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Outdoor TOETOE® Socks The design features of our outdoor range boost endurance, comfort and protection. CoolMax® wicks the excess moisture and advanced knitting technology engineers a perfect fit as it follows the contours of the foot. The TOETOE® individual digits enable the toes to move freely, whilst decreasing inter-toe friction (the main cause of blisters) and increasing ground contact awareness.

3D Walking TOETOE® Socks Suitable to wear for long walks, mountaineering, hiking, camping and all outdoor activities.

Multiple knitting variations are positioned precisely to aid the protective function of the sock in areas at most risk of blisters and lesions. Extra cushioning on the ball, heel and Achilles. Length: Mid-Calf Material: Acrylic-Merino Wool , Cotton, CoolMax , Nylon, Elasthane Sizes: S M L Coolmax® Moisture Control




90º Construction Heel

Arch Support Band

3D Knitted Weight Points


Liner Walking TOETOE® Socks

Terry Loop Walking TOETOE® Socks Terry loop knitting offers an even cushioning throughout the sock making it ideal for long walks requiring comfort and protection. Very soft and warm.

Moulds to the shape of the foot creating an amazing sensation of a reliable second skin freeing the feet allowing them to move and protecting against blisters. Length: Ankle Material: CoolMax , Elasthane, Spandex Sizes: S M L

Thin Liner Like Second Skin Moisture Control with CoolMax® Arch Support Secure Hold

Length: Mid-Calf Material: Merino-Wool, Acrylic, Nylon, Elasthane Sizes: S M L

Even Cushioning Throughout

Wool Comfort

Terry Loop Knitting

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Fashion Fashion TOETOE® Socks A stunning fashion range that offers a variety of styles to add some drama to whatever the occasion. Sexy, stylish, chic, unusual designs and sizzling colour combinations, with quality uncompromised. They are cool, fashionable, and functional, benefiting from our uniquely engineered ideas. You will never look at your feet the same way again.



Diamond Frill TOETOE® Socks Jacquard designed toe socks, first developed by TOETOE make a fashion statement while enjoying the benefits of toe separation. Length: Ankle Material: Cotton Fit: Women UK Size: 2.5-5 *One size stretch


Silk Ballerina TOETOE® Socks Silk with its subtle gloss, combined with a delicate lace, becomes a luxurious looking sock. Chic!

Length: Anklet Open Top Material: Silk Fit: Women UK Sizes: 2.5-5 6-8.5



Over the Knee TOETOE® Socks Fabulous colour combinations all the way to the thighs. Fashionable and warm. They are a thrill to wear. Also suitable under bike trousers to protect against the cold. Length: Over-Knee Material: Cotton Fit: Unisex UK Size: 4-11 *One size stretch

Stripy TOETOE® Socks The uplifting stripy colour combinations always bring a smile. Colours are our passion and we combine this with the usual TOETOE® high quality. Length: Mid-Calf, Knee-High Material: Cotton Fit: Unisex UK Size: 4-11 *One size stretch

*One size stretch


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everyday Everyday TOETOE® Socks


The anatomy of the foot, comprising 26 bones, 33 joints, 107 ligaments and 19 intrinsic muscles enables it to make subtle and precise movements. Thousands of nerve endings on the sole continuously send essential information to the brain. TOETOE® socks have been ingeniously designed and engineered to encourage more toe movement. This helps to increase blood circulation, and as toes continuously exercise they retain their natural shape, thus the foot is freed to function more fully and balance improves. Toe separation maintains hygienic feet longer by reducing the three causes (warmth, moisture and dirt) of bacterial growth. As a result unpleasant odours and fungal problems can be avoided.





Anklet TOETOE® Socks

Kids TOETOE® Socks

For a sock that isn’t visible above the shoe, this style is the best. It’s like being barefoot while wearing socks.


Length: Anklet Material: Cotton Fit: Unisex UK Size: 4-11 *One size stretch

Silk Half TOETOE® Socks Ideal to use with half-closed shoes or under tights to benefit from toe separation. The subtle Silk shimmer is a delight to wear with its delicate touch.

Length: Half Material: Silk Fit: Women UK Size: 2.5-5 *One size stretch

Kids love TOETOE® socks. They are fun to put on and wear. No restriction to the natural growth of the toes as they enjoy free toe movement. Maintaining hygienic feet is easy with the design and high quality cotton. Length: Anklet, Mid-Calf Material: Cotton Fit: Kids UK Size: 10-2 *One size stretch

Silk Dress TOETOE® Socks A sensual pleasure to wear this natural Silk fibre with its glamourous luster. Delicate, soft and comfortable. High Silk content. Length: Mid-Calf Material: Silk Fit: Unisex UK Sizes: 3-4 4.5-5.5 6-7



*Sizes stretch

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Mid-calf TOETOE® Socks

Knee-High Plain TOETOE® Socks

An essential everyday sock that ensures comfortable, healthy and happy feet. Thin enough to wear with any shoes. Made of high quality absorbent cotton to provide a naturally dry environment.

A long sock that comes to the knee offered in plain and stripy styles. Gentle hold on the leg with exceptionally soft and comfortable fabric.

Length: Mid-Calf Material: Cotton Fit: Unisex UK Size: 4-11 *One size stretch

Length: Knee-High Material: Cotton Fit: Unisex UK Size: 4-11 *One size stretch

Men TOETOE® Socks Toes are an extensions of the long bones in our feet and if toes are unable to move then all the foot bones are restricted. If feet do not use their full movement potential for a long period of time, joints become hard and feet immobile. When feet are stiff or hard and toes have forgotten how to move then the rest of the body feels unsafe and unsupported. It has nothing secure to 'stand on'. The muscles in the back, hips or even neck, could start to work harder to compensate for the missing support from the feet. These muscles are not designed to do this extra work and can become uncomfortable and tired. TOETOE® socks allow the feet to function naturally and wearing them everyday is a real treat not only for feet but, over time, for the entire body.

Men Argyle TOETOE® Socks

Men Plain TOETOE® Socks

Men Argyle is a stylish and classic pattern to wear everyday. Made with high quality absorbent cotton. Soft and comfortable.

Men Plain is an absolute essential everyday sock. Supreme quality cotton and fantastic fit ensures freedom, comfort and hygiene all day long.

Length: Mid-Calf Material: Cotton Fit: Men UK Size: 7-13 *One size stretch

Length: Mid-Calf Material: Cotton Fit: Men UK Size: 7-13 *One size stretch

Men Fashion TOETOE® Socks

Men Business TOETOE® Socks

Mens Stripy fashion socks with their subtle shades are perfectly put together to offer a touch of excitement. Perfect for all occasions.

Seriously elegant design with two colour combination. Hygiene, comfort and free movement come with all TOETOE® styles.

Length: Mid-Calf Material: Cotton Fit: Men UK Size: 7-13 *One size stretch

Length: Mid-Calf Material: Cotton Fit: Men UK Size: 7-13 *One size stretch


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yoga &


Yoga and Pilates TOETOE® Socks The unique sensation of TOETOE® Socks toe separation inspires communication between feet and body by enhancing proprioception and movement. Increased toe movement enables us to use our feet more precisely and effectively. Experiencing a better grip plus the encouragement to use the individual toe’s contributes to all-over body balance.

yoga & pilates



Trainer Yoga and Pilates TOETOE® Socks



Mid-calf Yoga and Pilates TOETOE® Socks

The rubber dots have been arranged specifically on the weight bearing areas of the foot to maximise a secure grip. The trainer length is a minimal sock that provides the desired warmth and hygiene.

Organic cotton Yoga and Pilates socks have a soft touch and gentle hold on the leg for ultimate comfort with a non-slip sole for safe warm, and hygienic exercising.

Length: Trainer Material: Organic Cotton Fit: Unisex UK Sizes: S M L

Length: Mid-Calf Material: Organic Cotton Fit: Unisex UK Sizes: S M L

*Sizes stretch

*Sizes stretch

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Sports TOETOE® Socks Athletes rely on effective foot function. TOETOE® enhanced awareness of the toes and anatomy of the foot is an advantage. The structural design and intelligently knitted fibres significantly help improve performance and dynamic stability.

Golf TOETOE® Socks A toe socks knitting masterpiece. An exquisite variety of knitting techniques to create ventilation channels, nerve ending stimulation, arch and calf support.

Length: Mid-Calf Material: Cotton, Nylon, Elasthane Sizes: S M L



Tennis TOETOE® Socks

Arch Support

Barefoot freedom engineered with TOETOE® toe separation gives essential support for the continuously moving structure of the foot. This enables fuller foot function, better gait control, stability and improved performance.


Length: Mid-Calf Material: Coolmax- Cotton, Nylon, Elasthane Sizes: S M L

3D Knitted Weight Points

Zonal Knitting Technology

Running TOETOE® Socks

Multilayer knitting technology thickens the fabric around the weight points and friction areas. Secure hold on both the calf and arch ensures confident dynamic movement.

Coolmax® Moisture Control

Air Ventilation Channels

Arch Support Secure Hold


Length: Trainer, Mid-Calf Material: Coolmax-Cotton, Elasthane, Spandex Sizes: S M L

Flap to Hold Sock on the Foot

Wiking away moisture

Arch Support Secure Hold

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EPT™ Enhanced Proprioception Technology EPT™ ensures an engineered finish around the toes to create a protective additional layer. EPT™ separates the toes to contribute to proprioception, ventilation and biomechanical function, whilst creating an environment that reduces the likelihood of inter-digital pressure and abrasion. EPT™ promotes natural toe movement and function. EPT™ improves body balance with subconscious movement of the toes and improved communication between body and feet. EPT™ ensures the fabric moulds into the contours of the foot for a perfect fit. EPT™ also introduces controlled temperature as friction between the toes is prevented. Less friction means that excess heat will not be created.

Why TOETOE Socks? toe movement with EPT™ technology contributes to § Better proprioception which improves body balance. awareness of foot anatomy enables us to use feet with more § Increased control and efficiency which results in better foot function. preventative measure against fungus related problems. Combats three § Afactors of bacterial growth (warmth, moisture, dirt) by reducing them. As a result, unpleasant odours are unlikely to occur.

warmth with increased movement and circulation while controlling excess § Optimum heat. The warmth from inside. It is generated by increase in toe movement which encourages blood flow.

knitting technology ensures that there will be no blood flow restriction which is likely to § Seamless happen if there is seam on the sock on which the shoe presses. do not rub together skin to skin and toe nails cannot damage adjacent toe skin which help in § Toe's preventing blisters. toe movement significantly increases the amount of toe exercise and helps them to retain their natural § Continuous shape and can also return overlapping and curled toes to a more natural position. contours the entire foot providing effortless hygiene throughout the day, ensuring dirt does not accumulate § Fabric causing smell, moisture and excessive heat. Size Charts for all styles Everyday and Fashion




Silk Unisex


Outdoors, Sports and Yoga

Silk Women












210-235 245-270

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TOETOE Toesocks Brochure 2011  

TOETOE Toesocks Brochure 2011

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