated interest. of)thecharity Note Additionaldisclosures 15

Charitable commitments accrued Unrestricted Restricted

forliabilities inprovisions. a.Provisions andcharges andmovement tt Commitments outstanding 0 at 1"January 5,982 Newcommitments 14,003 charged totheSOFA inyear 0 paidorcancelled (4,625) 0 Commitments during theyear Amount ofcommitments asat31''December 15,360 0 period (less Timing: Allcommitments arepayable withtherequisite ofnotice thanoneyear).

Total f 5,982

14,003 (4,625) 15,360

b.A liability contributions foremployees fortheperiod oft10,843existstopayanears of socialsecurig 1 Jan2004to 30Sep2007andhasbeenaddedto thenewcommitments shownin Note15a.(2006- t0), parttodoso,should Liability: Although therearenoplans the c.Contingent orintentions onthecharity's liability charity toclose forwhatever reason, a contingent berequired downitsoperations inSudan, (seeNote2j)exists payintheamount (2006 foremployees' severance of: t2,067 - t1,888)


er forSudan- TheBishopMubarakFund Togeth A UnitedKingdomcharityauthorisedand re$ulatedby the for England& Wales ChafityGommissioners RegisteredCharityNo. LO75852

Director Dr LillianCraigHarrisOBE Secretary Alan F GoultyCMG OtherTrustees ProfessorHermanBell NormanSwanney AdrianThomas

Officialcorrespondent& Treasurer NormanSwanney 33 BalmoralRoad Trowbrid€le Wiltshire BA14 OJS UnitedKingdom Tel:+44(O\L22*764478 Fax:+44(O)8702-889484 Email:

Visit our website: www.togetherforsudan.or€

Annual Report & Accounts 2007  

-forSudan Annual Report & Accounts 2OO7 Registeledwith the CharltyCommissionfor England& Wales RegisteledCharltyNumber LO75,a5.2 Ind...