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ON SUSTAINABILITY: WHY IS ECOTOURISM SPECIAL? By Paula Castañeda Vargas Colombia is the second most biodiverse country and one of the best ecotourist destinations. Of 70% of the biodiversity attributed to the Group of Mega Diverse Countries, 10% is attributed to Colombia.

(MinCit), these are the economic income that has

This group of megadiverse countries refers to “any

been left to the country, in 2010 foreigners left US

one of a group of nations that harbor the majority

$ 3,400 million in the country, in 2016 they left

of Earth's species and high numbers of endemic

US $ 5,835 million and in 2017 they left US $

species” and it was declared by Conservation

6,000. The places that have shown more growth



are the national natural parks, “Serrania de la

characteristics of biodiversity, Colombia has

Macarena” and “Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.”

thermal floors and that is why it has a wide variety

In this way, the natural areas are those of greatest

of ecosystems. Due to this climate variety, there

tourist interest. In turn, part of this income has

are diverse species of plants and animals that can

gone to local communities, to those that have

live here, and some of them are protected thanks to

organized and established their own tourism

the Natural national parks. In that sense, the

systems. Almost everyone in the community can

country has what an ecotourist traveler seeks, a

become involved by working as guides, selling

variety of places to be in contact with nature. Even

crafts, providing food and accommodation, or

so, Colombians are not yet aware of its great

taking part in cultural performances. That is why it

potential as an ecotourism destination and of the

is important to implement regulations that allow

profits that this activity can bring. Ecotourism in

them to be trained and to empower themselves of

Colombia is an advantage for the country, since it

their territory.




benefits the economy, biodiversity and social education.

The main advantage of ecotourism is to boost the economy development. According to the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism 3


Protecting biodiversity will have to become a






legal priority. These days although the earnings

education. Many groups from different social

left by natural areas are large, little reinvestment is

sectors such as schools and universities can take

made, Why? Because it is not yet considered a

pedagogical events in these natural areas.

priority. It is imperative that new laws and regulations be established to protect ecotourism zones. That invest more in research on the state and conservation of ecosystems to identify which

It is time to implement new alternatives that favor





educational development. The country has great ecotourism potential and the opportunity to open

ones are most vulnerable and deserve prompt attention, since not all natural areas are suitable for tourism. Ecotourism also boosts biodiversity over hydrocarbons, since it demonstrates a new economic activity that can be profitable and sustainable. Is important to have clear standards of care which will be applied so that visitors know

up the world, letting you see its most beautiful side. Imagine a country from which you can enjoy each part and marvel at its climates, landscapes what to do and what not to do in these places.

and biodiversity. Having the certainty that it is a

The contribution that ecotourism makes us as an






sustainable economic activity that will bring progress. ÂĄThat is the future that awaits Colombia!

transcendent. Ecotourism helps to create a better appreciation of the world’s natural resources. Also, to educate the Colombian population to be aware and treasure the mega diverse country in which they live. So, the ecotourism becomes a 4


COLOMBIA, A PARADISE By Paula Andrea GarzĂłn

One of the most interesting countries in the world with a lot of biodiversity is Colombia. It is a South American country with 1’142.000 Km2, fifty millions of

habitants, 3 mountain ranges, 6% of Amazon jungle, 2 Oceans, 2 deserts and a lot of coffee and flowers. This country has many things to know and to fall in love with. A lot of people around the world should visit Colombia because it can offer excellent experiences like beautiful landscapes, different weathers in short distances and a lot of activities to do. Colombia has an atypical geography. It has a lot of beautiful beaches in the both oceans, and it has a lot of rivers, in some beaches the people can see when the river empties into the sea, it is a 5

spectacular phenomenon. This country has six important Snow-Capped mountains like: Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, El Cocuy, Nevado del Ruiz and Nevado de Santa Isabel. All of them are above 5100m and people can enjoy seeing a little snow cap on the top. This country has a lot of biodiversity, it has a lot of fauna and flora that is unique around the world, it is because this country has the Amazon jungle, Darien Jungle, etc. This is the reason why the people fall in love with Colombian landscapes.


In this country it is easier to find different weathers. Colombia is located near to Equatorial line and it has three mountain ranges, it cause that this country has different thermal floors. One example of cold weather are some places in Boyacá or in Nariño, some of them are necessary to use “ruana”. It is possible to find warm or hot weathers near this places, for example when the people are in Tunja, Boyaca, they can drive for 3 hours and they find a village like Barbosa or Sangil, that has a hot weather; By other hand, important cities in Colombia like Bogota or Medellin has a warm weather, it is an

excellent climate to take a tour. People can choose what weather prefer and go there!

visit the coast and see the beautiful beaches and diving in the big sea. However in Colombia it is possible to visit a lot of indigenous groups like Arhuacos, Kogis, Muiscas, Nukaks, among others; it is an excellent activity to do for a cultural trip. It depends on the tourist what they want to do; this country has all the options.

Colombia is one of the best countries to visit around the world. It is for people who like the nature, cultural change and enjoy weathers like warm, hot or cold. This is an awesome and a wonderful country where the people can experience different sensations. So ¿Do you want to visit all of the places that Colombia offers you? It is an amazing trip that you can not miss!

Colombia is for all tastes. In cities like Sangil, the people can find adventure trips, this village offers a lot of extreme sports, like canopy, torrentism, paragliding, caves, etc. those are ideal activities to release adrenaline and forget the stress. But if people want to do a relaxing trip, they can



THE BEST-KEPT SECRET OF COLOMBIA By Daniel Bolivar. Sierra Nevada del Cocuy is one of the best National Natural parks in Colombia. The park area contains several high peaks covered with snow, also at the zone exist several lakes and waterfalls. Hiking in the National Natural Park "El Cocuy" should be your next travel destination. Because of the Fauna and Flora, the high peaks, and the experiences that will make this trip something unforgettable.

snowy peaks. The succession of snow peaks in the Park (from 4,800 to 5,330 MASL) starts with Campanillas Blanco and continues with the Pan de Azúcar, Púlpito del Diablo, Cóncavos, and Ritakuwas, among others. If you are a climbing addict you can go to the summit of all these peaks. Also, you do not have to travel abroad to watch the snow because in this unique place you will find that landscape that you see in documentaries.

Observation of fauna and flora is one of the activities that you can enjoy at the park. Representative fauna includes danta, white-tailed deer, and the spectacled bear. You can observe birds such as the Andean condor, and the Black-chested Buzzard-eagle. There are four identified endemic species of frailejón of the Espelettia and Espeletiopsis genera. There are also eight endemic species of lítamo. You will have the opportunity to see all these unique species just in this environment enjoying their freedom and peace, something that you will not find in another place, just in Colombia.

Being in that place, you will find peace and befell an inexplicable sensation. "The best-kept secret of Colombia" that is how it is called because the park is a beautiful part of Colombia that most people have not visited. You will get a spiritual transformation seeing at the horizon, the perpetual snow, the big lakes, the fauna, the flora, and a unexplainable natural beauty. Being a different way to get out of the routine, admire and become aware of the natural beauty of the world around us. In this amazing place, you can find the largest glacier in Colombia formed with more than 25



All Colombian or even foreigner people must know about this amazing place. Whether you are looking for some of the most beautiful day hikes in the world, remote-camping trek, watch unique species, or just wanting to get out and see an untouched part of the real Colombia, PNN El Cocuy is the place to go.



HANOI By Edgar Eduardo Ramirez P.

Hanoi, located on the banks of the Red River, is one of the most ancient capitals in the world, where travelers can find wellpreserved colonial buildings, ancient pagodas, and unique museums within the city Centre. A great place to explore on foot, this French-colonial city is also known for its architecture, delectable cuisine, and vibrant nightlife. Among the most emblematic places in Hanoi is the imperial City of Thang Long, an ancient place where many Vietnamese dynasties built their palaces. In 2010 it was declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco. Hoan Kiem Lake is another attraction of incredible beauty that has an island in its interior where the Turtle Tower is located. On one of its banks we find a “Pagoda”, the Pagodas are blacksmith buildings common in several Asian countries; most were built for religious purposes. Another place to see in Hanoi is the Temple of Literature; it was built in honor of Confucius in 1070 by King Ly Thanh Tong. The Cathedral and the Keangnam Tower are other places that you can not miss.


The basic principles of the cuisine of the north and especially in Hanoi are more in line with the cuisine of China than that of other local regions, less spicy but without dispense with black pepper and spicy sweets such as mint, basil, coriander, onion, lemon leaves and several other tasty and aromatic. One of the most popular dishes of the Hanoi cuisine is the Bun, which is nothing more than grilled pork served on a bed of cold rice and covered with some herbs.

Although Hanoi is not well known for its many nightclubs and bars, there are many fun and interesting things to see and do at night. You can visit The Bia Hoi Intersection in Hanoi Old Town, where every night, local young people and tourist meet to enjoy and chat around a Bia Hoi at the end of the day. Bia Hoi is a craft beer under pressure. Another activity to do at night in Hanoi for those who prefer a more cultural outing, or

who want to do activity with children, the Marionette Theater on water, it’s mandatory activity for its beauty. On weekend at night when the streets around Hoan Kiem lake are closed, it is very good to walk by the lake shore, observing people in their activities, parents with their children playing and young people taking pictures.


When you travel to Hanoi, you can see the visible influence of French colonies and many Vietnamese dynasties. Black pepper and spicy sweets are a fundamental part of the Hanoi gastronomy without forgetting the influence of Chinese cuisine. The night clubs are not the best of Hanoi, although there are many cultural activities to do and share with the family. If you want a different place to eat well and have fun come to Hanoi Resources:,,



Rio Carnival: The best festival around the world By Tatiana Torres The Rio Carnival is a festival made in South America in Brazil and this carnival takes place between February 24 and 28. This carnival has different topics that make it interesting. But the Rio Carnival there are economic, cultura and folkloric it is reasons that surround the carnival, that return it the most important in the world. Approximately every year this carnival has two millions of tourists visiting Brazil to attend this carnival. According to statiscal data of the Brazilian government, this influx of tourists represents the country earning of more than 10,000,000 dollars. Any other festival in the world gathers so many people nor generates so many profits for a country. But these are just one of many reasons that make this event like one of the most important carnivals in the world.

The costumes and presentations that frame the entire carnival show the Latin and afrodescendant joy of the Brazilian people, the carnival is composed of parades, dancing troupes, artistic events through all the streets of the city of Rio and even most of the Brazilian cities are involved in the festival exposing all the flowers through the different vestuaries that evoke the myths and legends around the birth of the Brazilian people, they make their own costumes themselves. The whole country is preparing to participate in these festivities and from


that same wardrobe they reveal the joy that the carnival generates them, giving a special character to the carnival that invites both locals and strangers to take their deepest joys. The dance schools are prepared throughout the year to show their best choreography during the festivities. The most representative dances of Brazil are samba, capoeira, maracatu, candomblĂŠ; They said that the samba was source in the African Congo and was introduced to Brazil by the slaves, on the other hand, the capoeira is an acrobatic dance with elements of struggle, with origins in the colonial era when the Africans learned to practice movements of disguised dance fights. The maracatu is a dance that was born in Resife as a procession to wash the ladies of the blacks, the candomblĂŠ are ritual dances begin in the African tribes but in Brazil mixed with elements of Catholicism. And finally the famous Brazilian garotas sculptural women in small dresses show their bodies to the rhythm of different dances inviting the joy of the festival. The largest schools gather between 3,000 and 5,000 students who prepare for the carnival and many artists and choreographers prepare different events for the performance of the carnival.


As evidenced by the data collected, the importance of carnival is given by two fundamental aspects, on the one hand, its importance in the Brazilian economy, based on the high influx of tourism that generates with its consequent profits, the high volume of employment expressed in artisans, artists, dressmakers, dancers and models, and on the other hand, the cultural contribution and the very expression of the pride of an entire town for its origins and evidenced in its warm clothing, its impressive and varied dances and the entire organization and preparation in which so much effort puts the whole country to show in front of the world!



DO WE NEED EXERCISE What are you waiting for!! Time is running up, start now!! By Mรณnica Beltrรกn


to studies of the OMS, Colombia is one of the countries in which less exercise is done, experts say that the situation of insecurity, long hours of work, traffic and especially laziness, does not let the people to organize themselves and to do exercise. Exercise is beneficial at any age, you can be 50 years old and have better physical condition than a person of 20. Exercising regularly helps you maintain your body and look young, helps you reduce the chances of heart risk, cancer, osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. It also reduces stress and makes you feel good.



xercising regularly, burns calories, decreases appetite and speeds up your metabolism, which helps you lose weight. It also helps you strengthen your muscles and bones, to have more flexibility, agility and coordination of the body, all this together helps you to feel good. The sports that burn the most calories are: Running: 600 to 650 calories every 30 minutes depends on speed and intensity. Aerobics: 400 calories per hour improves your flexibility and tones the muscles of the entire body. Cycling: 500 calories for 30 minutes and strengthen your legs. Tennis: 488 calories per 30 minutes improve your speed, strength and agility. Swimming: from 300 to 450 calories for 30 minutes, practically all muscles work. Boxing: allows you to burn more than 300 calories in half an hour, strengthens and increases the resistance of your muscles. Dance: you can burn 200 calories for 30 minutes, improve your agility and coordination. To Scale: helps you eliminate 400 calories for every half hour and makes your body more resistant. Jump rope: this simple exercise burns at least 500 calories in an hour and improves the balance and power of your legs.

It reduces the risk of having illness in the future. Exercising regularly strengthens the muscles of the heart and reduces the


possibility of having a heart attack. Exercising also decreases estrogen and androgen levels by reducing breast, endometrial and colon cancer. On the other hand, it decreases the concentration of insulin in the blood and inflammation, which also reduces the possibility of having diabetes and obesity. Exercising helps the absorption of vitamin D and calcium, decreasing the possibility of osteoporosis and osteoarthritis.

the topic. (For example doctors, in a gym...) So, let’s go!! Stop laziness, organize your schedules, wear appropriate clothing and hydration, talk to your doctor if you have never exercised or had any illness and start to do sport 3 to 5 times a week, increasing the time and intensity. You will notice in a few months that your body is stronger, more flexible and healthy and this will make you feel very happy.


xercise is a natural tranquilizer. When you exercise, your body releases endorphins that make you feel happy and at peace. In addition, when you practice a sport, the muscles absorb the cortisol that is the stress hormone and reduces anxiety and tension, and calms you down. The exercises that help you reduce stress are: Yoga improves Breathing and muscular resistance, Running improves circulation and accumulated fatigue, Cycling promotes relaxation and concentration because it requires all the senses, also Swimming and Pilates.


n conclusion, exercising brings many benefits to your life, reduces heart risk, diabetes, obesity and the possibility that you have some cancers. On the other hand, reduces anxiety and stress, having a more relaxed life with your family and work. However, it is necessary to perform exercise correctly so the person does not feel bad or has an injury at the beginning. It should be directed by a special person that knows about



Colombian profession al soccer

Teams like Santafe, Junior, Nacional and Millonarios participate in International cups and show a bad level because the players are tired.

By Christian Aguacia

Also the bad organization in the schedule affects the period of rest of the teams. They have a little period of vacations in the middle of the year and in December they have one week to enjoy the time with the family. It’s difficult play 4 tournaments in one year, they are requesting the FCP to end one of the tournaments. In comparison with Europe, one European player has 2 months of vacation in the middle of the year and he feels happy because the system is designed to his convenience.


professional soccer has changed in the last 5 years. Colombia has showed a great entertainment in the matches among the teams. The players are very strong with excellent technique and high capacity. But the teams are dissatisfied with the calendar of the matches, short vacation periods and the injuries of the players.


FCP (Colombian professional soccer) thinks that is fine the quantity of matches schedule for one team of the league. The best teams play through four games in one week.



oreover the combination of lack of rest and playing two football matches in less than 24 hours is causing the players get injured all


the time. The medical department of the team is worried about this situation. With a lot of sick players the Colombian soccer is losing quality

In Colombia the soccer is considered one of the most important sports in the country but it’s have a big problem of organization. The FCP need to adjust the structure of the league changing the schedule of matches to solve the problems of dissatisfaction of the players and decreasing the quantity of injuries for the excess of sport. Fixing this, Colombian Professional Soccer will be high quality and will continue in the top ten of the best leagues in the world.



of customer data. For example, in


Colombia in 2016 Icetex used the By Andres Forero Moreno







press the client for educational loan payments ( In many case, the

communication it is normal that people have to give their personal data to have access of the services and products that the economy offers. The companies that capture

personal data in an inappropriate way to




contracts have unfair contractual terms how make that the client unintentionally permit the sale or manipulation his personal data.



options: first, save it with great caution or

market uses the information to

second sell for their benefit to companies

influence people, in fact this year

or people interested. I believe that the

Facebook has a complicated situation


because it permitted that one simple





information put in danger their clients as


they might be cheated, manipulated and


supplanted of third parties.



y test; got personal informatio n from 50 million users and Cambridg



to sign too


documents that sometimes they do not understand when they buy products or services, the documents are contracts which have information about the client and the product; with complex legal terms, some contracts permit the handling


e Analytica used that information to manipulate people in the presidential election in United States and the Bretix in United Kingdom in 2016 ( The social networking is an example how it uses the personal data and makes publicity






according to the likes; making people buy

save the personal data but it is possible to

or accept the advertising shown.

reduce the opportunities that the criminals


get if people have to be aware and information can be used for






illegal acts. Companies like “Saberlo

reading the terms and conditions of the

todo� in Spain got customers data and it

products and services they buy.

sell that information to anyone who can pay for it ( the collection companies buy this information to harass their clients, in other cases scammers get the information to steal. Extortion and identity theft are the most common crimes when criminals get personal information




telephone numbers, credit cards data. In 2017, it was reported in Colombia 4.117 extortion cases, can be more but people do not complaint for fear ( It is possible to make criminal acts when the personal data is available to the public.

The wrong use of personal data could generate a social danger, there are not too stronger laws and guaranties that keep



SOCIAL NETWORKS AND THEIR IMPACT ON HUMANITY By Adriana Baracaldo Social networks contribute negatively or positively to society. Social media has allowed rapid communication with other people to foster connection with the world pretty fast, it has also facilitated the cultural, scientific and technological exchange of the human race, but the communication and the way of relating in society have been destroyed by them. Therefore, these social media platforms have changed the way people see the world generating a negative impact on society, based on the way the networks have controlled them, the way the community relates to people, and the danger that people run into on social networks.

People have lost their control in the use of social networks. So, society doesn't have the power over nets, due to the fact that the community has not managed social media in a proper way and for this reason humanity spends most of its time on nets seeing meaningless things that may not enrich the 19

mind and it threatens Rincon to transform them into a useless society, less critical to the social problems that are currently occurring, because in social networks these problems are presented as something funny and common that exist in society, but can’t be fixed as people prefer being busy in social networks than trying to change the world. Social networks have destroyed the personal relationship and connection among the different groups and people. Well, humanity does not spend much time sharing with the family, friends and other people, because the community prefers chatting than exchanging words personally. Besides, they like to believe that their lives are behind a screen and that their popularity depends on how many friends they have in their profile and how many “likes� appear in their photos.

NO OLO TTEECCHHN OG GYY For this reason, society does not have the same communication as before, so it gets worse every time. Also, some types of insecurities and cyberhazards to which society is constantly exposed are generated by these nets. For example, some companies can steal and sell personal information about a person to other companies without asking. Furthermore someone's identity can be used by other people in false profiles to deceive and threaten people, because personal data has no security and this information is exposed to the public. Another danger that humanity can find in social media is cyber-bullying, where someone is tormented by repetitive personal attacks, causing psychological damage. Also, some advertisements and publications have camouflaged hundreds of viruses that can infect your computer, besides pornography and pedophilia to which the community is exposed, among others.

Have you given good use to social networks? Although society has been affected by social media, these nets could be a great advantage for society, but without proper control, humanity itself is turning them into their own destruction. Do not expose yourself, be responsible, share time with your loved ones and start to enjoy a little more outside the screens, after all life is too short to waste it.



The impact of the Artificial Intelligence in the medicine By Johanna Rojas

Did you know that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is impacting medicine in a positive way? The AI is an area of computer science that makes possible the machines to learn from experience and can resolve problems. These machines are trained in a specific task and use algorithms and software that allow analysis to complex data, recognize patterns and produce useful results for decision making in a short time. Consequently, many medicine sectors are starting to use AI especially to improve diagnosis and treatments of diseases. For example, companies such IBM and Google are working on machines that help doctors in the diagnoses and treatments of cancer. In essence, the AI technologies can be used by the doctors to get more precise diagnoses and find the appropriate treatments for patients, it will have many areas in medicine in which could it be applied and could be used to improve the processes of health in our country.


clear that a timely diagnosis or an appropriate treatment is important to save a life. For that reason, companies, universities and institutes spend time to find methodologies or technologies that allow improving these topics. In fact, they have found in the AI a way to improve 21

diagnosis and treatments of diseases and have begun to develop technologies for this purpose. In general, one of the advantages that the AI offered is the processing of a large amount of data such exams, images, clinic history, etc, necessaries to diagnosis, sometimes this task is difficult to do for a human in a timely manner. Another advantage is

TECHNOLOGY the possibility to combine data such as patients’ file, medical expertise, external data like books to identify potential treatments plans for patients. Additionally, another important advantage is the use of that technology in the world since the countries or rural areas that don’t have specialists can use this advances to help doctors to get diagnosis or more appropriate treatments. However, it is important to know that these technologies do not replace the doctors, their point of view is really necessary to validate the results. To clarify, those technologies are just a help doctors and it is important to know these machines require a lot of information to get reliable results.

Currently, exist many medical areas that use AI. For example, Shanghai Changzheng Hospital (China) has been using AI technologies “to improve medical diagnosis in reading CT scans and x-rays and identify suspicious lesions and nodules in lung cancer patients” . At the present time, China has one of the highest lung cancer rates, news agencies report that “In April 2017 that there were more than 700,000 new cases of lung cancer in the country in 2015” ¹. Another example is the project to improve the early detection of breast cancer, developed at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. This project could reduce false positives and unnecessary surgeries. Similarly, another interesting project is DeepMind Health of Google together with Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS

Foundation Trust that seeks to improve eye treatment. In general, exist many projects and companies associated with hospitals or institutions to work in systems with AI that allow to improve processes in differents areas of the health.

In Colombia, the Santa Fe Foundation (Bogotá) has begun to use AI services to complement diagnosis and treatment in the area of oncology. In the world exist around of 58 hospitals in 13 countries that use AI services to complement diagnoses and treatment, mainly in that area and in Latin America just two institutions, one Brazilian and one Mexican use these technologies. Currently, the Santa Fe Foundation is starting to use an artificial intelligence system called Watson for Oncology. “Watson” developed by IBM is a system capable of answering questions in natural language and provides support to 11 kinds of cancer such as breast, prostate, colon, thyroid, among others. Additionally, this software joins a lot of studies reviewing by oncologists from different countries and provides different treatments that can be evaluated by doctors. As can be seen, this is a great step to improve the process of health in our country and if the results are satisfactory, it could be adopted in other hospitals. The use of AI in the sector of health is getting a positive impact in our lives. Numerous studies and efforts of universities, institutes and companies are little by little improving the process of diagnoses and treatments of diseases. It’s amazing to know that currently there are projects with AI to improve diagnoses and treatments for devastating diseases like cancer. In essence, these advances open a world of opportunities to improve the health and give the opportunity so that countries like our country to implement these technologies and likewise contribute to its developing. At the same time, it is satisfactory to know that Santa Fe Foundation has started to use the AI to complement diagnoses and treatment of Cancer. Of course, it is the starting point so that other institutes to join this process, improve its process of health and improve the quality of life of patients and save lives. However, it’s important to remember that these technologies are not oriented to replace the doctors, its objective is to help them to make better decisions. 22



When Uber arrives, it will make the offer to grow and immediately, the prices must drop.

By Marcos Orlando Arango Mantilla

Bogota is one of the worst cities in terms


has become a big problem for the big cities. In Bogotรก, it is necessary a better service. As all of us know, the big cities have many problems, for example: mobility, insecurity, unemployment, bad behavior, drug addiction, violence, corruption etc, but, for all these problems, the citizens look for solutions. Sometimes the solutions generate other problems, but it is not the case for our topic. The Uber service should be allowed in Bogotรก because the transportation prices would get lower than they are currently, Uber service will improve the mobility and finally, this option will fight the unemployment.


of the prices in our society are governed by the dynamic offer and demand. The transportation prices will be affordable with Uber service. If the consumers increase, the prices increase, but if the offer grows, the prices drop, and each one is free for deciding how much to pay or how much to collect for it. Today, the taxi service is managed by only one group of people subdivided in several companies, and all of them have an agreement about the prices.


of mobility in the world, and maybe, it is the worst in Colombia. One of the reasons is each person wants to travel safely and comfortably and they think that the solution is buying a car. However, at the end, this decision produces more problems than benefits, for example, who buys a new car has to spend more time in the traffic and the person spends more money too, he or she has to pay taxes, parking and gas. Instead, if all of them use the transportation service (whichever) the number of cars in the city will drop and the mobility will be better.

With Uber in Bogota more people will get

a job. There are some people with car, but they do not have a job, sometimes, they are students but in other cases they are workers that have not got a job, they need money for their families and they know that other people need transportation service, it is very simple, their car is the solution for their necessity. A group of people has time, they have a car, but they do not have money, another group of people has money and they need transportation, then, the last group pay for the transportation service to first group. The people without a job, now they get one.


Every transportation service with excellent quality should be allowed in Bogotá. Free and open

competition in terms of commerce and transportation can bring us a lot of benefits, maybe the three most important are: it makes better the prices, it improves the mobility and more people will be working. The city’s managers would win more if they allow that Uber service enters to the competition in Bogotá, but not only the managers would win, all of us would win. Can you be a part of solution? Yes, you should use the transportation services.


MADE BY: SKILLS 3 – MAY / 2018

To Each His Own  

By Skills 3 may 2018

To Each His Own  

By Skills 3 may 2018