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DM6121-HUMAN COMPUTER INTERACTION Assignment 1 - Web-Page Evaluation (

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Part I. Cognitive Step-by-Step Walkthrough Analysis

Surf the home page of the site URL ( and home page screen appears. Look around the page to buy the items.

1. Registering and/or Logging in to the CS website 1.1 Click the Log In/Register hyperlink. Result: Log in page appears. If the user is already a member, the user can log in easily by entering Member Code/Login ID and password. If not, the user can sign up for the member account by clicking the Register hyperlink. 1.2 Click the Register hyperlink. Result: Register form is displayed. information:

The user needs to provide the following

 Login ID and password _ user needs to retype the password for confirmation purpose  User name, company name, occupation, NIRC/Passport, DOB _ your personal details  Address and postal codes _ for delivery purpose  And user needs to agree with T&C of CS. After entering all the required field, click the submit button. 1.3 If the user is already a member, log in simply by entering Login ID and password. Result: The site prompts the user to update the profile information and then submit it. After that, the online shopping page is displayed. Comment: Prompting to update profile frequently is not suitable for greedy user.

2. Browsing the item needed Now I am going to buy the items: Camel Sugar Peanuts (180g/pkt) and Gardenia Wholemeal Loaf (600g) 2.1 Click the Start Shopping Icon or hyperlink from home screen. Result: The items browsing page is loaded. In this page, user can start browsing and searching the item required to buy. 2.2 Now let’s browsing for Camel Sugar Peanuts By Brand Click the Browse by Brand Drop-down-list on the top right corner of the page and select the Camel. Result: All items from Camel that can be bought from CS are displayed. The user can browse all categories of Camel product from left pane, page by page basic. In page 2, the user has found the item Sugar Peanuts. But in this case, the user wants to buy 180G two packets. The needs to make sure that the correct one must be add to the shopping cart. By Category To buy peanut, click the grocery tab and snacks category. Result: And there displayed the list in the left pane sub-categorizing the snacks to many groups of items. Among them, the user has to click nuts hyperlink in the left pane. 2.3 Now let’s browsing for Gardenia Wholemeal Loaf By Brand Click the Browse by Brand Drop-down-list on the top right corner of the page and select the Gardenia. Result: All products from Gardenia that can be bought from CS are displayed. The user can browse all categories of Camel product from left pane, page by page basic. In page 2, the user has found the item Wholemeal Loaf. By Category To buy Wholemeal Loaf, click the grocery tab and bread and cereals sub-tab. Result: And there displayed the list in the left pane sub-categorizing the bread and cereals to many groups of items. Among them, the user has to click sliced bread

hyperlink in the left pane. There displayed also in page-by-page basics, and the user can find Gardenia Wholemeal Loaf in page 2. 3. Buying the items 3.1 As soon as user has found the item, then fill the quantity you want and click the button. Result: the added items are now in shopping cart. User can view his/her items by clicking My Cart link and the site will display the prices of each item and also with total value.

3.2 After finishing all the steps, you can now confirm the payment method and delivery address for correct delivery. Click the Confirm button. Result: The user gets an email that confirms all the information you filled and product details. The sample email is here:

Comment: There is no cancellation of order scheme, so by T&R, the user needs to send email or make a phone call to cancel the order before processing the order. For this reasons, monitoring the status of order and cancellation of order capabilities must be added to this site. Here is the cancellation of the above order received from email.

Part II. Expert Feedback Weakness Many text colors: 3-5 colors are used to describe each item’s detail. Using many colors make the page unclear. Out of Stock: Some out of stock items must be removed from list for clearness. For example, in the following screenshot, there are even 3 out of stock product out of 5. It is clear if the page only describe available items.

Store Location Page: There is no feature which can be used to find the specific store. The page is just a list. Although the user can buy items online electrically, some user may need to buy something as they cannot wait till delivering. They need to find the suitable store for them. Loading Cart: The cart can be saved and loaded but it will overwrite the previously added cart. If the user want to amend the present cart with the saved cart, it cannot be possible. The user needs to load the saved cart first and the adds the items to cart. So, there must be an option to choose whether the user wants to amend the cart or overwrite the cart.

FAQs: FAQs are unclear. The questions must be well categorized. FAQs must be the questions that the users really needs and must be quite short. Update Profile: The site always prompt the user to update the profile information when logging in. Although the profile needs to be updated and correct, the users must not be asked always to update their profiles. It is not suitable for greedy users. Sound:

There used unnecessary sound at home page.

Expiry Period:

Some items needs to have expiry period for some customers.

Cancellation of Order: There must be some features that can be used to cancel easily before the processing of the order. Status of Order: The status of the order must be able to check by user. For example, the order is in processing state, delivering or something like that. Categorization: Categories of items must be analyzed and rearranged. As there are varieties of users, the categorization must be easy and clear. Message to user: The message must be displayed when the user takes some actions. For example, when the user add the item to cart or add the item to My Shopping List. Home Page: Home Page needs some useful information. The home page must have quick references and useful facts for user. This home page is now just the collection of links to other pages. Register Form: The Nationality must be implemented with radio button as there are only two to choose. When drop down list is used, user needs to click twice to choose. If radio button is used, with only single click it can be completed. Internet Explorer:

Although the site describes that “Our website works best with IE 6.0 and

above and screen resolution set at 1024 by 728 or higher�, it cannot work well on IE 7.0. It can be seen in the above screenshot. It works well in Mozilla Firefox 3.5.8.

Strengths Colors: Green and blue are mostly used in these pages. It is more convenient for user ergonomically. Best Buy & Promotions: As there are tabs for best buy and promotions, it can save time and money of the user. Most users will suitable with this feature. Advanced Search: It is easier to search the items as there can be combination search between category and keywords. For example, if the user want to find, something for baby, user easily select NONFOOD from department name drop down list and type baby in search keyword.

Forgetting Password: This site can sent the password used when the user forget the password. The user does not need to change his/her password. Here is an email sent.

Browse by Brand: This drop down list is very nice way to search for the user’s needs. Most users stick to certain brand and these items can be easily searched by such users. My Cart Page: item basics.

User can delete

, update the item-to-buy

My Shopping List:

User can add any item to buy at any time for future reference. All

items in shopping list can be added to my cart easily


item by

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