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In this space, you will feel a strong sense of serenity, peacefulness and tranquillity. It will also gives off a warm and cosy feeling.

Earth colours - soft tone of beige & grey. Such colours can make one feel relaxed. Used mainly natural & raw materials like wood, stone, pebbles & bamboo. A huge piece of Japanese canvas painting is to represent the identity as a zen interior.

In Japanese, Zen refers to meditation. In interior design, it reflects balance, harmony and relaxation.

I had this space implemented to suit the erratic lifestyle of my client and this will help her to find tranquillity in the comfort of her own home.

Materials & finishes, 3DMAX  
Materials & finishes, 3DMAX  

My stepping stone to 3DMAX and I designed this space. I also experimented with the materials & finishes to suit the concept.